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“Hey, El, have you read this article?”

Asked person slowly lifted her eyes from her cereal bowl and aswered a simple ‘no’.
The other one, who asked, just said: “It’s about our famous murderer, plus, some kid wrote this and it got into news!”
“Really?” said his brown haired friend with small interest in her voice while crunching on her cereals.
“Just listen,” he stated and started reading. “Wolfie. Everyone, who have heard this name knows, who this person is. And if not, you’ve been sleeping under a rock. Wolfie, the serial killer from Land without a Name, is world wide known murderer, who kills her victims with no sign of mercy. Atleast that’s what some part of survivors of her sudden picks of killing activities says. The other part says she is just trying to get rid off bad people. Unfortunately, for some people of royal kind are targeted as victims too. Which is, in my opinion, unfair because some poor people, she never has hurted, aren’t nice either. As time goes by, everything fades but Wolfie does not. This killer is known for decades, maybe even for a century. Kids and teenagers of this time hear it as a story before we go to bed or if we did not behave right. True, we did not heard about Wolfie for 2 years but some people still seen her and that got me thinking; weren’t last killings done by people’s minds because of their low mental health? I don’t mean to offend anyone but it is a possibility because we still live in fear. Or maybe it was ghost of this murderer seeking a vengence? What–“
“Give me that,” said young girl who got sick of this small story. She snatched morning newspapers from Philip’s hands, read the last few sentences and irritably sighed. “‘When Children think out loud’, really? This chick is makin’ me look like a stupid fairytale or a bedtime story.”
Friend across from the table just chuckled. “Aren’t you?”
“Argh, you know what I meant, Phil. Besides this girl is from very healthy family, so of course, she does not know, what it means living without any comfort. If I read her surname right.”
Philip rolled his eyes and got a little idea. He leaned in his chair, stretched his arm in Eleanora’s direction, flicked his fingers and after this motion, air flew around newspapers in El’s hand, snatched it out of her grasp and throw it outside. And black-haired boy watched his friend’s reaction with amusement.
Firstly, she showed expression that said ‘how dare you’. Secondly, it showed that she was thinking. And lastly she looked straight into his eyes. Her blue orbs changed into brown-ish yellow color that sometimes shined. Well, I’m dead now, he thought.
“So, you want a fight?” said brunette.
“I’ve never said that, have I?”
“No, but you did not said, that you don’t want to, did you?”
He just smirked. Lately, Eleanora did not want to have any magic or any fights. She was busy with work and also kinda down. But Philip always knew, which strings to pull to make her the same girl he always used to know. Like now. And he was bored out of his mind so he wanted to fight his best friend.
“Alright, you got me, will you have a fight with me?” He looked at Eleanora’s seat but she wasn’t there anymore.
“Hey, Phil, I’m waiting outside. And by the way, I won’t go easy on you.” She said as she was leaving her little house.
He on the other hand was just thinking, how long has he been thinking before he answered?
As she promised she did not go easy and Philip ended up with broken leg for his cockiness. But girl had to admit, this little hummingbird was getting faster and faster.
And if you are wondering: he deserved it when he called her a puppy.
Well... this was my first story that I wrote in english so I’m sorry for small grammtical errors. English is just not my first language.
So this little thread will be about my trashy stories which I write out of boredom.
Hope you enjoyed it :3
- babu


I am happy that I can be part of this great community and great world of dragons.

Well I‘m from Czech Republic. 

You can call me babu, leen... that’s maybe all...

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- writing (just in my native language but I do write some english stuff)

- going out with my dog, friends

- also chatting with friends

- read books

- also I love some musicals! Like Hamilton, Heathers and Percy Jackson x3

- love to make new friends, even though first moments and conversations are lil' bit rusty


I can be really annoying, arrogant, awkward... stubborn? Well if you ever talk with me in person, your mind could go crazy

I like to sometimes scare people with gorey stuff but I know where my line ends (in case we are great friends, there’s no line :3)

(also I’m in fandom and I’m sucker for roleplays with my OC’s and I really like knock knock jokes... I already know that I am weird :3)


- I did played SoD but now I do not have a comp. So yeah, for a long while I am without my favourite game (and people ask me why am I drowning in misery xD)


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Explosions and twins (maybe an information?)

I think that I would like to say that You can send me any critique on my stories.

I’m definitely fine with that. Besides that’s no life, if there isn’t someone criticizing you, right? (Or am I actually wrong?)

Plus! All of this is written from my boredom! So expect grammatical errors (I think I have already said that but I am too tired so Idc)

well, here’s another story! 

Enjoy :3 (If it’s enjoyable which I don’t know x3)





“You were cheating!”

“How absurd! You know that I NEVER cheat in card game!”

“But you’re always winning!”

“Because I’m great– no, awesome at it!”


How long has this been going? I don’t know. Half an hour? Whole hour? Hours? Whoever cares because the third person in the room was getting annoyed.


“Enough! My head hurts!”

“But uncle Rick, he is blaming me for cheating!”

“Young lady,” said Rick with really low monotone voice as a warning to shush those two siblings.


They went immediately quiet, went back to play another card game in the other room and tried not to disturb their uncle.


On the other hand, black-haired man could finally relax in his beloved bear-leathered couch.


Sadly just for a one hour because something just had to blow up in their hiding.


“Why did you BLEW THAT UP!” Rick heard his nephew shout from the other room which was another living room.





Rick sighed angrily, irritated by the twins. He knew, that when he was offered a mission for two, he should have sent them and not his brother and Kerol.


So he got up and went to the room where twins were still screaming at each other. Seeing the green liquid which was across the whole room and sniffing the scent of a snakes blood, he turned to them and said calmly, but at the same time very seriously: “If this mess won’t be cleaned in fifteen minutes I swear, that I will send you to the Vatten lands where are dragons that will train you under waterfalls for full five weaks. So that’s why I am telling you: Get. To. Work.”


Sibling shutted their mouths. Silently looked at each other, knowing that the other one did not want to go to that place, they nodded and got swiftly into the work.


Let’s just say for the record, they have cleaned the whole Hiding but only in 25 minutes. Luckily, Rick was so impressed by their hardwork so he did not send them to those lands. Twins were so tired that they fell asleep and Rick finally could relax!


Guess what? In four hours there was another ruckus. Well if you are living with Doragon twins, there is always a ruckus.

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I’m tired, I shoul be sleeping... Guess what? My boredom says no

Yes, my beloved boredom won’t let me sleep. (Or the stress himself? Who knows!)

Why suddenly I have so much boring ideas?

That’s not NORMAL! Especially for me!

By the way I am really tired, so I’m sorry for some errors in this thread.

(I am practically talking with myself because I bet nobody is reading this, yay! So much positivity! But if someone is reading this; wow)




No... twins?

Something was wrong. Like really wrong. Nobody knew what was but there was definitely something wrong. Was it because of the silence? Maybe. Was it because it was the longest time when the whole Hiding was just completely silent? Absolutely.
Ok, you are probably wondering what was wrong: Twins. Yes, those two again. Since everyone woke up there was a dead silence from these siblings. First it was fine, comforting, no screaming, blowing, just everything, that was usually annoying in general. But after some censored long hours, the silence was getting annoying and uncomfortable. It just wasn’t right.
Another fact, Rick and Randy lastly saw these two at 4 pm. Did they go on the mission? No. Rick knew who went and who did not go on the mission and he was the one giving them. Besides Kerol was the only one who was doing a mission so this was out of question.
Were they shopping? Or hunting some wild animals for some any kind of food? No. The fridge was fully filled. 
So what were they doing?
This thought was soon answered by a big crash in Rick’s office.
Step-brothers, Rick and Randy, got into the office and saw these two laying on the floor holding onto something that looked like a oversized ring.
“Where were you and what you were doing?” Randy asked with concern.
Rudy reacted immediately and said: “Um, well we were actually looking for something.”
“And that something is the thing Eleanora is holding?” Rick asked curiously.
Girl slowly opened her eyes, looking around the room and confirming the fact that she is back home. Her glance shifted to their uncles.
“Y-yes,” she said with shaky voice. “A few days ago we heard your conversation about Randy’s mental health-“ Rudy interrupted (more like interruptibly-continued).
“And we’ve got worried so we took the problem into our hands and-“
“Scanned some old documents because you said, that pills are stopping working. And we found out about-“
“This ring which is keeping your health healthy and even your energy sturdy!”
“And we kinda stole this from some ogre, so it took us really long time to get it but we got it and it can adjust to your finger size, so you don’t have to worry about being so oversized.
Rick and Randy just stared. Their expressions were... unreadable. Well, you could think it showed confusion, fury, worry but at the same time just nothing.
Luckily Randy finally said something: “First of all; you were doing that interrupting-continuing thingy again; second; what you did was dangerous and you didn’t tell us, so Rick will give you some punishment,” after this statement, Rick just looked on Randy with a irritated look, “and third; thank you.”
Twins brightly smiled. They’ve been hugged by both of the uncles, gave Randy the ring and got their punishment. They were sent to Vatten lands. Well, before they were actually sent, they got some sleep. 
At last, Randy could once again go on a hunting trip, with no concern of hurting innocent people or creatures.
Yeah, one more thing. Twins took all the meat from the fridge because they are ruckus buddies. Well, they love causing troubles and worries to their close ones.
I know, the end is horrible.
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Felt like I was reading an

Felt like I was reading an actual story XD. Oh, wait, I was ;)



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Well, only thing I can say is thank you and thank you for ignoring some grammatical errors. (Now I have a sudden feeling that I am overly dramatic)

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I like it! It's better than the story that my cousin is writing (don't tell her that ;D).


