Name Changer Back?

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Okay so, I was in game, waiting for a battle, when someone said "name change is back" So I got exited and checked, as I was previously told the feature had been removed.

And it was there! I kind of want to change mine, I don't know what to change it to though. Tempted to use it, but don't want to waste gems. Thoughts on this?


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Hello My Future Self, Reading This, and Most Probably Cringing

Ah, the image isnt showing up.

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Swapping people and dragons is fun!!

Personally, I don't think you should change it (because your forums and main Viking have the same name)


I might change it so it matches my forum name (HiccupTheHaddockIV), if I can find enough gems to do so.


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Swapping People and Dragons?

I know, but mine just sounds weird and a little cringe in my opinion. I would probably keep the first part though, just to keep it similarish. But whatever. My brain shall continue to have debates with itself untill I decide.

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Forgot what to write here :0

Tbh i had a weird name before and i changed it. i think its about 50 gems, and im happy with my name now.

I only logged into the forum not too long ago so i was able tp put my new name. I think if u dont like your name you can change it to another as long as its similar or recognizable. 

Personally i think your viking name is not bad and ive grown to like it already!


But if you want to change it keeping it similar is a good idea 


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Irrelevant nonsense :P

Just was scrolling through your siggy and omg I didn't know you and xIXYrsaXIx were siblings! :D I am great friends with your sibbles onthe forums :3


I thought the forum names sounded similar. Tehe.



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Forgot what to write here :0

Yeapppp we are sisters!!!

Nice to meet you!!!

Lol yea our names are similar XD

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I have mixed feelings about it being back. On the one hand, some people don't know what name to pick when they first start playing the game and then think of a good one later on. On the other hand, some people change their name so constantly that it's hard to keep up with who's who. Not to mention the fact that someone posted back in May that they emailed customer support about why it was removed and the answer they got was that it helps them identify people who have been reported for violating the rules of conduct. This tells me that people were changing their name to avoid being caught and if a player only reports a person's name then it probaby does make it difficult for the staff to deal with players because players will just change their name to avoid punishment. To avoid confusion and players trying to avoid punishment I think they should've added a limit to how many times you can change your name.

(I'm not trying to talk you out of changing your name btw. If you want to that's totally up to you. :))


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My Deathsong ate my subject again..... >:(

I'm not gonna change mine. Even if the first part of of my viking's name is a generated part. But I like the Defender part. I always will protect anyone no matter what the cost and I love the norse name Brynhildr which I modified to Bryhild (still technically a norse viking name). Smackaroonied them together and a really nice viking name was created.

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Forgot what to write here :0

Its a really gorgeous name!!! I love how you have meaning behind it!

I have no idea where Aeora came from (pronounced Ayora) 


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My Deathsong ate my subject again..... >:(

Well the actual norse means that the norse Goddess Brynhildr was supposedly a betrayer of Odin (the devil) and was locked in a tower in a ring of fire until her lover saved her. My modified norse name for my viking has a made up meaning ' Protects the closest, even in danger.' And fellow vikings call her a Defender as she lives up to her name.

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My dramillion flew to the school

Oh, is that the Valkarie who brought back the wrong warrior, so got cast out of Asgard and then surrounded by a ring of fire who then met her true love, but he got tricked and ended up loving another (from a curse), but then his son found the fire circle and then married her but after a murder of the original love, and a s.uicide from the person in the fire, they ended up together in Valhalla? Is that the one? Or am I thinking of a different myth?

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That's nice they brought it

That's nice they brought it back! Now only if they brought back being able to use spaces in our names.


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