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>>My Dragon OCs<<


I've decided to make a thread to display all of my OC and in-game dragons. This way, I can try to keep my sig a little shorter. It will also give me somewhere to put dragons OCs that were never shown in my sig to begin with :)


(Note: This page does not include dragons I adopted or requested from other people. I already have a thread for that, which can be found here if you're interested: ).


Ok, all of my dragons will be going into the next post. Please don't reply directly to it, because I'll need to edit it whenever something needs updating. I doubt anybody will be replying to this thread anyway, but that needs to be said just to be safe :)

I think that's everything, so continue to the next post if you'd like to meet my dragons!



Mirage gif by Nessie.  Panther and Sparky sprites by Blackwolfen.

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Hi! I'm Panther. Mirage, Sparky and I have been away a while. Life happens, after all. I may still pop in from time to time, but I'm not as active here as I used to be. If you do see me in-game though, feel free to stop and say "hi". My viking name has been changed to PantheraNova.

Also, please welcome my baby brother, likecheese, to SoD!

Above banner by Silence


                                 Mirage & Sparky by me                                                    Panther by MistyNight




Want to take a look at my in-game dragons and OCs?

Click  >here<

(Note: I haven't updated this list for ages. Not all of my in-game dragons are on it)


Want to see all the dragons I've adopted?

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Lord Voldemort on a Screaming Death, by the talented Varku.               Mirage, by the lovely Kimbenoso.

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*Do not reply to this post*

As I said before, please don't directly reply to this post. I'll need to edit it sometimes :)


Ok, I'm going to sort these guys into four sections, to make things a little more organised. The sections are:

General OCs- This is where my main dragon OCs will go, and dragons that don't fit into any of the other sections. In other words, dragon characters that I've created. Some still only exist as OCs, but I have since obtained in-game representations of some of them.

Night Furies- I know that there are some people have little patience for Night Furies, so I've gotten into the habit of keeping them separate. This way, people can skip over them if they really want to...

In-game Only Dragons- Self- explanatory. The dragons I've hatched within the game only, that didn't start out as an OC first.

Changewings- My main dragon is a changewing and, like the weirdo I am, I went and named each member of his family. You will find them here. ((Fair warning, I began doing these ones solely for the fun of it. But I branched out from there and added more, gave them names and personalities etc... and you'll find that their colouring and patterns stray pretty far from canon. I wouldn't change them for the world though. They're family, after all :P ))


We'll start with General OCs. Read on if you're interested!

(All edits by me, unless stated otherwise)


>>General OCs<<

Dragons of various species. My main dragons will go here, as well as dragons that don't fit the other categories.

*WARNING*  I'm terrible at descriptions!




Mirage is a changewing, so he really should be in the changewing section. But I figured he deserved a spot at the top of the page, since he's my main dragon.

Species: Changewing

Gender: Male

Mirage is my go-to dragon for everything, and is my partner both in-game and in life. We're a team, along with Sparky. Mirage is intelligent, brave, and loyal. If he decides he likes you, he's always willing put himself in danger to help you out...once he's done laughing at you, of course. While he's usually calm and friendly, he has quite a temper and can become aggressive pretty quickly. This can lead to recklessness, and he sometimes acts without thinking. He's stubborn, a little arrogant, and can be a little mean, but that's just the way he is. He doesn't mean to hurt anyone, and he can also be friendly and polite if you give him a chance. ((Actually, he's usually a little rude, even when he's trying to be nice. I try to keep him more polite than usual when he's on the forums, because I don't want to accidentally upset anybody. How he acts on the forums is what he's like around friends. He's much less polite to strangers, usually.))

Mirage can also be very encouraging, or at least he tries to be. When a friend needs help, he's usually there to give them a gentle push in the right direction, often surprising people with his uncharacteristic show of kindness. He has also been known to help out strange dragons, but he usually does it quite rudely because he doesn't know them.

He prefers the company of other dragons over humans, finding us weak and irritating. But if you manage to get him to like you, he'll start to treat you like he would a dragon. He almost stops seeing you as human at all, putting you on dragon-level until you upset him. Then, you're human again XD.

Mirage lived on Changewing Island with his pack, until we met. He still frequently visits his pack, as they are his family. He and his cousin, Spitfire, often team up to terrorize Mildew.

Random Facts:

>Mirage is allergic to certain wildflowers. They make him itch and sneeze a lot.

>His favourite colour is silver. He dislikes neon yellow.

>He will do anything for a salmon. He's also fond of chicken eggs, which is why he's been banned from our farm.

>He loves music as much as I do.

>Mirage can understand pokemon when they speak.

>He adores dragon hatchlings, but refuses to admit it. He doesn't like human children, though.

>He often speaks in a somewhat formal manner, but he becomes more casual when he's relaxed or in a very good mood.

Additional Pictures:


Mirage, drawn by Kimbenoso


Mirage head, drawn by Colress


^^^This one's by me :P                                                   Mirage bouncie, by Spy


Mirage gif above by Nessie




My second-in-command. After Mirage, of course :)

Species: Boneknapper

Gender: Male

Crossbolt is the closest thing you will find to a knight in shining armour on Berk. He is brave, strong, noble, and fiercely loyal. Crossbolt is polite and respectful to everyone, regardless of their rank or status. He's the most obedient dragon I know, and will carry out any order without question. This behaviour has earned him a high rank among my dragons, being second only to Mirage.

While Crossbolt's loyalty is generally a good thing, he can quickly become overprotective. Often, he tries to stop me from doing things, worrying that I'll get hurt. He can also be far too serious at times, and can be a bit of a buzzkill. Because of this, people actually try to avoid him sometimes. Especially when they're doing something they know is wrong, even if it's just a harmless prank.

Random Facts:

>Crossbolt and Mirage are constantly bickering over every little thing. They don't really get along, because Crossbolt wants to be my main dragon, and Mirage doesn't like the competition.

>Crossbolt's favourite time of the year is Harvest Haunt. It's the only time he'll actually have a bit of fun, because he's so good at scaring people.

>He takes great pride in his bone armour, and is always checking his appearance.

>He often watches people while they sleep. He doesn't mean to be creepy at all, he just wants to make sure they're safe. But it's a little hard to remember that when you wake up in the middle of the night and find that face of his right outside your bedroom window, just staring at you...


Sunvaar Kulaan


A friendly Red Death.

Species: Red Death

Gender: Male

I raised Sunvaar Kulaan from an egg, after finding him in the old dragons' nest. Knowing how dangerous this species is, I originally intended to kill it. But I just couldn't bring myself to do it, so I chose to look after him instead. 

Sunvaar is pretty much a big puppy dog. Because he was raised by humans, he isn't savage at all and is able to coexist peacefully with vikings and other dragons. He's actually very friendy, and can be playful at times. Sunvaar isn't very smart though. He has been trained to respond to certain commands, so it's important that people know what commands to give, and when to give them.

Sunvaar is relatively harmless, but he's been known to get violent when he's scared. He can also cause a bit of damage when he's excited, so we need to keep a close watch on him.

Random Facts:

>Sunvaar currently eats an entire boatful of fish each day. Usually, he also eats the boat...

>Music has a calming effect on him. When he was a baby, I used to play music to get him to sleep.

>Sunvaar Kulaan's name is taken from the dragon language of Skyrim. If I'm correct, it translates to "Beast Prince".

>Mirage seems to be able to control him better than anybody. It's pretty common to find Mirage sitting on Sunvaar's head.

>Sunvaar lives at Bluegrass Cove with the rest of my dragons, but he is not their alpha. He may be big, but he's just not the apha type.

Additional Pictures:


Sunvaar Kulaan, drawn by themasterplan47.               Sunvaar and me, by TosiLohi




Sly and deceitful.

Species: Sliquifier

Gender: Male

Sliquifiers are known for being loyal and trustworthy...Slickstream does everything he can to be the opposite of that. He is selfish, greedy, and cannot be trusted. Everything Slickstream says is almost guaranteed to be a lie. He's a very sly dragon, and is not above using trickery and deceit to get his way. Often, he will pretend to be your friend, only to stab you in the back when he's gotten what he was after.

Though he will do almost anything for his own selfish reasons, he does recognise when he's gone too far. He won't intentionally cause anyone any physical harm, though accidents have happened in the past. He can be a great help when you need it, giving his all to anyone who can offer him a suitable reward.

Random Facts:

>Slickstream is technically my dragon, but he considers himself still wild.

>He willingly joined Drago's dragon army, believing it to be the stronger side. When Drago was defeated, Slickstream pretended that he was on our side the whole time.

>Pilfer is his closest friend, and is the only one he'll never lie to.

>Slickstream actually likes the taste of yaknog.

>For some reason, the name "Slickstream" was not allowed to be used in-game. Because of this, his in-game name was shortened to "Slick".

Additional Pictures:


Slickstream Harvest Haunt banner, drawn by DuskDaybreak




My little sneak thief.

Species: Terrible Terror

Gender: Male

Pilfer is nothing but a little theif. He will steal anything he can get his little paws on, regardless of how much the object in question is actually worth. He doesn't even do anything with it either, he just hoards it all in a hole under the floorboards of our house. He's pretty smart for a Terror, and is capable of planning ahead to ensure he's able to get his target item.

