In need of names for black dragons!

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Being as I can't hatch my flightmare army, I've decided to make a demon dragon army XD I've kinda run out of good names after naming over fifty dragons, so you can post your suggestions here!

I'll put the dragon types on the next post so I can add the ones I forget XD



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thank you to all who have created the dragons for the Wearle!

Ice Woolly and Heckran by Speedyleaf

Dragonriders Fury for the banners!

LissaFish for Infernace

Flickering and Ka Shayam by  ImDerpySheylaYT




thank you again!


Thank you, Celene!





Clan gifs made by the brilliant Madoka, thank you!

Made by The Bohemian Critic. :D

Made by EmeraldHuntress65. Thanks!I

Banners made by EmeraldHuntress65. Ty!

Ty! Bo!


Art by Speedyleaf


Flightingale the Steaming Stormswallower

Backstory: Flightingale never used to be a dragon. She used to be a farmer's slave, beaten, bruised, toiling away in the heat of midday. One night, she was standing by her window looking out at the moonlit mountains, when she heard a small scratching in her tiny room. She turned to see and sitting on her bed, looking quite pleased with itself, was a baby Stormswallow. Of course she was frightened, but it soon became apparent that it wouldn't hurt her. It leapt down to the floor and ran to the window, glancing from her to the window and back. She opened the window for it but it just stood there, looking at her sadly. She realised it couldn't fly, and in sympathy she picked it up, crept down stairs and quietly let herself out. Putting the dragon down she said; 'go on, young one, be free like I wish I could be.' It  started to scamper off but then it stopped and turned back. She waved it off and began to make her way back to the house, then pain blossomed in her shoulder. The young dragon had scratched her.  but it wasn't a bad pain, it spread through her like fire, kindling a dragons spark in her. That night Flightingale flew free as a dragon.


Ka Ledasio, the skradder, by the amazing Speedyleaf.

Backstory: She is the mysterious leader of the mysterious Whitetalons, a group of dragons who all have the middle claw of their right foot white. She is feared among people, respected among dragons. Like a shadow upon a shadow she soars through the night, like a phantom of fleetness she swoops through the day. Any who meet her bow to get regalness, her strong will, her quick, clever eyes. Like a ghost of a story she flits on the edge of memory, always there, somewhere, yet just out of reach like a dream. She saw Flightingale's first flight, the young Stormswallower grow, Gabryall's loneliness broken. She was there for them all, leading in dreams, thoughts, small whispered words in their ears. Is she real? Or is she just a fantasy? Flying at the edge of minds. Maybe you will meet her, maybe you won't, who know but her and Whitetalons. Maybe, just maybe, she is with you now.

Newt, my flamewhipper

Sath Hansworthy



Thank you!



Art by AndreaEaston

Gabryall the Catastrophic Sentinel

Clawwyng the Tingecutter

Skye, the curly nadder ↑ and Whppersnap, the deadly claw ↓

Kean ↑ and Adwen ↓

the Screaming Death Seance

The Flarehelm Siblings

Hoverstrike in mad mode

Flickering :D




Flitt in flightmare form. :D



Thank you!


Art by ImDerpySheylaYT


Crimson the Giarogia

The grumpy Connwaer

Direhark the Demonic Tailfire

Puffflight the Chichi Mitchy.

Acidian the Acid Death

Firespin the Fire Wraith



Nightingstorm the Light Gripper

Roseblood the Singerflight


Thank you!



Art by Toshi

Prettystryke the Tutugripper






Art by Lissa


Thorn the Desert Thistle

Fearnix the Punda

Fforest the Barrow Pegasus

Gryphinx the Secrai





Arts by others


Vennomm the Poison Dart Fury by LilyStark. Thank you!

Flickering, my flightmare, by SangoMichiko13. Thank you!

Lyulf by the talented ZestyDragonWing. Thank you!

Arianwen my light fury by SangoMachiko13. Thanks!

Shader the Lightning Rod by kasanelover. Thanks!

Irefyre the Ire Igneous by belubel, thank you!

Gale the nightlight by StellaMontague, thanks!

Skelly the Hopefury by WinterSilverCat. Ty!


flittIngerman and Flickering by the most talented Fireflash, tysm!!!!!

These four Whitetalon Phantoms by the most brilliant Madoka. Tysm!!!

