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I really like these newest updates that are coming to the game. I noticed the new dragon war paints / skins and I especially like the new dragon bundles. I can’t wait for upcoming updates. I wanted to post a list of updates that I look forward to come to SoD in the future. I might have listed some ideas from others on the Forum who have already posted them.


Music / Sound Fixes

I would like an addition of a simple volume bar (slider) to the Settings menu. In some areas (especially close to waterfalls) the sound get very loud. Usually I play the game with the sound and music off. I think most of the players would appreciate it. I also noticed that on some island the music plays even when you turn the music off and have only sound on. Maybe it would get fixed.


List of Dragons

Most of the time when I log into the game my list of dragon is shuffled differently. I would like to see a sorting system in this menu. We could be able to sort them by name, level, dragon class, etc. It could be similar to Dragon Tactics where we have this type of option. There could be also an option to update our dragon photo. Some of them are old and inaccurate and they get deformed when we play on the phone. Plus I would like to see a gender icon next to our dragon info.


Saddles for Every Dragons

Not every dragon species have their own saddle. Even though we have invisibility mode (dragon mode) in the game I think we should have at least a novice saddle for every dragon species. They would be easily afordable and they could have a lower price. Also it would be nice if the Typhoomerang novice saddle got fixed.


New Stables

We have only 6 dragon stable options. Maybe we could get stables based on areas from the movies and they could be titled after the rest of dragon classes (Sharp, Tracker and Strike). Or they could be based on viking festivals like the Dreadfall Stables and there could be more of them (Snoggletog, Thawfest, etc.).


Animations fixes and updates

The newly added dragons get their own animations right away. On some dragons we can see how old their animations and models are. It would be nice to get a bigger update pack where most of the dragons would get an overhaul. They could get new high detailed models and get their own updated animation. Some dragons are in real need of this update. Some only need a minor tweaking.


New Dragons

Nothing original but I would like to see some new dragons to be added to the game. We will probably get more dragon hybrids from Titan Uprising in the future. We could get some dragons from the films from time to time between the new hybrids. There are a lot of dragons from the second film and TV shows that haven’t been added yet. It would be also nice to get a dragon from the book series reimagined into the game. Or get some new titan forms.


That’s probably all. If I think of something new I will add it to this list. I appreciate your attention. Thank you for reading the whole list.


Sorry for any spelling and / or grammar mistakes.



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You forgot bringing back Long Night Flight...




and battle events actually working


We need gem quests back!!!


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Sound should really be fixed. One has to mute the game through the system as the mute button in-game only mutes some sounds... The mute button should work like a mute button, and not turn the game into some kind of loud noise roulette.


And yeah I hope the dragon lists will be fixed. I don't know why the order keeps changing but it's super annoying especially since we can't use the scroll wheel to scroll on pc. Sometimes the game sorts dragons by age, sometimes not, sometimes it's something diferent entirely.


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Yeah i hear EVERYONES footsteps constantly and it gets worse in PC.Litterally have to turn of sound cuz of that.Oh and dont forget we want black flightmares back or at least the truth why flightmare colours are destroyed and not this lie(if it is a lie but if its true ill become a volcano but i will become a supernova if they lie so better the truth)   :To MAke tHeM mOre CaNoN.



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