He's willing to steal from anybody, even his friends. But he's actually pretty loyal otherwise. He's usually willing to help you out if you ask nicely, but he'll complain about it the whole time. And he gets very angry when somebody insults his friends...unless he's the one insulting them!

Random Facts:

>His closest friend is Slickstream. You need to watch them when they're together, because they're bound to cause trouble. He also gets along pretty well with Misty the Smokebreath, as she often provides him with new treasures to hoard.

>He once stole Stoick's helmet. It took weeks to find where he hid it.

>Sometimes, he pretends to be a Night Fury.

>He speaks in Dragonese, but he has an accent that brings to mind Flambo (from Adventure Time).

((This is Flambo, for anyone who doesn't know: . I don't know how else to explain his accent ^_^; ))

Additional Pictures:


 Pilfer Harvest Haunt banner, drawn by DuskDaybreak




He's a Spike Roller, a fan-dragon of mine. Credit to NightmareRebuff for the awesome revamp!

Species: Spike Roller

Gender: Male

Crasher is extremly aggressive, which is a common trait among Spike Rollers. Even I need to be very careful around him, because he sometimes lashes out without warning. He can be unpredictable, and you never know what is going to set him off. He's a bit of a showoff, and enjoys breaking things to show his strength. Crasher is also a bit of a sore loser, and he takes competitions very seriously.

Despite Crasher's tough act, he's not really that brave. When things get rough, he's usually the first one to run away, leaving everyone else behind. Don't ever point that out to him, though. He'll probably try to smash your skull with his tail spikes for "lying" about him.

Random Facts:

>He doesn't really get along with others, but he hates to be alone. So he sometimes starts arguments with other dragons on purpose just for the sake of being around others.

>He enjoys crashing into trees and knocking them over, because he likes the sound they make when they fall.

>He has a fear of lakes, rivers and the ocean, because he's not a good swimmer and he's afraid he'll drown.

Some info about Spike Rollers in general:

>They are highly territorial creatures, and are aggressive towards strangers.

>They attack by curling into a ball and rolling at their opponents. They also rely on their tail spikes as weapons.

>Their backs are covered in thick armour-like scales, which protect them from other dragons and ensures that they can roll without getting hurt.

>They are boulder class dragons that live in rocky areas. You can usually identify the territoy of a Roller, because the terrain is often destroyed over time by the spikes on the dragons' backs.

>They have a shot limit of 5. Their flame is significantly weaker than that of other dragons, so they depend on their size and physical strength for combat.

>When I first made the Spike Rollers, they had wings and were very clumsy fliers. The wings were removed when they were revamped, because being wingless suited the species better. However, some Spike Rollers still do have wings. They are considered very rare among the species, and is more harmful than helpful.

Additional Pictures:


This was Crasher, before the revamp




Another Spike Roller, again using the revamped base by NightmareRebuff. Rumblerock is one of the very few "rare" Spike Rollers that have wings.

Species: Spike Roller

Gender: Male

Like most Spike Rollers, Rumblerock has a very bad temper. And when he gets angry, something is almost guaranteed to get smashed. As far as Rollers go though, he's relatively calm and has a greater level of self-control than most others of his kind. He understands the consequences of his actions, and will actively try to avoid lashing out, but it's very difficult for him because it goes against his nature.

Rumble never turns down a challenge, and won't ever back down from a fight. Even when it's clear he's losing, he'll give it everything he's got until he just can't fight anymore. He is incredibly strong, but he's clumsy and lacks any kind of strategy.

Rumblerock has wings, which is a very rare trait among Spike Rollers. It may seem like an advantage at first, but it's actually a drawback and is generally considered bad. The wings slow down their rolling speeds, making their most notable species trait less efficient. Though they gain the ability to fly, they are clumsy and can only go short distances. Most Rollers don't have wings for this reason.

Random Facts:

>Rumblerock shows off his wings to other dragon species, making it seem like he's brilliant for having them. But around other Spike Rollers, he's actually a little self-conscious about them.

>He and Crasher are always arguing, because both are territorial and bad tempered. That said, the two are often seen together.

>Rumblerock prefers berries and plants over fish. Which works out well because he's not a good fisher.




Yeah...Not a dragon, but still a main OC of mine. He's my main 'mon  :P

Species: Pokemon (Pachirisu)

Gender: Male

Sparky is the only pokemon on Berk that we know of. Nobody knows how he got there, or even what he is ((well...I do, but the vikings don't. I'm not going to say how he ended up on Berk, because that would involve explaining my weird headcannon that "justifies" crossing over several franchises ^^;  Trust me, it gets messed up, and will destroy the canon of most of the shows involved. But if you really, truly want to hear it, feel free to PM me about it XD )). Sparky is my partner, just as Mirage is. The three of us are a team. Truthfully, Spark has been around for almost as long as Mirage has. I just didn't want to put him on the forums for a while, because I wasn't sure how people would react to a pokemon OC ((this is a dragon forum, after all. Not a pokemon one...)). But, pokemon or not, the Sparkster is a main OC of mine. He's on par with every single way....

Sparky is brave, and very confident of his own skills. He's very powerful considering his small size, and can hold his own against most standard dragons and vikings. He always seems to be happy, and treats everybody as if they were a good friend, regardless of whether he actually knows them or not.

His confidence fades when Mirage and I aren't around. His previous trainer abandoned him, and he's afraid it will happen again. When he's alone he becomes withdawn, shy and a little clumsy. Sparky is smart enough, but he has a very short attention span and is easily distracted. He can also be a bit of a goofball, and never fails to make the vikings of Berk laugh.

Don't underestimate him, though. He may be a silly little thing, but when he needs to fight he's 100% serious. But he actually stills looks really cute when he's trying to be intimdating :P

Random Facts:

>Sparky can understand Dragonese.

>Like Mirage, he loves music as much as I do.

>Sparky's blue is darker than that of a normal pachirisu.

>The green band he wears was given to him by his previous trainer.

>For some reason, boulder class dragons seem to scare him.

>When we are flying with Mirage, Sparky usually likes to sit just behind Mirage's head.

>Sparky actually used to be a pichu. I changed his form a little while after I was traded a level 100 pachirisu in one of my pokemon games. That pachirisu in the game became one of my main pokemon, and eventually I changed Sparky from a pichu into a pachirisu without even really meaning to. Only his physical form changed though, leaving his personality and everything else the same as it's always been. Being a pachirisu suits him much better, in my opinion.

>Given how strong Sparky is, I think he's a little OP...but I probably won't change him. I love him just the way he is.

Additional Pictures:


Panther and Sparky sprites, made by Blackwolfen.  Sparky gif by NarixuZen.




No pic yet. He's a Grapple Grounder, with dark green markings. Hoodlum was going to be my in-game Grapple Grounder when I got one, so he could arguably be in the in-game section. But since I don't have him yet, and can still call him a dragon of mine, he technically belongs here :)

Species: Grapple Grounder

Gender: Male

Hoodlum isn't as much as a troublemaker as his name would suggest. In fact, he's actually quite docile. He's pretty laid back most of the time, and can be a bit lazy too. He's happy to chill with anyone that seems nice enough, but he won't tolerate bullies.

Hoodlum is fiercely loyal, and will always stand by his friends. Because he's always so relaxed, it's easy to forget just how strong he is. But when he feels he needs to stand up for someone, he can be truly terrifying. Most of the smaller dragons stay out of his way, even though he normally wouldn't hurt anyone.

Random Facts:

>Hoodlum really isn't picky when it comes to friends. As long as they're not mean, he'll hang out with anybody.

>He isn't very smart, but he honestly doesn't care.

>Some dragons are scared of him, having seen what he's like when he's angry. Though he usually isn't like that, he still sometimes frightens smaller dragons for fun.




The sassy ex-alpha.

Species: Stormcutter

Gender: Female

Elizabeth used to be the alpha of a colony of dragons, until a Bewilderbeast moved into her territory. Being the stubborn dragon she is, she wouldn't back down from his challenge and ended up getting hurt. Refusing to live under the command of the Bewilderbeast, she left, taking with her a small group of dragons that were still loyal to her. Her and her dragons ended up at Bluegrass Cove, and were too exhausted to travel any further. So they decided to stay and join my own dragons, as well as the other wild dragons that live on the island. She doesn't like it, but she's had to accept that she's no longer alpha.

Elizabeth may not be an alpha anymore, but she still acts like one. She's stubborn, bossy and commanding. She expects everyone, dragon or viking, to obey her orders. She has to constantly be reminded of her place, because she'll take over if you let her. She does have the qualities of a good leader, though. She always does what is best for the entire colony, not just herself. And she'll do anything to protect any dragon that she considers to be under her command.

Random Facts:

>Elizabeth is not afraid of "alpha species". To her, a dragon is just a dragon, no matter how big or small they are. She thinks that any dragon can be an alpha, whether they're an "alpha species" or not.

