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Talk about your favorite mythologys here! There is no mythology that is too silly or too serious to be put on here!!! Mythology is meant to be shared with the world, so here's the thread that will share the mythologys that have been forgotten!!!


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Ooo mythology!!!!

Favourite mythology - norse mythology

Mythology I know about - greek, roman, aztec, saxon, norse, Polynesian, celtic and Egyptian.

Generally I love mythology and history and studying different religions 

Favourite mythology books- Neil gaimens norse mythology, gospel of Loki and the riordan verse, in which my favourite series is Magnus Chase.






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Least favourite dragon class:tidal

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favorite movies.....

ok then I'm a movie buff.


1. Star wars trilogy

2. HTTYD trilogy

3. Marvel

4. Ice age

5. Disney films

6. Doctor who( not a film but...)




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Oh and favourite gods.


Greek- Apollo

Norse- Loki 

Roman- apart from Apollo Pluto

Egyptian - set

Celtic- lugh

Polynesian - pele


Least favourite.

Greek- Hera

Norse- freya

Roman- Minerva

Egyptian - Osiris

Celtic- Aengus

Polynesian - Ku.

Love Herakles Not a fan of theseus. With norse sigurd is great and so is Beowulf so I can't really choose.

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Jason is right up there with theseus

Beowolf is freaking awesome! I'm with you on theseus too. He was a mega jerk tbh. And Jason from Greek mythology is just messed up. Medea had every right to take revenge on him.

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Pele is pretty awesome too. Also, jttw is the coolest to me

Also love pele. She's got the attitude that no one can stop.

One of my most favorite mythology of all time now though is the journey to the west. It follows the adventure of five protagonists: tripitaka, a Buddhist monk, sandy, a warrior from the celestial realm, pigsy, another warrior from the celestial realm that flirts with literally every girl he sees, a dragon horse that tbh doesn't help all that much, and finally my favorite SUN WUKONG THE FOUR TIMES IMMORTAL SUPERPOWERED MONKEY KING!!!

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Ugh Jason.

Hmm I don't know much about that mythology but it sounds really Good so I will check it out.

Also I agree with Jason, he was really awful but I don't agree with what madea did to the kids like they where innocent. Jason's death is really funny though.

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Jason stinks, Medea rules

Yea. Gotta admit i may have shouted "THATS WHAT YOU GET, JASON!" when i read how he died. Medea helped him at every turn and what did she get? She got abandoned, taking care of TWO kids BY HERSELF, while Jason thought he could get away with abandoning her.


Heh, yea right. Smashed under the only heroic achievement is what he deserved. While we dont have any record of Medea actually dying, which is rather interesting since she seemed to kill basically at every turn in her tragedy and afterwards. I especially love what Medea did to Glauce. Poisoned shiny gown and crown? The perfect way to go. 

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My feeling toward Journey to

My feeling toward Journey to the west is a mixture of apreciation/interest and slightly over it lol after having to work on so many projects about it within the same yearํ. You'd be surprise how many Movies/games about Sun Wukong came out in a year despite China has so many myth (tho previous years they did focus on Nezha and some other deities). I remember having to red the Character bible about them and everytime Sun Wukong is written like the most op characters ever. That being said I'm still drawn to its myth and have fun listening to people talk about it. It's a wild fun tales.

It's also a little interesting to see the similarity between Wukong and Indian's Hanuman. Both are very strong monkey deity leading the monkeys army, can shapeshift into gigantic size, born from the wind, serving the avatar of the religeous figure (Budha/Rama) and is the most popular from their myth despite not being the main character of said myth.


I think the myth I can talk about would be the South Asian/Southeast Asian ones. Though it's a little murky because while originating from Indian, the Thai version is a little different and I believe the adpation is probably different through out Southeast Asia so I don't want to say what I know/learn of it is the one true version.


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Someone talk to me about Zoroastrianism ;____;


Ohhh thanks for mentioning Journey to the West! I keep forgetting I literally have the books somewhere in my house. I'll see if I can find them, and maybe I'll finally have a crack at them.


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Haven't done the whole thing but...

I've been wanting to read the whole thing, but I've been busy and don't have time to read the whole huge book. But I've seen the overly sarcastic production videos of parts 1 through 9 (and sun wukong introduced) and I'm absolutely hooked. She explains it really well. And also lego monkie kid shows me a few characters that she hasn't gotten to yet. I seriously hope that she has the book that has macaque in it....

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Um I know like nothing about

Um I know like nothing about mythology but I thought I could learn something here lol I've learned a little bit just by reading it.


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