My Grand Dragon Family

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I have finally gotten around to making a thread for my dragons! I'll be making separate posts on this thread for each species of dragon to keep things organized and I'll add to them gradually as I obtain more and more dragons. I was actually going to call this "My Grand Dragon Collection" but it feels a lot nicer to call it a family instead. Enjoy!

Note: Please do NOT directly reply to any of the posts with my dragons in it! I will not be able to edit the post if it's replied to and it'd just be a hassle to start over again. Feel free to leave a reply using the "Post reply" button however!


Aliases: Kas or Kasane

Main Dragon: Papa Moon the Titan Stormcutter

Favorite Dragon Breed: Stormcutter

Other Favorites (in no particular order): Buffalord, Skrill, Prickleboggle, Triple Stryke, Woolly Howl, Thunderdrum, Deathgripper


Somehow interested in my opinion on dragons? I (re)made a Dragon Review Here: My Dragon Review 2.0

Information about my dragons can all be found here: My Grand Dragon Family

Information about my HTTYD OCs and their dragons can all be found here: My OCs and Their Dragons


Requests From Others!

"*Banshee screech* You look so cute!" - Comet Burst

-Insert Wise dying on the inside here-


Drawn by the terrific TosiLohi!



Sometimes Papa's ego becomes as big as Jupiter. . .screenshot edited by Zeezur!



Happy wife, happy life. Made by Snowflake12298!



The main character for my story made into a beautiful Snowy Griffin. Made by LissaFish!

A cute Papa headshot made by HoneyCloudy!


As much as I love the big guy, it's fun to occasionally spite him. ewe Made/edited by SilverNight!




Drago once said the strength of will over others is true strength. . .and Hiccup says friendship is true strength. . .but they're both wrong. Cuteness is the one and only true strength! These faces will be the death of evil, I'm telling you. Made all by Zitka!



Hobbleslicer, the male Tingecutter made my AndreaEaston!


A truly fuzzy Moon made/edited by HoneyCloudy!

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Freezer the Male Titan Wing Flightmare (Rank 50)

Freezer was the first dragon I got after the new opening back in 2016. He is a docile Flightmare but tends to be "clingy", which often drives other dragons and even some riders away. He has two children and a granddaughter, all of which are grown. He raised his kin by himself as his first mate was slaughtered by dragon hunters. As with most parents, Freezer is very protective of his children and will hunt down anyone who dare harm them. After years of being single, he finally found love in a Titan Wing Flightmare named Frost Light.

Fun Facts: Freezer was originally going to be named Freezer Burn but the game censors "burn" so I was stuck with Freezer.


Freezer Fang the Male Titan Wing Flightmare (Rank 50)

Freezer Fang is Freezer's son. He is quite attached to his father and doesn't leave his side much. He is also competitive, especially with his twin sister, and out of all the Flightmares I have at the moment, he's the one who likes to race the most. He likes to one-up his sister as often as he can, which is usually easy due to her love for sleep. Unlike his father, he is in no rush to settle down. He is known to get into big fights with dragons every now and then, resulting in him having few to none friends. He doesn't like his father's new mate and is often aggressive towards her as he assumes she's using him. Deep down however, he's just scared of losing his father to her.

Fun Facts: Freezer Fang was a Titan Wing before his father.


Dusk Freeze the Female Titan Wing Flightmare (Rank 50)

Dusk Freeze is Freezer's daughter and the mother of Spinel. She is very lazy and prefers to nap above all else. However, there's a few things that'll get her up and running in a heartbeat: Her father, protecting her daughter, competing with her brother, and--most importantly--food. Unlike her brother, she is fine with Frost Light but isn't fond of her step-mother waking her up whenever she's around.


Spinel the Female Flightmare (Rank 50)

Alias: Nuu

Spinel is Dusk Freeze's daughter. She's nocturnal and as such, misses out on most chances to interact with most of her family. . .the only exception is her grandfather, who she prefers to avoid because of how embarrassing he is (or rather, how embarrassing she thinks he is). While she tends to do her own things, best friends can expect her to tag along almost instantly.

Fun Fact: Spinel is named after a gemstone of the same name. Her alias came from a conversation I had with a friend in the game; I said "nuuu" and said friend now refers to this Flightmare as "Nuu".


Frost Light the Female Titan Wing Flightmare (Rank 50)

Frost Light is Freezer's mate. She was found flying around the aurora borealis on Icestorm Island by Freezer. It was almost love at first sight, until Frost Light saw that Freezer was trained and fled upon seeing him interact with humans. It wasn't until she was rescued by dragon riders that she saw the good in humans and bonded with Freezer and his offspring more. . .aside from Freezer Fang, who snaps and roars at her whenever she's near his father. She likes to fly around the aurora borealis on Icestorm Island with Freezer and occasionally looks after all the eggs on Scuttleclaw Island.

Fun Facts: Frost Light's name and colors were inspired by the Northern Lights.


Chilly the Male Titan Flightmare (Rank 20)

Despite his name, Chilly despises the cold and becomes incredibly aggressive when subjected to it. He will take drastic measures to avoid the cold, even if it means paralyzing a few Vikings and dragons. Because of his strong hatred for the cold, he doesn't eat as much algae as other Flightmares and doesn't glow as brightly during winter.


Algae the Male Flightmare (Rank 10)

Algae was held captive by dragon hunters for many years and was broken by them. Long after his rescue, he continues to be nothing but a husk of what he used to be. He seldom moves and when he does, they're stiff movements. Leaving him by himself for too long is dangerous; he won't make any effort to take care of himself. As a result, a few dragon riders and dragons have been taking turns making sure he goes out for some sunlight, eats, and other necessities. Sadly, none of the love and attention he's been receving has made him feel better.

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Sheer Freeze the Male Groncicle (Rank 50)

Sheer Freeze was the first Groncicle I got on my main Viking and my 2nd Groncicle overall. He is a bit lazy but is more than willing to go for a swim no matter time of day it is. Similarly, he will spring up quickly for food no matter what time it is or when he last ate. He is almost unreasonably protective of his food and doesn't like sharing with anyone outside of his family. He has a mate named Emerald and a daughter named Frosted.

Fun Fact: Sheer Freeze was originally going to be colored and named after black ice but this was changed. . .not sure why to be honest.


Emerald the Female Groncicle (Rank 36)

Emerald is the mate of Sheer Freeze and mother of Frosted. She is a well-mannered dragon. . .until something small starts moving. She goes more crazy about a small light moving on the ground than most dragons and is incredibly determined to catch it. The same goes for other small, moving things but thankfully, she doesn't pursue small humans and dragons. She is quite fast for a Groncicle.

Fun Fact: Emerald was named after. . .well. emeralds! The Groncicle's texture reminded me of gems and jewelry and I wanted a green Groncicle at the time so it seemed like a match made in heaven.



Frosted the Female Groncicle (Rank 36)

Frosted is the daughter of Sheer Freeze and Emerald. She is timid and would rather stay with her parents or by herself than with other dragons or people. Once someone gets to know her however, she can be very playful and loyal. She has her mother's chasing instincts so those who manage to bond with her can expect quite a few games of fetch. Quite a few long games of fetch. She also has her father's never-ending appetite!

Fun Facts: Frosted was colored after the Frozen Groncicle in Rise of Berk.


Black Ice the Male Groncicle (Rank 20)

Unlike most Groncicles, Black Ice is pretty aggressive. He is especially aggressive towards humans after dragon hunters raided his home, smashing all of his eggs and capturing his mate; where his mate is now and whether she's even alive or not has yet to be discovered. Training him took much longer than any other Groncicle I've trained and it was just recently that we've mastered flying together without any conflict; prior to that, he would refuse to fly in a desired direction, shake around, and fire at others who got in the way. Other dragon riders are advised to not get too close as he isn't afraid to bite someone's hand off or start a fight with other dragons.