>She may be bossy, but she's not unkind. Lizzy actually carried Thunderfoot all the way from their old home to their new one, because he can't fly.

>She can be a little sassy sometimes.




A total speed demon.

Species: Speed Stinger

Gender: Male

Thunderfoot came to us with Elizabeth. When Lizzy was alpha, Thunderfoot was her second-in command, and as such is still very loyal to her. He is the only one of her dragons that has not yet accepted their new alpha, and won't follow any orders unless Elizabeth approves them first.

Thunderfoot seems to have two different personalities, depending on the situation he's in. When dealing with important matters, he is serious and responsible. He refuses to be distracted, showing almost no emotion until the matter is dealt with. He takes enforcing rules very seriously, and won't make any exceptions to them unless Elizabeth says it's ok.

When the important stuff's over though, he becomes an entirely different dragon. Thunderfoot becomes outgoing and adventurous, and is a total thrill-seeker. He's good-natured and friendly, and is always happy for people to join in on his games even if he doesn't know them.

Random Facts:

>Thunderfoot is almost always seen with Elizabeth, or CobaltCrush.

>When he's in "serious mode", he can be a little bit harsh. Especially if someone's trying to distract him. People know better than to bother him until his work is done.

>He has a habit of leaving people behind, because he gets so excited that he forgets he's faster than everyone else. He usually goes back for them when he realizes, though.



Yeah...Faendal really should be on my adoptables page, since I requested him from someone. But I figured I'd put him here. For reasons  ^_^

Species: Timberjack

Gender: Male

Requested from/drawn by: themasterplan47

Faendal is easily one of my kindest, gentlest dragons. He likes peace and quiet, so you can usually find him hiding away in a forest somewhere. He can be a bit shy when first meeting someone new, but once he's shown a little bit of kindness, he'll be quick to trust you. And once he trusts you, he'll do anything for you.

Faendal is very fast, and is pretty proud of that fact. Out of respect for others, he doesn't brag about it or show off, but he always enjoys being able to show his skill in situations where it's needed. He doesn't like to fight, but he will help and protect others in any way that he can.

Random Facts:

>Faendal hates cold weather. During winter, he'll hang around Berk more often than usual, hoping to find warmth by the fires.

>As he likes so much to be helpful, he's the one who collects most of our firewood. His sharp wings make this an easy task for him.

>He seems particularly fond of halibut. For some reason though, he will not eat trout.

>He is named after a character from Skyrim. A wood elf, specifically.

>He is always willing to give vikings a ride to where they need to go, if their own dragons are unable to. Truthfully he can very fun to ride, with his great speed and large wingspan. Flying with him through Rockridge Pass at full speed is one of the most exciting things you will ever do.


>>Night Furies<<

This section is for my Night Furies. Maybe they're not the most realistic, but I love them just the same  ^_^


Blue Ivy


Older brother of Evergreen.

Gender: Male

Blue Ivy is a wild Night Fury with an intense hatred for all humans. Actually, he doesn't like other dragons much either. He is highly aggressive and dangerous, and has absolutely no problems with harming people. Though he'll quite happily cause serious injuries, Blue always hesitates before actually killing people. Why he does this is unknown.

Blue is very powerful, but he's not without flaw. He is disloyal and selfish, and cares for nobody but himself. He seems incapable of showing any emotion other than anger. He can also be quite cruel, so he is best avoided at all costs.

Random Facts:

>He was separated from his brother at a young age, when he was captured by dragon trappers. Though he eventually escaped, he has not seen his brother since the day they were separated.

>He has no friends, but he tolerates the presence of Picasso. Nobody knows why.

>He'll never admit it, but he misses his brother.

>He actually enjoys the sound of bones breaking. He also likes the smell of rain...

Additional Pictures:


Blue Ivy, made on the Night Fury Maker by Wyndbain (Here:


Blue Ivy gif by Nessie




Younger brother of Blue Ivy.

Genger: Male

Evergreen is the complete opposite of his brother in every way. When Blue was captured, Evergreen was left to look after himself, even though he was still quite young. With nobody to protect him, he became quite timid. Green is afraid of everything, and is quite possibly the most cowardly Night Fury you will ever meet.

He is sweet and caring, showing kindness to even the smallest of creatures. He prefers to avoid conflicts, and will do anything to avoid a fight. He is a decent flyer, but he lacks any kind of physical strength and often does very poorly in battle.

Random facts:

>Evergreen secretly wants a human rider, but he's too scared to approach any.

>He sometimes raids vikings' houses when they're not there, because he likes human food.

>He is fascinated by insects, and can spend hours watching them.

Additional Pictures:


Evergreen, made on the Night Fury Maker (See above)


Evergreen chibi, made by NightmareRebuff




Hot to the touch.

Gender: Male

Stoker is a wild dragon with an attitude. He's witty and sarcastic, but he's actually pretty friendly if you're ok with that. He makes it very clear who he likes and who he doesn't, and he can come across as rude if you don't know him well. He's a little lazy, but he isn't afraid of a fight.

Oddly, Stoker seems to be able to surround himself with flames. The colour and intensity of the flames depend on his emotions. The fire appears to only be for show, since he's not able to shoot flames or use the fire for fighting. That said, I wouldn't want to touch him while he's on fire.

Random Facts:

>Stoker lives close to an active volcano.

>A human once tried to tame him, but was unsuccessful.

>He once narrowly escaped being killed, after sassing a young Bewilderbeast.

>His favourite colour is lilac. Coincidentally, his flames turn a lilac colour when he's had too much dragon nip.

Additional Pictures:


Stoker with flames, made by Twistedclaw




My little albino. It's important to note that he's covered with paint. Only the yellow parts are the markings he was born with.

Gender: Male

Picasso was my first Night Fury, and is the only one that is not a wild dragon. He's an albino, and was struggling to survive in the wild after he seemed to have been abandoned. He was brought to me when he was very young. Picasso is playful, and hardly ever takes anything seriously. He's loyal and kind, but he isn't very intelligent and he often makes a mess of things. He can be brave when someone he knows is in danger, but he's not very strong.

Picasso loves painting, and he considers himself a bit of an artist. His paintings are very important to him, though they are usually little more than shapeless blobs and random colours. He has a love of bright colours, and has a habit of covering himself with paint on purpose, so that he can be more bright. On the rare occasions you can convince him to wash the paint off, you can see that only the yellow parts are his actual markings. Some vikings have begun to joke that those bright colours are his war paint.

Random Facts:

>Picasso is the only one Blue Ivy tolerates, despite the fact that he is incredibly annoying and has a human rider.

>His favourite colour is orange.

>He loves herring, and will panic if he thinks we're going to run out.

>He has been known to paint people while they sleep.

Additional Pictures:


This is what Picasso actually looks like. Though this is his natural state (not counting the saddle), it's very rare to catch him like this because he usually just covers himself with paint again.


>>In-game Dragons<<

Do in-game dragons count as OCs? I'm not sure, but I kinda treat mine like they are anyway. This section is for dragons that originated within the game itself.




My first in-game dragon.

Species: Monstrous Nightmare

Gender: Male

Firestorm was my first in-game dragon. He doesn't seem to have much intelligence at all, since he always has a kinda vacant look on his face. Either that or he's just not interested in anything that's going on around him. It's hard to tell.

He's lazy and spends most of time sleeping, but if you do manage to get him going, he just won't stop. Once he fires up, he'll keep going until he burns out...and then he'll go right back to sleep. It's all or nothing with him. There doesn't seem to be anything in between.

He has a lot of patience for a Nightmare, but once he reaches his breaking point he'll flare up without any warning. It can take a while to calm him down when he gets angry.

Random Facts:

>Firestorm likes to set things on fire for some reason.

>He once tried to eat my Pygmy Sweetsipper, Marigold (adopted from Muselyn). In his defense though, she was really annoying him that day! And she's small enough to fit in his mouth, too...

>He's proud of his red markings. He thinks they make him look more "dangerous".

>He wears a wild saddle for the sole purpose of matching Panther's outfit.

Additional Pictures:


Panther and Firestorm, drawn by DuskDaybreak.                  Firestorm, drawn by Ender.




Pretty brave for a Gronckle.

Species: Gronckle

Gender: Male

CobaltCrush is a true gentleman, if ever there was one. He is always respectful and kind, and he values manners highly. Unlike Crossbolt though, Cobalt appreciates fun and will quite happily joke around with his friends. He's always the more sensible one, though. When things start to get a bit out of hand, it's usually Cobalt that starts to pull everyone back into line.

Cobalt is also remarkably brave, despite the fact that he has no strength or speed to rely on in a fight. He never hesitates to step in if a friend is in immediate danger, even if he gets hurt helping them out. But be knows he's not a very good fighter, so he'll try to find help first unless there's no time to do so.

Random Facts:

>CobaltCrush is rarely called by his full name. Usually he is called "Cobalt", or "Crush". Sometimes, he gets called "Bolt" as a joke, because he's usually pretty slow.

>Cobalt is pretty good friends with Thunderfoot, the Speed Stinger. How that friendship works, I'll never know.

