My Subnautica Experience (filled with hate and fear!)

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So because I have nothing better to do, I have decided to start blogging what happens in my Subnautica game.

Might even make a new game just for this


But in my current one guess what! The Mcfreakin Warper has started to actively hunt me hahahahaahhahhahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahhahahaha i am going to die


If I plan to build the Cyclops or the P.R.A.W.N. Suit any time soon, I'm going to need so many heckin plasteel ingots!!! Which need five titanium ingots each!!! And to make those thats 10 titanium each!!! So much titanium!!! Too much!! Does it even exist? Probably not! And I still can't find the godam moonpool fragments or modification station fragments for my Seamoth! So I can't get to anything below 300 metres because I only have the one pressure compensater! Meaning that I can't get to the Degasi base in the grand reef which is below 400m so I CANT GET THE ALEIN CONTAINMENT TANK which means I'm still catching fish by hand like an absolute scrub.

Ha, and while we're all here lets start complaining about the Reaper leviathan! Until I can get the Seamoth Preimeter Defense System that lil ____ can continue ____ me up till the end of days which means I can't get into the crash zone to find some better fragments for my base such as the nuclear reactor or even thermal reactor, so I am stuck with weak-as$ bioreactor. And if I'm finding the Reaper scary now then I am literally never going near the Active or Inactive Lava zone- I'll do the RaRa with Stalkers no problem, but anything with Leviathan in the name can be launched into the void forever.


so I think that'll do for Rant 1.0  but more is sure to come.



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Ebony (v3) and Flies With Storms (v2)

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by me(left), and Chameishida (right)

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- Working on detailed design of Ragus (her sword)





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- generally avoids conflict

- chills with ebony on her adventures



Yzar and Lochiel

- hey who wants some immortal quakens?

- thats right, these lovely ladies have surpassed mortality to be together

- only got art for Yzar so far, but Lochiel will be gettin some tasty eye-treats soon

- i love them so much.


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I remember When I saw My First Reaper. And The Warper...Oh dear...

I do Wish You Good Luck. 



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I started watching vida of it

I started watching vida of it about a year ago when the most exciting thing was the Reaper, and I bought it but because of computer issues couldn't play it until three weeks ago
Subsituted with youtubers between then so sadly I am familiar with nearly everything in the game.

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Ah. I see.

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Nothing like cheats and

Nothing like cheats and creative mode to help you get over that leviathan fear
(reaper and seadragon behind the aurora love each other and you can't tell me otherwise)
(Support their leviathan love)

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Rose of Misery
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The Ships are Sailing Apparently.

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I made a Sea Dragon POV meme

I made a Sea Dragon POV meme in english today, was well worth my time


hands up if you support my subnautica meme attempts

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This Topic Shore has taken quite a Turn huh?


Hm, I'm not a Fan of Memes unfortunately, So My Opinion would be a bit....Quiet...

You could say.

Sorry, I don't mean to be a Beach


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Do you challenge me

Well one could say that this post rose to a miserable standard, above the sea of despair it was in. But thank goodness it hasn't overheated yet, because otherwise all of the coral here would get a bit too stressed about the current situation, and you can always tell because it gets a bit pale- but it's always stressed because at any moment I could come along and turn it into bleach, but first I'd have to get pretty salty about my dehydration.

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Subnautica. + (Puns)

Bravo. Bravo. It seems I have Failed to Keep a Straight Face. 

Let Me also Admit,

That was 


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Subnautica is like a horror game to me. Every time I go to Koosh Zone or Crash Site or to the Mountain biome I'm always feared about the Reaper's presence and I always save the game every two seconds. The Reaper uses echolocation once they detect that you are nearby, so if you hear its roar (which is freaking creepy and horrifying), then you'll know that he sees you. That's the worst part. Everytime I hear a bass tone I pause the freaking game as fast as possible, and I sometimes even get confused with the Reefback sound. I'm so freaked out about that creature. And when it gets me, I don't even shout, I just stay there, paralyzed, and close the game. 


I've played a lot of horror games, Resident Evil 7 (I didn't played the game but watched the whole thing), or FNAF, Amnesia, and more, but none of those can surpass the horrifying fear that I have of the depths of the ocean, and imagining that a giant creature may lurk in the deep (or IS lurking in the deep, in case of Subnautica)... that gives me chills. 

  And yes, I've used cheat codes like "creative" and "invisible" or "damage 10000", because maan it's terrifying.

   About the Warpers, I don't know why but those semi-biological creatures don't scare me... maybe because they don't do a lot of damage. Maybe.

   Keep making this "blogs", I enjoy talking about this game!