Fun Facts: Black Ice's name and colors were inspired by black ice--transparent ice on roads--and the alternate skin 40 Below from the game Kameo.

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Tracking! I'm interested to see the rest :D



"Legend says that when the ground quakes, or lava spews from the earth, it's the Dragons letting us know they're still here. Waiting for us to figure out how to get along."

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Swoopin' In!

Hehe, thanks! :D

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Woolly Howls

They were having a sale on Woolly Howls today (6/28/18) so I figured I'd do Woollies next!


Sugar Rush the Male Woolly Howl (Rank 50)

Sugar Rush was my very first Woolly Howl. He is smaller than other Woolly Howls. He's no different than a puppy; full of energy, curious, and extremely playful. There is an exception however: Deadly Nadders. At one point, he tried to befriend a trained Titan-Wing Deadly Nadder but the dragon attacked him. The attack not only left him with a large scar across his belly but with a fear of Deadly Nadders. It also left really left him down in the dumps but his Snoggletog Wraith friend helped him feel better in the long run. Aside from making friends, he likes digging in the snow and tunneling through it, as well as (trying to) build snowmen.

Fun Fact: As holiday-ish as he looks, Sugar Rush isn't a holiday-themed dragon. I just thought the colors looked good on him!


Snoggletog Wraith - Male Woolly Howl (Rank 31)

Alias: Snoggletog Grump

The Snoggletog Wraith was discovered during a harsh blizzard on Glacier Island by Sugar Rush. The Snoggletog Wraith didn't mind him much until a giant snowball ran poor Sugar Rush over, which prompted the older dragon to check on him. Fortunately, Sugar Rush sustained no damage and seldom leaves the Snoggletog Wraith alone nowadays. . .much to the Snoggletog Wraith's [apparent] dismay. He is always annoyed by Sugar Rush's constant jolly, energetic behavior and usually gives him the silent treatment. However, deep down, this dragon cares a lot for Sugar Rush and is more than willing to put up with Sugar Rush's energy. Don't count on him to admit it though; say it out loud and you'll be greeted with a snort or an angry tail thump. He also thinks highly of himself and doesn't get along with most dragons. Thankfully, he doesn't get into physical altercations; it's mostly snorts and roars. This behavior earned him his nickname: Snoggletog Grump.

Fun Fact: The Snoggletog Wraith was named and colored after the. . .well, Snoggletog Wraith from Rise of Berk.


[Fuzzy] Moon the Male Titan Woolly Howl (Rank 50)

Aliases: Mooncake and Moonpie

Moon is the oldest son of Papa Moon and Merith Neptune and Moona's twin brother. He hatched after a terrible blizzard in the spot you see him standing in. Initially, he was much smaller than other Woolly Howls and was blind. Fortunately, his blindness was temporary and he surpassed many Woolly Howls as he grew. One thing that was always big from the start however was his heart. He gets along well with others if they don't anger him or mess with his family. He acts a lot like a dog: Pants a lot, roars at squirrels, likes his squeaky toys, buries some of his favorite toys in the ground, and loves his belly rubs. He is very close to his parents and is the closest to them out his siblings. Contrary to other Woolly Howls, Moon is indeed covered in fur so he is extra huggable (though he sometimes forgets his own strength and winds up squeezing a little too hard). His icy attacks are purple. He is the mate of Silvertina, the father of 4 children, and a grandfather of 5.

Fun Facts: There are two Moons: Fuzzy Moon (above) and Alpha Moon (a Skrill). The reason there are two is because I couldn't decide which dragon suited Moon (a very old OC of mine) more. At the end of the day, both species work so I'd rather just call them "Moon" than "Fuzzy Moon" or "Alpha Moon".


Papa Woolly the Male Titan Woolly Howl (Rank 30)

A proud member of the Papa Council, Papa Woolly is merely just Papa as a Woolly Howl. Like Moon, he has real fur but on a lesser scale. While Moon is completely fuzzy, Papa Woolly only has fur on his front paws and his head/back. Also similarly to Moon, his icy attacks are indigo but the colder the attack is, the bluer it will be (and consequently, more energy consuming).

Fun Facts: Out of all the Papa variations (so far), this one was the hardest to make; it was difficult making Papa's colors look good on a Titan Woolly (I'm picky with colors).


Triton the Male Titan Woolly Howl (Rank 30)

Triton is Tune's genderbend. Like Tune, he is highly intelligent, outgoing, playful, and attached to Papa. He is bigger than Tune as well, being the biggest Titan Woolly there is so far (or at least one of the biggest). He is also somewhat more likely to attack others if they harm his family, though he will still take a few steps towards diplomacy before doing so (depending on the offense anyways).

Fun Facts: This was originally going to be Tune but for some reason, I wanted all my Woollies to be male at the time.


Rebellion the Male Titan Woolly Howl (Rank 30)

Despite his name, Rebellion is very obedient and well-mannered. Like Sir, he is a bit too nice, which has lead to other walking all over him. However, he has been able to stand up for himself lately and is working hard to know when to be extra nice and when to be firm or aggressive. Like Moon, he likes to to dig and tunnel through the snow a lot.

Fun Facts: Rebellion was named after a friend.


Ice Fang the Male Titan Woolly Howl (Rank 20)

Ice Fang is the mate of Moon and Silvertina's daughter, Crystina. He found her while she was flying through the arctics and struck a conversation with her. The two have finally settled down and had children of their own during Dragon Wizard's attempt to protect dragons from humans; for once, Moon wasn't there to pester them. He is a hardworking dragon but knows when to take it easy. Even though Moon doesn't snap at him, he still seldom interacts with his father-in-law; he's paranoid the bigger dragon will snap at him.

Fun Facts: Ice Fang was named after the Pokemon move of the same name. He was colored after Siberian Tigers.


Dreadflight the Male Woolly Howl* (Rank 11)

Dreadflight was born in the midst of Dreadfall and essentially lives and breathes the holiday, just like Lantern. He is mischevious and likes scaring others. He prefers flying at night, though he can be found roaming about during the day if he's bored enough. He's fairly easy to ride but because of his love for startling and pranking others, it's difficult to fly with him around a lot of dragons and people. He is highly social but bares a mixed reputation amongst others due to his nature.

Fun Facts: Dreadflight's name was inspired by Dreadfall. I obtained his egg during the Fright of Passage maze so it only made sense to make him Halloween/Dreadfall themed.


Spicy the Male Woolly Howl** (Rank 10)

Spicy is a friendly dragon but he is known to be very stubborn at times. He is also quite lazy and lounges around a lot. One of the few things he loves outside of napping is eating so he is a bit on the heavy side and is slower than most Woolly Howls. He especially loves eating spicy foods, with his favorite meal consisting of arctic char or salmon stuffed with peppers.

Fun Facts: Spicy's colors were inspired by Frostfire from Rise of Berk.


Tuxedo the Baby Male Woolly Howl (Rank 12)

Tuxedo is another dragon I don't plan on aging up for the time being. Unlike other baby dragons, Tuxedo is very calm, collected, and quiet. He follows in Papa Moon's footsteps and tries his best to be the fanciest gentleman out there. He also mimics humans a lot and is found trying to walk on his hind legs very frequently; he's getting better little by little!

Fun Facts: Tuxedo was named and colored after tuxedos, specifically prom tuxedos. When I looked up images for color references, a blue and a green tuxedo caught my eye; in the end, I asked my sister which one I should use and she said the green one.


Master Snow the Male Titan Woolly Howl (Rank 20)

Master Snow is one of Papa's more recent friends. He was napping beneath a few feet of snow by the Stormcutter and he quickly got him out out of fear that he'd suffocate. He was very angry that he was woken up from his nap and would've attacked Papa if Master Sound didn't act as the middle man. They wouldn't really connect until Master Snow's home was destroyed by dragon hunters and Papa helped get revenge on the hunters and clean up the mess. Overall, Master Snow is a good dragon but he is very stubborn and can get very grumpy if he is awoken from his slumber. He is a lady's dragon and doesn't like others interfering with the time he spends with whoever he manages to draw in. Because of this, he has a bad relationship with Doctor Wizard and Moon, the latter of which isn't too fond of him either.