Mythyque by SilverNight. Tysm!!!

Skybreaker the razorwhip by Kaydejesus. Ty!!

Newt, by warrior. Ty!

Moonflare by FireNightStar. Thankies!!

Flickering by Izzy. Tysm!! 

Aquasia by HoneyCloudy. Ty!

By Izzy ty!


by Kasanelover. Ty!

moonlit Grimmel. Edit by dil. Ty!

SeaFury by RainbowSkrillStrike. ty!

Dozeer, by kasanelover. Tyyyyyy!

Flickering, edit done by Midnight. Tyyyyyy!

Tiamay by Varku, tyy!

Jinx, by Frugal. Tyyyyy!

Arianwen, edit done by SilverNight. Ty!!!

By the amazing Izzy! Ty!

Frostback by Dragonfly, tyyyy!!!

Skelly the Dragonblood Boneknapper by Foxy. Tysm!!

Blakberri the Harvest Hunter, by Izzy. Ty!!!

Dragonblood Hiccup done by Dyll, ty!!!

Clink the Thistletail, by fossil. Tyyy!




some gifs

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The dragons... Well, eggs

Screaming Death (in incubator)


M. Nightmare

Whispering Death

Triple Stryke





Sweet Death



These ones have been named:

Tywyll - flightmare

Alli - nadder

Fyreking - fireworm

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slithers out of the void

Luckily for you I've been on a naming kick, and while most of the names I use might not be your cup of tea (I'm systematically renaming all of my dragons after music- and sound-related terms) I am willing to offer some suggestions. Because I was supposed to be doing something else and then forgot what it was. 


Basics are basics: look up shades of black, synonyms for fire, and other fun and edgy things. 

Onyx, obsidian, and jet are different types of rocks. Ebony is a type of wood whose insides look ashen in color. (Ash and soot are also fun words.) Ink is usually black. 

And like, come on. Who doesn't like using words like inferno, pyre, char, or ember? Hearth is a nice word, too, though I don't know if that's the sort of vibe you're going for, here. 


I am limited in what I can suggest, because again, my typical naming practices differ from yours a little. But I can be... poetic and abstract. 

Strap in, because I'm going to make this post much longer than it needs to be. 


Think about the night. When dense clouds cover the stars, or of lunar eclipses. Think of comets drawing bright streaks of color against the darkened sky. Think about the crisp, cool breeze across shadow-streaked plains as you sit in a field to stargaze. Did you know that a nocturne is a type of musical composition inspired by the night? 

Think of a bonfire. Imagine the way the heat feels on your skin when you get too close. Or the way the tongues of fire consume all that which enters its reach, scorching them into varying shades of black and gray charcoal that crumbles away in your fingers when you poke through it the next morning. See what the smouldering embers look like when spread across the firepit, blisteringly hot even in their dying state. 

Think of the mouth of an oceanside cave. The way the stalagmites and stalagtites look like teeth, and the way the water foams in its gaping maw. The tug of the undertow, and the crushing waves. The way the water swirls and cascades around the stones. 

Think of winter. The freezing snow and the slippery ice. How the cold seeps into your bones when your coat gets too damp, until it becomes numb, then until it burns. (That's hypothermia, by the way.) Think of how brittle your skin becomes in the bitter chill of the wind, and how barren the trees look without their leaves. 


...or, yknow, you can just start putting words into Google Translate and naming your dragons things in like, Latin or something. Even simple words can sound interesting. Like how Dextera means right side, and Sinister means left. (...what do you mean that's why Dexio and Sina were named that? You can't honestly expect me to pay that much attention to a Pokemon game.) 


Anyway, that's my input. Feel free to take or leave whatever you'd like.

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Thermos - Adult Groncicle, Level 22. (No items) Adopted 04/29/2019; free with the Icestorm Island expansion.

Ferro - Adult Armorwing, Level 22. (No items) Adopted 05/01/2019; free with the Battle for the Edge expansion.

Astigmatism - Adult Whispering Death, Level 30. (Wild Saddle) Adopted 05/02/19; free from the quest 'Explore the Dark Depths'.

Luster - Adult Razorwhip, Level 34. (No items) Adopted 05/09/19; free egg from the Deathsong Island expansion.

