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Hello everyone! I'm wraithskrill and I was recently part of nightfall warriors but someone (brothers:() removed me from the clan through my own account (aka I didn't log out and he got into my iPad and made me leave my clan when I wasn't looking) so I need a new clan to join. I was wondering if there was a clan out there that can accept me into their ranks. 



WraithSkrill -

Viking - Clezeryz

Level - 35

Clan -

immortal Nadders is currently recruiting - open to all 8/9 spots left



Gender - Female

Birthday - 10th August

Main Dragon-  Alpha - Sand Wraith

Favourite Dragon- Sand Wraith

Title-  Expert Dragon Flyer

Trophies- 236

UDT - Not Sure, but I have 2 & 1/2 platinum or silver stars

Member - no

Expantions Completed - IceStorm Island


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Alpha.                       Tomorrow.                      FrozenMint

Gender - female.                  Gender - male.             Gender - Male

Species - Sand Wraith.            species- deadly Nadder.         Species - Groncicle

Holumi.                            Grey.                                      Furea

Gender - male.                     Gender - Male.                         Gender - Female

Species - Gronckle         Species - Whispering Death.            species- Typhoomerang 


Gender - female

Species - Shockjaw


(By Ecliptic^)

Wolf is Lott's little Fury. She was found by Lott curled up in the snow in the forest alone with no family in sight. She's was alone. Wolf was very shy (and still is). And trusted no one when Lott brought her home to her dragons. Wolf was derified and spent a long time alone. After a while she started to trust Alpha (my sandwraith), and was hanging around her. After several weeks the two could not Be seperated. They were best friends. Alpha taught Wolf how to fly when she was old enough and also how to protect herself.

although Wolf is still shy. She's getting braver every day and has even tried to make friends with Grey (my stone hard, grumpy pants, whispering death).  So yeah… 

BEWARE! She has learnt how to BITE


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Me and Spikey by Renne!                                Wolf by Me

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Yeppie ^_^

I'm the leader of Nightfall Warriors. I can get you back right away if you want to. n_n

But if you want to look for adventures in an other clan I totally understand. I wish you the best of luck and I'm happy you were a member in our clan. :) You'll always have a place if ya want to come back. ;)


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Yup I'll come back

Yup I'll come back! This was kinda what I needed. I don't like to change clans constantly. Can I come back!!!!! Thankyou so so so so so much for letting me back in if you can! :)

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Vanilia Viking
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Of course you can!! :D If you

Of course you can!! :D If you could send (if you haven't already) a join request that'd be the easiest. :) I'll go in-game right away. :)