Doc the Male Titan Woolly Howl (Rank 20)

Alias: Doctor Wizard

Doc, more frequently called by his title "Doctor Wizard", is one of Doctor Alex's friends. He used to be human, albeit it's hard to see that when he's covered in more hair than a bear, but was struck with a dragon transformation spell by another wizard friend of his on accident and became a Woolly. Fortunately, he doesn't mind being a dragon and has taken advantage of his newfound dragon perks, including being extra cute. He is very friendly and gets along with others well. He's also incredibly smart. . .but at the same time, equally as dim-witted. He knows all there is to medicine, healing, and magic but is quite naive in other aspects. For instance, he doesn't process insults outside of "simple" ones too well; often, Alex will have to explain it to him before he gets it. Because of this, he asks his friends a lot of questions, often leading to said friends getting frustrated with him. Only Alex has been able to deal with him for lengthy periods of time without losing his head. Doc is also incredibly paitient and doesn't get angry often, if at all--no one's seen him get mad and everyone plans to keep it that way. Because of his very big heart, he is often called soft or weak and he has been stepped on a few times. He has a mate named Trisha and a dragon buddy named Snowy.

Fun Facts: Doc learned everything he needed to know in regards to getting around and communicating like a dragon from Snowy. He is also a "triple widower".


Crystina the Female Light Woolly (Woolly Howl in-game)* (Rank 10)

Crystina is Moon and Silvertina's oldest kin and only daughter. She is a dragon hybrid, a cross between a Light Fury (Silvertina) and a [Titan] Woolly Howl (Moon). She is the mate of Ice Fang. She is highly intelligent and a natural-born leader. In fact, she's the one who takes over Silvertina's kingdom when she retires. She is very protective of others but refrains from using violence as much as possible. But when it comes down to such methods, she goes all out and is difficult to stop. She is highly respected by other dragons but perhaps the "greatest" dragon she has the respect of is Dragon Wizard, who consults her on major decisions regarding the dragons. She is very close to Moon and knows a lot of what she knows from him.

Fun Facts: Crystina was originally a Night Fury and a mate for Toothless. When the first trailer for the Hidden World was released however, I decided to change her species entirely and give her a new mate, hence Ice Fang's existence.


Hachiko the Male Titan Woolly Howl (Rank 20)

Hachiko was raised by Hachi; the fate of his real parents remains a mystery. He is very close to his adoptive father and respects him greatly. In fact, he went on a long journey to find him when he thought the dragon went missing, only to find out that the Stormcutter went on his own adventure to begin adjusting to the Woolly being an independent dragon; this journey lead him to the Wilderness, where he was found and trained. just like his adoptive father. Like Hachi, he is incredibly loyal but very few people and dragons are really close to him. He's also quite curious and likes to explore. He is beginning to venture out on his own and hopes to one day find out what happened to his parents.

Fun Facts: Hachiko was named after Hachi/Hachiko the Akita and was colored after the same dog breed.


Solar the Male Light Woolly (Woolly Howl in-game)* (Rank 10)

Solar is Crystina and Ice Fang's oldest son. He possesses his mother's leadership skills and his father's hardworking nature. He's also an eager learner and tends to let curiosity get the best of him. A new sound or a quick glance at something odd is enough to get him wandering, much to his family's dismay. He's much closer to his grandfather than the rest of his siblings.

Fun Facts: Solar was originally a Night Fury and Crystina's only kid. His primarily dark color scheme is a nod to the fact.


Arctic Fluff the Male Titan Woolly Howl (Rank 20)

Arctic Fluff once called Glacier Island his home but dragon hunters forced him to leave. He now resides on Icestorm Island, albeit begrudgingly. Dragon rescuers are trying to get his home back but with little success so far, much to his dismay. He gets along well with riders and rescuers but limits his interactions with them. Why? So they have all the time in the world to save his home!

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Death Songs

Honey the Male Titan Wing Death Song (Rank 30)

Honey was obtained and trained during the Call of the Death Song expansion pack. He is as sweet as his name implies and instead of shooting amber, he shoots honey (which still traps whatever is unfortunate enough to get fired at). He is terrified of other Death Songs, having had so many attack him, and looking at his reflection sometimes makes him hate himself. He is doing his best to fix this and has others helping him as well.

Fun Facts: Honey isn't officially a Titan WIng Death Song. . .I mean, he is but I do plan on getting another Death Song and naming it Honey since I like the standard Death Song look a lot better. But for the time being, Honey will be a Titan WIng.


Chrysalis the Male Death Song (Rank 30)

Chrysalis was found abandoned by Moon and Doctor Alex. While they both took care of him, Alex stepped up to be the primary caregiver so he could learn more about Death Songs (don't worry, he didn't conduct any experiments on him). He was put on a mostly standard dragon diet (with eels of course) and socialized with many dragons, including a few trained Death Songs. However, Alex thought it would be best to take Chrysalis to Melody Island to his parents, unaware that Death Song parents don't (usually) take care of their young. He brought him to Melody Island and found a Titan Wing Death Song: Predator. Unfortunately, this Death Song wanted nothing to do with Chrysalis and instead attempted to eat both Alex and Chrysalis. Fortunately, Moon came to aid and fought off Predator but all of the progress made with Chrysalis' socialization was undone and Chrysalis was afraid of just about all dragons. Fortunately, this was delicately repaired but he would rather avoid Death Songs. Chrysalis is now a very social dragon and is able to make friends with most dragons and people. At first, he stayed with both Alex and Ezra but when the two split so the latter could be happier with her old family, he left with Ezra. However, after being rescued from Predator, he has returned to Alex. He has a strong love for mac n' cheese.

Fun Facts: Chrysalis was originally going to stay a baby much longer but I decided to grow him up. He was the 2nd dragon Alex and Moon rescued together overall.


Morpho the Male Death Song (Rank 10)

Morpho, unlike my other Death Songs, doesn't mind other Death Songs but he does bare a grudge against Light Furies after one randomly attacked him. In fact, he isn't afraid to eat Light Furies and if he's angered enough, he'll hunt one down if no one's watching him. Otherwise, he is a friendly dragon but because quite a few dragons are scared of him, he doesn't have many friends.

Fun Facs: Morpho was named and colored after the Blue Morpho butterfly.


Predator the Male Titan Wing Death Song (Rank 20)

Predator was the Death Song that nearly ate Chrysalis and Alex before Moon saved them. Hyper aggressive, willing to eat anything that breathes in his territory, and bares the speed and strength to do it, Predator puts the "Death" in Death Song. Though he was pretty quiet for some time, he has recently stirred up trouble. He shot down Chrysalis when he sensed the dragon near his territory and would've eaten him had Alex and King not rescued the younger Death Song. He also started moving closer to civilization and trapped both dragons and humans. Quite a few families were torn apart, if not completely wiped out thanks to him before he was aprehended by none other than Moona. She brought him to Alex, seeing as the doctor had come toe to toe with this dragon more than she had. Unfortunately, Predator bares a bitter grudge against Alex and has caused nothing but trouble. Chrysalis has proven to be an excellent counter to him, capable of outspeeding him and avoiding his attacks but he's too terrified to do anything other than run; the only way he'll fight back is if Alex is riding him. Until Predator is finally willing to settle down and co-operate, Alex has been having Chrysalis trap him before he lashes out.