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Thank you >.< and don’t worry, your secret is save with me ;)

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Girl fluttered her eyes open and in the same time, doors into her room were opened.

Before the male could say anything, blue eyed girl shouted: “Whatever you think, it WASN’T me!”
“Then who?” asked the angered man.
“Bob, obviously!”
The elder Doragon looked at his niece with irritation and disappointment. He sighed, his gaze was showing a sentence ‘are you serious?’ on which the young girl silently nodded.
“Do you have any idea, how ridiculous this actually sounds?”
“Yes, I do. But I swear on Ernie’ name, that I am not lying!”
“Even if you swear on Ernie, Eleanora, you won’t convince me that, that soul, which is just a floating head without a body, made that mess in my office.”
Eleanora was thinking. ‘How the censored am I suppose to convince him?’ she thought. Normally, if she was lying, she would have a chance to get out of this sticky situation but she wasn’t lying! But she did not blame Rick for blaming her, besides who would believe you, when you told them that head has done it.
“I know but for this time, I am telling the truth!” she tried once more even though she knew, that he won’t buy it.
“Really? So where is he no—“
Man was interrupted by a soul, which, as was already stated, was a head, floating and going through walls stating: “Eleanora, I think Rick is home and the mess is still in the office and those squirrels outside did not wanted to help me clean up.”
Said girl squealed in happiness! She was never this happy to see Bob but here he was. 
Bob without any words raised his one eyebrow. He did not knew why Eleanora squealed. He was sure, that she knows how mad Rick would be to find out about it. “I have no idea, why are you making these sounds but we can’t let Rick see the mess I have made or—“ he stopped in mid sentence. His prophet ‘mode’ was once again active. With a neutral expression, he turned to Rick, who was staring at him with a confused look on his face.
Bob just sighed and stated that it was Eleanora was telling the truth and that he should apologize to her, which he did!
“If you excuse me, I have to go find some better squirrels who will be willing to help me,” and as he said, he left.
Rick nodded as he left too, letting his niece to go back to sleep. But in the end, he was totally devastated by the fact that some soul without legs or hands, could have done that! That should have not been possible in any circumstances! ‘I should really start a list of some crazy stuff that just happens to me and only me,’ he thought.
Afterwards, he went to sleep. Next day was indeed special. He kept on thinking how was this thing and that thing possible when Eleanora can do this and that too. Okay, it was not special! It was confusing!
I am just stating the fact, that if you don’t know what is going on, don’t worry, me neither because this is just pure boredom. So if it doesn’t give any sense, you are right! It doesn’t.
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This is a long one... or is it? jk i just need a subject
So- to be clear here, 
This one is very long-- I got little bit carried away. But that is just a small information, hope you enjoy this one. 


"What am I suppose to do now?"

There is a saying; Eyes are the windows to the soul. To be clear, it's, in some sense, true. For example; they show you happines but, in reality, behind it is hidden sadness and sorrow.


In the moment, Natti was looking with pair of her chocolate eyes into pair of blue ones. Well more like really pale blue.


Natti was concerned. These eyes used to be blue as forget-me-nots. They used to be beautiful and filled with so many emotions, especially determination to never give up, no matter what others said. But now... They showed nothing. Literally, if you looked through them, you saw emptiness. Not only that, person itself showed nothing.

"Natti. No need to be worried, I am fine."

"But I have rights to be worried, Eleanora! Usually you SHINE with happiness and recklesness. But now, you are cold as a puppet doll."


Said girl glanced her stare to the papers in her hand. "People change, Natti." "I know but I know you!" she exlaimed as she took her friend's left hand. "Eli, it would take ages to change you. I just want to know what happened to you and probably help you."


Brunette took her hand back to hold another paper. For a moment she said nothing. This silence was killing Natti inside and out but her friend eventually spoke.


"I was on a mission, Natti. No big deal. I did what was said and that's all you need to know."


She got the answer but the blonde was still not satisfied. She realized that El won't talk, so she left her 'office'.


Blonde walked through the hallways, mostly lost in her thoughts about her friend. There has to be some explaination to having her behave like this, she thought. But without any proper information, she can just watch and effortlessly try to help her.


In the end she decided she will solve this problem tomorrow. It's possible that El's just tired after that whole week of working and helping. Maybe the next day she will be the same, Natti hoped.




The next day wasn't that hopeful as was wished. Natti woke up at 4 am because of sudden request from her boss, which she finished after two hours. It was tiring for her because she normally wakes up at half past six.


After she was done, she went to the Main room, labelled by number 2. In this room Eleanora normally filed her work, which was done, to the higher promoted workers and recieved new one.


Blonde slowly opened the birch wood door, trying to not make a sound because these doors, for some stupid reason, always creeked and workers inside were disturbed, due to their sensitive ears.


When the doors were wide open, Natti stepped inside the room and started slowly closing the door. For her luck, almost no one was in here, except for... Ernie and Eleanora.


It was not her fault that she was now listening to their conversation. Crackers, there is a possibility that El knows, she is here, but ignores her because of Ernie's uncontrollable rumbling.


"It's not healthy for you, Wolfie!"

"But I am completely fine."

"You think you ARE, but it's the opposite! Your whole personality is buried deep within you and your memories. You don't even care if others get hurt!"

"Iz will be fine, she's strong," Eleanora said with no sign of realization or worry in her voice.


Ernie on the other hand was really worried. He is not even surprised it had so much impact on her. "El, maybe you don't care right now, but I will help you and your brother. You just have to control yourself."


Now Natti was curious. Rudy went with Eleanora too? But that mission was signed especially for her and only her. So, where's Rudolf? She thought.

"I apologize for interrupting and listening," Natti asked as she was making her way to them, "but what is wrong with the twins?"


Eleanora just blankly stared at her friend, once again, no emotion in her expression or eyes. Other companion just sighed.

"Eleanora was on the mission, her brother tagged along. They were done with that mission in two days but we didn't see them for a week. Why? Someone threw at these two a dark spell that sends your mind somewhere. Eleanora's mind was for whole eight milennias in Endless Nothingness. Yes, it's not a myth, but how is already said, there's practically nothing. She was there alone. The worst part is, that she is a hellhound who loves a company of others, but she couldn't recieve that feeling there, so she bottled up her whole self to survive there. Rudy's mind was sent to the Silenced void, where is complete silnce, from which you go nuts. He is in his office, where he is slowly being cured."


Chocolate eyed girl needed to process the information. Yes, she got what she wanted, but it was too much of it! Her friend, no her mind, was sent into Endless Nothingness. The Endless Nothingness? For eight centuries? Alone?


Natti glanced at Eleanora, seeing, that she did not care, then back to Ernie. "Can we help them?"


He looked at his apprentice. He couldn't believe that something this cruel happened to Wolfie. He himself has experienced complete silence and being alone for a really long time. But he was a god, he was used to being alone. Every god is, but twins... They are still from a small part mortals, even if they are cursed, they still are.


"As I already said, Lizard is being cured in the moment. And Wolfie... I thought I would get her into a collective but the process is going very slowly. But if Lizard gets better, I think he would help Eleanora and she would help him. In the mean time, she has to remain here. But you and the others should be careful."


The scarred girl just sighed. "Do whatever you want. I'll just do my work. Farewell," she stated, took a pile of papers and left the room, not caring about the rules of these doors.


Soon Ernie left, too. He had some work to do, too. Natti was left alone. I am supposed to stay away from El? Yes, Ernie didn't said that, but he meant it in that way, surely. But Natti didn't want to accept it. She and Philip were suppose to be there for her. No matter the circumstances! She promised! They promised! They are her best friends.


"What am I suppose to do now?" Natti asked herself as she was left with no answer.



- Again, it is written from pure boredom, but yass! I kinda like this! And, no, I was not depressed, if anyone thinks that, I just had this idea in my head for a while and I finally realized it! So again, I hope that you enjoyed it. (This time I did not mind any grammatical errors :))

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*I'm Bad At Book Genres*



Can I just ask, what type of story is it suppose to be? You know, Adventure, Thriller, etc. :)

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Well, great question

Well... great question... heh.


Well, I usually write fantasy, so main genre is fantasy (duh)

Sometimes I write little bit of that action/adventure genre, it can be thriller but I don’t think I am great with that.

But answer to your question is probably fantasy, adventure and maybe little bit thriller-ish (sometimes, or I don’t know) and some are supposed be humor-ish, which are only funny to me, sooo yeah....


Hope I helped you somehow x3

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can make a request? ... can you like write a whole book XD These are only a few stories but I already feel contected to these characters! You really are a great writer and I think you can make a great series. Tell me, do these tales have a title?




   quick sketch by me.

        Name: Sky andOcean 

amazing drawing by Pixel


I am currently looking for people who would like to write an adventure book with me by role-playing.  I need devoted, trustworty, diligent, and crazy people. For more information PM me with questions.