>Cobalt once fought a wild Night Fury, to protect me. Long story short, Cobalt got hurt pretty badly...

And no, unforunately he didn't beat the Night Fury. He just distracted it so we could get away.


Myst and Mayhem


Think that they're awesome.

Species: Hideous Zippleback

Gender: Female

Myst and Mayhem are my racing dragons, being the only ones who are fast enough, agile enough and willing enough to compete. They rarely lose friendly races among our own dragons, and have become quite proud of their abilities. Unfortunately, their pride extends far beyond the racetrack. They are the most arrogant, egotistical dragons I know.

Don't get me wrong, Myst and Mayhem care about their friends. They can even be nice when they really try to be. But they are so self-absorbed that a friend's suffering can easily be overlooked or devalued. Often, it's not until somebody starts yelling at them that they even realise if they've done something wrong or insensitive. Once they realise, though, they are very apologetic. After all, they don't mean to be insensitive, they're just too dense to realise they're doing it.

Random Facts:

>Myst and Mayhem were the first female dragons I managed to train (both in-game and other OCs). They remained the only girls for quite some time, until Quartz came along.

>Myst is the one that breathes the flammable gas. Mayhem is the one who lights it.

>Mayhem has a small scar on the back of her neck, caused by a competative viking that used excessive fire during a race. The girls had to withdraw from that particular race, so she could get bandaged up.

>The girls are very similar to each other, but Mayhem is a little more adventurous and competative than Myst. Myst is a little quieter than Mayhem, and she's a bit more focused on appearances and how they look to others.

Additional Pictures:


Myst and Mayhem, drawn by Ender




Not as scary as he looks.

Species: Whispering Death

Gender: Male

Echo is actually a very sweet dragon, no matter how frightening he may appear. He's pretty smart too, and is usually a great helper when problems need solving. He is very tolerant of others, even if they're incredibly annoying, or untrustworthy. Echo doesn't like to fight, but he's willing to do so if the situation requires it.

Echo is well aware of how intimidating he looks to others, and he's been known to use it to his advantage. He goes out of his way to sneak up behind people and scare them for fun. He also uses his appearance to try and end confrontations before they turn into fights.

Random Facts:

>Echo can often be found trying to break up fights between his friends. It was mostly because of him that Marigold wasn't eaten by Firestorm.

>He has an intense hatred for the Whispering Death that lives beneath Berk. It may have something to do with the time it tried to start a fight while we were exploring the tunnels. It even tried to attack Echo while his back was turned.

>When Echo was a hatchling, he was yellow. His colour changed to green when he grew older.




Means well, but not very smart.

Species: Threadtail

Gender: Male

Ashwing isn't exactly the brightest dragon you'll ever meet, but he's definitely the most enthusiastic. He happily gives his all to any task assigned to him, and rarely runs out of energy to do it. The only problem is that he contanstly messes things up, and doesn't listen to instructions very well. People know not to trust him with important things, and usually give him very simple jobs to keep him busy while the work gets done.

Ash is very selfless, putting others before himself every single time. He always seems to know what others are feeling, and is always there to cheer you up when you're upset. Everyone who knows him can't help but love the big guy. Even if they have to contantly watch him, and fix all his mistakes.

Random Facts:

>Ashwing once stole a young child to keep as a pet. It took us ages to convince him to let the poor kid go.

>I bought his egg from Trader Johann, who had him incorrectly labelled as a Hobblegrunt. After he hatched, it took a while to figure out what kind of dragon he actually was.

>Ash was the first bipedal dragon I ever trained, and he remained the only one until I met Crossbolt.

>Ashwing likes eels. Of course, they still make him very sick, but he eats them anyway sometimes. He just can't help himself!

>He's pretty clumsy. You've got to watch out for his tail, or you'll probably get knocked over.




Brother to Quartz.

Species: Screaming Death

Gender: Male

Obsidian is a troublemaker. He's bad enough on his own, but when he's working with his little sister, Quartz, they're a total nightmare. They're destructive pranksters, and leave a mess wherever they go. Imagine Ruff and Tuff in Screaming Death form, and then make them ten times worse. That's Obsidian and Quartz.

Obsidian likes to wreck things and cause as much damage as possible. He loves the chaos it causes. He doesn't really seem to care what happens afterwards, as long as he gets a good laugh out of it. He can get a bit carried away sometimes, and Quartz has to stop him from doing certain things that would cause too much damage. Obsidian can be serious sometimes though, and won't cause anyone physical harm. He just likes to break stuff.

Random Facts:

>Obsidian is older than Quartz, but he actually only hatched a few days before she did. I got both their eggs on the same day, both from Mystery Chests.

>Siddy is actually very protective of his little sister, even though they argue a lot.

>He's the stonger one of the two, and is a little harsher.

>When he was a hatchling, he was a very dark brown colour. He darkened to black as he got older.




Sister to Obsidian.

Species: Screaming Death

Gender: Female

Quartz is a mischievous dragon, especially when she's plotting something with her older brother, Obsidian. When the two of them are together, they're a force to be reckoned with.

Quartz likes to frighten people, and play tricks on them. She loves a good explosion as much as her brother does, but she tries to keep things a little more toned down. She's also sometimes willing to help clean up any mess they make, after she's done laughing at it.

She seems to be the more mature of the two, despite being younger. She's a little smarter, and has a clearer understanding of boundaries. That said, she's still a troublemaker and greatly enjoys messing with people.

Random Facts:

>Quartz focuses less on breaking things, and more on tricking people. This sometimes helps to balance out Obsidian's destructiveness.

>She is a little smaller than her brother.

>She's a little nicer, too. So if you ever need to ask them for something, you should talk to Quartz first.




Very timid.

Species: Deadly Nadder

Gender: Female

Skyfire is a very shy dragon. She doesn't like strangers, and it takes her a long time to get used to people. It takes her even longer to fully trust them. She doesn't like loud noises, and can become very withdrawn in situations she doesn't like, or understand. She depends heavily on her closest friends, staying in the background and letting other people take the lead.

She may not trust many people, but she forms very close bonds with those she's comfortable with. Skyfire is loyal and kind, and won't ever turn her back on a friend. She'll support you no matter what, and is one of the most trustworthy dragons I know.

Random Facts:

>Skyfire is actually a pretty decent fighter. She doesn't believe that though.

>Try to avoid sneaking up on her. When she's startled, she'll shoot some spikes without even checking to see where they're going.

>Sky doesn't dare touch Mildew's cabbages, for fear of being caught. She even tries to protect the cabbages from other dragons, so they won't get into trouble either.

>She loves playing Eel Roast, and is actually pretty good at it.




More intelligent than she lets on.

Species: Whispering Death

Gender: Female

At first glance, GoldDigger isn't really much. Just an average Whispering Death-nothing special, nothing memorable. She may even come across as a little bit slow...It's not until you get to know her properly that you realize just how smart she is. GoldDigger doesn't like being in the spotlight, and won't let her skills show until just the right moment.

She's a quick thinker, and shows an almost human level of intelligence. Not much gets past her. Physically, she's not very strong. But she is not to be underestimated, as she has been known to outsmart and trap her opponents. She prefers not to brag about her abilities, being quite happy to let others think she's weak or unintelligent.

Random Facts:

>GoldDigger is friendly enough, but she can be a little antisocial sometimes.

>Even those who know her well continue to be surprised when she unexpectedly does something brilliant.

>She has a bit of a crush on Echo, but she won't ever admit it.

>She sometimes pretends to do stupid things, simply to keep up the illusion of mediocrity.




A dragon with some real dramatic flair.

Species: Raincutter

Gender: Male

Riptide is a total showoff. He's an amazing flyer, and takes every opportunity he can to prove it. He loves being the centre of attention, and you can always rely on him to turn a dull situation into something amazing. He knows how to put on a good show. No matter what he's doing -whether it's working, fighting, or just playing around- he looks good doing it!

At times, Riptide finds it difficult to concentrate. He has a relatively short attention span, and is usually more focused on drawing attention to himself than actually getting things done. Sometimes, he misses some details or makes silly mistakes because he was trying to be cool.

Random Facts:

>Riptide is a total softie, especially when it comes to children and hatchlings. Often, he can be found playing with the younger ones, and is always happy to give anyone a ride on his back.

>Riptide actually isn't all that competative. He's a skilled flyer, and will happily show off, but he avoids racing because he's a little afraid of losing.

>He doesn't like being alone, and will always seek out company whenever he gets the chance.




The littler Nightmare.

Species: Monstrous Nightmare

Gender: Male

Dakota is still a baby, but he can still be difficult to handle. Like Firestorm, Dakota can work himself up and just keep on going. Howvever, Dakota isn't anywhere near as lazy, and he never seems to sit still. One thing's for sure, he's got a lot of energy to burn.

He spends most of his time playing or looking for food, and he sets himself on fire for fun. If you're not careful he can make quite a mess, so you need to keep a close watch on him. He is easily distracted, and does not listen to instructions at all. So far, any attempts at training him have failed miserably, and many vikings have been burned by this hyper dragon. But he is still young, so there is still some hope.

