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Hello all! I'm thinking of creating a roleplay thread and was wondering about the basics. How many slots should I make? Is there a way to make things more organized? Can I close the thread whenever I want? What if I'm really busy and can't participate? Please let me know! Thank you!


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Most people make spots either unlimited or ten, but that depends on how in depth your rp is set. If you're new the forums, you don't want to make everything in the starting post of your rp, cause you can't edit that after posting. So I'd suggest making a basic description of what you got in the first starting post. Then quickly respond to it with spots thread and forums and anything thing else that you may want to add in with later. Annnd maybe put "do not reply" in the subject just make you can still edit it later. There is a lot of different ways to organize it, you should look around the rps out and see how they did it to get an idea :) 


what you planning on doing for the rp? 


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Oh. I'm a seasoned RPer.

Here's some advice. All of it is optional as I don't think there's really a wrong way to RP as long as the full party is happy with it.


1. Figure out what sort of RP you want. I don't just mean classic stuff like what your plot is. I mean like, is this a RP where everything goes or are there some rules? Does your world follow cartoon logic or is it more realistic? Somewhere in between? Set a few rules to help uphold whatever you're going for.



2. If you want to make things more organized one way is to have a separate thread for out of character discussion. This way your group can talk big plot things out before they become plot or you can review any extra characters someone wants to add later into RPing. It's also a good way to just get to know your group. The separate thread can be in PM or it can be a normal forum thread. It will not be considered spam to have an out of character discussion thread and a RPing thread. Note that you can not add or remove people from a PM thread so any changes like that will require you to make a new PM thread for the group which could be clutter. On the pro side it is more private whichever you like better.





3. RP size. There is no rule of how big or small you have to make your RP. A RP can be successful with as little as two people or like....ten. Larger RPs can be more stressful though RPs on this forum rarely get as big as they could be. Also...lots of people tend to sign up and then leave before even making a post or saying they are leaving. It is the bane of this forum's RPing communities when they do that. I suggest starting with someone you know in a one on one to get a feel for it but if you don't know anyone wing it with however many players you think you can handle and try not to be disappointed if your RP d.ies at the start. Lots of RPs do for no reason. Just try again a little later.



4. Can you leave your RP mid run. Yes. But for the love of all that is good in the world please tell your RPers that you are leaving first. Like I said in 3. People leaving without saying anything is a problem on this forum and while doing it as a player annoys people, doing it as the RP poster will both annoy people and make them worry that something happened to you.


5. (related to 4.) There's a good chance that if your RP is a story driven RP and maybe even if it's not it will on you leaving because people may not feel comfortable continuing without the one to make the RP. This is just a natural possible consequence. Try not to feel too bad about it as it is unavoidable without some very good luck. 

One warning I think should be stated is that you should try to avoid closing your own RP threads too often. If you are someone who makes a thread and closes it a week later then proceeds to do this same pattern several times people might start not wanting to RP with you if they feel like RPing with you just leads to disappointment. Instead I would suggest trying to wait until whatever busy time you're worried about happening soon is over (or if that's not possible because you're always busy) doing a RP that doesn't actually require you to be leading it all of the time so the other RPers can run it while you are gone.

You could also give a warning alongside the rules that you're not sure how long the RP will last as that will prevent people feeling like this was a waist of their time if they go in knowing full well that this can happen under a person who has the honesty to state that this could get closed at any time.

If you're only playing with one other person yet one more alternative shows up in that you can much more easily pause the RP to come back to later with such a small group. A one on one RP with a friend is one that might have a good chance of you both still being interested when you come back. You technically CAN try putting the RP on pause in a group too but I don't know how much it hurts the chances of the RP starting up again. Many RPs here after nobody posts for too long even after someone tries to bump the thread.




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Thank you! This helps me a lot. My idea was that you're a pilot on earth but then one day, your plane loses control in flight and you lose consciousness. When you wake up, you've crashed in a mysterious land called Ivizidum. (Eye-vi-zi-DUM) All around you there are signs of magic such as the animals, terrain, and inhabitats. Once you have landed in this world, there is no returning. After exploring a little bit, you see signs of civilization. Strange enough, the moment you step foot into this mythical city, the guards imprison you. Their queen says that you are a changling (Not mlp, okay? I know, it's a lame name.) and refuses to let you go. Just when all hope seems to be lost, a strange species of winged people that range from humans to elves, break into the dungeons and save you. Yet this rescue comes at a price, you must bind yourself to this new life. Gratefully, you agree and are led to their camp. It is a large,peaceful haven filled with lush plants and more of these strange people. The leader of this tribe requests to meet you and teaches you about the North, East, West, and South tribes. He also informs you that five years ago, a disturbance arose. After 100 years of peace, all four regions are under threat of a new enemy named Snare. He's a human who weilds horrible power, and with the help of a stolen relic, he can control the world. Your mission is to stop him before it's too late. Then, you will achieve your horns. (Gaining horns means a great rank in the Eastern kingdom.


Eastern Kingdom: Home to the Hornwing tribes

Northern Kingdom: Home to the Sparkstar elves

Western Kingdom: Home to the Everstep human kingdom (Everstep is just another name for the main human clan)

Southern Kingdom: Home to the Spearhelm clans


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Dude that sounds awesome!

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Whoa! Thanks!