My story - Pt 2 -

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As I stood there not knowing what to do the mother Night Fury looked at me with pleading eyes, I knew i was the only one that could help. I slowly walked over to her and tried to calm her ' It's ok i'm going to try and help' I said. The mother knew she was dying and wanted me to look after her baby when she was gone, she looked at her baby, then looked at me as if trying to say ' Look after my baby for me.' 

I picked up the Baby Night Fury as best I could and took her to the cave around the corner and placed her in a blanket, I then walked back to the mother and said ' I'll take good care of her i promise.' then that night the mother flew off the island as best she could so she could die.

The next morning rolled around and i woke up with the little dragon sleeping on me. Not long after i woke the baby did too, I descided to go get some food for the both of us and then i thought. " Hmmm I need to call you something.... how about Luna?" The little dragon started jumping up and down with excitement, " Ok then Luna that's what we'll call you.

After Brekfast we played games and had a little fun little did we know that we were bonding....


To Be Continued....






(Not finished yet)