Random Facts:

>I found Dakota's egg in Firestorm's stable space, just after he returned from a quest. I have absolutely no idea if the egg was his or not- he could have just found it while on the mission. I'm more inclined to believe that that was the case, since I haven't seen any female Nightmares hanging around. But still...those red markings tho...

>Dakota's level of intelligence is currently unknown. He's either unintelligent and does not understand training, or he understands and simply refuses to be trained. Nobody can tell.

>Dakota can only be controlled by other Nightmares. Because of this, I usually leave him with Firestorm.




A total party animal...My sister named him, ok?  XD

Species: Snafflefang

Gender: Male

BuhtShaker loves nothing more than to have fun. He is constantly moving, always looking for new things to try and people to play with. He is surprisingly energetic and agile, considering his bulky frame. He is a kind and good-natured dragon, and he is very rarely seen angry, even when things are not going his way.

Buht spends most of his time playing silly little games, and can show up in the most unexpected places. It's best to avoid giving him any important work to do, because he is almost never serious about anything. He has messed up many important missions, by trying to turn it into a game, or getting distracted. But if you just want to have some fun, then BuhtShaker is the dragon you're looking for!

Random Facts:

>BuhtShaker has a habit of accidentally knocking people over with his tail. Be careful not to stand too close behind him.

>He can get a little...much, when he's had too much dragon nip.

>Buht loves any kind of music that has a beat. If he's in charge of the tunes, then you know there'll be something you can dance to.

>Speaking of which, he's a pretty decent dancer. When he's in the zone, he well and truly lives up to his name!

>I often return home to find him throwing some kind of dragon party in my stables. Which is odd, since he technically lives at Bluegrass Cove with the others.

Additional Pictures:

Don't ask XD


Just BuhtShaker doing his thing...




A little adventurer.

Species: Smothering Smokebreath

Gender: Female

Misty's only a very small dragon, but she more than makes up for it with her courage and adventurous spirit. She's full-on and fearless, bravely going where even the hardiest dragons will not dare to go. But she is very reckless, and often finds herself in dangerous situations that are diffucult to get out of.

Misty loves nothing more than to explore new places, and is always trying to talk people into going with her. She loves sharing her discoveries with her friends, whether they're interested in it or not. Misty is usually a kind and trustworthy companion, but she is easily offended. And once you've made her angry, she can become a total nightmare.

Random Facts:

>Misty has found a decent amount of treasure and strange items in her travels. She doesn't care much for it though, and mostly hands them out to her friends as gifts. Quite a bit of it ends up in Pilfer's stash, but I've also taken an interest in some of the stranger items she's bought home. Misty has given me several things, including: A small, rectangular magic mirror that seems to light up and play some sort of tune for no discernible reason. A dented and chipped golden sword, that seems to have snapped in half. A tiny golden ball with wings, that seems to be able to fly on its own. And some sort of metal cylinder-shaped item that produces a beam of odd blue light. I use that one as a torch sometimes. (10 points to anyone who can figure out what these things are!)

>Misty can sometimes leave home for several days at a time, without warning anyone that she's going to be away. She always come home, though.

>Her mate is a Smokebreath named Ash.

>She likes traveling kinda far away, but it's often further than she can go on her own. She's been known to "hitchhike" around the archipelago, often riding on the backs of much larger dragons.

Additional Pictures:


Misty and I exploring the Wilderness.




May be a little bipolar.

Species: Groncicle

Gender: Male

SubZero can be a very unpredictable dragon at times, so you need to tread carefully around him. He does not like to be approached by others, so do so at your own risk. That said, if he chooses to approach you, then walking away from him is likely to offend him. He usually keeps to himself, and has little patience for others. SubZero can be very grumpy at times, and it often doesn't take much to cause him to lash out at anyone, whether they are his friends or not. This makes him dangerous to be around sometimes because he will not hesitate to bite, and is not likely to hold back either.

The interesting thing about SubZero is that his mood can change in an instant. Nobody is quite sure what causes the sudden change. As short-tempered as he can be sometimes, he can also be quite friendly. When he's in a good mood, he'll seek other dragons for company. And often he's even happy to play with them, once again becoming the silly, playful hatchling that he used to be, even if only for a moment. But then he always snaps and storms off again without warning, and nobody knows why.

Seeing SubZero running towards you is always a terrifying sight, because you can never be sure if he's coming to bite you or to hug you, until it's too late.

Random Facts:

>Though I love him dearly, SubZero is the only one of my dragons that I am a little afraid of ((Bear in mind that dragons like Blue Ivy and Nightshade are not "my" dragons. They are still wild)).

>SubZero loves all kinds of fish, but his favourite seems to be arctic char. He dislikes sharing, but sometimes will with other Groncicles.

>SubZero got lost when he was still a hatchling. We were able to find him again, but he's never been quite the same since. We don't know what happened while he was out there, but it can't have been good.

>I don't have access to the Icestorm Island expansion. SubZero was a prize from the Battle Event, meaning I was able to get and train a Groncicle before I was "supposed" to. This also means I was able to get some pretty cute pictures of SubZero, me, Hiccup, Toothless, and the baby Groncicle all together.

Additional Pictures:



"Run. Run! RUN!"




Don't mess with him.

Species: Typhoomerang

Gender: Male

((Description coming soon))


Diamond Dust


Always the rebel.

Species: Woolly Howl

Gender: Female

((Description coming soon))


Eggs waiting to be hatched:



*Devilish Dervish

*Smothering Smokebreath (Will likely hatch into "Ash", Misty's mate)

*Gronckle (x2)


*Woolly Howl




All in this section will be changewings, and most are members of Mirage's pack. I kinda cheated with names, and named most of them after what colour they are...What? You try naming 17 changewings..... It isn't easy XD




Mirage's mother.

Gender: Female

Citrine is the mother of my own dragon, Mirage. To her close friends and her pack, she is kind and caring. She can be a little bit overprotective, and will fight fiercely to defend the ones she loves. She's incredibly loyal, and will stand by your side until the very end, once she considers you a friend.

Citrine is very wary of strangers, though. She sees any creature to be a potential threat to her family, unless they prove otherwise. She's not aggressive towards them, but she won't let her guard down for a second. It takes a very long time for her to come to trust someone. But once she does trust you, she's a friend for life.

Random Facts:

>Citrine is the second oldest dragon in the pack, after her mate Steelwing.

>She has not quite accepted that Mirage and Sunspot are no longer hatchlings, and continues to keep a close eye on her sons. She even has a forum account so she can moniter Mirage. (I am 100% serious. She has a forum account :P)

>She is one of the few that Mirage will listen to, without question or complaint.

>Citrine actually thinks that humans are adorable. She doesn't quite trust ones that she doesn't know, but she's willing to give them a chance if they prove they're not a threat.

>Citrine's belly is green, just like Mirage's is.

Additional Pictures:





Mirage's father/ Citrine's mate.

Gender: Male

Steelwing is Citrine's mate, and the father of my own dragon Mirage. He is the oldest dragon in their pack, and as such is the most respected. He tends to keep to himself, not opening up to others very often. Though he doesn't go out of his way to seek company, he won't shy away when others approach. He is polite and kind, and can actually be great company when you're feeling lonely or upset. He'll patiently listen to anything you have to say, without interrupting or judging.

Despite his calm nature, he can be surprisingly terrifying when there's danger. Once you see Steelwing in a fight, it suddenly becomes very clear where Mirage got his temper from. But once the battle is over, Steel will calm right down again and act as if there never was a fight.

Random Facts:

>Steelwing is a skilled fighter, but he's not as strong as he used to be. As I said, he's the oldest dragon in the pack.

>He may come across as shy to others, but he's not. He's just very quiet, and prefers to listen rather than speak.

>Steelwing has green eyes and black on the edges of his wings, just like Mirage does.




Mirage's brother/son of Citrine and Steelwing.

Gender: Male

Sunspot is Mirage's older brother. He's pretty relaxed and easygoing most of the time, and can usually be found sleeping somewhere in the sun. Like his mother, Sunspot is wary of strangers and  is unusually alert when there's someone new around. He may even act a little aggressively towards them to try and scare them off, but he usually won't be the one to actually start the fight.

Sunspot likes to joke around with his friends and family, and is usually the first one to turn a serious situation into something funny. He's been called the least intelligent member of the pack, but that's far from true. He just prefers to keep things positive, and doesn't like when things start to get depressing.

Random Facts:

>Sunspot takes great delight in being the older brother. He takes every chance he gets to remind Mirage of it, much to his annoyance.

>Despite being a grown adult, with a mate and a hatchling of his own, Sunspot can still be a bit immature.

>He and Mirage get very competative with each other, each trying to be better than the other whenever they can. That said, the two are very close.




Sunspot's mate.

Gender: Female

Moondust is Sunspot's mate, and the mother of Eclipse. She's smart, but she's not really the serious type. She's always happy to play silly games, and her sense of humour matches well with Sunspot's. But unlike her mate, Moondust respects boundaries and knows when it's not the time for fun.

