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Ok, so this is a list of things i'd love to see added/improved in SoD.  Usually I don't like to share my opinions,

but I just thought I would because I've got nothing better to do at the moment :P



Newer dragon animations-

There are so many dragons that need new animations.  The Grapple Grounder & Typhoomerang to name two, need new animations.  It would be great to give these guys a little touch-up work


More islands from the official map-

This is something i'd just LOVE to see.  There are so many islands that aren't in SoD, & it would be great to add some of them in.


New, less popular dragons in SoD-

I know everyone says "We want Triple Stryke!"  But frankly I'd like to see the less noticed, unpopular dragons like the Seashocker, Swordstealer, Hackatoo, Windstriker, Windgnasher, & Thornridge in SoD.  Some could actually be easier to add in then the triple stryke (like the windstriker.  It has the same body shape as the Develish Deverish & the dev's could re-use the flight animations as well.  The same goes for the Hackatoo.  It has the same kind of body shape as the fireworm queen)  I'm not saying its easy, Im just saying i'd love to see these less apreciated dragons added.


More armor-

I love armor a lot.  Its fun & interesting to wear.  I'd love to see more dragon-based armor, & maybe even some players designs used (though i doubt that would ever happen :P)


More/custom saddles-

I've had a dream that one day, i'd be able to ride Snowdust with a saddle on.  I also made a goal long ago to instead of making my dragon collection bigger, but to make it better my titaning my given dragons & buying them defenders saddles.  I'd love that one day, you could get a saddle for every dragon.

I also love the idea of custom saddles for each dragon.  Not every dragon is alike, so why make all the saddle alike?  But if it came down to having all the saddles & custom saddles, i'd want all of the saddles over custom.  So thats just an add-on for me, not at all urgent.


More hairstyles-

There are so many different hairstyles, but sadly we only have 7 (is that right?  I can't remember off the top of my head :P)  I'd love to buy different kinds of hairstyles, from different braids to ponytails to long hair (I know they used to have a flat hair during Dreadfall two years ago but i'd love to see different long hair styles)  If this happened, I'd totally buy a new hairstyle for my viking


New upgrades/idems for huts-

I love my hut & all the stuff i can buy to put in it.  But what if the dev's created an upgrade for your hut, like a second floor?  Wouldn't that be fun?  We could have a second floor upgrade like the ocean farm upgrade!  Other then that there are other things we could add to our hideouts.  It would be so fun if we could have some of the stuff like the riders have in their huts.  Why should they have all the fun stuff after all? XD


Turn on/off option for titans-

Ever since the Snow Wraith titan came out, i've wanted to titanize my Snow Wraith, Snowdust.  However, this would complicate my screenshot comics, & since gems dont grow on trees, i can't just go out & buy another Snow Wraith.  I'd love if a turn on & off button could be installed where you can "take off" the titan.  Kind of like a skin.  This would be SO helpful.  If this was added, i DEFINETLY get a lot more titans.


Specific areas for different dragons-

In some games i've played to go somewhere or do something with other people you had to buy an upgrade or a certian power-up.  This could also work with dragons.  Tiny dragons like Terrible terrors, Smothering Smokebreaths, & Night terrors could go through a small crack into a cave with other players who have tiny dragons.  Tidal class dragons could "Fly" underwater & you could descover new things.  Stoker class dragons could take you into hot places no other dragon could, like a volcano, & with winter dragons you could go far north where other dragons couldn't follow to an island that only players with winter dragons can acsess.  This would be an awesome idea & Inspire me to buy dragons i dont yet have.


Special dragon powers-

Each dragon is special in its own way, for specific reasons.  IF all dragons were the same, no one would want one.  Wouldn't it be great if your dragon had like a special talent button?  When you hit it, they would preform some special power special to them.  Nightmares would light themselves on fire, the screaming death could let out an earpeircing shreek, nadders & razorwhips could shoot spines like fireblasts & sand wriahts could bury themselves in the sand along beaches.  This idea has been brought up many times, but it would be awesome if the Dev's could find some way to add it in :D


Training a dragon in the wild-

This idea has been brought up many times, & shot down many times, but i think if done properly it could work.  Lets say your in the wilderness.  While your there you come across a wild timberjack that only you can see.  you click on it to train it, & you have to pay gems to train it & add it to your stables.  Since it could range from baby to adolesent to adult, you woould have to pay a higher ammount of gems for however old it is.  & they wouldnt stay there forever.  They'd be like the chests, but rarer.  & you could only find them in their habitats.  Groncicles & woolly howls in cold areas, whispering deaths & screaming deaths in the tunnels or caves, & Sharp or tracker class dragons in forests.  As i said, if done right, it could be done.  Its ha.rd, but it would be interesting to see it added.



As i said above, if done right, it could be done.  Lets say theres an idem you dont want anymore, like a whispering death egg.  You already have three, right?  So you click & hold, & it asks if you wanna sell it for colds or a small ammount of gems.  You click yes, & you get a small ammount of gems back.  What happens to the egg?  Well, ther could be a board like the job board in your farm, that has a list of sold idems.  When an idem is sold, it is annoimously submitted to the board.  there, idems would be on sale for a limited ammount of time before being perminatly deleted.  See?  If done right, you COULD trade idems.


Specific servers-

There are plenty of times i'm hangin with a friend & this troll comes on & starts saying nasty things & shoots at us.  I'd love if you could create a server where you could only see/interact with friends.  This would also be helpful for clans with clan meetings & when taking screenshots & you just want your friend, not some random sand wraith XP


New options for clans-

I'd love it if there could be like a clan meeting area, where if you press a visit button you would go to an area designed just for that clan to meet & hang out.  I know this is broad & nearly impossible, but it could be done.  This could also be done through the specific servers idea.


Anyway, those are my ideas.  I'd love to see what any of you think.  ^^


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I always want sword stealer and Triple Stryke but I want both add it not just one dragon....






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A wild post appeared!!!

I was inevitable of the first people to request for a sea shocker. Eeeeeee. 


Well, I also really want a triple Stryke! Seashocker and Triple Stryke. 


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