Riff - Adult Deathsong, Level 21. (No items) Adopted 05/09/2019; free with the Deathsong Island expansion.

Kerosene - Adult Monstrous Nightmare, Level 21. (Defenders Saddle) Adopted 05/10/19; purchased with gold.

Ricochet - Adult Deadly Nadder, Level 32. (Defenders Saddle) Adopted 05/11/19; purchased with gold.

Shear - Adult Mudraker, Level 31. (No items) Adopted 05/17/19; won from battle event.

Monocular - Adult Singetail, Level 30. (No items) Adopted 08/06/19; free with the Return to Dragon Island expansion.

Pumice - Adult Eruptodon, Level 30. (No items) Adopted 08/06/19; free with the Return to Dragon Island expansion.

Coda - Adult Flame Whipper, Level 30. (No items) Adopted 08/11/19; free with the Secret of the Leviathan expansion.

Motif - Adult Sand Wraith, Level 21. (Rider's Saddle) Adopted 08/21/19; won from battle event.

Echo - Adult Smothering Smokebreath, Level 12. (Defender's Saddle) Adopted 08/23/19; won from battle event.

Treble - Teen Triple Stryke, Level 9. (No items) Adopted 08/28/19; free with the Rise of Stormheart expansion.

Fugue - Fireworm Queen. (No items) Incubating; won from battle event.


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That is the best way of naming dragons I've ever heard. Tyyyyy! (Now you've got me thinking XD) 

I do sometimes name dragons in different languages, Tywyll, in Wesh, means deceit.

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My favorite methods

Try naming a dragon based on a trait, perhaps? Like with my Scauldron, I named him Deniz, which is a Turkish name meaning "Sea". The name filter is wonky, so try doing non-English names, if you can. For example, I have a Monstrous Nightmare I named Fioled, which is Welsh for "Violet".


Try googling "20,000 names". There's a site that has names in various languages, that have various themes and in different languages and spellings. This is usually where I go to find a name for one of my dragons.


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ScauldronDeniz- male Titan(50)

Whispering DeathHalvard- male Titan(50) ll Terra- female Adult(39) ll Azibo- male Adult(19) ll Rosey- female Adult(20) ll Snappy- male Adult(12)

GroncicleGlacia- female Adult(47) ll Icelee- male Adult(42) ll Frostbite- female Adult(24) ll Iceland- male Adult(18) ll Tundra- female Adult(12)

Deadly NadderHagedorn- male Titan(50) ll Tuija- female Adult(24) ll Eiche- male Adult(19) ll Buckthorn- female Adult(17)

Hideous ZipplebackRain and Cloud- female Titan(50) ll Thump and Wallop- male Adult(24) ll Twist and Turn- female Adult(20) ll Snare and Trap- male Adult(20) ll Ash and Snow- female Adult(12)

GronckleSolveig- male Titan(44) ll Avanti- female Adult(22) ll Anaru- male Adult(17) ll Drusilla - female Adult(17)

Toothless (3-month skin) (50)

SingetailHestia- female Adult(36)

TyphoomerangCorentine- female Adult(34)

EruptodonVolkan- male Adult(30) ll Houri- female Adult(15)

Tide GliderNereus- male Adult(50) ll Tethys- female Adult(42)

ArmorwingAlgar- male Adult(19)

DeathsongSigrdrifa- female Titan(50) ll Nidhogg- male Baby(4)

RazorwhipLagi- male Titan(39)

SkrillFlugurite- female Adult(42)

Thunderdrum-Taima- female Adult(35) ll Donar- male Adult(16) ll Esen- female Adult(13) ll Boran- male Adult(13)

BoneknapperMorana- female Titan(46) ll Undertaker- male Adult(16)

FlightmareHoshi- female Adult(32) ll Toshi- male Adult(18) ll Akemi- female Adult(11)

Flame WhipperDatura- female Adult(30)

ChangwingYamanu- male Adult(25) ll Abuto- female Adult(10)

ShockjawElysia- female Adult(29)

HobblegruntOseye- male Adult(31)

Fireworm QueenSana- female Adult(17)
Sweet DeathBeowulf- male Adult(17)
Smothering SmokebreathGavina- female Adult(16) ll Mack- male Adult(11) ll Edge- female Teen(7)