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Hideous Zipplebacks

Bite and Snipe the Male Titan WIng Hideous Zippleback (Rank 50)

Bite and Snipe was the dragon I started with after the new intro in 2016 (after rescuing Freezer). He is very loyal, silly, and likes to dig using both of his heads. Bite is the head that spews the gas while Snipe is the one who ignites it. True to his name, Bite likes to bite and gnaw on things while Snipe has excellent precision. Both heads get along very well and like to boop each other when there's nothing better to do. Bite and Snipe is the mate of Rip and Shred.

Fun Facts: Because I initially started with a Monstrous Nightmare when I started playing, I decided to go with a different starter dragon. The quiz suggested the Hideous Zippleback so I went for it. Additionally, Bite and Snipe was originally red, green, and yellow/orange (kinda like a traffic light) but I changed him to look more different from Spark and Flare (the Zippleback of OC of mine), even though the latter came out long after Bite and Snipe.


Rip and Shred the Female Titan Wing Hideous Zippleback (Rank 50)

Rip and Shred was found on Zippleback Island by Bite and Snipe. Both dragons got along very quickly and soon became mates despite not knowing each other very long. However, the two have yet to have offspring of their own and they merely play more than anything. Rip is the head that spews the gas while Shred ignites it. When she isn't playing with her mate, she can seen sticking her heads in the water to mess with (or eat) fish.

Fun Fact: Rip and Shred's name came to be after thinking about the destruction of paper. In addition to being a mate to Bite and Snipe, she was also acquired to help with stable missions.


Pat and Back the Male Titan Wing Hideous Zippleback (Rank 50)

Despite some of the similarities, Pat and Back is not the offspring of Rip and Shred and Bite and Snipe but he does get along with them. Pat and Back kinda showed up at the School randomly. He was found along the beach, sticking his head in the sand. He seemed docile enough to have already been trained but no one knew if he even had a trainer so he was taken in by yours truly. Pat spews the gas while Back ignites it. Pat and Back is very friendly and gets along with everyone, with Sponge and Bob being his best friend, though he's a bit dim-witted. Should anyone pick on his friends however, he will be quick to defend them and roll into whoever's causing trouble until they've learned their lesson. He likes sticking his head into things and having staring contests with himself/between his heads.

Fun Facts: Pat and Back was named after "Patback" from Spongebob after my sister and I brought it up. I mainly hatched him to be used in stable missions.


Sponge and Bob the Male Titan Wing Hideous Zippleback (Rank 26)

Sponge and Bob has a heart so big, you'd think he has two of them. He has enough love to give to everybody and then some and is always willing to help his friends. However, he struggles with rejecting said friends, resulting in him occasionally getting overwhelmed with things to do or think about. He is closest to Pat and Back and will always be there for him. When Flats came into the picture, he tormented poor Sponge and Bob to the point where he wouldn't leave the stables and weep himself to sleep. Fortunately, with a little "encouragement" from Pat and Back, the Titan Sand Wraith stopped picking on Sponge and Bob and the two are now on much better terms. Sponge breathes the gas while Bob ignites it.

Fun Facts: Sponge and Bob was inspired by Spongebob.

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Boom Burst the Male Titan Wing Thunderdrum (Rank 50)

Boom Burst was rescued from one of Drago's traps and my first Thunderdrum overall. Despite his rocky past, Boom Burst came to be a very loyal, friendly Thunderdrum and likes to help others. He is quite protective of his family and friends. He is the mate of Ultra Sound and the father of Equilibrium.

Fun Facts: Boom Burst is the name of my Defender's Thunderdrum in Rise of Berk.


Ultra Sound the Female Thunderdrum (Rank 15)

Ultra Sound is the mate of Boom Burst and the mother of Equilibrium. She was found by Boom Burst doing tricks in the ocean. Amazed by her skills and beauty, Boom Burst wooed her successfully and had a son with her. As with any Thunderdrum parent, Ultra Sound is very protective of her son. She prefers to stay in the water and loves to do tricks, even when no one's watching.

Fun Facts: Ultra Sound's love for doing tricks comes from circus animals.


Equilibrium the Male Thunderdrum (Rank 15)

Equilibrium is the son of Boom Burst and Ultra Sound. He is close to his parents, though he ocassionally rebels against his father just to mess with him; thankfully, his rebellious acts are harmless. Aside from that, he's very well-mannered and helps others. Like his mother, he prefers to spend his time in the water but doesn't mind coming onto land to socialize.

Fun Facts: Equilibrium, as well as the rest of his family, have names all related to sound.


Master Sound the Male Titan Wing Thunderdrum (Rank 50)

Master Sound is a proud Scottish veteran after serving in numerous wars for many, many years. He is a very good friend of Papa Moon's and like said friend, he is incredibly big compared to others of his kind. He bares a lot of scars from his previous battles but he has a very big heart and a passion for storytelling. Recently he has been on land more and interacting with many dragons but he stays in the water when he isn't out and about. During his days as a guard dragon, he was granted immunity to dragon root and grimora by a wizard as an expression gratitude (though he'd rather not have to put up with them).

Fun Facts: Master Sound has a bit of inspiration from the Scotsman from Samurai Jack.


Papa Moon the Male Titan Wing Thunderdrum (Rank 32)

Another member of the Papa Council, this is another version of Papa.


Screecher the Male Titan Wing Thunderdrum (Rank 36/30)

Screecher is the main Thunderdrum of my HTTYD OC, the Wise Freedom Flyer. I got him on my main Viking to celebrate Wise's one year anniversary arriving at the School. Information about him (and more of Wise's and other OCs' dragons) can be found here:

Fun Facts: Screecher is in his "legacy" look on my main Viking; on the Wise Viking, he has a brand new look.


Power Sound the Male Titan Wing Thunderdrum (Rank 23)

Power Sound was found by Papa and his friends fighting against a Submaripper. What he had against this Submaripper is still a mystery but they helped him fight the dragon off after Master Sound blindly flew into the middle of the conflict. After the fight ended, Master Sound tried to take this dragon under his wing and show him the ways of a proud Scottish veteran but Power Sound wasn't interested; as soon as Master Sound wasn't looking, he dove into the ocean, seldom seen by him again. He now resides happily in the stables but when Master Sound stops by, I have to send him away so he wouldn't be pestered by the older dragon. Overall, Power Sound doesn't say much and the instances his opens his mouth has all been in battle to blast his enemies into oblivion. His roars are a lot louder than other Thunderdrums, which earned him his name. He gets along well with most dragons and doesn't even despise Master Sound; he just doesn't want to hear his long stories or why he thinks Scotland is the best place out there.


The Great Scotdragon the Male Titan Wing Thunderdrum (Rank 21)

The Great Scotdragon is a dragon of incredibly high status; even Master Sound, a tried and true warrior, adores this dragon and strives to be just like him. Legends say he went into a battle against a thousand armored dragons with nothing but the Scottish flag and his specially made bagpipes and emerged from the battle without a scratch, playing Scotland the Brave as loudly as he could on said bagpipes. But those are just stories. . .right? We may never know. The Great Scotdragon is as outrageous as his stories and when given the chance, will never stop talking about his homeland; otherwise, he's silent. He always carries around his bagpipes and when someone gets him angry, he'll start playing them as loudly as possible until they leave him be--it helps keep him from pumbling them into the afterlife. While he likes socializing with others, his immense love for Scotland makes a conversation with him all but easy. . .unless you're Master Sound of course.

Fun Facts: The Great Scotdragon came to be after I thought it was a good idea to listen to some bagpipe music; Scotland the Brave in particular caught my attention. Like Master Sound, he draws some inspiration from the Scotsman from Samurai Jack and his colors were inspired by the Scotland's flag.


Beluga the Male Titan Wing Thunderdrum (Rank 50)

Beluga is incredibly intelligent. His intelligent exceeds that of Toothless, though he'll downplay his intelligence in front of the Night Fury so he can enjoy his spotlight. He is also quite large and nearly silent, making scares from him more common than most (including himself) would like. Victims quickly head back to land after mistaking him for a monster. It happens so often, he isn't fazed by it anymore; he just follows them back to land. When he isn't following spooked dragons and humans, he can be found waiting for Owl Wing to give him some books to read.

