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Hi! I decided to create a new, fresh thread to host my FAQ in. The other one was old and also quite a mess.


In this FAQ I've combined common questions I received on this website as well as a few others (when relevant). It's mainly just a time saver since I don't have to repeat myself and people who are interested will find an answer much quicker than by waiting for me to reply to PM. That's generally it!


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This is a FAQ, meaning that all the questions answered have been asked a couple or more times. If you have any questions not answered here, feel free to ask via PM or whatever.
Q: What is your art setup?
A: A Yiynova MVP22U+RH and Photoshop CC 2015 with the Lazy Nezumi Pro plugin.
Q: Can you critique/redline my drawing?
A: I stopped offering this on here due to the fact that people tend to expect nothing but positive feedback, so it's not worth my time at the moment. Sorry!
Though if you want to, you can @mention me on the SoD Discord for critique sessions and whatnot :)
Q: I found a mistake in your work, can I redline/crit?
A: Always. PM me.
Q: Will you draw me a thing?
A: If I have a thread up and there's a slot open for you. I don't just accept requests at random, sorry! I can be very busy.
Q: Can I request polished work?
A:  For compensation, yes. PM me for commission info.
Q: Can we do an art trade?
A: I might be up for those at times! Please keep in mind that I won't do art trades with just anyone. I like to be rewarded for my effort (and so should you!) so I only accept trades with people with a skill level similar to mine. Otherwise, try commissioning me. Hope you understand!
Q: Can you teach me how to do edits?
A: Post-editing like lighting, palette swaps and colour effects, sure! Edits as in 'turning character A into character B' I'll never teach anyone as I don't want to encourage plagiarism. Sorry!
Q: Can I use your work for edits or otherwise trace/redraw it?
A: No.
Q: I am afraid that you forgot about an art request I made!
A: I have bad memory, so if you send me a reminder I'd appreciate it! I'll get around to it.
Q: I have seen you deny people for art requests/critiques/anything, why?
A: I could refuse people for all kinds of reasons, but the ungrateful, notorious art thieves and iffy or otherwise horrible people get nothin' worth effort.
Q: I found an art thief! What do I do?
A: PM them (unless there's a fitting thread) with a takedown request or try to sort it with them; if they make a problem out of it or keep stealing, call them out publically. It's an art thief's choice to steal and if they insist on doing so, they should feel the consequences of their actions. They're aware of the consequences: Being shunned publically and actually never becoming a decent artist. It's up to them if they want to live like that, huh.
Q: Where else can I find you?
A: I'm Hagelslag on Tumblr. It does contain NSFW though!
Q: Where are you from?
A: I'm Dutch and I live in the Netherlands.
Q: Do you go to school or do you have a job?
A: I'm a computer technician! I do some freelance game design and art/asset jobs too. I also do some tattooing on the side during the cold months.
Q: Who is Peepo?
A: He is the king.
Q: Is Beasty looking for a mate?
A: nah, he cool. he likes friends, though!
Q: Why does your typing style keep switching between perfectly coherent and nearly illiterate so often?
A: I flip a coin sometimes. the coin of caring.
Q: Do you have IM?
A: You can ask me for my Discord via PM. I'm in the SoD discord, too.
Q: Why are you ignoring my PM(s)?
A: Because your question was either already asked (hence this FAQ! The questions aint random) or your PM might have been lost in traffic somehow. You can always resend your PMs or get me to check whether they're not buried somewhere.
Q: Do you want to roleplay with me?
A: I mostly play tabletop, but you can always ask! However I do not roleplay with minors because it's really uncomfortable. Hope you understand!
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Due to real life issues, I am not currently taking requests for viking licenses! If you have PM'd me before 4/10/17 and I have not replied to you and/or done yours, please PM me again soon and I'll make sure to get yours done. Otherwise, they are on hold indefinitely. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

 Thank you for understanding! 


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