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Me and Villow also done by VeeVeela

Ranger by: Aprikoze

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I needdddd subjecttttttt

WELL! First of all; thank you >.< that you like these stories

Second of all; like... I am kinda planning to write something bigger, but don’t have time because school (I know, great excuse but it is true) and I would write it in my normally speaken language (czech), so I don’t know if I could wrote something in english (but honestly, I once thought about it)


Next thing; well, some have names some don’t but I would like to write a book series which would be named in czech: “Zapomenutí: _______” which I can translate as “The Forgottens(?): ______” which would be the story about my beloved twins! (And other characters) But just like I said I have school, so I make something rather small, like these goofy stories! Which are really fun to write to be honest (some)

but name... Stories/Tales of citizens from Land with No Name (or something like that, I am really bad at naming)


Another thing! It’s great you feel connected to my lil’ cinnamon rolls! I was afraid some people won’t like them but thanks! I am planning to write more about other ones, which weren’t still introduced!


and that’s all? I am not really great at continuing and other stuff

but thanks :3 (hope I answered everything)



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Last one was long, but this? And this one has a title!!!

My new frenemy: Dragon

Great. Guess what? One little soul is suppose to help a dragon. Dragon. I don’t know, if this mission was given to her on purpose or the Central is just so stupid, it forgets that dragons and hellhounds DON’T work together. 
Yes, these creatures are almost the same, but for some reason they hate each other. Maybe it’s because dragons are not that sensitive with water like hellhounds? Or is it because dragons are more haunted than hellhounds? Or for the fact, that dragons are not evolved creatures and some part of the hounds is? Too many questions.
Well... let’s just begin this little story.
“I can’t believe them! Yes, I was waiting ages, b-but dragons?! That does NOT and it will NEVER go together! We w-will... rip each other to pieces!” said brunette, dumbfounded by a fact to help a dragon.
“That’s why I am here, Eleven. Holding you on a leash, unfortunately, just metaphorically.”
“And that’s suppose to make me feel better?! I am really grateful, Izumi,” said girl with a tone of pure sarcasm. She was kinda dramatizing to her friend.
Eleanora, in work number 11, was... furious? Frustrated? Confused? She didn’t know and neither did her dear friend Izi. No, but really? Hellhound has to help a dragon?! That sounds like a new fairytale, she thought.
Well, these two finally arrived to gates of some palace. To add something to this fun, that dragon is owned by some royalty, don’t worry though, dragon lives in a forest and in a cave nearby. 
Gates were huge, made of metal, hinges holding those doors were made of gold and on the contrary, it had a painted pattern of golden flowers. 
The blue eyed girl stood beside Izumi and loudly stated: “The Central from The Land with No Name got a quest from your fellow royalty. I, number 11, was sent as the one, who will help you with your small problem. Don’t worry, for the safety of you, I got a help if something goes wrong, from my side. Could you gladly open the door?”
After few minutes, nothing happened. Number Eleven got irritated. She knew, that guards were up on the walls, hiding themselves and testing her patience.
“Let us go inside or no help for that sick dragon, please,” Izumi said sweetly before Eleven could burst into raging and cursing state of hers.
Guards sighed and forcefully opened the door. Really? A simple sweet ‘please’? Brown haired girl thought. Both girls went inside.
Guards brought them into the royal garden which was really enormous and, obviously, full of plants. And flowers. For Devil’s sake, I hate my allergy, said Eleanora to herself.
And right there, close to a fountain, was standing the one, who requested that small request. Mr. Gibson.
Mr. Gibson was a rather old man, probably he was in his sixties, he wasn’t even that tall, around meter sixty tall? Yeah, probably. Eyes were color of green, short hair and beard, dirty blonde. He was dressed up in usual clothing of his status; long robes, which had color of indigo with a slight tone of royal blue, also long sleeves where he could hide his hands. They had sewed pattern of roses on them with gold string. Around the waist was always leathered belt.
Yes, fancy. 
He finally noticed his guests and immediately welcomed them.
“Ah, here you are, finally. I was getting rather worried you won’t make it. You’re Wolfie, right?” 
Said girl just rolled her eyes.
“If you expected Wolfie, you should have called Wolfie and not the Central. Which is rather odd, in my opinion, calling a killer for a small help. I am number 11. My co-worker here, number 56. So what’s the problem? And before you ask, so called cry-for-help letter of yours, wasn’t really informative.”
No, but really. Help us! My Lord’s dragon doesn’t seem ok! Please, send help! Like how not ok? He is sick? Rebellious? Mad? Something broken? What are you supposed to get out of it? 
“Oh, yes, of course. You see, my Lord has owned this dragon since he was very young. Dragon was named Xeze, back then he was as big as a labrador. Since then, he has lived here, but when he was growing bigger and bigger, Lord let him live in a cave nearby his woods. But lately, few weeks, almost a month, ago, he got more stubborn, barely listens to his owner and couldn’t produce a fire from his mouth. Lord, for safety of his people, didn’t let anyone get near him and let him to himself. But two days ago Xeze attacked his owner. And after that I sent that letter.”
“So, your Lord doesn’t know, we are here?” asked Izumi. Male shook his head.
El sighed. “Well I should rather get to work, if we don’t want to make that so called Lord mad.”
“Have some manners! My Lord–“
“Sorry for Eleven, she is still kinda tired from her last mission,” interrupted Izumi Gibson and demonstrated to her frined to calm down.
Mr. Gibson afterwards wanted to lead them to the cave, but brunette was faster and stated that there’s no need showing her, she will manage to find it, what’s important now, is that Mr. Gibson will act calmly, like he never called anyone for help and this is his black haired friend, Izumi. And Eleanora herself will do whatever she can to help that... dragon.
They parted their ways. Blue eyed girl slowly made her way to the cave nearby. She slowly got inside, noticing how chilly was there, she shivered. She even noticed small burns and scratches on the walls. But the burns were months old, scratches few weeks or freshly made. Gods, why me? cried girl to herself.
From the tunnel she got to the big space, like really big and large. 1.5 kilometres on 1.5 kilometres big. Sweet Ernie’s cookies, I am honestly scared. How big this dragon even is? Her question was soon answered. The dragon was enormous. She saw him curled up in shadows, but thanks to his big energy he emitted, girl was really frightened. From the bad lighting coming from ceiling, she noticed he is long about 950 metres? And if he stood up, he would be as tall as a the highest tower of this palace. Ernie’s burned cookies, why am I here again?
Xeze’s scales were color of indigo blue, which on the light changed to rose red with some gold ones. On his head was one pair of big pointy horns of black colour. Beside his side folded bats wings. Just everything about him was so big and girl DID NOT like it! She was still in progression of growing up, so in her true form, she would look like a pup to him! 
When she was examining him, he woke up, opened his big eyes, shiny brown, breathe through his nostrils and spoke up.
“Who do you think you are and what are you doing here.” It was more like a statement than a question. His voice sounded deep, dry and surprisingly cold.
“Me?” said girl sarcastically.
“Stop making jokes and answer ME,” he demanded.
“Hey, calm down, yeah? I’ve come here to help and my name’s Wolfie, you’re probably Xeze, right?” Eleanora asked, surprisingly nicely and friendly.
“You indeed smell like a dog and this name... It’s not my real name, Lord of this land gave it to me.”
Brunette sent him a hate looking look.
“Well, first of, I’m not a dog and secondly; so what’s your real name?”
“Why do you even care, Wolfie? Don’t you have other things to do than bother big scary dragon. By the way, how’s possible you understand me? Or I am just going crazy from that big pain and you’re just part of my imagination? Yeah, probably,” he said as he scratched his neck, yawned and closed his eyes, prepared to go back to sleep.
That’s when number Eleven snapped. No one and seriously, no one will ignore her when she IS trying to help!
“Alright, that’s it, I’ve lost my patience!” she stated angrily. Xeze opened his eyes, curiosity filling him, what this strange girl’s going to do next.
“First of all; someone called me here to help you, second of all; have some manners and answer to my questions like I answer to yours, third of all; stop acting like such drama dragon queen, yes? Alright? Alright. Now, your real name and what’s the matter with you!”
Dragon with surprise just stared at the blue eyed girl. Nobody has ever talked with him like this. No one. Even though his lungs were filling with hate against her, he kinda liked her. 
