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So I finally finished the Wings Of Fire fanart of Darkstalker that I've been working on for AGES. I thought I'd share them with you guys! Darkstalker is one of my all time favorite characters in the series, his backstory is so cool!! The first pic has lyrics to a song on it, and the second is the same picture without the lyrics. Enjoy! 

It's titled, "Rise of the Darkstalker"




Here's a link to the song I think fits Darkstalker's personality and story perfectly ("Emperor's New Clothes" Panic! At The Disco):


Hope you like! Tell me what you think in the comments!



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I’m a dragon trainer who likes to hang around Berk and the surrounding islands. The dragon I have bonded with the most, my main dragon, is a female Night Fury called Echo. She is a bit darker in color than Toothless, and she has a genetic mutation called Heterochromia. This makes it so that her eyes are different colors. Her right eye is royal blue, and her left eye is green. She is somewhat friendly, but she doesn’t fully trust anyone other than me and a select few other vikings. She doesn’t like being around too many other dragons and people, so I don’t usually bring her to Berk. Instead we stay on a hidden island near dragon’s edge that is just large enough for the two of us to live comfortably. We are both introverted and free spirited, and we love night flights together. That is where we have the most freedom. I do like to help train new dragons, so I will often go to Berk and help train them. I have trained quite a few dragons and I ride them around Berk and the surrounding islands. I am also the leader of The Dragons of the Midnight Stars, a clan that accepts anyone who asks (and isn’t a jerk). We don’t judge you based on your dragon or armor. You will be promoted to elder if you have more than 10 trophies. [The clan is FULL at the moment]


My dragons:

Echo: Night Fury

EchoShade: Titan Deadly Nadder [Named by a friend, has nothing to do with my night fury]

Whisper: Typhoomerang

Legend: Skrill

Secret: Razorwhip

Tide: Shockjaw

Storm Surge: Shockjaw

Myth: Fireworm Queen

Dream: Deathsong

Toothless: Night Fury (Hiccup lets me borrow him sometimes)

Wish: Stormcutter



Athena: Stormcutter

Topaz: Groncicle

Quicksilver: Speed Stinger

Banshee: Flightmare

Dread: Whispering Death

Deimos: Screaming Death

Lost: Sand Wraith

Storm: Thunderdrum

Sharkbait: Thunderdrum

Grim: Boneknapper

Spirit: Timberjack

Bane: Armorwing

Tsunami: Sliquifier

Coral: Tide Glider

Eira: Woolly Howl

Forseti: Singetail

Knuckles: Eruptadon

Stonemover: Gronckle


-More pictures of Echo-

(My edits, please do not use them without my permission)

Flying with Echo

Echo Reference

Amazing Echo Gif by LayKary!

Adorable Echo Blinkie gif by Nessie!

Echo Watching The Island Stream for Fish

Echo 8.jpg

Echo Relaaxing After a Long Day of Training

Echo on our Island

Echo being silly


Echo Playing on my Roof

“Alpha” Echo

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Darkstalker stole my sybject TT~TT



I do wof art too, but there not this good!

Thats Ociel, a sandwing-skywing hybrid



Your art is awesomw




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Aww thanks :3

Awww thanks :3 

I love yours too, you are amazing! I love your style! And awesome character btw :D

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This subject fills me with DETERMINATION

I really like it, I love WoF, and Emperor's New Clothes is a great song. Keep up the great work!





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Echo ate my subject

Thank you! :D

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