Fun Facts: Beluga was inspired by Belgua Whales.

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Inferno the Male Singetail (Rank 31)

Inferno was obtained through the Return to Dragon Island expansion pack and my 2nd Singetail overall. He is a bit of a hot head and likes to launch fireballs. Due to his rough past, he is hostile towards most humans (thankfully he has had no interest in setting me ablaze). He is also known to get into fights with dragons every now and then. If he isn't near me in some shape or form, he can be found flying as high as he can when the least amount of flying dragons can be observed.

Fun Facts: Inferno was originally going to be blue or purple but I made him red to separate him from my first Singetail (which is dark purple, blue, and yellow).


The Molten Flameflinger - Male Singetail (Rank 3)

The legends surrounding this hot headed dragon say he hatched in the middle of a volcano and the eruptions launched him so high, he was able to eat a star before crashing back down. While the star eating part of that story is questionable, the volcanic part seems reasonable enough; he loves to dive in active volcanoes and somehow, emerges like he came out of a spa. This is thought to be the reason he can glow, which in turn explains why so many thought he ate a star or two. Even though his aggressive nature makes him hard to be around, there's a heart as warm as the lava he loves diving into. . .it's just very hard to find. It primarily shows up in battle, where he will fight with all his might to ensure the safety of others. Slowly but surely, he is being integrated into the human-dragon society and his aggression is being curved towards training. 

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Evergreen the Male Armorwing (Rank 30)

Evergreen was obtained during the Battle for the Edge expansion pack and my second Armorwing overall. He is very quiet and likes to hide. He doesn't do well with other Armorwings for unknown reasons but he gets along suprisingly well with Smothering Smokebreaths (even though a few have tried to rip the armor off his skin), especially with the ones I've managed to train. He is also close friends with Sea Tremor, a fellow Hotburple who likes hiding as much as he does.

Fun Facts: Evergreen was colored to blend in better with the greenery in the Wilderness for Hide and Seek. The red on him represented warpaint. . .I'm not sure what I was thinking back then either but hey, he looks great!


Iron Head the Male Armorwing (Rank 50)

Iron Head used to have some armor on his face but it fell off after literally going into battle head first. However, that hasn't stopped him from ramming into enemies with the force of a Titan Rumblehorn. This tactic, while incredibly effective, cost him part of his horn. He is a loyal, reliable companion and is quick to protect allies.

Fun Facts: Iron Head was named after the Pokemon move of the same name.

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Fun little fact, the Typhoomerang was the first dragon I ever got from battle (and the first free dragon I got overall that isn't a starter dragon).


Moonlight Wings the Male Typhoomerang (Rank 31)

My 2nd Typhoomerang overall, Moonlight Wings was the first Papa variation created and is a member of the Papa Coucil. However, there is a bit more to him than that. He is actually Papa (the Stormcutter at least) from a previous life. He is very much alive in the Papa Council however.

Fun Facts: The reason Moonlight Wings exists is because at the time, I didn't have another Stormcutter to name Papa Moon. I didn't want him to be an "official" Papa however so Moonlight Wings was used as his name instead.


Twister the Male Typhoomerang (Rank 10)

Twister was a special gift from Odin himself on Snoggletog! True to his name, Twister likes to spin around in the sky and performs dazzling shows at night. Outside of his shows and spinning around, he is quite lazy and would rather have other dragons bring him eels than get them himself (which usually leads to Moonlight Wings forcing him to get eels himself).

Fun Facts: Twister was hatched on Christmas of 2017.


Razzle Dazzle the Male Typhoomerang (Rank 10)

Razzle Dazzle is a friendly dragon who loves the spotlight. He always has his head held high and while he thinks highly of himself, he isn't one to belittle others. Unlike other Typhoomerangs, Razzle Dazzle can change his colors! He changes them frequently to get the attention of others and put on a good show. Like Twister, he likes putting on a grand show with various twirls and sparks. He and Sardonyx have a bit of a rivalry since they both want to be considred the main stars.

Fun Facts: Razzle Dazzle's current color are not only based on Fourth of July but also fireworks. So today he could be red, white, and blue but tomorrow he could be green, yellow, and purple!


Sparkler the Male Typhoomerang (Rank 50/10)

Sparkler is one of Comet Burst's main dragons; more about him can be read in my thread dedicated to my HTTYD OCs.

Fun Facts: This dragon was obtained to celebrate Comet's one year anniversary at the School of Dragons (some time in March).


Tailspin the Male Typhoomerang (Rank 10)

Tailspin is in the Pride Squad and represents bi. He is best known for his battle tactics; instead of directly attacking foes, he'll twirl in the air at high speeds in the air and drop small flames down below; these flames are what cause any destruction that follows him.

Fun Facts: Tailspin was colored after the bi pride flag.

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Electrify the Male Shockjaw (Rank 13)

Electrify is an energetic dragon and loves to party. He likes to show off his speed and thinks somewhat highly of himself. He prefers to hang out with other Shockjaws but doesn't mind being with other dragons, especially if they're complimenting him in some shape or form.


Ghostie the Male Titan Wing Shockjaw (Rank 50)

Ghostie's favorite time of the year is Dreadfall/Halloween. Not because of the cooler weather or all the great festivities, but beause it's the only time of year where he blends in the most! His ghost-like appearance often sends others running, which makes finding any friends very difficult. During Dreadfall however, he becomes the center of attention and his eerie appearance is appreciated much more. He is very friendly and tries his best to be social but is very soft-spoken, making it difficult for others to hear him.

Fun Facts: Ghostie was named and colored after ghosts. He wasn't made in the spirit of Halloween or Dreadfall though. . .I just felt the theme would suit the Titan Shockjaw!


Lotus the Baby Male Shockjaw (Rank 10)

Forest Wizard found this little dragon after a failed attack was made on his forest. Briefly, he was hesitant to go near the dragon but grew attached to him after the hatchling started following him. He doesn't know why Lotus showed up, let alone where he came from or what happened to his family, but he has made it his duty to take care of Lotus like he does with his home.

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Sardonyx the Male Snafflefang (Rank 15)

My first Snafflefang ever is also my proudest one. Sardonyx is a bit of a clown and likes to entertain others. He is very confident of himself and likes to have the spotlight on him. He can bring fun to any party and make anyone's grim day into a much jollier one in a matter of moments. He is a good listener, though he has a habit of trying to make the situation about him or relate to a situation by using himself as a prime example.

Fun Facts: Sardonyx was heavily inspired by Sardonyx from Steven Universe.


Sugilite the Male Snafflefang (Rank 10)

Sugilite is fiesty and gets into fights with a lot of dragons. He also has a habit of roaring at people who walk past him if he deems them too close. He doesn't mind being ridden by the few people he trusts and is the complete opposite towards them: Quiet and friendly. Anyone else however will quickly be bucked off and possibly chased depending on his mood.

Fun Facts: Sugilite's color was based on Sugilite from Steven Universe.


Cheeto Puff the Male Snafflefang (Rank 10)

The laziest of the all my Snafflefangs (so far), Cheeto Puff is very friendly and caring. He is also a big fan of naps and can be found napping anywhere; even the most uncomfortable, loudest area will do! If he isn't napping, he can be found munching away on his personal collection of rocks.

Fun Facts: Cheeto Puff is the name of my Snafflefang in Rise of Berk. The name didn't come along until after I made the Snafflefang into a Titan; the name stems from how orange the dragon is!


The Wrecking Ball - Male Snafflefang (Rank 10)

The Wrecking Ball earned his name for his larger than average tail bludgeon. Even though it deals more damage to enemies than the average Snafflefang tail, it also slows him down and makes taking off more difficult. Despite its set backs, the Wrecking Ball takes pride in his tail and will gladly show it off to those who ask about his name. When he's on the battlefield, he makes sure no enemy leaves without injury.