She is definitely the more sensible of the two, and is a great problem-solver. She helps out wherever she can, and her advice is rarely wrong. She seems to have a little too much faith in her own judgement though, and often goes ahead assuming she's right without properly checking the facts.

Random Facts:

>Moondust likes to pretend to be mysterious whenever someone asks for her help. She finds it very amusing.

>She is skilled at camouflaging, especially in the night sky.

>She's pretty relaxed, and has a lot of patience. It takes quite a lot to make her angry over something.




Daughter of Sunspot and Moondust.

Gender: Female

Eclipse is Sunspot and Moondust's daughter, and Mirage's niece. She's very smart for her age, seeming to have inherited all of her mother's intelligence. Oddly, she seems to lack the same sense of humour as her parents, and can be a little bit too serious.

Eclipse is very mature, often surprising others with her un-childlike view of the world around her. While she does like to play with others her age, she quickly gets bored of the games and often goes off to spend time on her own. She also seems to prefer the company of the older pack members.

Random Facts:

>Eclipse is the second youngest member of the pack, being a little bit older than Azura.

>She is very inquisitive, showing an interest in almost everything. She seems fascinated by how things work, and will watch them for ages trying to figure it out.

>She rarely plays along when Sunspot and Moondust start being silly. In fact, her usual response is to turn away and pretend she doesn't know them.




Citrine's sister/Mirage's aunt. Please ignore how badly edited the white is XD  I'm really not good with white...And if you think this is bad, there's an albino coming up ;_;

Gender: Female

Bianca is Citrine's younger sister, and Mirage's aunt. She is loving kind to every creature, whether they're dragons, humans or even animals. Caring for others is in her nature, and she can't help but treat everyone like they're lost little hatchlings, whether they like it or not.

She takes it upon herself to look after the weak and injured, mothering them like she would her own children. But her tendency to care for and trust others means that she is easily misled, as she is not as careful of strangers as she should be.

Random Facts:

>Bianca was the first of Mirage's family to trust me, and is pretty much the only reason some of the others trust me as well.

>Nobody can figure out how she ended up with her mate, Nightshade. Their personalities seem so different.

>Bianca can be trusted to look after anything. Whether it's an inanimate object you want guarded, or a living person or creature, she will not let it out of her sight for a moment.




Bianca's mate, and "alpha" of their pack.

Gender: Male

Nightshade is Bianca's mate, and the father of Azura and Spitfire. He is the strongest member of the pack, which is pretty much why he's the alpha among them. Nightshade is a pretty aggressive dragon towards strangers, seeing any dragon outside of his family to be a threat. Unlike most members of his pack, he will attack any unknown dragon or human that he finds in his territory. And most of the time, he will kill them.

Though earning his trust is very difficult, it can be done. Once he trusts you, he probably won't kill you. He'll tolerate your presence, he'll help you when you need it. He may even protect you from danger. But don't expect him to show any signs of friendship. The only ones he truly seems to care about are his pack, and they are the only ones he will ever show any affection to. He will protect his pack with his life.

Random Facts:

>Nightshade may be big and scary sometimes, but he absolutely adores his young daughter. He won't let anything hurt her, or Spitfire.

>He'd be a lot harsher if Bianca wasn't around. She seems to calm him down, and is one of the few that he'll listen to.

>Nightshade doesn't like me. At all. He'll tolerate me for Mirage's sake, but I wouldn't want to be left alone with him.




Daughter of Bianca and Nightshade/Sister of Spitfire.

Gender: Female

Azura is Bianca and Nightshade's daughter, and Spitfire's little sister. She's still very young, so it's a little hard to tell what her personality is yet. She's a bit shy around people she doesn't know, but it doesn't take her long to warm up to someone. Once she decides that you're ok, all  traces of shyness will completely disappear, and she'll treat you like you're her very best friend.

Azura doesn't really like to do much other than play, and she can get pretty hyper sometimes. She can be a bit of a handful, and even Bianca has trouble keeping track of her at times. Azura is too young to fully understand how to behave properly, but she can be very sweet sometimes.

Random Facts:

>Azura is the youngest member of the pack.

>She is afraid of Terrible Terrors, and nobody can work out why.

>Everyone in the pack loves her, because she's so adorable. When there's danger around, she's usually the first one people look for. Even Eclipse will keep an eye on her, because she understands that Azura's younger.




Son of Bianca and Nightshade/Brother of Azura/Mirage's cousin.

Gender: Male

Spitfire is Bianca and Nightshade's son, and Azura's older brother. Spitfire may look fierce, but he actually takes after his mother more than his father. Like Bianca, Spitfire is loyal and prefers to avoid battles with others. He has a kind heart, and he is usually the first to step forwards when help is needed. That said, Spitfire has a fair amount of his father in him, too.

He values his reputation, and does not like to appear weak. He can be pretty rude, and is a tough talker, but it's mostly just an act. Like Nightshade, Spitfire is a very strong fighter when he can be convinced to join a battle. He tries his best to look intimidating, but everyone knows that Spitfire is far more likely to help than he is to harm.

Random Facts:

>Most pack members assume that Spitfire will take over leadership of the group, when Nightshade is no longer able to lead.

>His favourite colour is gold. He also likes halibut a lot.

>Spitfire and Mirage get along very well, often teaming up to cause mischief on Berk. Messing with vikings is one of their favourite activities.


Skye  (+ egg)


Spitfire's mate.

Gender: Female

Skye is Spitfire's mate. She doesn't like strangers, and earning her trust is a slow and difficult process. She's almost never aggressive, but she won't tolerate being around people she doesn't know and will usually just fly away. If you try to get closer, she'll make it very clear you're not wanted. She's only like this with strangers, though. She's completely different around her pack, or anyone that she has come to trust.

Skye is fairly calm and easygoing, and is always optimistic. She never fails to find the bright side in a bad situation, and is not one to panic easily. She is the furthest thing from stubborn a dragon can possibly get, and seems quite happy to go along with whatever plans people make. It takes a lot to worry her, and making her angry is almost impossible.

Random Facts:

>Skye is the newest member of the pack, only joining when she met Spitfire. Though she has long been accepted, she still becomes nervous sometimes, and will occastionally withdraw for a while.

>She currently has an egg, that will eventually hatch into her and Spitfire's child. She rarely lets it out of her sight, and losing track of it is one of the few things that will cause her to panic.

>Even when she's angry, Skye is not aggressive. If she's upset with you, the most she'll do is ignore you, or maybe glare at you from a distance.




Nightshade's brother.

Gender: Male

Viridis is Nightshade's older brother. He is intelligent and inquisitive, and enjoys gaining knowledge about almost anything. This trait means that he gets along very well with Eclipse, as the two are very similar in that respect. Viridis may come across as harsh sometimes, because he can be blunt and brutally honest. However, he is actually a fairly well-meaning dragon.

He prefers to help others by pointing out where they've gone wrong, and showing them how to improve. His criticism may seem uncaring, but he is genuinely trying to help and his judgment is always fair. He is the first to give credit where it's due. He can be great company at times, and can usually offer encouragement when it's needed.

Random Facts:

>Viridis will gladly offer help when he's asked. He enjoys helping others to succeed, but you should only ask him for help if you can handle brutal honesty and criticism.

>He values intelligence over most other traits, and seeks friends that are close to his level. He doesn't mind the company of less intelligent dragons, but will take any opportunity he can to teach them something.

>Viridis and GoldDigger would probably be good friends if they were ever to meet.

>He secretly has a love of lame jokes and puns. But he won't admit it for his reputation's sake.




Viridis's mate/Mother of Camo.

Gender: Female

Fawn Viridis's mate, and Camo's mother. She is a shy dragon, and the most timid member of the pack. She is quiet and soft-spoken, and is often withdrawn around even her close friends. Because of this, she is usually comfortable to watch from the sidelines, taking in what's going on without really drawing attention to herself.

She is kind, and is very empathetic towards others. In times of need, she has been known to approach and assist strangers, seeming to gain confidence when there are more important things to worry about. She can be very sweet at times, often surprising others with random acts of kindness. This makes her generally well-liked, even though she usually keeps to herself.

Random Facts:

>Fawn is not as smart as Viridis, but she's happy to learn new things. Which works out well, because Viridis is happy to teach new things.

>She is not very brave, and will usually run or hide at the first sign of danger.

>She genuinely likes others. She will often sit and listen to conversations without saying anything, because although she is shy, she enjoys company.




Son of Viridis and Fawn

Gender: Male

Camo is Viridis and Fawn's son. He is serious most of the time, but he is good-natured and can have a bit of fun every now and then. Camo does have a fair bit of intelligence, thanks to Viridis, but he doesn't see it as his most important trait. He has more consideration for others, and he will often avoid things that may upset another, even if it may be helpful.

Camo is friendly and helpful, and never shies away from others. He is also pretty brave, and will fight without hesitation if he has to. However, he's not very strong and usually won't last long without some help. He always seems to be doing something, as if he can't sit still. Because of this, he can often be found doing something helpful for the pack, such as hunting or gathering fish.

Random Facts:

>Camo is very good at camouflaging. In fact, he is the best in the pack.

