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Hi, I have been playing for a week or so now, but have to have a few days off so basically I am up to day 4 on my bonus prizes I have an adult Flightmare lvl14 and a teen Ferocious Nitemare who is lvl 6 and I am just in the process of teaching him to fly.  I am lvl - oh I have forgotten lol - I think its 15 or 16 as for trophies etc, probably not a whole lot, but I am also studying Astronomy so I have to space my days out as I also have PTSD but well on the  mend, just not able to work for probably ages yet.  So if you would like to give me a go, I would be happy to join preferably English speaking, but whatever clan wants me to play I would be happy to join you.  Oh I would love some more buddies but then I guess that comes with the clan.  I have a good farm going as well by the way!!!!


Heres hoping, and I have played the game b4 on and off under a different name so I have plenty of experience



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Dragon Riders of Freedom

You can join dragon Riders of Freedom. We don't care about trophies though we do like a little competition we just manly care about everyone having fun. We also do not kick any one out for any reasons. And I would be happy to be buddies with you. 


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Maggies's clan

Hi AilishtheHealer!

I know this was a long time ago, but you are welcome to Maggies's clan, flying Algklo whenever you want. We don't care about trothe just if you are nice and polite and an active player.
Anyway I need your friend code if you want to join. You can PM it if you are interested.



For now, I will not be online, if you want me anything please mail me or go through forum.

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