NEW 2.10 Update Comes to Campus!

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Oh also I can find things on

Oh also I can find things on the computer- but where are all the buttons on the phone? How do we click hotkeys to get our dragons on the mobile app?

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I'm all right with a lot of the buttons being removed. I think I'll get used to the new format after a while. However, I think the system messages in chat is a bit much. I just got a message in chat saying my dragon bond is now at level 28. I think system messages in chat is going to hinder being able to talk to people. It just seems like it could get confusing if you're trying to talk to someone and the game is sending you messages in chat about things. I saw someone suggest having an option to turn off system messages. I like this idea. We have options to turn off the quest arrow, turn off the sound and music, turn off our viking name and other's names so I think we should have an option to turn the system messages off as well. I also think the countdown timer for battle and the ship's health should be put back at the side of the screen like before. There are people who don't like to have chat open because they don't like chat but having the system send a message in chat saying a battle's about to begin actually forces people to have chat open even if they don't like chat. If they don't have chat open then they'll miss battle. I also liked having the ship's health at the side of the screen because it was easier to see how much health the ship has left. Many people use battles as a way to level up baby and teen dragons by switching to the dragon they want to level up near the end of battle. The ship's health is now harder to see and I'm not sure how easy it will be to see when you need to switch dragons now. I know everyone on the SoD's staff works very hard and I'm not trying to be unappreciative of all you guys do for us. I'm just trying to make a few suggestions based on what I've seen.


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Pros and cons

The new update takes some time to get used to, but when you do, it looks nice.

There are a few glitches which probably will be solved in the next few days - so far, so good.


My main issues:

Daily rewards should be given once per character. I hope this is just a glitch and gets fixed. If not, you just cost most longtime players (and thus, your paying consumers...) 80 % or more of our daily Gem reward. If this "feature" is allowed to stay, I would really like to hear from one of the admins why they did this.


I like to get the Battle Event timer back, both before the battle and during the battle. I can manage without, but it´s more comfortable and strategically useful to have the timer available.


I cannot access certain parts of the game right now - whenever I try to enter my farm, the game loops until I get the "You have been logged out" or "Server connection lost" errors. The same thing happens when I try to start the new Battle Tactics missions. I play the downlaoded version on a PC with Windows 7 OS.


So far, my main reaction is negative, though that may change when we receive our daily rewards for each character again.

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How do I get out of the store? I have to close the game and then re-open. Using the downloaded version on PC with Windows Vista.


Also, can't play in MMO because game crashes. Too draining on my NVIDIA, screen goes black, tower fans start humming wildly, when vid comes back on everything is frozen and have to hotkey to close out game. I miss being able to battle. I know the solution to that is to buy a new PC but that will never happen so-o-o-o... :(


I'm glad you are always trying to improve the game experience though! :D Just wish there were a button to get out of the store. I really don't like having to re-open the game to play so will avoid using the store.








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-insert subject here-

Seems like you are having the same issue as some of us.

The problem is that the store page seems to have been designed for wide-screen resolutions.

So if you dont have a wide-screen, the two ends of the store will be invisible for you- Not only can you not see the dragon eggs, the clothes, bundles, etc... but the previews will be cut, plus the exit button will be past the screen border as well.

The only way to exit the store is by pressing 'esc'.

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The esc key! Thank you, I will try that since I can't do wide-screen resolution.

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Deathsong ate the subject. Run!!

I for one love the new layout. It looks cleaner and more professional. It took ame and hour to figure out where everything was and I was freaking out a bit because I was like, where are all my other dragons?! I found them of course and how to switch dragons so I am very happy about that!

Just one problem. When I go to my tidal stables I get very poor quality on the waterfalls. This is all on my Android. I don't go on a computer so Idk if it is only Androids. And idk how to post screenshots. This is basically the only problem I have. Everything else is fine



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Ginrei froze my subject...

I do appreciate that the devs worked their butts off to release this don't get me wrong, but to be honest I too have some issues with the new update.