>He has been known to sleepwalk occasionally, sometimes found wandering Changewing Island at night. Nobody knows why.

>Sometimes, he'll suddenly vanish while you're trying to talk to him. Usually, he's gone off to find something to do.

>He likes spending time on sandy beaches, because he finds them a nice change from his home.




Renegade's albino sister. Remember when I said I'm not good with white? XD  Please try and ignore how horribly she's edited. I tried ;_;

Gender: Female

Status: Deceased

Crystal is Renegade's younger sister. Her and her brother are not directly related to any of the other Changewings, but were both members of the pack at some point. Crystal was kind and loyal, selflessly putting all others before herself even if they were strangers to her. She was not very strong, but she didn't mind. She hated violence, only ever getting aggressive when she was fighting to defend another.

She was easily frightened, and was generally considered the weakest member of the pack. As such, the others went out of their way to protect her from danger. Despite this, there had been times when she'd found the courage to do something brave in order to help someone she cared about.

Unfortunately, Crystal was killed by Renegade, while trying to protect Steelwing. Renegade hadn't intended to kill her, but she was trying to stop them from fighting and accidentally got hit.

Random Facts:

>Crystal and her brother, Renegade, were found wandering the island alone when they were very young. They were accepted into the pack, and were treated like family until Crystal was killed.

>She and Renegade were very close. He would never harm her on purpose.

>Crystal's closest friend was Fawn.




The bad guy, and Mirage's rival.

Gender: Male

Status: Unknown

((Description still coming))


Squirt (& Scamp)


I wasn't entirely sure what category to put her into. Squirt is not my dragon, but she isn't wild either. She belongs to a young viking named Scamp.

Gender: Female

Rider: Scamp the Small

I didn't know which picture to edit for Squirt, but settled on this one because the "baby" one might have been a bit misleading. She is much younger than most of the other Changewings here, but she isn't quite a hatchling like Eclipse and Azura. She's somewhere in between.

*Please be aware that I haven't done much at all with these two, so they're not quite as developed as I'd like them to be* Scamp is a young viking who is very small for his age. He's a scrawny little kid with no muscle or fighting experience whatsoever, but he's definitely enthusiastic enough. He was given a dragon egg (which hatched into Squirt, of course), once his parents thought he was old enough. Personally, I think he was still a little too young, but whatever. It wasn't my decision to make. Scamp has taken excellent care of his new partner, and Squirt has grown into a perfectly healthy short-wing dragon. Though, like her rider, she is quite small for her age.

The two are almost exactly alike, and have one of the strongest viking-dragon bonds I have ever seen, despite the fact that both of them are so young. Unfortunately though, they only seem to cause trouble wherever they go. They are irresponsible, reckless, and never think before they act. They mean well, and I know they're only trying to help, but they just get in the way most of the time.

Squirt seems to have a high level of respect for Mirage. She often follows him around the village, and has been doing so ever since she was a hatchling. Usually, he can only get rid of her by flying away somewhere, because she cannot fly very far yet. She is kind, brave and very loyal, and will gladly put herself in dangerous situations when she feels she has to. But she is overconfident, reckless and doesn't listen to instructions. Like her rider, she is not very strong at all and does very, very poorly in actual fights. But that doesn't stop her from acting all big and tough when she starts feeling threatened. She also has a bit of an attitude, and has pushed her luck with Mirage more than once.

Random Facts:

>When Squirt was a hatchling, Scamp would not leave me alone. He was constantly pestering me about how to look after her. Endless questions about changewings, and dragon training. It only stopped when she was a little older and he gained a little more confidence.

>Scamp was actually hoping for a Flightmare egg, and was very disappointed when he got a Changewing. That quickly changed, of course.

>They are both actually afraid of the dark, but won't admit it.

>Scamp is also afraid of heights. Squirt can't fly too well at the moment...but he's going to have some trouble when she's flying more.

>Squirt doesn't like being alone, so she often invades other vikings' stables to play wih their dragons.

>For some reason, she likes chewing on wooden objects. She completely destroys them when she does.



Well, that's everybody...I think XD

Made it this far?...



















(Sorry. I had to :3 )



*EDIT* I've noticed that I mentioned Bluegrass Cove a few times here... But I've never mentioned the Cove to anyone before, so nobody is going to understand what I mean by that ^_^;   Sorry!

Ok, Bluegrass is an island not far from Berk. It's where the majority of my dragons live, as well as some wild dragons I have little contact with. I know the idea of an island for my guys is pretty common and not very original, but it was the only way I could justify housing so many dragons. With all of those listed here, plus adoptables and fan-species, I have over 80. No viking's stable can hold that many, especially when Sunvaar is taken into consideration. Many of my dragons still live in my stables on Berk. Mirage, Sparky and Pilfer (because he's so small) live in my own house. Mirage's pack lives on Changewing Island. Blue Ivy and Stoker live nowhere near Berk. But most of the rest live at Bluegrass :)

The island is mainly grassy and foresty, but there is a large network of abandoned Whispering Death tunnels running beneath it. Some of my Boulder Classes have expanded and refined some parts of these to make a suitable shelter for everyone, and I have even had to spend the night there myself on occasion. It has a mountainous area that Sunvaar calls home, and several beaches run along some parts of the edges. Including a lovely, sheltered cove on one side that helped to give the island its name.



Thank you for taking the time to look at these guys. Enjoy the rest of your day :)



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Tracks 4 days!






'A simple moment,

And he saw such wonder,

A thing of beauty,

A leaf framed in the golden rays of Autumn light.'







Single book of matches is gonna burn what's standing in the way,

Roaring down the mountain, now they are calling on the fire brigade,

Bury all the pictures and tell the kids that I'm okay,

If'n I'm forgotten you'll remember me for today,


I won't ever be your cornerstone,


All the black inside me is slowly seeping from the bone,

Everything I cherish is slowly dying or it's gone,

Little shaken babies and drunkards seem to all agree,

Once the show gets started it's bound to be a sight to see,


I won't ever be your cornerstone,


I don't want to be here holding on,


I won't ever be your cornerstone,


Watch her roll, can you feel it?,

Watch her roll, can you feel it?,

Watch her roll, can you feel it?

Watch her roll, can you feel it?


I won't ever be your cornerstone,


I don't want to be here holding on,

(Watch her roll, can you feel it?)


I won't ever be your cornerstone,

(Watch her roll)









'An ya know I'd never hurt you,
But I jus' sometimes can't control,
The fire in ma heart and the pain in ma soul.'
'Hugs n' kisses.'
'Me and my boy Py, with his lit'l baby, Desert.'
'My li'l bro Fred with his baby Zippleback, Dawn and Dusk, on left. Me, Pyro and my Terrible Terror Darrow on the right.' 
'My shining star.'
'Pyro,battle ready!'
'Jus' banter, Pyro, Daisy, Darrow, Freddy, Dawn n' Dusk.'
'All those times in the sunshine.'
'So Cute.'
'A sketch of Py and Me.'
'Mortal Enemies: Pyro and Rafal.'
'Py in the Surf.'
'Say Cheese!'
'Hey Py, it's okay.'
'Pyro and Colt; watch it.'
'Wyvern: Awake the Morning.'
'They are not what we think they are...'
'They will always be wild...'
'But always there for us.'
'I am a fire starter,
A twisted fire starter.'
What a night for a dance,
Ya know I'm a dancin' machine,
Wit' the fire in ma bones,
N' the sweet taste of kerosene.
I get lost in the night so high I don't wanna come down,
To face the loss of the good things that I had foun'.
Woohoo, ooh.
In the dark of the night I can hear ya a callin' ma name,
Wit' the hardest of hearts I still feel full of pain,
So I drin' an I smoke and I ast if your e'er aroun',
Even though it was me wh drove us right in the groun'.
See the times we shared they were precious to me,
But all the while I was dreamin' of revelry.
(Woohoo, ooh, oh, woohoo)
Gonna run, baby run like a stream down a mountain side,
With the win' at my back  won' ever even bat an eye,
Jus' know it was you all alon' who had a hold of ma heart,
And the demon on me was the best of friends from the start.
See the times we shared they were precious to me,
But all the while I was dreamin' of revelry.
(Woohoo, ooh, oh, woohoo)
Dreamin' of revelry.
An' I told myself, oh the ways ya go,
It rained so hard it felt like snow,
An' everythin' came a tumbling down on me,
In the black of the wood in the dark of the night,
Palest pale of the old moonlight,
Everythings just felt so imcomplete.
Dreamin' of revelry.
'Baby Pyro and Hookfang'
        'The Best Weapon In the World of Vikings EVER!'
'N' ya know when you found em'
They'll always stick aroun'
Cos' a friend that stands beside ya
Will never let you down.'
My Adoptables And Art Thread:


My Dragon Stables Thread:


My Art Request Thread (OPEN):


My Monstrous Nightmare Request Thread (OPEN):

~  Credit to Royal Fury for the red Pyro sketch, 2 Recolours by Elsa II,  credit to Ender AKA Queen Of Darkfire for Chibi Pyro, Credit to Misty Night for the chibi Daisy pic,  Credit to Candyblast for the Pyro gif, Credit to Nessie for the forum pins, Credit to Grumpy Cat Lover and Skyler Smile for the bouncie, credit to the owners of the gifs and such (I found them on Google) and credit to KOL (Kings Of Leon/ THE BEST BAND EVER!!!!) for writing the AWESOME songs Pyro Cold Desert and Revelry, Ian the Very Disturbed AKA the most powerful weapon EVER Made by DragonLover43 ~
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Tracking all day long!

