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Well I just started a brand new clan and I only have 15 days to get it filled I have a 20 memeber slot and anyone can Join! Im thinking about creating a discord server later when I get more people in! I also would like active people and you can get eldership after 2days of joining or have 10 trophies or more is a automatic rank up and now I should give the clan name also join if you like gronckles alot and be active!



         GronckleRiderz WITH A Z not a s


Favorite Dragon: Currently I like Gronckles The Best!

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I <3 Gronckles!

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Hey,  I am the leader of my own clan, so I am staying in my clan sorry, but just thought I'd let you know if you want any tips or anything about running a clan, I'm here to help as I remember when I first started mine a long time ago, but now we're in top clans so if you need any advice I'm happy to help. :)

I hope your clan does well. :)

Mel la.


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Made by the talented NarixuZen

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I am also loyal to my clan, but I wish you luck. ^ ^

We are number seven in the top clans and I intend to help us get to first.

Again, I wish you luck and if you ever want someone to chat or do art for you, I'm here. XD

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