Need Websites to Upload Photos

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I've used Tinypic, but the pictures now never seem to show up on phones, and always disappear after a day 

or two. Do you guys have any other suggestions?



- 24/7 out of my mind and 7/5 brain filled with knowledge from school-

Hiya! I’m snow-wish, a photo editor, photographer (non-profit), artist (digital and paper), writer, reader, dreamer, and student! 
I have played the game since 2013/2014 but never paid much attention to the forums. Well, here I am! 
I loveeeee blinkies & bouncies. They’re so cute! I’ve made a blinkie but lost it :’( It’s okay though, because it means I can start fresh.
My main dragon to draw is Pink Lemonade, a change-wing, because he’s -photogenic-. He’s arrogant, spiteful, and a rebel, but he’s loyal and friendly… most of the time.
i live in the usa; dont find me.
I like fashion, pastel colors, dragons, anime, Sims 4, and, of course, dogs. I have  two :P 
Hello Kitty is pretty cute too. I also like chickens and garden snakes.
Q & A
How old are you?
I'm a teen.
What are your preferred pronouns?
What's your favorite color?
What's your favorite dragon?
Death Song, or Woolly Howl
What's your favorite app?
What's your favorite video game?
Sims 4... sorry yall I'm a betray-er, I know ;-;
Who's your favorite YouTuber?
LongBeachGriffy + JustDestiny
How long have you been doing art?
I've been doing traditional for as long as I can remember. I can also do realisitc, but prefer not to. I've been doing digital art for about a month.
What would you want as a future job?
Marine biologist/NASA worker
A song that's stuck in your head?
Lean On & Love the Way you Lie
I can do requests, but taking AM taking some now. Track me for them! I prefer to do adoptables. Please do not jump to conclusions for art theft; the art style I work with is similar to many other artists. As well, please do not take my art. Everything I make is 100% my bases/my linework. 
...I’m sorry for such thick lines in my art haha…
I have about 26 dragons, and counting. And exactly 7/12 eggs left from a glitch crate! I opened two and it generated more crates with each opened :P
My favorite is my Snow Wrath, Aurabelle. Although, you can’t possibly make me pick!
My viking’s name is Sage and she rides a Woolly Howl named Meadow. She’s pale green for her underbody and a darker, brighter green for her -fur- spikes.
My in-game name is Echonoire but you probably won’t find me//won’t see me because I play single player.
My current Sims: 
(I'm not using her, but I created her recently.)
For the "rags-to-riches" challenge.
For my "Not-So-Berry" challenge.
For my "prettacy" challenge.
Thanks to all the CC creators & credit to Maxis and EA for The Sims 4
Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire...
Thank you @pixels--galore on tumblr for these. ^^
What else could you possibly have to know about me? I do roleplay, but rarely. I like to do only one or two at a time since I never have time out of the forums and I have to study for school, a lot. If you need to talk to someone, I’m right here! Just private message me. <3
f l a sh i n g   c o l o r s   w a r n i n g : 
jk censored, keep going if ur a nerd.

My OCs!
 still working on it....


Full name: Nikita Haerlo

Pronunciation: (Nih-key-tah) (Ha-air-lo)

Nickname(s) or Alias: Kit, Nika

Gender: Female

Species: A subspecies of elves, sort of a mix between the Sephi and the Fay

Age: 20

Birthday: December 23

Sexuality: Asexual

Nationality: N/A

Religion: None

Planet of  birth: Akiva

Currently lives: Kass City

Languages spoken: English, some Droidspeak, and can read Aurebesh

Native language: English

Relationship Status: Single as a Pringle




Height: 5’6”


Weight: 124 lbs


Figure/build: Muscular arms from working with machines, but average overall body.


Eye colour: Black


Skin/fur/etc colour: Nutmeg


Tattoos: Many different plants from her home planet


Frequently worn jewellery/accessories: Her earrings, and bandages since she gets cut often



Talents/skills: Time management, decision making, adaptability

Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? Tie fighters, and most Sith vehicles


Personality: Carefree, shy, persuasive, moody, self conscious, optimistic, determined

Likes: Work that puts her to the test, being praised, relaxation, music

Dislikes: Almost everything at some point

Fears/phobias: Being alone, being pressured, being kidnapped and tortured (this might seem far fetched, but this literally happens like every movie in Star Wars)

scroll down fo easter egg
hello there u found the easter egg

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I use Postimage. It's free to make to an account with them and it's easy to use.


Want to know a little about me? Scroll through my signature to get to the About Me section

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The greatest treasures are not gold,

nor jewels, nor works of art.