Eleanora got closer to him, her eyes saying ‘my way or be in pain forever’. 
“My name’s Eleanora by the way, not Wolfie. Now, I am honest, your turn.”
Dragon slightly but painfuly chuckled. “My actual name’s Amic and the problem is... my neck. It pains me and I can’t produce any fire from my throat. I keep scratching it but the pain stays there,” he informed as he showed on the spot right underneath his chin. Well, that’s really painful.
“Don’t you remember how this all started?” El asked as she examined his neck.
“Well, since I ate that cow, the pain came.”
Eleanora brightly smiled, confusing Amic. She stated that she knows, what’s wrong. She showed him that they should go outside and they did, eventually. They were out, still close to the rocks.
As they made their way to Sarch knows where, a few meters back, where palace was placed, Izumi walked through the halls with Mr. Gibson. They were on the balcony, but when they got close, they saw Eleanora, leading the dragon out of his cave.
“What is she doing?! She is going to blow her cover!” stated male angrily, but soon got scared after he heard an autorative voice behind him and Iz.
“Who is going to blow whos cover?”
Mr. Gibson frightened, looked behind his back to see his Lord. Izumi just looked at him with no readable expression. 
Lord was much taller than Mr. Gibson. Even taller than Eleanora, maybe by five or seven centimeters taller? His hair were black with slight higlights of brown, long to the crook of his neck. Light skin, brown eyes, dressed in a simple shirt, trousers, jacket and leathered boots. He even carried few swords with him.
He got closer to the balcony and saw the said brunette with Xeze. Immediately he turned around and demanded answers, why was some random girl with Xeze. Izumi got instantly into explaining, when her explaination almost got to the end, all of them heard a frightening roar. Their glances shifted back to the sight of a cave.
Few minutes before the roars, El and Xeze got out. Got to the side and Xeze, actually Amic, finally asked the important question: “Why are we here, again?”
Eleanora smirked, her plan could finally start.
“Amic, you’re actually dragon, right?”
“Um, yes, but how is it gonna—“
“So, if you’re really dragon, the most scariest creature of land, some pain shouldn’t be able to stop you to be one!” stated brunette proudly with a slight tone of cockiness.
“What are you trying to point out there?”
“That dragons are not as scary as my kind. The hellhound kind! I heard that dragon’s roar can be heard from miles, miles away. But here I am, one lil’ dragon stopped by some little pain, I am really disappointed.”
“Take it back, Eleanora, or I will—“
“Will what? Exactly, with that pain of yours, you’re useless. But if you want to, you can show me that so called roar, after mine, of course,” said girl teasingly.
She stepped aside, breathe in and used part of her energy to make a big roar. After she did so, she realized she got someone’s attention, but her main goal was Amic. Amic angrily looked her, more like madly. Breathed in and from his mouth summoned a bigger roar than Eleanora, he proudly looked at his companion, which looked uninterested.
“Good, but still not good enough, Amic. If you want to roar like real dragon, it has to be surely loud and make almost everyone go deaf. This? This sounded like a lil’ lizard.”
After that, brunette roared louder than before, surely making everyone around almost deaf.
“See? You look like a disgrace to your kind. MAKE ME DEAF!”
That was it, that’s what triggered him. Disgrace. He hated it. And as El wished, he roared. Loudly, roamingly and it transfered a miles away. And as he did, so did his throat roamed. The pain was soon gone and from his mouth emitted a powerful flow of flames, which were sent to El’s direction.
Viewers saw when the girl was shot by fire and probably burnt. But Izi knew, there was nothing to worry about.
Amic slightly started to worry. Did he just killed her? But soon, he was calmed down, when the fire disappeared as it was sucked into someone’s mouth, El’s mouth. Eleanora ate the flames, showing how she enjoyed the taste, licking the corner of her lips. After that she jumped into the air saying, that was awesome. She is indeed a genius!
“So, Amic, does it still hurt?” she asked with, surprisingly, friendly smile. Amic said that it was better than before, pain gone and he himself was happy. Then Eleven noticed something. She helped dragon. A DRAGON! Sworn enemy to her kind and vice versa. And she was friendly with him. How the heck did this happen??!
Amic once again roared, to show his happiness. Eleanora woke up from her thinking state and brightly smiled. Montioned Amic to get closer to her, which he did and Eli by her instincts scratched his cheek to his jaw. These two were in their worlds until someone with really autorative voice loudly said: “Who are you?”
Eleanora turned to the direction, where voice was coming from, from woods. She saw a tall person, taller than her. Wait, what?! she thought. He come to her and Amic, behind him panicked Mr. Gibson and Izumi. Eleanora then thought, that this guy has to be this ‘so called’ Lord. The problem with her was, that she remembered all of her manners, which wasn’t normal, because Eleanora never ever acted polite towards anyone. (Except when the deals were important, in this case she was polite as falling heavens!)
“Name’s not important in the moment. But if you want me call me something, Lord, I am number 11. What’s the matter?” she asked with a calm voice, which surprised Izumi, because few hours(?) ago, she was ready to break guards bones!
“I think you know what’s the matter. What were you doing to Xeze?”
Amic, which his head was still scratched by girl’s hand, lay down and tiredly looked at his owner.
“Nothing bad, for now scratching his head, after months of pain. I did helped him, so he got his little reward, didn’t you Amic?”
Lord confusedly glanced at Eleanora, his expression showing a question, ‘Amic?’.
Hellhound girl just chuckled. “Amic, his real name, but don’t worry, he’s totally fine with Xeze. By the way, the problem was a stucked bone inside his throat. It was a really small one, so I provoked him and that cure him. And no, I don’t want any rewards. I am just fine.”
Said Lord looked at his dragon, who was enjoying himself and soon turned his head to his owner. But Lord still wanted to know something. He was curious, how she managed survive the flow of fire.
“Alright, thank you, for helping him. Next time just don’t act behind my back. And one more thing, how did you manage to survive. You were surely burnt and I know, I am not blind.”
“Magic? Yes, we could tell more, but my job is to help, not tell secrets and information. But thanks for asking, Lord,” she stated with slight tone of tease.
“If you excuse us, we should get going, isn’t that right, Eleven?” stated Izi.
“Of course, fifty six, let’s get going.”
“Already? I wanted to play some games with you, lil’ pup,” said dragon very teasingly.
El was instantly offended by Amic’s statement.
“What did you call me, you mutated lizard?!”
“You heard me, doggy.”
“Take that back you f—“ she was soon quiet down by her friend’s hand, who said that number 11 is tired and immediately needs some sleep.
They finally left, leaving Amic to his questioning owner. He knew, that he has seen this girl somewhere, but from where? Besides that, he noticed, she could easily talk with Xeze.
“For the safety of our kingdom, find any information about that girl, Mr. Gibson,” he ordered. Mr. Gibson bowed, left his Lord and as it was said, he went to fulfill his task.
“And how did she understand you?”
“I don’t know, but it is fun teasing her about her hellhound kind.”
“Hellhound, you say. Well, today was rather busy day. If you want to go back to sleep, you can, I have other things to attend to.”
Amic indeed went to sleep after that, Lord repeating his words in his head over and over again. Hellhound?
On the other hand, Izumi asked her friend, that she was rather in full piece and not ripped into pieces as she stated this noon. Brunette just let her dear friend tease her. But yes, it was rather strange. Amic was a fine dragon, but she didn’t want to call him friend nor enemy. 
“Well, it looks like, he’s my frenemy.”
“Eli, everyone is.”
“That’s just a detail!”
“Whatever you say~,” said once again dark haired girl teasingly. “And since when are you so polite?”
“I am giving you a chance to leave it be or I swear-“
Well, on the way back was too much teasing and swearing on Ernie’s and Sarch’s name, which I will rather leave unknown to your dear ears. But hey, sometimes dragons and hellhound can be friends! Sometimes...
Even though I make these stories random, with some small information about my cinnamon rolls, for this time, I will give you some explaination:
Xeze; is short for xezebê, this word comes from Kurdish and in english it means fury (I translated it into english and it also means wrath)
Amic; is short for amicum, this word comes from Latin and it means friend.
I don’t have name for ‘Lord’ so I am just using Lord, until I find fitting name for him.
Yes, Lord, understands what Amic says, but sh! El doesn’t need to know, yet! ;)
And this one is really long one. Longer than the previous one. I am mad or something? Hoping you enjoy this one like others. And sorry for grammatical errors from my side :)
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I like them all! This one was long, but especually good. You're great at making stories, please make more when you have the chance! :)

