my siggy just crashed

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my siggy just crashed. all my pics and text, POOF gone. help please!!!!!



Welcome to my Siggy

table of contents:

Anouncements and about me


School of Dragons-sod.A.H.T.- clan - dragons and viking - other


Movies and Tv shows- Pirates of the Caribbean- Once uppon a Time



hi, i am a 14 year old girl who likes cats, pirates of the caribbean, once upon a time, SOD, and the violin. i have been on the forum before under the name Pepper. i like to RP in pm. if you want to do one, pm me with some subject ideas. i think thats it. for now, Lady out.



School of Dragons









Dragon Family Learners


My Dragons and viking



Ivan,deadly nadder. my first dragon


Ivan, made by RoyalFury



Scratchovitch,my viking

Eclipse Shadows




Livy SOD



Safire, my RP. dragon


Eclipse Shadows



movies and tv shows

Once Upon a Time

if you like once upon a time, check out


pirates of the caribbean


if i messed up with some info or didnt give the right person credit, just pm me and i will make it right.

also, if you liked my siggy or had some tips, pm me. i  would greatly appreciate it.


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contact the admins







My Adoptions:

This is:


Type: Nightfury

Credit to: Grumpy Cat Lover

Its amzing Grumpy Cat Lover i love it


No more adoptions yet

Random things:

End of world run naa nope not end yet or is it i dont think so lol

EarthWarm huh??? SCREAMING DEATH!!!!!!!! 

Toothless secton:


My profile:
Name: GreenCheekParrot I DELTED MY OWN ACCOUNT

Clan: non

Trophies: 1431

Friend code: PM for it


Behalf Peak District

End of siggy

have a nice day