Tracking all day long!


Queen of the Winter Wind (Gif) by WhispertheWolfie


I do dragon fan theories!

I come up with theories about dragons. Click the link below to check them out!

Dragon Theories Thread




School of Dragons Info


Main Viking: WhispertheWolf


Starter Dragon: Brightclaw (female Deadly Nadder)


Main Dragons: Winterwind (female Woolly Howl), Icevein (male Groncicle), Frostclaws (male Shivertooth), Thistle (female Prickleboggle), Avalanche (female Snow Wraith), Mosaic (female Chimeragon), Forethought (male Dramillion)


Other Favorite Dragons: Bifrost (male Titan Wing Woolly Howl), Abominable (male Titan Wing Snow Wraith), Mosaic (female Chimeragon), Wonder (female Titan Wing Dramillion), Brightclaw (female Deadly Nadder), Evermore (male Death Song), Meteorblast (male Eruptodon), Silhouette (female Sentinel), Stonemaw (male Gronckle), Bobbletail (male Abomibumble), Dayspring (female Crimson Goregutter), Sunheart (female Fireworm Queen), Mystic (female Changewing)


All My Dragons


*Dragons of My Main "Team"


Strike Class.png

Strike Class

Woolly Howls

*Winterwind: female Woolly Howl

Dasher: male Woolly Howl (Snoggletog Wraith stand-in)

*Bifrost: male Titan Wing Woolly Howl

Solstice: male baby Woolly Howl (Winterwind and Dasher's son)

Mistletoe: female baby Woolly Howl (Winterwind and Dasher's daughter)

Ivy (in-game name Ivywine): female baby Woolly Howl (Winterwind and Dasher's daughter)

Snow Wraiths

*Avalanche: female Snow Wraith

*Abominable: male Titan Wing Snow Wraith


Toothless: male Night Fury

Light Fury: female Light Fury

Dart: female Night Light

Ruffrunner: male Night Light

Pouncer: male Night Light

Triple Strykes

Slashtail: male Triple Stryke (Stormheart's Triple Stryke's son)

Venomtwirl: female Titan Wing Triple Strike


Interceptor: male Deathgripper

Blackwidow: female Titan Wing Deathgripper


Icebones (in-game name Stormblaze): male Skrill

Galewing: female Titan Wing Skrill


Volt: male Skrillknapper (Icebones' son)


Boulder Class.png

Boulder Class


*Icevein: male Groncicle

Permafrost: female Groncicle (Icevein's mother)

Crystal (in-game name Krystal): female Groncicle (Icevein's sister)

Hoarfrost: male Groncicle (Icevein's brother)

Snowblast: male Groncicle (Icevein's brother)

Firn: female Groncicle (Icevein's sister)

Coldnip: male Groncicle (Frozen Groncicle stand-in)


*Stonemaw: male Gronckle

Fireball: female Titan Wing Gronckle


*Silhouette: female Sentinel

Monolith: male Titan Wing Sentinel

Comrade: male Elder Sentinel

Crimson Goregutters

*Dayspring: female Crimson Goregutter

Elkhart (in-game name Elkheart): male Titan Wing Crimson Goregutter

Whispering Deaths

Sawfang: male Whispering Death (Groundsplitter's son)

Bramble: female Titan Wing Whispering Death

Furious: male Screaming Death (Groundsplitter's son)

Merciless: female Titan Wing Screaming Death


*Meteorblast: male Eruptodon

Ironmaid (in-game name Honormaid): female Hotburple

Boulderdash: male Catastrophic Quaken

Stonefist: male Thunderpede

Redwolf: male Grapple Grounder

Gemtooth: female Snafflefang

Charity: female Shovelhelm


Macemaiden: female Ridgesnipper (Silvershard's daughter)


Sharp Class.png

Sharp Class


*Frostclaws: male Shivertooth

Chillbreath: female Shivertooth (Quiverpain stand-in)


Silvershard: female Razorwhip (Windshear's daughter)

Swiftslice: male Titan Wing Razorwhip


Oakthorn (in-game name Oakclaw): male Timberjack

Sprucewing: female Titan Wing Timberjack


Windrider: female Stormcutter

Owleye: male Titan Wing Stormcutter

Speed Stingers

Fleetsteps: male Speed Stinger

Quickflash: female Titan Wing Speed Stinger


Spitfire: male Scuttleclaw

Jadeheart: female Titan Wing Scuttleclaw

Grim Gnashers

Cindertooth: female Grim Gnasher

Darkmaster: male Titan Wing Grim Gnasher


*Thistle: female Prickleboggle (tiny Prickleboggle stand-in)

Rainshed: female Raincutter

Shadowhunter: male Devilish Dervish


Scensoredhimmer: male Deathly Galeslash (Brightclaw and Owleye's son)

Skeletreat: female Bonestormer (Scourge's son)


Mystery Class.png

Mystery Class


Forethought: male Dramillion

Wonder: female Titan Wing Dramillion


Nightingale: female Sithersong

*Evermore: male Death Song (Melody Island Death Song's son)

Valkyrie: female Titan Wing Death Song


Augury: female Hobgobbler

Demonspawn: male Titan Wing Hobgobbler

Lovestruck: male Smitten Hobgobbler


Scourge: female Boneknapper

Wishbone: male Titan Wing Boneknapper


Professor: male Flightmare

Starshine: female Titan Wing Flightmare

Hideous Zipplejacks

Double & Trouble: female Hideous Zippleback

Short & Snout: male Titan Wing Hideous Zippleback


Fortitude: male Buffalord

Horrorcow: female Titan Wing Buffalord


*Faith (in-game name Mystic): female Changewing

Bandit: male Armorwing

Sneak, Snip, Snap & Trap: male Snaptrapper (Leafy Snaptrapper stand-in)

Mistwalker: female Smothering Smokebreath

Honey: female Sweet Death


*Mosaic: female Chimeragon

Candycrusher: female Dreadstrider (Quickflash and Professor's daughter)

Trophy & Laurel: female Ghastly Zapplejack (Double & Trouble and Oakthorn's daughter)


Stoker Class.png

Stoker Class


Augury: female Hobgobbler

Demonspawn: male Titan Wing Hobgobbler

Lovestruck: male Smitten Hobgobbler

Monstrous Nightmares

Firegale: female Monstrous Nightmare

Ridgeback: male Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare

Terrible Terrors

Sparrow: female Terrible Terror

Van (in-game name Slurg): male Titan Wing Terrible Terror

Night Terrors

Eclipse: female Night Terror

Cavetorch: male Fire Terror

Ghost: male Fire Terror (Night Swarm stand-in)


*Sunheart: female Fireworm Queen

Brightsoul: male Singetail

Scout: female Flame Whipper

Fireflight: female Hobblegrunt (Threadtail stand-in)

Lionheart: male Moldruffle

Cyclone: male Typhoomerang

Legacy: female Silver Phantom


*Bobbletail: male Abomibumble (Firegale and Stonemaw's son)


Tracker Class.png

Tracker Class

Deadly Nadders

*Brightclaw: female Deadly Nadder

Horntail: male Titan Wing Deadly Nadder


Bullheart: male Rumblehorn

Leafshade: female Titan Wing Rumblehorn


Echo: female Mudraker


Tidal Class.png

Tidal Class


Seacry: female Thunderdrum

Darkbreather: male Titan Wing Thunderdrum

Sand Wraiths

Fjord: male Sand Wraith

Shorewind: female Titan Wing Sand Wraith


Sparky: male Shockjaw

Stormsurge: female Titan Wing Shockjaw


Riptide: male Scauldron

Backbiter: female Titan Wing Scauldron


Wavedancer: female Tide Glider

Splashwing: female Sliquifier

Freyasfang: female Windwalker



Original Characters

Through the Winter Winds by WhispertheWolfie

Artwork by Arrowalker


Profile Links

Trainer sprites by Blackwolfen

Links are in blue, all open in a new tab


The Wolf and the Howl Characters:

Whisper Norling




Ylva Norling



Norbert Haugen







The King

Other Characters

More Characters


Son of the Sea Characters




Extra Winterwind Links

Winterwind Artwork

Winterwind Banners

Whisper and Winterwind: A Poem by Wolflight



Links to My Screenshot Comics


The Wolf and the Howl: The Song of Death

The Wolf and the Howl: The Dragon at Dreadfall

The Wolf and the Howl: Dragon Sledding

The Wolf and the Howl: A Winter's Ride

The Wolf and the Howl: Matchmaker

The Wolf and the Howl: The Mysterious Chicken Caper

The Wolf and the Howl: Terror Loose on Dreadfall


Extra: Dasher's Snoggletog Countdown


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