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Peppermint the Male Titan Wing Razorwhip (Rank 50)

Peppermint was obtained during the Call of the Death Song expansion. He thinks very highly of himself, going as far as to think he is the best Razorwhip the world has to offer. He becomes very aggressive if someone tries to talk him down and won't stand for even a minor critique about him. He doesn't have many friends because of his ego but he's fine with that; just having a reflection of himself is enough to make him happy! Riding him is a challenge as well because he always seems to think he knows where we want to go and do.

Fun Facts: Peppermint was named and colored after (standard) candy canes.


Midori the Male Razorwhip* (Rank 10)

Midori is an excellent Razorwhip and has made my experience with these dragons substantially better. He's playful, loyal, and, contrary to Peppermint, humble. His green scales make it hard to spot him in areas like the Wilderness and Vanaheim.

Fun Facts: Midori was colored after emeralds and money.


Sapphire the Male Titan Wing Razorwhip (Rank 30)

Sapphire is a very interesting Razorwhip. Somehow, he's able to see into the future but because of all the possibilities and everyone's potential reactions to hearing what's in store for them, he doesn't say a word. He knows exactly when the dragons will go into hiding and when they will re-emerge and reunite with humans. . .however, he also foresees the dragons going into hiding again but they will at least return. Whether humans will be there or not is something he won't reveal. Sapphire is a friendly dragon overall but hates Peppermint. Every time someone asks him what's in store for Peppermint, he snickers and doesn't give a clear response; this has lead many to believe something bad's on the horizon. He used to be very open but because so many people and even dragons only befriended him for his future vision, he's incredibly reclusive and seldom talks to others without some sort of encouragement. He's trying to not use his future vision as often so he can really enjoy things in life.

Fun Facts: Sapphire was inspired by Sapphire from Steven Universe.

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Blue Jasper the Male Eruptodon (Rank 11)

Blue Jasper is my second Eruptodon overall. He is typically calm and collected and watches life quietly in the background. However, he is relentless when he's angered and fires at anything moving until he settles down. He also has a habit of headbutting everything he sees when he's angry.

Fun Facts: Blue Jasper was originally going to be named Jasper but the game wouldn't allow it. . .his name is a reference to Jasper from Steven Universe (if you couldn't tell, I really like the show).


Lil' Buddy the Male Eruptodon (Rank 10)

Also goes by Little Buddy

Little Buddy fell out of the sky. . .literally! Doctor Alex saw him fall from the sky like a mini cannonball and land right in front of his home (to everyone's surprise, he was fine despite the landing). He was given his name simply because Alex couldn't think of anything else for the then-baby Eruptodon. He is currently an average sized adult Eruptodon but he still responds to Lil'/Little Buddy. Lil' Buddy is full of energy and likes to dig (or try to at least). Additonally, he likes to swim, regardless of whether it's water or lava. He is very friendly and gets along with most dragons and humans. However, he doesn't like being alone and will go the extra mile just to make sure he isn't. Unlike other Eruptodons, he doesn't live solely on a lava/rock-based diet (though no one knows how or why he's like that). After Ezra went back to her old mate, Lil' Buddy and the rest of Alex's rescued dragons went with her.


The Volcanic Boulder - Male Eruptodon (Rank 1)

The Volcanic Boulder earned his name when he cloaked himself lava and rolled down from the mouth of a volcano to deal with swarms of dragon hunters. Dragon hunters have since steered clear of the island, which was made more dangerous when starved Eruptodons made the once-dormant volcano active again. While he has a good heart, his louder-than-average roars (and his tendency to do said roars in close proximity to others) deters most people and dragons. He does this because almost deaf. With the help of some soundproof equipment, a few dragons and their riders are beginning to show him new methods of communication.

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Sometimes I call Skrills "Skrilly Skrills". Another random fact, I currently (as of 7/2/18) have more Skrills than any other dragon species (I used to have an equal number of Skrills and Stormcutters but. . .then I decided to hatch another Skrill)!


Thundershock the Male Titan Wing Skrill (Rank 32)

Thundershock is my very first Skrill. He was found on an abandoned dragon hunter ship, surrounded by giant eels. . .just sitting there, seemingly unaware of the giant eels slowly pulling the ship down and snapping at him every so often. He looked so happy there, I almost didn't want to move him. . .but it'd be awful to just leave him there. So, with the help of Papa's gagging reflexes, I coaxed him off the boat with a giant salmon; Papa still wishes I caught something myself instead of sacrificing his lunch. Thundershock has remained a faithful companion ever since and he continues to be as cute as he was the day I found him. He is incredibly docile and gets along well with most people and dragons. He even considers himself the goodest of boys amongst Skrills. However, he's still a Skrill; get him angry, and he'll give you a nasty shock. . .or pelt you with sticks and twigs. Which ever he feels like doing. He sees Thunderbolt as his son, though the two don't hang out as often anymore.

Fun Facts: Thundershock is the name of my Titan Skrill in Rise of Berk. He obtained a complete backstory and personality overhaul because. . .I don't know. I see him acting cute and friendly like a puppy more than his original fiesty nature.


Thunderbolt the Male Skrill (Rank 21)

Thunderbolt was found as a baby on an abandoned dragon hunter ship similar to the one Thundershock was found on. He was in relatively good condition but he was small and defenseless, hence why he was taken in. Thundershock was put in charge of him and the two now have a father-son relationship. However, he spend nearly as much time with him anymore because he finds Thundershock too clingy at times. He is extremely competitive, making him both an excellent and horrible canidate for racing; when he loses, he tends to let off more electricity than usual, shocking me or the competition in the process. 

Fun Facts: Thunderbolt was the name of a baby Skrill I had in Rise of Berk.


Thunderstorm the Male Skrill (Rank 11)

Thunderstorm is a quiet, docile Skrill. He is timid and would rather be with humans than other dragons. The only exception to this is with the other Skrills I have and Blue Jasper. He likes to watch things go by alongside him.


[Alpha] Moon the Male Titan Wing Skrill (Rank 30)

Aliases: Mooncake and Moonpie

This is another version of Moon when I couldn't decide whether he be a Skrill or a Woolly Howl. He's still very dog-like but sadly isn't as huggable (though he'll still give a lot of hugs). His electrical attacks are purple, similar to his icy attacks as a Woolly Howl. He is also able to produce purple fire when he's wet (I know Gobber said "wet dragon can't light its fire" but Toothless, Stormfly, AND Hookfang all used fire UNDERWATER in Race to the Edge!) or anything else that prevents him from using his electricity (properly), though it's not as strong as his electrical attacks.

Fun Facts: This was intended to act as Moon's "dominance display", similar to what Toothless did in the second film. . .that changed of course.


General Moonlight the Male Titan Skrill (Rank 50)

General Moonlight is a variation of Papa and a member of the Papa Council. He represents Papa in his youth when he fought in many, many wars. He is still the same Papa everyone knows and loves today though. Unlike the other members of the Papa Council, he has a "Skrill Tune" to be with (at this time). Like Moon, he produces fire when he is unable to use electricity.

Fun Facts: This was one of the first members of the Papa Council. . .and probably why I started to make it into an entire council.


Merith Seener "Tune" Neptune the Female Titan Wing Skrill (Rank 26)

Aliases: Merith, Tune, Lady Neptune

This is the Skrill version of Tune, Papa's mate. Contrary to other Skrills, Tune is able to use her electricity when she's wet and even when she's underwater. She is friendly, outgoing, and caring. She is a bit protective of Papa (or General Moonlight in this case I guess) and helps keep him in line when he's out of control.