   Oh and, I need to do the same things as you did (looking for titanium, etc) so I think that we're progressing at the same time! (does that make sense too? XD)


With Love,

   Dragonist Hellen.





done by ShiroKageFox. Thanks :D (left: Udarnik    right: Desert)




RazorClaw, my Night Fury OC (edited by me :D)

Triple Stryke Fan ♥︎ (edited by me :D)


If you want any of these Triple Stryke edits, tell me by PM, and which color would you like the edit to be. (Ex.: left: light blue        right: pink)








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Name: Udarnik

Gender: Male

Species: Woolly Howl

Favorite food: Antartic Char

Favorite place: Icestorm Island

Best friend(s): Ammolite, Hammerhead, Scarf and Tsunami

Personality: Udarnik has always been a great friend. He is very playful and competitive, but he knows when to be serious. He's always eager to help his friends in any problem. Udarnik behaves well in the stables, until some point. He loves being outside, adventuring and having lots of space to roam around. If you keep him entertained, he can be the less-stressful dragon to be with. He has an obscure past with Strike Class dragons, as his own family abandoned him and then some Skrills chased him so if you ever want to meet this Woolly Howl, keep in mind to bring a non-Strike dragon with you. That's why he declines to train with my other Strike Class dragons, such as Aurora. 

Udarnik is a lovely dragon and I rescued him from a pack of his own, and then, he rescued me from falling into the abyss. We have such a strong bond now. He’s also one of my fastest buddies, and every time I go to Icestorm Island, he bursts with happiness. Udarnik is simply just like a puppy, but much more intelligent and funnier to be with.

Name: Razorclaw

Gender: Female

Species: Night Fury

Favorite food: Brown Trouts and Rabbits

Favorite place: Zippleback Island

Best friend(s): -

Personality: Razorclaw is the night fury I use for role plays. Nevertheless, she is very different from any other Night Fury. As she has the opposite color from the rest of her pack, she has got a different way of camouflaging; she hides among the fog. Razorclaw doesn't like company, as she is used to living apart from her group - all the time. She isn't shy, it's just that she prefers being alone, and keeping her feelings and thoughts for herself. No one really knows a lot about her, except for her mother; her only true friend. She is reserved and mysterious, but if you get to know her, you'll find out that she can be a really good friend.

Name: Coliseum

Gender: Male

Species: Death Song

Favorite food: Salmon and Terrible Terrors

Favorite place: Wilderness

Best friend(s): Chameleon, LittleFasty, Boa, Slimoo and Obake.

Personality: Coliseum always liked to be the leader of the gang. He's extraordinarily powerful with the other dragons and at some point, it gets quite annoying and fights are often started between groups of friends because of him. Coliseum is kind of a bad influence for his friends since when they're together all they do is destroy and provoke chaos. A lot of dragons from my stables admire him, as this Death Song is very sociable and not at all shy, which is great, but he needs to know when to stop, and that's something I'm still trying to make him notice. You know - training Death Songs is pretty difficult! They're very savage. Nonetheless, when Coliseum is alone with me, he's like another completely different dragon. He behaves like an angel and I know that he really enjoys being with me and spending the evening together. I really like his presence; when he's quiet and being himself.

Name: Ammolite

Gender: Male

Species: Sand Wraith (Titan(

Favorite food: Deep-sea fishes, Eggs

Favorite place: Dragon's Edge

Best friend(s): PepeTutis, Borealis, Tycoon, SkyDeck, Oreades, Strelka and Amphibian. (His dad is Desert)

Personality: Ammolite is one of the most competitive dragons I know - and one of the fastest. He's always eager to participating in races and battles. This Sand Wraith, besides being extremely playful and wanting to always win, he's a very loyal companion and you never get bored being with him! Ammolite's way of flying is amazing, and each and everytime I ride on his back I feel brilliant. He won the privilege of having Titan Wings as an honor of all his hard work and, to be honest, his personality and charisma is one of my favorites. Ammolite will never waste an opportunity of making new friends and discovering new things. He loves dragons AND humans. 





If you want me to recreate your screenshots just as this one let me know! (I'll do it better than this one don't worry xD)





Disclaimer: These following posts that are linked to the images are inactive. If you requested an adoptable then let me know and send me a DM :D


▲ Agean, my baby Sand Wraith. Click on him to get one for you!


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▲ Fever and Sparrow, my lovely Shovelhelms. Click on them to get one for you!

▲ Fogo my male fox and Zicca, his crush. Click on them to get one for you!

▲ Loolaby and Candycrush, two Baby Woolly Howls. Click on them to get one for you!








awesome Aurora's eye made by the amazing Zit :D ▼


lovely Valentine's Night Fury made by the talented donnala ▼


super cute drawing of Udarnik made by Bluemoon20523 <3 ▼


Amazing Shadow Wing drawing by the talented Chrisanthimum 


Adorable Desert's drawing made by the awesome Spader Vo▼


Thunder Wolf (Bliss) drawn by Wraithskrill. Amazing!▼


Perfect Udarnik's drawing made by Wraithskrill <3▼












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I can only Imagine.

Unfortunately/Luckily, I Myself have only seen Reapers from a Distance.

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I once intentionally went for

I once intentionally went for a 'ride' with one for the amusement of my friend. My poor seamoth went from 100 to 40 health in ten seconds flat.



And then there was the time I made a cheats world and let 50 have fun with 10 seamoths under the floating island.

Good times.

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