In need of Lvl. 50 Adult and Titan Dragon Stats - Both Combat/Dragon Tactics stats and Battle/Max. Health

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If you've seen this post before, it's because this is an updated version of this post, after discovering Vikings below Level 35 with an account possibly made before Wrath of Stormheart's release (March 12th, 2018) will still influence the Battle Health located on the UI at the top-left corner. While I still need confirmation on this, when bringing up the stats of your Level 50 Dragons, please make sure your Viking is Level 35 or higher.


The Stats that we are in need for the School of Dragons Wiki are Combat Stats and Battle Health respectively.


Combat Stats:

The Combat Stats or Dragon Tactics Stats can be easily seen in Dragon Tactics when selecting the Details button after selecting a Dragon or in your Customize/Equip screen located in the Adventurer's Journal, the respective stats that we need are:

  • Attackpower;
  • Firepower;
  • Healpower;
  • Health;

The Dragon Tactics Health doesn't differ with Titan, so the moment we get the hold on Level 50 Combat of any dragon, it's just a matter of writing them to the Infobox of the dragon and the table.


Battle/Max. Health:

The Battle Health or Max. Health is a green bar located on the UI (User Interface) top-right corner, the bar represents the Dragon's Health but it also simultaneously represents the Viking's Health, with the real Viking's Health only showing up in activities such as Fishing. The Max. Health does change between Adult and Titan so please take sure to note the Stage of the Dragon when writing the Health.


As mentioned before, please make sure your Viking is Level 35 or higher when gathering the Max. Health.


Max. Health vs. Combat Health:


Dragons with Level 50 Stats already added to the SoD Wiki:

  • Hobblegrunt;
  • Night Fury/Toothless - anyone with Alpha Toothless skin please confirm if there's any Health changes between an Adult Toothless and Alpha Toothless.
  • Shivertooth;
  • Titan Scauldron;
  • Titan Sand Wraith;
  • Titan Monstrous Nightmare;
  • Titan Thunderdrum;
  • Titan Flightmare;
  • Titan Stormcutter;
  • Titan Snow Wraith;
  • Titan Whispering Death;
  • Titan Woolly Howl;


How do I send the Stats?

You can either:

  • Send them by replying this post;
  • Send them by privately messaging me;

If you have any questions just message me, contact me from the listed websites you can also find me on my signature, or ask them on my Discord Help Server.


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A wild outcast has appeared!

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A wild outcast has appeared!