Cold Spark the Male Titan Wing Skrill (Rank 21)

Cold Spark is a quiet Skrill but likes to be around humans and other Skrills. He prefers to silently enjoy everyone's company. He loves cold areas like Icestorm Island and Glacier Island and was more than devastated to hear the latter is now overrun with dragon hunters. In fact, hearing about it makes him sad and seeing it makes him cry.


Master Shock the Male Titan Wing Skrill (Rank 20)

Like Master Sound and General Moonlight, Master Shock fought in a lot of wars and is currently retired. He is friendly, very wise, and puts others before himself. For years, he has waited in the same spot for his mate to come back but hadn't heard anything from her and hadn't seen her since before he went into his final war. He only ever left his waiting spot for necessities. However, he finally found his mate after being encouraged to travel again and the two now take to the skies frequently.

Fun Facts: Master Shock's personality draws some inspiration from Sky Slice, one of the Stormcutters one of my HTTYD OCs own.


Viola the Female Titan Wing Skrill (Rank 20)

Viola is Master Shock's mate. She returned to Master Shock's initial waiting spot after searching far and wide for him, though this was in vain since not only was he in one spot for a majority of the time, but she has poor eyesight as well. Fortunately, she was found by Master Shock after a long day of flying. Viola is a friendly dragon who, like Master Shock, puts others before herself and is very wise.


Radioactive the Male Titan Wing Skrill (Rank 20)

Radioactive is a kind-hearted and wise dragon. His constant glow has earned him the job of being a sort of lantern alongside. . .well, Lantern! Though he prefers to do his job away from the Shivertooth since he would rather not constantly be in the Dreadfall spirit. His glow has also made him catch the attention of quite a few Flightmares and has been able to develop positive relationships with some of them. . .others have resulted in him falling out of the sky after being paralyzed.

Fun Facts: Radioactive's name and colors were inspired by nuclear waste. I did a little research and I found out that it's actually neon blue! This is why he has some blue on him.


Storm Chaser the Male Skrill** (Rank 10)

Storm Chaser, true to his name, is always in pursuit of a storm. Big storms, little storms, cold storms, warm storms, Storm Chaser loves them all. No one's really sure why though; he doesn't do anything that would be considered "productive" or "useful" to a Skrill while he's flying in there. Nevertheless, he's a good "weather scout" and notifies fellow dragon riders when a big storm is approaching.


Shock Toof the Male Titan Wing Skrill (Rank 50)

Shock Toof was found running around in the Hatchery; no one knows why he was there but many people were worried he would accidentally run into a baby dragon or worse, break a dragon egg so he was lured out of there the same way Thundershock was lured off the dragon hunter ship: With Papa's lunch. He's very similar to Thundershock, in that he's incredibly docile and a friend to many. Unlike Thundershock, he doesn't seem to get angry. If something's not going his way, he will simply ride his troubles away on a bolt of lightning.


The Roaring Thunderclap the Male Titan Wing Skrill (Rank 20)

Anyone can tell when the Roaring Thunderclap is miles away when they hear thunder. Some say the thunder is the result of his wings flapping while others say it's him "abusing" his ability to ride lightning. But the reality of it is he prefers to fly though the most active storms to draw in as much electricity as he can. He enjoys the mystery surrounding his presence though.

Fun Fact: The Roaring Thunderclap's name was inspired by the legendary dragons (like The Gritty Sawmaw and the Valiant Scarbearer) in Titans Uprising.


The Valorous Shockwing the Male Titan Wing Skrill (Rank 20)

True to his name, the Valorous Shockwing is a noble dragon and will put his life on the line if it means protecting a fellow ally. Years of hauling fallen dragons and Vikings to safety has made him stronger than the average Titan Skrill and vigorous training has made him faster. When he isn't helping allies, he can be found at the highest point of whatever area he happens to roost in, watching over others and preparing himself for when danger strikes.

Fun Facts: The Valorous Shockwing's name, like the Roaring Thunderclap and the Wrecking Ball, was inspired by the names of the legendary dragons in Titans Uprising; most dragons whose names were inspired by the dragons in this game will be named in a similar style (future ones include The Mumbling Needleshot, The Bellowing Seahopper, and The Molten Flameflinger) but I won't mention it for every entry. Too much of a hassle. xD


Ornawing the Male Skrill** (Rank 10)

There's nothing Ornawing loves more than singing Snoggletog songs. He'll land in the middle of a village or forest and start singing the first song that comes to mind as loudly as he can. . .much to everyone's dismay. His singing--which is more screeching than anything--is so bad, even Thunderdrums scatter when he comes by. Everyone would be wise not to stop Ornawing though; if someone tries to sabotage his perfomance, he'll make sure they don't sabotage anything ever again with an electric blast so powerful, dragons as large as the Crimson Goregutter have been taken down in one blow. On the other hand, anyone kind enough to listen earns his never-ending friendship.

Fun Facts: Ornawing was hatched on Christmas Eve of 2019.


Nothing like putting a little legend late into the game! Any dragon with a * in their names means they will become a Titan in the [hopefully] near future.

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Can I just say the Mudrakers are in need of a new idle animation? They look a bit. . .concerning to say the least.


Rampage the Male Mudraker (Rank 12)

Rampage isn't as angry as his name implies but he has a habit of running things over like a truck. Be careful when he approaches you! Other than the fact that he essentially rams into anything in his path, he's a pretty nice dragon.

Fun Facts: I wanted to name Rampage "Stampede" but the game didn't allow it. . .seriously, what's wrong with "stampede" that it can't be used as a name?

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Rampage looks very similar to

Rampage looks very similar to my Mudhoney!


that's what you need to no

elder of Immortal Midgard Lightning, picture by yaxmi

part of Dreki Riddari

Things you don't need to know about me and my dragons to stay alive: My viking's name is nightrainOfSummer. She's not really a character, rather a version of myself. I do have a story but it changes a lot so I don't write it here. My second viking's name is HighwayMintOvO. I named both after amazing songs (Nightrain by Guns N' Roses, Highway to H.ell by AC/DC and Highway Zero by Izzy Stradlin), Mint, our almighty goddess and OvO, the one and only stalker king Psycho Boneknapper.

Outside of game info: I love listening to music, most of my dragons are named after songs. I'm watching One Piece (finally at the current episode) and what I like the best about HTTYD are the dragons. My favourite dragons are the Skrill, the Stormcutter, the Triple Stryke and the Moldruffle. I also play Rise of Berk and I read Warrior Cats (in German). My favourite movie is Into The Wild (no, not only because of the soundtracks... but they're a big part of it too XD)
This is my dragon cave account.

My characters
Those are documents mainly about my dragons, but also adoptables and own characters. I'd like to thank everyone who made art for me, I'm always happy to see others' interpretations of my characters. I'll link them soon. I will also link the songs I named them after, if there's no music video I'll link a live video because they're more interesting to me. If there's no decent quality live video either I'll try to link an audio XD
Nightrain's dragons
DeadWrong (Dead Wrong by Adler)
Megaphone (Nothing As It Seems by Pearl Jam)
Whisper in the Dark (Whispers in the Dark by Skillet)
Mudhoney (the band Mudhoney)
RiverAndConcrete (River and Concrete, both by Izzy Stradlin)
lightMyFire (Light My Fire by The Doors)
liveWire (Live Wire by Mötley Crüe)
Dehydrated Coyote (Dehydrated and Milo, both by Izzy Stradlin)
Sweetchbladeknives (Rocket Queen by Guns N' Roses)
KillerOnTheRoad (Riders on the Storm by The Doors)
Papercut (Paper Cut by Nirvana)
Dragon Cannonball (Human Cannonball by Toadies)

Highway Mint's dragons
The Body Electric (The Body Electric by Hurray for the Riff Raff)
Innuendo (Rocket Queen by Guns N' Roses)
Trance Mission (Trance Mission by Izzy Stradlin)
Polly (Polly by Nirvana)
Silent Storm (Silent Storm by Carl Espen)
Rager (The Rager by Kyle Craft)
Calm after the Storm (Calm after the Storm by The Common Linnets)
Battle Symphony (Battle Symphony by Linkin Park)
Black Hole Sun (Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden)
Night in White Satin (Nights in White Satin by The Moody Blues)
Snow (Snow by Izzy Stradlin)

Other dragons
Other animals

Screenshots of my dragons:

















Dragon Cannonball


Emperor Scorpion


Demon Stinger


Quatsch und Tratsch

others' pictures
Thanks for the amazing pictures!

