Mysteries of gronckle iron Problem

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Hello everyone, 

i have a problem with finding the quest mysteries of gronckle iron. I completed cleaning solution, it was the requirement to unlock this quest (i have read it in the quest list wiki) so on the wiki page it says that heather will give you the quest but when i go to heather in the school there is no ! above her head. I looked at the greath hall but she still doesnt have a ! above her head. I relogged and restarted the game but still no luck

Can anybody help me?

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are there other quests

are there other quests available? if so maybe try doing those first. the quest list wiki might not be 100% accurate. 


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Hi! The quest list on the


The quest list on the wiki needs a bit of adjustements (I'm currently working on it, but I haven't reached that quest).

I can confirm you that "the cleaning solution" doesn't unlock the gronckle iron quest.

The error can be due to the fact that some quests are unlocked by your dragon reaching a certain level, instead of completing another quest. It can be consìfusing, as different players will get that quest after completing different quests. I don't know if this is the case with the gronckle iron, but it could.


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Thx,  wil try to do some more


wil try to do some more because i need to complete the gronckle iron quest for exploring the dark depths so i can get a free whispering deatg

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Hi! The wikia (especially the

Hi! The wikia (especially the quest list) is a major work in progressso it might not be 100% accurate. I haven't done that quest in quite a while but I'd reccomend just either clicking on every character or checking to see if it is in your active quest list in your journal. If neither of those work there's a chance that you may not have completed the required quests to unlock that one.


Hope that helps!




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not 100% positive but...

it also may have to do with your UTD points. sometimes quests are not unlock until you reach a certain UTD level.  check it out.


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Problem solved!

Thx for all your help guys!

I needed to complete a quest from the botanist and that unlocked the quest !


Thx for all your help!

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What quest?

What was the quest called?