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Well thank you!

Well I write these just for fun or boredom, if I have free time, I am definitely writing once again something :3

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#''Honestly, I believe in you. Do you trust in me?''#

Ahem c: Here's my story I'm working on xD: 

Ignore grammar mistakes or spelling :P



A Donkey called Smokey.


CHAPTER 1. Meeting Smokey.

    Tobi Gorge grinned as she entered the office. "Hello, are you here to purchase one of our donkeys, or would you like to adopt one", a friendly lady at the desk smiled. "We're here to buy one", Tobi replied happily, swishing her red hair out her eyes. She and her family lived at a farm called Swip Farm. They had loads of animals, such as chickens, horses, alpacas, goats, pigs, sheep, everything, everything but a donkey. It had been Tobi's idea. They had never owned one at the farm. But Tobi had told her parents that she didn't want it to be "A farm donkey", she wanted it to be her donkey, one she could care for and keep.
Surprisingly they had said "yes", and that they owned horses and a donkey shouldn't be to different.
So there they were at a donkey sale, about to buy their very first donkey.
 After the lady at the office, who's name was Sophie, talked to them about the details they went into the fields and found loads of donkeys grazing and walking slowly past the fence. "We have a total of seventy four donkeys here, not including our 13 foals.", Sophie explained leading the Gorge's to four young looking donkeys. "This is, Candy, Lily, Pie and Cricket". "They're lovely", Mrs Gorge let Lily sniff her hand, then gave her a pat. But Tobi wasn't looking, she was staring at a grey, shaggy looking donkey. Sophie must have noticed because she walked up Tobi and said. "That's our oldest donkey, he's twenty eight, wonderful donkey, but has a misfortunate story". Mr and Mrs Gorge looked up, wanting to hear the story. Sophie folded her arms sadly. "He was sold quite young as a foal, his first owner made him dreadfully head-shy, so badly that when he was sold once more the second owner almost sold him again, but he kept him, tried to train the head shy out of him, but never did", Sophie sighed, " Two years later the owner had to sell him, went to at least four more homes before he found a calm home here, he was in a appalling state, it took much longer to train him and calmer because of him being head shy. Unless your hard working and careful he'd be okay for you to buy", Sophie finished.
 Tobi looked pleadingly at her parents." Please, mom, dad, he needs the best home he can get, he'll be fine at Swip Farm, I'll be hard working and careful with him, please, please". Her dad sighed. " How much will he be". Tobi looked like she'd explode like a firework. "£450, we'll show you his feed and supplements", Sophie looked glad to have finally found a owner for the donkey.
 Sophie led the Gorges into a small room with shelves filled with supplements. "Hmm", searching through the shelves Sophie read through the names of donkeys that were taped to the bottles, packets and buckets. "Ah, I found them. Okay this is a hoof supplement", Sophie showed Tobi a red and white bottle, then a blue and white. "This is a joint supplements, he needs them both once in the morning and evening. Mix the supplements into his feed". "Thank you", Mr Gorge said taking the supplements. "And what feed does he eat?". "Barley and bran, together most of the times, likes carrots as a treat, don't give them to him a the same time and day though. He'll always expect it if you do that.", Sophie finally went out of the room and talked to them outside.
 "So, when would you like him to come  to your farm? After we check it over of course". "Oh, we'll get everything ready at our farm. It should be done by Monday, we'll bring our horse trailer over. Will that be okay?". Mrs Gorge asked. Sophie nodded. "Yes. We'll give you this", she handed Mrs Gorge a long piece of paper. "This is just some stuff you might want to consider when he's at your home. Mainly about how to keep him happy about being head shy.".
   When the Gorges had left the donkey sale, Toni couldn't stop talking. "This is so exciting. Monday! That's after tomorrow. I wonder if the donkey's been ridden". When Toni said this her dad looked at her in the car mirror. "I know what your thinking. You want to ride him. He's head shy. Imagine putting the bridle on. When we pick him up after tomorrow we'll ask Sophie if he's been ridden. But this doesn't mean you'll be riding him.", Toni's dad finished. Her mom turned around in her seat. "Toni, we have horse's at our farm. Can't you ride them?". "No, mom. Because they're not 'mine'. I want to ride a donkey that's mine. But forget it. Buying the donkey is good enough." Toni smiled weakly as she looked out the window seeing Swip Farms sheep grazing.
  By the farm house Toni and her mom and dad got out the car. "Mom, dad. Can I go and sort the new donkey's stable out. You can go in and have a drink", Toni was looking at the gate that led to the farm. "Of course. He's YOUR donkey after all", Mrs Gorge laughed. When her parents had gone in Toni opened the gate and ran to one of the empty stables. Luna, a piebald Connemara mare with blue eyes, popped her head out the stable door, making Toni jump. "Whoa! Hey girl. You'll have a neighbour soon.  A new donkey. Be nice to him, after all, he's living here forever", Toni grinned while patting the mares neck. After, Toni went into the tool room. She pulled out a wheelbarrow and put some cleaning supplies into it. Then shook a large amount of hay in from the hay bale.
 Back in the stable Toni was greeted by a garden spider dangling from the top of the stable door. "Oh, hello, I don't think this is your stable", giggled Toni letting the spider crawl onto her hands. She brought it carefully outside and let it climb up the farmhouse wall. Toni walked once more into the stable starting on the stable. She sprayed the floor clean, dusted away old cobwebs. Then tipped the wheelbarrow, over spreading the wood shavings. Using a pitchfork she moved it around and breaking up the big chunks. After twenty minutes it was ready. All it needed now was a donkey.
  CHAPTER 2. Plush Escapes.
      Toni was now sitting at the table eating her lunch, tomato soup. She was also thinking of a name for her donkey. She had thought of loads: Dazzle, Snooty, Flair, Fruiti, Topsy. But non of them seemed right. "Ugh, I still can't think of a name", she sighed looking through the names again. "You'll find one soon", her mom reassured her. Toni shrugged and looked out the window. "Well, I need to feed Plush" (Plush was a  Merino lamb, who was growing fast) , Toni's dad said, getting up from his chair. As they left the kitchen Toni picked up her boots from the shoes rack, and put her green waterproof jacket on, as it was raining slightly.
  Toni waited as her dad went into the store room to collect the lambs feed. She leaned against the wall of the store room watching Web, a grey kitten, strolled past. Picking it up Toni then heard a bleat. She accidently dropped Web and went into the store room to find her dad. "Dad! I think I just heard Plush, and its not by the fields, its by the muddy grass! He may be stuck in the mud.. Like Holly the goat.". With this her dad passed the feed to Toni and ran off to the fields. Toni not far behind.
  Sure enough when they got there the little lamb was standing in a large pond of mud.Toni almost giggled. "Oh, Plush. Why are you so naughty?". Her dad took a small spade out from his pocket and dug near Plush's legs. Then with the help of his daughter Mr Gorge managed to pull the lamb out.
 "Poor thing, he's covered in mud and  he's soaking. Dad please, please can we bring him into the house to dry off by the fire?", Toni never missed a opportunity to have a animal in the house.
Her dad gave a smile "Well, just once, he's naughty enough outside. But don't let him break anything". Mr Gorge passed Plush to Toni, who snuggled Plush into her arms.
 They reached the farmhouse door three minutes later. When they opened the door Plush almost flew out of Toni's grip. It made her mom jump out of her skin. "Plush! What's he doing in here?".
"Sorry, mom. He escaped and got stuck in some mud. Dad said we could keep him in here till he's dry".
 Toni chased Plush around until he slipped on his wet hooves giving Toni a great chance of catching him, which she did. "Don't forget he needs feeding. We don't know how long he was out there.", Mr Gorge passed the small bag of food to Toni. Toni thanked him and got a plastic bowl from the cupboard. Pouring the bag out came chaff. Plush turned around from looking at Web and ran for the bowl, knocking it over, Toni quickly picked it up, returning it to the bowl.  Her mom came over with a bottle of milk. "This is his last day he'll need milk. So I gave him slightly extra".
 When Plush finished his chaff, Toni picked him up and walked him over to warm fire.
Sitting down she leant the Merino on her lap and put the bottle of milk to his lips, he started to drink it slowly. After a minute the milk was gone and Plush was looking tired. He sneezed. "Aw, I think the smoke from the fire is making him sneezy. Is it to smokey for you?", Toni said to Plush ruffling his wool. Toni almost instantly stopped. "Mom, dad. Smoky, that's what I'll call the donkey! Smoky.

   CHAPTER 3: Bringing Home Smoky.

     The next morning Toni woke up bright and early. This was the day they were going to buy Smokey. Toni couldn't wait to tell Sophie the name she'd chosen for him. Jumping out her bed she grabbed a white top out the drawer along with  some jeans and a red jacket. Then picking up her sneakers she hopped down the stairs (after brushing and combing her hair and teeth of course) When she entered the kitchen to was surprised to see her parents weren't up yet. Sighing she grabbed a Donkey Care book from the shelf and started reading. It seemed hours before Mr and Mrs Gorge were coming down the stairs. Toni was relieved. "Hello, Toni, how long have you been up", Mrs Gorge smiled heading for the kettle. "Oh, maybe, fifty minutes. I don't know".
 After they'd all had a nice breakfast of egg and bacon, the Gorges got into the car, this time it was pulling a trailer. "This is so exciting", Toni said excitedly as they pulled out the drive. It was going to take fifteen minutes to get to the donkey sale. But it was worth waiting for Toni thought.
  Finally they arrived. Sophie was leading Smoky towards them. "Hi. This donkey's already to go", she grinned. Toni started to tell her how she'd call him Smoky and the day Plush got lost.
 "Smoky? That's perfect for him. Okay lets get him in", Sophie and Mr Gorge started loading the donkey up. Toni then came up to Sophie and nervously asked "Um.... Sophie.. Can Smoky be ridden?. Sophie stood and thought for a moment. "Well, Toni. He used to. After he settles in I may teach you. "May" though it depends". Toni thanked her and jumped into the car seat. They were taking him home. It was official. Smoky was hers. The car journey seemed longer, but that was great to Toni because now she could savor the moment. Butterflies were fluttering inside her. Not only had she bought a donkey but maybe, just maybe, was she going to ride it.
   After the ride back home Toni instantly got out the car and went straight to the trailer. Smoky was patiently waiting. Smoky seemed nervous and worried at the same time. Toni's dad walked up to the trailer too, before he opened it  he said as he put his hands onto lock "Are you ready?". Toni nodded. "Okay.. Three, two, one". Mr Gorge opened the trailer door. Smoky was tied up at the front. Toni and her dad entered slowly. Toni walked over and let the donkey sniff her hand before stroking his back. "Its okay, Smoky. This will be your new home".  "Lets lead him to his stable",Mr Gorge untied the rope and handed it to Toni. Smiling Toni took it and started leading him towards the stables. Luna popped her head out her stable making Smoky jump. "Don't worry, that's just Luna, she won't hurt you. You'll be stabled next to her", Toni reassured him and opened the door to the stable. It had Smoky's hay net and a small bucket of chaff and nuts, including a small trough full of water.
 Mr Gorge slipped the donkey's head collar off, this had made his ears shoot back, and he and his daughter left him to settle.