First - A lot of textures are missing. In multiple locations (from what I've seen in the Tidal Stable and in the Tunnels under Berk) the waterfalls look like pillars of salt. Also, some wood textures in both Tidal and Boulder stables are missing and there are two trees on Icestorm that are bright pink. I'm guessing this too is a result of missing texture.


Second - Speaking of Icestorm, a lot of people have mentioned this and I have to say I agree. Why, why is all of the pack ice blood red?!!?! It looks like there was some sort of masacre that happened there!


Third - Being able to hear every step you take is awesome. Makes the game a touch more realistic. Problem is, it's not just our own steps we're hearing... it's EVERYONE'S. No matter how far away on the map you are from any other person on the map, you can hear them running and jumping. It would be one thing if we only heard them when they were close by, but when you can hear them from all the way on the other side of the map, it's just annoying and sounds like the music is skipping or something.


To be honest I too don't like the new design of the shop either. I agree that the aged paper look fit the ambiance of the game better. I'll adjust to it and I do like that the images are bigger and easier to see details, but I think that could have been done without changing the look completely. I do love how much easier it is to customize our avatar though. For me at least, that's a huge plus.


Lastly - And for me the chat has most certainly not been improved. When I tried using it and the message went through (it was "nj" for "nice job" after a battle, I was checking to see if chat would work), I was ecstatic cuz chat never works for me but then... I kept get warned for trying to say "chat works for me now!" seriously... at another point I tried to use a "?" just a "?" nothing else and I got a warning for that. Are you freaking kidding me; we can get banned for using proper punctuation?!?!?!!!?!?! That is outrageuous! I have heard others say they got a warning for saying "hi." This was the biggest problem with chat to begin with and not only has it not been improved, it's been made WORSE!!! That is my biggest complaint. Now my chat doesn't work for me at all again so for now this is irrelevant but when chat does work I always get warned for saying something that wasn't even bad on any level whatsover. I'm not the only one who has been complaining about to oversensitivity of the chat censor for a while but the fact that it's been made worse rather than better yet you say some "highly requested improvements have been made" to it really ticks me off because that which needs to be improved most and is the most requested has been made worse.


Some of the issues are just little tweaks (well, from a lay person's point of view they are at least) but the chat problem is pretty major. I know that making these things is hard. I tried using a simplified game creating engine (it's called Project Spark but mine quit working for some reason...) but even with the coading simplified as it was I could never figure it out. I loved making the maps and stuff, even though it could be really frustrating at times, but doing the coading, or trying to anyway, gave me a headache. I do understand on some level how much hard work goes into these things and it is unfair for us to be shredding your hardwork the way many of us have, rather than giving constructive criticism, but at the same time this recent update has had a rather large number of glitches. Some bugs are expected to any update to any game, not everyone realizes that, but this one had more than expected.


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Love it

The new update is very cool. Now I can login on german :D. I ove the new style of the game. Good job guys!!!

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I could get to exchange dragon eggs, let's suppose I bought a dragon egg that I already had so I would put it for exchange and try to trade with real players, it would be a good idea I have many dragons eggs that already have the dragon and I can not do anything with these eggs.

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That would be really nice if we could trade eggs. It's a great idea!

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Chat banned for no reason

What's up with this crazy chat system? I got chat banned for saying "in all honesty" . Hello admin please fix your chat system more please. i don't think chat should be limited to one line sentences either.


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Exchanges and sales of eggs|Trocas e vendas de ovos repetidos

In the next update you could put the option of exchange or sales of eggs of dragoons, I even have many eggs of dragoes that I will not use because I already have them in my stable would be a good option|Na próxima atualização você poderia colocar a opção de troca ou venda de ovos de dragões, eu mesmo tenho muitos ovos de dragoes que não vou usar porque eu já os tenho no meu estábulo seria uma boa opção

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I hope that in the next

I hope that in the next update you will fix the chat and the size of the store's page.


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