They cannot be held in your hands-

They're held within your heart.

For worldly things will fade away

As seasons come and go.

But the treasure of true friendship

Will never lose its glow.

(Poem from the Disney movie Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure)

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About Me:


The first and most important thing you should know about me is that I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I enjoy studying the Bible and learning from it. I live by Bible standards and strive to apply Bible principles in my life everyday. Of course, I'm not perfect and would never claim to be. However, when I make a mistake I learn from it and try not to repeat it. I apologize when neccessary and accept correction where it's needed. I happily talk about my religion and beliefs with others but I don't force it on them. If they aren't interested or tell me they don't want to talk about it, I respect that.

For more information on Jehovah's Witnesses, for answers to your Bible-based questions, or for information on a varity of topics, some of which  include: animals, countries, how to deal with bullies, how to have a happy family life, how to make real friends, and depression,  please visit



Favorite Colors: Purple and Pink


Favorite Food: Pizza, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches and almost anything Chocolate (I say almost anything because there are some things chocolate I don't like. For example chocolate covered cherries)


Favorite Music: Country, Pop, and Disney Songs


Favorite Seasons: Spring and Summer


Favorite HTTYD Characters: Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid, and Tuffnut


Favorite Things To Do: read, sing, listen to music, play computer games, video games, board games, card games, watch tv/movies, and spend time with my mom and sister


Things I Collect:  Books, Dvds, Cds, stickers, stuffed animals, Star Wars stuff, and dolls (dolls I collect include Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High, Bratz, Moxie girls, Disney Princess and others)


Favorite Dragon Species: Night Fury


Favorite In-Game Dragons: Woolly Howl, Windwalker,  Sand Wraith, and Deadly Nadder


Favorite Vegetables: Corn and Potatoes


Favorite Fruits: Grapes and Bananas


Please Note: I do not have Facebook, Discord, Instagram, Twitter, or any other form of social media. If you wish to contact me, here on the forum or in game are the only ways to do so.(I've had some people ask me about this so I decided to add this to my siggy.)


Star Wars Favorites

(Yes, I must have a favorites section devoted to Star Wars XD)

Female Characters: Leia, Padme, Ahsoka, and Rey

Male Characters: Luke, Han, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Yoda

Droids: R2-D2, C-3PO, BB-8, and K2-SO

Villians: Darth Vader and Kylo Ren

Clone: Captain Rex

Ships: Han x Leia, Anakin x Padme, Cassian x Jyn, Finn x Rey






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I actually just started using it about three hours ago, and it works well. Thanks anyway!

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Your welcome. Better late than never I guess. XD

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The only problem with postimage is, if you upload a picture using your phone for some unknown reason it won’t show the gif/image on a pc. Don’t know about other devices. 





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Literally, me when I lose a race ^



Welcome to the madness







And now the best for last

It's JJ style!! 










Best OTP 2016 >3




Yuzru Hanyu (my favorite winter olympic skater)

YOI quit mistaking him to be yuuri, he's just yuzu. 


I must say my favorite exhibition he performed in the GPF was "Hope and Legacy


Happy & Proud 

~ you only live once, so live it who you were born to be ~

don't judge, accept others. 




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  • Bffs: XxXMidnightAngelXxXQueenHeather, XxLostEchoXx, ToothlessIsAmazin
  • My discord tag: Kαtsudσn#2765 
  • Previous in-game names: Sarah IIX, XxXSilverStreamXxX, SpeedStriker, FuryRider, XxXDeathQueenXxX, IICaptainPhasmaII, PassionBat
  • Current name: Katsudons 

Reasons behind my name change:


 I've fallen much too far in the Yuri On Ice fandom lol. That's the best explanation that I can give to you. Also for those of you who aren't too familiar with YOI, Katsudon is a popular Japanese dish. Mostly called Pork Cutlet Bowl. This dish consists of, fried pork, rice, and cabbage. In the anime, Yuri on Ice Yuri Plisetsky gave Yuuri the nickname Katsudon/Debu (debu means fatso). Hope this explains my name change. >3





Proud lesbian


Youtube Channel








you can find me on other games such as



The circle clicking addict





Pure disappointment



Yuri on ice in a nutshell part 1 

Yuri on Ice in a nutshell part 2

Yuri on Ice in a nutshell part 3

Yuri on Ice in a nutshell part 4


hehe just kidding I'm totally obsessed



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Really? I didn't know that. I use a laptop for playing the game and forum stuff so that explains why I didn't know that.