Need help with "Open the Iris Gate"

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i really can't figure out what to do here. i try to push the statues around but they move incredibely slow, or don't move at all. i'm holding down the push button when i'm trying to move them

can someone please help me out?


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Nightsky is gone...where are you?? I swear he was here a sec ago

You have to push them to the end of each little path. 4 statue, 4 path. If they're at the correct place, they'll have a light thingie around them. If all 4 at the right place, the Iris Gate will open. :)

((Yes they move very slowly, but be patient. You'll get there. :P))

I hope this helped. Sorry for my terrible explonation and grammar. :D :D


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I needed help for that too

You push down the button and move your viking forward with the arrow button to push. So push and walk. Just pushing the button doesn't do anything.