               After a few minutes Luna shot her head out the stable a again and whinnied at Smoky.
Smoky turned around from his feed and looked out his stable too. "What?", he said tiredly. Luna snorted happily. "I want to talk to you. Your my new stable mate. Its better then Foxy the big ol' shire. He's a field horse now". Luna was obviously very excited because she quickly started talking again. " I've been here since I was a foal. Where have you come from?". Smoky told her how many times he'd been sold and that he was from the donkey sale. "Oh, dear. And your head shy?", Luna asked. "Yes. I'm glad Toni took the head collar off. Imagine having it on all day. Does she ride you?". Smoky was beginning to enjoy Lunas company. "Yes, she rides me every day usually. I dare say you've been ridden too. It must've been the bridle that made you head shy. Am I correct?", Luna gave a chestnut shire a large, annoyed snort. It was Foxy being led by Mrs Gorge into the stable. Image result for piebald horse wallpaper
Image result for chestnut shire   "Foxy! I can't believe.. What are you doing here?", Luna demanded. Foxy gave a alarmed look. "Luna, its getting cloudy. Mrs Gorge is bringing me in. Its not my fault and for your information I-". Foxy stopped as he saw Smoky. "-Who are you donkey?". Smoky stopped staring at a flower, he'd been trying to ignore Foxy and Luna. "Oh.. Er.. I'm Smoky. A new donkey here. I just got here". Foxy gave a happy neigh. "Hooray! I hope you enjoy your stay. And I hope your going to be turned out with me. I need a friend. At least a better one then you know who", he whispered pointing his head at Luna. "I will. You seem like great friends already.
     Smoky had been at Swip Farm now for four hours. Most of it was stable time, as he had to settle in. But at one o-clock he was turned out with Foxy and Luna. Luna and Foxy galloped around. Foxy was slow but took big leaps at every stride. Luna on the other hand though was light footed and speedy. Smoky liked to slowly walk around though, enjoying fresh, warm wind blowing his face.
He took the chance to slowly gallop. His two friends were grazing. He brayed happily, put one hoof in front, then another, then went into a fast trot, then canter.. Now he was galloping. Smoky had never felt so happy. Luna and Foxy seemed happy too. While he was galloping Smoky thought of his first ever gallop. Image result for donkey galloping He'd only been a foal at the time, it was only five months before he was sold. He couldn't remember much more. Only that his mother had been grey and his father was black. Smoky stopped galloping and joined his friends.


            The next day came quickly. Smoky was woken up by Foxy and Luna arguing about who would get their feed first. He rested his head on the stable door, waiting for Toni to come.
 By 6:10 she came. "Morning, everyone", she grinned. Then she gave them all a pat before dashing off to the feed room. "Please be me, please be me first", Smoky heard Foxy chanting. But it wasn't him, it was Smoky. Toni was carrying a red bucket filled with chaff and a few pieces of carrot.
 Smoky gave a short bray as his owner opened the stable door and put the bucket on the ground.

      After having their feed Foxy, Smoky and Luna saw Toni come back from her house carrying a grooming kit. "Walk on, Luna", Toni had opened Luna's door and led her out, tying her to a hook then brushing her coat and picking her hooves. Smoky noticed that the big shire was harder to hoof pick because they must've weighed a ton. Toni was red in the face after finishing Foxy's groom.
  She then got Smoky out the stable and began to cater for him. "Good, boy", she said, patting him.
 Toni took two lead ropes from the fence, clipping them onto the head collar of Foxy and Smoky.
 Luna looked pleased with her self and said "She's going to ride me while you are turned out. I'm sure -its going to be jumping". After Toni had turned the shire and donkey out she grabbed Luna's tack. She slid the bit into the mare's mouth then did the buckles up before putting the saddle on and tightening the girth. "Okay, girl. Lets go", Toni pulled the stirrups down and mounted, holding the reins with one hand and opening the training paddock gate with her free hand.
 Luna was beginning to buck with excitement as she thought about doing jumping. But a second later her hopes were crushed as all she saw was a empty paddock. No cross poles, no jumps, nothing. Just a bare paddock This meant flat work. "C'mon, Luna", Toni said, giving Luna's flank a little tap with the whip. The mare snorted and walked on slowly. After what seemed like hours of trotting and walking Toni finally got into canter, doing large and small circles. Luna was starting to enjoy herself. Then, though, the worst thing happened. One of the large cockerel somehow managed to sneak himself into the paddock. Toni immediately dropped back into walk. Luna didn't like this at all. When the cockerel flapped its wings and called out "Cocka Doodle doo!". Luna burst into a fast, bumpy  trot, Toni tried to stay on and at the worst moment slipped. Into a giant puddle of mud! Her white jodhpurs and black jacket were covered with wet, slimy mud. Toni wasn't hurt, but she couldn't help but laugh. Picking herself up she grabbed the cockerel and dropped him outside the paddock. Luna still looked terrified. Taking the reins the horse and rider
walked back to the stable, dripping mud everywhere, the cockerel looking quite pleased with himself.

    Toni untacked Luna, they were both splattered with mud.
   "Well", Toni sighed, "I'll get you untacked, give you a brush and then I'll get changed and get some chores done".

 It had took a painful hour to get Luna groomed and washed again. Earlier in the year, Toni had received a magic brush from a friend. OK. So it wasn't "magic" but it did get dry mud or dirt of the horses efficiently. 

 Toni yawned as she entered the kitchen.
 It was now 8:02. Her parents were probably just waking up.
From in the cupboard she picked out a slice of bread, jam and a plate from the other cupboard. Then 
-she placed it into the toaster and sat down, waiting for it to pop up.
 "Toni sure gets up early", Smokey said. He was chatting to his stable mates in the turnout paddock.
Luna didn't answer, she just kept delicately chewing grass. 
  "Oh, she has to. Did it before you were here. It was hard enough with just two equines.. But three! She has her hands full!", Foxy finally replied.
  "Doesn't she have school", Smokey asked, curiously.
"Nope. She's home schooled", Luna piped up.


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I need to add new characterssssss

I have already read it and as I said; I love your idea, your writing style and the interaction between animals too!


By the way, sorry for me being kinda dense, I don’t get the point why is it here (why is it post here or somethimg like that), but yeah... but hey, your story is great and I can’t wait for next chapters and keep up the good work

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"Bye bye baby bye bye, she said in a lettterrrr".

^^ Thank you. 




​(Quick question: Are you a girl or a boy? Sometimes people's profile pictures make me guess xD)

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“VALKÝRY TAHNOU DO—“ don’t remember the rest

No problem


(And I am a girl and it’s fine, I guess you’re girl too? (or not?._.))

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Yeah, I'm a girl x,D. Profile

Yeah, I'm a girl x,D. Profile pictures just




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That very sad moment... when you have a lot of ideas stucked in your head. Like a lot, a whole series of small stories. 


So, the exams ends (for now and for me), I find some random paper, or go to the programme I use to write, and right when I sit to write something, the first line, or the theme of my story to keep going, this happens... PUFF! All ideas just disappears! And I just watch the empty space, trying to write something and I am just cursing in my head: ‘where did the ideas go? Where did they go? Where they went?!’

And when I again thought of something... The idea once again said ‘Nope! SUFFER!’ And the only think I can think of is the things I did whole two weeks! Like this; ‘k=y/x; we have lot of coal supplies, HAMILTON, LAFAYETTE! Proteins, etc.’


But I do have some stories that are already... started, but I have no mood or freat ideas to frickin’ finish it!


And I think my new addiction is frickin’ songs from Hamilton....But! I. Do. Not. Need. Any. Help. For now...


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This one made me cry. My poor baby :'(



I was weak. Yes, unbelievable but I was indeed a weak coward that couldn’t stand up for himself, a cry baby that wanted to be stronger but wasn’t determined enough to do it.


Because I was weak, I ended up every day bruised. Yes, I had punishments as a kid. My beating was caused by my disobedience and stubbornness. I bet you are asking ‘Why somebody would do this? To their own kid?

Well, my family adopted me. They did not have other choice because I, as an infant, was spotted by their door. Yes, they could have put me in the orphanage, but they had such a great reputation, so it didn’t happen. Besides, it was really weird, giving a baby to the family living up high in the mountains. But it was already done.


For some strange reason I was hated by my step mom and dad. I tried to make them proud. I didn’t wanted to hate them because they gave me home, they gave me a place to live, I should be glad and I was. I tried to do same things as my step siblings, but in the eyes of parents it was wrong, even though I did the same thing like them.


Mostly I was working, shopping, getting beaten, crying and working. My home was a farm in the Cold Mountains, very original name though. I did everything what was told to me. But when I was told to let an animal be, die, even though they could be still useful if we helped them, I did not listen. And as I already said, for my disobedience I got punished. But I never learned from my past mistakes and kept being pig-headed.


After my castigation I always went to the highest peak of these mountains. It was always night, nobody knew I went there and I liked that, I did. It was always calming, but days have passed and castigations were getting tougher and tougher. Slowly I was getting sick, sick of everything and everyone. At that place I cried, cursed, wished, hoped but I knew that even though I wanted a miracle, it wouldn’t happen. Because I was weak. My safe place become a place of unfulfilled dreams and nightmares.


And soon, I really, really, really hated everything, everyone and especially myself, for being so weak. The view I used to love, was so depraving. Everything looked so free, but me? I was nothing. I was a prisoner and I hated it. The feeling of freedom, I always felt here, wasn’t there. Everything felt so… indifferent.