Sand WraithHorus- male Adult(25) ll Bast- female Adult(15)
ScuttleclawElfriede- female Adult(13) ll Ernust- male Adult(11)

Triple StrykeVilhelm- male Adult(15) ll Alfdis- female Adult(13)

Elder SentinelGerda- female Adult(15)

RaincutterCahal- male Adult(13) ll Yanyu- female Adult(13)
Light Fury (19)

DeathgripperThanatos- male Adult(17)

SnafflefangCattibrie- female Adult(13)

Rumblehorn- Alois- male Adult(10) ll Alvilda- female Adult(10) ll Beat- male Teen(5)

Smitten Hobgobbler- Winifred- female Adult(9)

Stormcutter-Gale- male Adult(10)

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Hi! :)

A list of black fictional dragon names provided by wikipedia:


Ancalagon The Black





Smaug (he was black in the films)



Additional black dragon names:





Maur (The Hero and the Crown)












(also  adding maw, roar, wing, fang, or claw as suffixes make the name sound cool too i.e. Ebonymaw, Darkroar, Nightfang, Onynxclaw, Smokewing)









^^ (All banners done by the incredible Dragonriders Fury) ^^





P by snowflake12298

                              My deviantart page :-)                                                      Done by the amazing Luluba1590




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Thankies all! Very helpful :D hatched a screaming death and named him Pytch, next is a razorwhip. I still can't hatch my flightmare, though...

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Here are a few I can think of

















You could also combine two words (like more traditional HTTYD names) to make something like 'Ashfang' or 'Crowtalon.


Hope this could help!



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Blazewing (Monstrous Nightmare) ♂️

Duskflap (Monstrous Nightmare) ♀️

Embershot (Singetail) ♂️

Firestalker (Monstrous Nightmare) ♀️

Iguana (Flame Whipper) ♀️

Illumina (Monstrous Nightmare) ♀️

Inferno (Monstrous Nightmare) ♂️

Pickles (Typhoomerang) ♂️


Amethyst (Gronckle) ♀️

Brittlespine (Whispering Death) ♀️

Gargoyle (Elder Sentinel) ♂️

Geode (Gronckle) ♂️

Groundsplitter (Whispering Death) ♂️

Kilauea (Eruptodon) ♀️

Lavachaser (Eruptodon) ♂️

Meatball (Gronckle) ♂️

Mossclaw (Sentinel) ♀️

Pebbles (Gronckle) ♀️

Snowberry (Groncicle) ♀️

Tigereye (Whispering Death) ♀️

Tunneltwister (Whispering Death) ♂️


Bramblefrost (Prickleboggle) ♂️

Quickfeather (Speed Stinger) ♀️

Skittles (Scuttleclaw) ♀️

Skydancer (Razorwhip) ♀️

Swordtail (Razorwhip) ♂️


Fuchsia and Violet (Hideous Zippleback) ♀️

Rhythm (Deathsong) ♀️

Rusty (Armorwing) ♂️


Lavender (Deadly Nadder) ♀️

Peppermint (Deadly Nadder) ♀️

Porcupine (Deadly Nadder) ♂️

Rosebud (Deadly Nadder) ♀️

Sharpthorns (Deadly Nadder) ♂️

Thistle (Deadly Nadder) ♀️


Echo (Thunderdrum) ♂️

Lagoon (Thunderdrum) ♀️

Reefwrecker (Thunderdrum) ♂️

Tsunami (Scauldron) ♀️

Volcanus (Sand Wraith) ♂️


Moonflower* (Light fury) ♀️

Nightshade (Triple Stryke) ♀️

Toothless* (Night fury) ♂️

Vespa (Triple Stryke) ♀️

* = Seasonal exchange dragons because I currently don’t have membership :D


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Hmm, I love naming and I have always been told I'm good at it!

Here are some good names for black dragons off the top of my head (Some of these might not be accepted in the Dragon name, I haven't tried any of them yet)








Amaya (Japanese for Night Rain)



Dark Knight











Black Pearl







and Magic


Hi, I hope your having a nice day! I love wolves, dragons, and dogs. I'm taking art classes and doing well in them, I'm new-ish so I haven't learned everything, also how do I upload a pic on here?? That's all for now, I'll probably put more on here later. Have a nice day and God bless you!



Credit to Flitt who made this picture from a request I did


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