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Hello, I am a relitively new player and am in need/want of 2 things.

First is I would really like some more gems but every time i try to do the multiplayer battle event they have every day I only get junk such as decorations for my farm or war paint for dragons I do not own. If anyone is allowed to gift me som gems so I can buy more areas to go to/quest in I would greatly appreciate it.

Second I would really like a StormCutter dragon (the kind hiccups mother has). Is there a place to get an egg or do I need gems and purchase it from the shop?

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yune set my subject on fire ._.

Well...sadly we can't give gems to other players. If you make gold in the event choose the second field from right in the second line. If you see a stormcutter egg take the very first field(but the chance to get the egg is really low though). Go online everyday for the daily reward.


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If you want a stormcutter, well take it from me they’re awsome! I have a Titan stormcutter level 30 and he’s a beast (bad pun!)! Too bad they’re so expensive though. If I could I’d pitch in a few gems to help you get one!



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Overboil (other battle dragon)- adult scauldron, lvl 30

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Lightrunner- titan flightmare, lvl 22

Rockfang- adult snafflefang, lvl 13

Whyplash (main dragon #2)- adult triple stryke, lvl 13

Scorchfang- adult monstrous nightmare, lvl 10

Neptune- adult thunderdrum, lvl 10

Firehorn- adult moldruffle, lvl 10

Pitch- adult moldruffle, lvl 10

Sandshot- adult sand wraith, lvl 10

Skullsnatcher- adult boneknapper, lvl10

Granite- adult quaken, lvl 11

Mist & Jolt- adult zippleback, lvl 10

Volcano- adult gronckle, lvl 10

Pounder- adult thunderpede, lvl10

Blizzard- titan wolly howl, lvl20

Monarch- adult fire worm queen, lvl10

Prometheus- adult typhoomerang, lvl 10

Knightwatch- adult elder sentinel, lvl 5


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As others have said there is no way to give gems to others so here are my suggestions on how to get more gems:

- Log in daily to get your daily bonus. 3 of the 5 days give you gems. You get 5 gems on Day 1, 15 gems on Day 3, and 30 gems on Day 5.

- Keep doing battles. Gems can be difficult to get at times but you should eventually get some. There are times where I get gems several times a week from battle and there are times when I go a week or more without getting any gems from battle.

- Work to get your UDT score up. When you reach a certain UDT score the Deadly Nadder, Hideous Zippleback, Monstrous Nightmare, and Gronkle eggs that are available in the store to be purchased for gold are unlocked. I advise getting 4 Zipplebacks and 3 Nightmares. I know that some people don't like multiples of the same species but this is a good investment if you want to earn gems. There's a gem stable quest that's called Loki's Maze and it appears in the top middle slot of the stable quests. 4 level 30 Zipplebacks will get you a 100% success rate on that quest. There's also a gem stable quest that appears in the top left slot called Lab Assistant and with 3 level 30 Nightmares you get a 100% success rate on it. There are other stable quests that give you gems but they require dragons that you have to buy with gems so that's why I mentioned these 2. They will help you get going with collecting gems.


You have to buy a Stormcutter egg from the store. They are also available from battles and mystery dragon egg boxes but if you're looking for a specific egg then I advise saving up gems and purchasing it from the store.


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