One day I honestly was so done with everything. As usual mountain cats around me, trying to make me feel better, but their company wasn’t enough. The cold air wasn’t enough. Nothing was enough. And so… I snapped. Suddenly, everything turned black.


I woke up. It was colder than usual. But the air stank. By what? I soon got the answer. I turned around to see a big and disturbing massacre. Remember the cats? Now, they were laying around lifeless. The rock hard ground was stained by blood. Somehow the red liquid got onto my hands. The sight was… frightening. How did that happened? Back then I had no idea.


But as time went by, my snapping got more frequent. My unconsciousness slowly turned into the consciousness. I realized I took life of those cats and other animals that were turned as a victims of my state. Was I sorry? Maybe. I just didn’t care anymore. It just felt natural. I was fine with that.


The time ,when I was fully conscious, was my last “together happy time” with my family. My step family went up to the mountains to feed a cattle. Obviously, I was the only one feeding them and waging them, trying to keep the herd together. Mother, father, younger brother and sister were having nice picnic. Father had fun scolding me that I am doing everything wrong, again. But I had cattle, they were my only friends back then. And I honestly felt like a twisted version of Cinderella. But father’s scolding… yeah, I could not take it anymore. And as a magic, it happened, but I was fully, fully conscious. I felt everyone’s emotions, desires and heard their thoughts. I even heard nature itself speaking to me, but I ignored it. The only voice I focused on was the on at the back of my head.


I went to the leader of the herd, a bull named Aye. I heard the faint voice of father but I ignored him. The bull knew me very well, so he was not disturbed by my presence. I was standing right in front of him, looking straight into his eyes. I saw how he was frightened by me, but he tried to act strong, which was kinda working. I noticed the fear was soon gone from his eyes, his orbs didn’t show any emotion, it looked like he was hypnotized. I spoke up, my voice sounded sore and deep, not my usual voice, but I really did not care.


I told Aye to take the herd and get them. And as I said, he did. The whole herd ran after them, suppressing them under their hooves.


My reaction? Indifferent.


And that’s how I murdered my family. I was only nine back then, young and unexperienced.


But guess what? I am still weak. I am experienced, determined, strong but not strong enough to protect my one and only priority. I am not strong enough to protect my uncles, auntie and especially my little sister. Yes, I have family. After some lonely years, being a lonesome hunter and killer, apprentice of the great Sorcerer himself and thinking I will never have something called a ‘family’ ever again, I got one anyways. But not just any, my own real family.


I loved them, I would do anything for them and I did. I loved them and I still do. Especially my little sister, Eleanora. And guess what? Being criminals and failures runs in our family. And getting cursed. For my lonesome years I encountered a man with a curse, which I have obtained. How? Well, you can say I killed him. It’s called ‘The curse of Fear’. My sister has obtained ‘The curse of Death’. Both of us were and still are pretty known murderers in our country. Yay.


To make it even better, Eleanora is my twin sister. We are practically the same, stubborn, misunderstood children determined to proof everyone wrong. She is louder than me, more pig-headed, which is surprising. She also thinks of herself as a complete failure, but I don’t see her like that. For me, she is perfect, she is someone, definetely. She is my sister, which sees me in the way as I see her. She was also apprentice of someone really known, the Thief himself. Heavens, we are really alike. Both of us are a creature of hellhound kind. Uncle Rick once said that that’s the reason why we are so hype and uncontrollable.


I am better at magic, while El’s really great with weapons.

We have same goals, to protect each other, our family and friends.


And this family made me feel safe. Made me feel free, happy, sad, mad and more. I didn’t have that indifferent feeling anymore. And I loved it. I was happy. Thanks to them my views on this unfair world slightly changed. I loved being with them and I still do. They were and are my happiness, that I have always protected, no matter what.


But I couldn’t fulfill that promise. I wasn’t there for them. My sister, Wolfiesomething has happened to her. I don’t know what, but something just isn’t right. She acts differently. Her eyes, blue as flowers forget-me-nots, same as mine, weren’t the same shade anymore, weren’t full of happiness or any silliness she ever did and planned to do. They were sad, cold and soulless. This was not my sister. I knew it, but I couldn’t accept it. I couldn’t accept the fact that I failed. That I have lost her.


Even though she threw a mask on herself, acting like everything was fine, I knew better.


I was once again weak. Weak to do anything… But I am not giving up. I know that I will get my sister back, my happy ball of happiness. I know it. Everytime I gaze into her eyes, there’s nothing. But I am sure, that there’s a small call of help in them. Call that no one would notice but me. My sister believes in me, just like I believe in her.


I am still weak, but everyday I grow stronger to protect my loved ones. My weakness is a loss of family member, the feeling of not being able to protect them is the worst. But they are also my strength, memories of them and with them is my redemption.


I accept the term of me being weak. I am and will be. But I am still a child, experiencing new things.


I am a hellhound. My family is known for its losses but also for their successes. No matter what happens, I still am me, weak, stubborn freak, that is determined to protect his closed ones, punish the ones who deserves it.

I am Rudolf The Forgotten. Boy with a curse of losing his loved ones, like any Forgotten. But determined to be the Guardian.


That’s my story.







“I will save you. I will. I promise, Eli, I will save you. You and our family, cause that’s what we do, right? So don’t cry. I know you, you are strong. And that’s why I love you. Everything will be fine. I promise. Leave it all to your big bro, yeah? Love you.”










Great. I made myself cry. My poor baby.


I realize, Rudy does not have that much spotlight here, so I gave him one, but sweet heavens, a depressing one. Well, hope you like it :'3


Besides the last paragraph(?) is a thing belonging to my other story, which is in my native language and which is still unfinished. And I honestly hate myself for putting it in here, but hey, I did it, so no turning back now :P


And did it make you cry? Or did you felt sorry for my lil' cinammon roll? I would like to know :3


Oh, btw (I edit this more than I should) Rudy does feel sorry for the animals he has hurt, but because his step parents didn't care about him, he started not to care, too. But deep inside he did feel sorry, but you can say he fell, he fell really hard and result got him into this.

And I have in my stories few psychopaths, so I made the younger Rudy (maybe even the present) a sociopath.



And again, hope you have enjoyed it :p

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fun facts! (for me x3)

Fun fact for this story!


My few friends have read it (5 of them?) and I have put them in the depression. 

Now, I really feel bad for them and at the same time not, cause that's the way I am.

Heavens, I am really bad person.


But this was meant to be sad, but I didn't expect it to be sad like this!

Besides this is my writing style... I really don't know how to feel about this, heh


Another fun fact!


I read the last paragraph to my sister while Hallelujah chorus(?) was playing and it makes it 10 times more depressing.


I am really bad person


Hope some of you are fine and if not... you know how I feel about it 0:)

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I finally wrote another story! But hey, this is just part 1 xP

So, here I got another story for you! But for small information; it's parted on two parts.

This is, obviously, the part 1, part 2 it's still in the progress of making. Besides I have fun writing it, so I hope you enjoy this one, and sorry for some grammatical errors, this time I tried to make it more detailed but still confusing, because hey, that's my style..

But it still seems it's kinda boring... well, I am bored, so maybe that's why?? xD


So once again, enjoy.. (and if you want, write some thoughts.. yes I am desperate for the critique xD)


Plus, it's pretty long too x33




Call me the ‘Lucky one’, yeah?

Do you know that moment, when you are just minding your own business, having a day off, sleeping, relaxing but then someone interrupts your free time and tells you; “You have work to do,”?

Of course, this has to happen to me. Really? Can’t they get someone else? We have like over five hundred workers and I must fix the problem? Well, thank you, boss, I am flattered, that you love abusing me with tremendous incoming work!


Yes, those were complains of the very well known worker, Eleven or Eleanora. Like was already stated, she had a day off and she was so happy about it. She obviously planned to sleep for a whole day to gain more energy, but no.


Her work, or you can call it a mission, was to check on forest of Eastern states, specifically, check the problem in state named; Palliolum. What kind of problem? Well, some merchants, which were travelling through the protected part of The Menacing forest of Palliolum, were complaining about weird and unknown animal, which was consistently making their health state go miserable and keep on stealing their personal things, like toothbrushes.


No, but really, what kind of animal steals toothbrushes? Ok, she has to admit, that it’s weird.


She was making her way through the forest, which wasn’t as big paradise as Ernie’s forest. It was less disturbing but you still had that eerie feeling like, if someone was watching you. Yeah, not comforting at all. Even though this part of forest was always described as dark and frightening, it was pretty enough light here. Yes, creepy.


Heavens, even plants looked creepy and Eleven’s seen more creepy stuff than average human or, rather said, creature.

The worst thing was tracking that thing. El doesn’t even know how it looks like. First off; she thought it was some bewildered beast but when that stealing thing-y was mentioned… it just didn’t clicked. So bewildered beasts are out of picture, it must be prime or development creature. Development sounds more accurate, girl thought.


Brunette wasn’t looking where she was going, so she didn’t noticed the slope right in front of her direction. When she was on the verge of it, she did not stop. Yeah, her thoughts were more important than her safety, which isn’t that unusual. She fell down the slope, landed on her back with big thud and annoyed groan.


“Fricking pit… out of nowhere,” she said as she rubbed her back, trying to ease the pain. But then her eyes widened. A pit? Since when? She asked herself.

This was supposed to be filled with trees, plants and more. Why there was a pit out of nowhere? Yes, girl was going to investigate it. Well, she had to give a report to her superior.


She stood up and observed her surroundings. She noticed a cave, that was pretty well hidden between small crack of the pit and the water coming down there.

She detected a weird smell swirling around it. Eleanora couldn’t distinguish the smell, like, what could it be? It didn’t smell like a dead body nor like stinky socks. By the way; worst combination ever.


Brunette got closer to it. The smell was getting worse. She didn’t like it.

When she was at the entrance of the cave, sweet Ernie, she got chills! Yes, it was indeed chilly but once again, she had that eerie feeling.

“That’s really uncomfortable. Plus that smell, shoot!” she cussed.


She could have leave but her job wasn’t done, just one percent of it, but still not there. Gods, I hate my job, El said to herself.


El stretched her arm, opened her hand, letting on her palm small flame ignite. Yes, she could see in the dark but it wasn’t that dark anyways, besides, if she got attacked she could throw that flame on it as an act of self defense.


She sighed, hoping something like this won’t happen because she is not in the mood to pick a fight. And she definetely doesn’t need set everything on fire by pure accident… again.


Blue eyed girl took a step inside, finding out that the ground was unstable, but she would be probably fine. She took another step, this time cussing that she feels like being back on that roller coaster in Devil’s home.


Eleven made small steps, being cautious of them and trying not to make a wrong move. She also noticed that smell was worse than before.


That’s how she slowly made her way down the creepy hole, which was really going down, that Eleanora was sure this lead to under the forest.


“I just wish that ‘thing’ is in here, because that’s only clue that I currently got,” she thought out loud.


Soon the path was directed straight. Little soul noticed that on the walls and ceiling were scribbled some words in really old language, maybe foreign, and also some pictures were drawn. Brunette stopped to look at them and examine them. There were pictures of hedgehog and antelope, well it looked like it, which created a story.

What girl got from it was that; the hedgehog and the antelope were friends, but one day they were arguing, but the antelope realized its mistake, so it got up to apologize to its friend but it find someone with them. They got to know each other but when it came to apologizing… well the last picture was confusing and scary. That mysterious person, their eyes were scary but on it wasn’t no hedgehog nor antelope and the rest continued in unreadable words.


Girl tilted her head at the interesting story, growing more curious and wanting to know more. It was also very strange one, too. The antelope and the hegehog… Yeah, never heard of that before.

Brunette tried to solve the words, which made her neck hurt because most of the words were on the stupid ceiling but she wanted to know more, so she had to survive this.


“Promises… fake… strange behaviour… he…”

Alright, some of it was readable but hard to translate into the current language but it’s the effort that counts, right? In another lifetime, maybe.


“This looks like it’s been here for the centuries. It’s very strange it wasn’t discovered before. Well, I will give it points for being well hidden, though. But I still need the answer for those toothbrushes.”


And as she stated, from the direction she was originally headed to, she heard a weird groan. Now, the groan didn’t sound like from animal nor human. El couldn’t classify it to any sounds she has ever heard. Probably primare creature, girl thought.


She went to that direction, curious what made that noise. She appeared in some spacious room, her flame lit up the room, letting her see a very disturbing image, which she won’t forget that easily. On the floor was scattered ton of clothes, bones, old food, sharp things, weapons, used daily things or freshly new, like toothbrushes. Ha, found them.


But then the ex-killer took notice of a person, which sat among those things and was turned back to her. Is it that ‘thing’? Well, toothbrushes are here, so maybe I am on the right path?


But then she thought, that the person, which was woman, El knew due to her feminine energy, was the antelope. Yes, her theory might not be on the right spot but… El was so sure! Even though it had a human form of woman, she was sure.

Woman had short light brown hair, her skin was light mixing with the orange fur of her probable form, which was slightly visible on her neck, back and on her arms. As a cover of her top, she wore long black shirt. But what was scary were her horns. A pair of crooked horns were growing out of her head and the woman herself was getting something out of her arms, which looked like thorns, needles and few knives. El also saw her legs, one was also weirdly crooked, it didn’t have foot but a hoof.


“Excuse me-” Eleanora wanted to say something but as the words left her mouth, the woman before her got startled, swiftly turned around, girl saw that she was holding onto a knife. Points for being ready, girl thought jokingly.


“Hey, hey! No need to get so violent. I-I want to know what’s wrong and… why did you stole those toothbrushes,” younger brunette as she stretched her right hand, other hand, and with her hand showing that she’s not a possible threat.


Woman tilted her head at the visitor, showing her black eye and grey one. Blind, probably?


Lies…” she said with sore voice.

“Well, truth be told, if it was a lie would you still be here talking with me?”


The antelope woman was observing her, trying to clarify, if she was lying or not but she, thanks to her instincts, trusted her.


“Are you alright? Your horns… ya know… Doesn’t it hurt?”

Woman slowly nodded, still not sure, if it is a good idea to trust her. But her energy beemed with friendliness, but also with big secrets and… with energy that wasn’t hers. That’s why she did not left her guard down in front of this girl.


“Well, don’t you need some help?”


Woman at her words started violently shaking. Great, El, now you gave her some fricking trauma! Way to go, me!


The deformed woman was turning her head around, remembering the bad events which made her this way. She really wasn’t sure what to do, but she weakly spoke up, with apparent pain in her voice.

I want him back… back… him… b-back.

“Him? Like… your friend? The hedgehog, right?”


She nodded, clutching her own hand and sobbing, letting her tears flow.


Eleanora flickered her fingers on the left hand, letting the flame from her palm float in the mid air in the room. She slowly got to the woman, sat right in front of her. Girl with blue orbs reassuringly grabbed her shoulders, saying that everything will be fine. She even carefully pulled out the things sticking out of her flesh, then taking her jacket and throwing it around her shoulders.


“Hey, now you have to calm down, yeah?” El stated even though she wanted to know what was happening as the curious Ernie himself!


The antelope woman looked at the girl before her.

You… creature?” woman said, even though she wasn’t that sure because she looked like human.

“Yes, I am, development creature of hellhound kind,” brunette grinned, trying to lighten up the mood.


However woman shook her head, not believing her. Eleanora sighed.

“You’ve been here for a really long time but I really am. Some creatures stayed the same, we call them prime creatures, some of them developed to the level of hiding their true identity behind human form, development creatures. There is also kind named bewildered creatures but these are past gone, wild, mad and being the same as they were before.”


The shooked woman once again started shaking, looking more scared than before.


You… like him?”

Eleven confusedly looked at her; “Who?”

Can you… stop it?” for the first time, she formed a full sentence.


Eleanora did not know what she was talking about but woman soon answered her questioning look; “Pain… and him… him…


“Well, of course but who is ‘he’? Is he- Alright, first off; I will get you to more safer place, I know one where no one will bother you and where I can patch you up. Then we will have some therapy, yeah?” El resolved, standing up, stretching her hand to her.


Woman, knowing that the child in front of her meant no harm, was ready to grab her but… not everything ever goes according to plan. Outside was heard really loud noise, sounding like wings flapping mixed with loud roar. That got the woman startled, the knife she was still holding on, she threw it at El’s leg, dumped deeply in her flesh, receiving a cry of pain from her. Afterwards she slowly started turning into her real form, fleeing in the process, El’s jacket falling off of her.


“And that’s the special credit I get? Well, I am flattered,” said the ex-killer as she took the knife out of her leg, wound slowly healing but following the antelope’s direction, taking her jacket off the ground, tying it around her waist.


Strange thing; the trail of woman’s smell was all around the cave, including the tunnels. Her scent was weird, it was like an incoming flow of tears mixed with lots of pain, which smelled like a hot pepper. Yes, weird, but that’s how Eleanora felt it. But she went with the most obvious way anyways, straight path because no tunnels today, friends.


The path lead outside to another large deep pit. El got to the middle, few trees beside her. She looked around and as she did, she saw the woman, in her original form, seeing that her face was filled with disgust against her. She stood on the edge of the pit.


Liar,” was all she said before she kicked the rock beside her, which fell down, soon followed by incoming streams of water, filling up the hole.


Eleven widened her eyes, realizing in what situation she is. Because she was a hellhound, water was one of her weaknesses, besides she can’t swim but woman did not care, soon disappearing from girl’s sight.


Brunette cussed some few nasty words before calculating the situation. She was in the middle, if she ran to the walls of the pit… No, it would be too late to even get there in the first place. Well, these trees are pretty high, she thought soon realizing her plan as she climbed on the trees. Pit was soon filled, leaving El in the middle of it on the top of the tree. She was scared, she never was in this kind of situation before. Yes, she could have use her energy to use magic, like back in the cave, but it was still regenerating from the past events that happened a half year ago. Yes, that’s a long time but it was still not enough time to fully regenerate, besides back in the cave she didn’t use that much energy so it was save, but now... Yeah, she was in trouble.


She was also uncontrollably shaking, knowing that she is really really close to touching the water.


“Now what? I could try jump to the edge but it is really far away… besides being in middle of this, like for Ernie’s burned cookies, I will surely be able to ignore this,” Eleanora whimpered, knowing that she is in big trouble.


Yeah, but unknown to her, someone was soon coming to help her. The one- sorry, the ones flying up above the skies.