My imaginary Stormcutter by Zikta
Mudhoney by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

lightMyFire by Zikta

Sandstorm and icyRoad by Zikta

RiverAndConcrete by Wixyigzy

Asura by Zikta

RiverAndConcrete by Zikta
Asura by AntroTyree
Sandstorm by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

LiveWire by dogloven
LiveWire by AntroTyree

DeadWrong by Zikta

Sandstorm by Zikta

Sandstorm by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta
Tiger Baby, a female Night Fury adoptable; base by Wyndbain, colored by AntroTyree

Primal Scream, a female Blazing Firemaw, adopted from Zikta

DeadWrong the philosoph by Zikta
DehydratedCoyote by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX
lightMyFire by XxXPurpleHolking
Asura by XxXPurpleHolking
Sandstorm by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

lightMyFire by Zikta

Megaphone after playing in the snow and becoming friends with the one and only psycho Boneknapper aka this happens when you fail to request the right colors by Zikta

my trumpet dragon Allamanda by ScaleFeatherz

DeadWrong after becoming a titan wing by Zikta

DeadWrong - maybe he has changed by Zikta
DeadWrong - but he will always remain the question marker by Zikta

the psycho Boneknapper and Nightrain by Zikta

TBone and Nightrain by Zikta

Lucid Dream, a Flightmare chosen and drawn by Zikta

LiveWire by Zikta

LiveWire by Zikta
DeadWrong by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta
DeadWrong kidnapped by Zikta

Nightrain playing with Zikta's Gronckle meteor (with helmet, just to be safe, a header is dangerous, you know)

deadHorse by Zikta

my waterproof hairdryer dragon Siccy by TosiLohi

Primal Scream as Titan Wing by Zikta

Siccy the titan wing waterproof hairdryer dragon by Zikta

Allamanda the titan wing trumpet dragon by Zikta

Edit of Emperor Scorpion by Zeezur

Emperor Scorpion by Zikta

Easter Fire by Zikta

Fab One by Zikta
KillerOnTheRoad by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

Emperor Scorpion by Zikta

Sandstorm sunbathing by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

DeadWrong by XxSilver.NightxX

Emperor Scorpion by Zikta

Emperor Scorpion and DeadWrong by Zikta

Nubecula Pulverea the Woolly Howl, chosen and made by RagingNature

Piscatora Spinata, a Whispering Glider by snowflake12298

Nubes Gravis, a male Artillery Wyvern by Wildvanity

Emperor Scorpion by Kasanelover

WhisperInTheDark and Sweetchbladeknives by piggyxl

Emperor Scorpion by RoaringOrigins

Tiger Baby by ELSA II

Mudhoney and Firework by Zikta

Marinecutter by Madoka Miyazono

DehydratedCoyote by Fireflash

Tiger Baby by Zikta

Nubecula Pulverea and Tiger Baby meeting for the first time by RoaringOrigins

Dragon Cannonball by RedHoodJason

Emperor Scorpion by Zikta

DemonStinger by Zikta

Quatsch und Tratsch by sunsetlightthelovely

Sandstorm by Zikta

liveWire the cactus by HoneyCloudy

liveWire by sunsetlightthelovely

cute DemonStinger and a cute fish by RoaringOrigins

DeadWrong by Zikta

deadHorse by Zikta

Tiger Baby by Zikta

Sandstorm by Zikta

Give DeadWrong back -_- by Zikta (note that question mark)

DeadWrong by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta

Pluto and DemonStinger by Zikta

Quatsch und Tratsch, RiverAndConcrete and Ignis et Cinis by RoaringOrigins

Tiger Baby by Zikta

Witchura by Zikta

Threadfail by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

An Artillery Wyvern egg by Wildvanity

Look who hatched! Bluehound Star the Artillery Wyvern by Wildvanity

Threadfail by Zikta

Bête Traquée by LissaFish

KillerOnTheRoad as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYT

Ignis as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYT

Cinis as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYT

Bête Traquée as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYT

Reward with DehydratedCoyote by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX (no thanks, you're number one :3)

Tiger Baby by AndreaEaston

Sandstorm by AndreaEaston

DehydratedCoyote by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

Hypergolic by RoaringOrigins

Primal Scream by LissaFish

Some non-forum-RP birds by RoaringOrigins

Pics by me


Dragon Cave
Shortwing Spirit the Albino Dragon
Hochspannungsleitung the Electric dragon
Vasoline the Sunstone Dragon
Attitoode the Misfit Pygmy
IronCurtain the Split Dragon
Twump Towers the Gilded Bloodscale Dragon
SpeedOfSound the Carmine Wyvers
Magik Hemelfeeks the White Dragon

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Scatter the Male Titan Wing Scuttleclaw (Rank 23)

Scatter was the smallest of his siblings and looked the most feminine due to his colors at the time. However, he was also the most intelligent of them all and believed that one day he would obtain "manly colors" when he grew. However, he eventually learned to embrace the manliness that the color pink can have and wore it proudly as an adult. But when he became a Titan, he found that he looked much better in blue and green! Scatter has a bit of an ego but he isn't vain. He is quite intelligent for a Scuttleclaw and is full of energy, making long flights his favorite past-time. He gets along with dragons and humans quite well but he thrives the most in the company of other Scuttleclaws.

Fun Facts: Scatter's name came to be after remembering a part from one of John Mulaney's standups. Not the most family friendly scene so I'll just say the one part that stood out to me: "SCATTER!!!" Additionally, Scatter was originally going to be a Titan using Titan Runes but because he was only level 10 at the time, I couldn't do it (back then I didn't know if it'd work or not) so I made my first Gronckle into a Titan instead. However, I felt bad for not making Scatter into a Titan since I was looking forward to it. . .so I used gems to make him into a Titan too!


Bean the Male Scuttleclaw (Rank 10)

Bean was one of the many baby Scuttleclaws on Scuttleclaw Island. He was named by Harvest and frequently visited by him, though he was still raised by his parents. He obtained his name because A: Harvest really likes beans and follows "name your child after something you love" and B: Bean's color reminded Harvest of kidney beans. Bean became very attached to Harvest and visits him every so often as an adult. Unlike other Scuttleclaws, he isn't hyperactive but is instead calm and reclusive. He would rather sit around and relax than play with other dragons, though he's more than happy to invite others to relax or vice versa.

Fun Facts: Bean is a thing due to a shortlived roleplay I did with a friend in 2017. It didn't mean too much but I just couldn't pass up on having a dragon named Bean, especially a Scuttleclaw of all things! If we go by how the roleplay went, Bean would've a Buffalord and a Titan Razorwhip as step-uncles.


Skit Skat the Male Scuttleclaw* (Rank 10)

Not much is known about Skit Skat because he's extremely skittish. Every time someone approaches him, he flies off and doesn't return for days. Not even fellow Scuttleclaws keep him grounded.

Fun Facts: Skit Skat was colored after Halloween candy.


Neighbor the Male Titan Wing Scuttleclaw (Rank 50)

Neighbor is the friendliest Scuttleclaw you'll ever meet. He's an early bird who likes inviting others to his home frequently and is always willing to lend a claw. He often offers food to others, even if they're in the middle of eating and is always up for a long afternoon flight. However, this doesn't mean he should be underestimated in battle; dragon hunters best hide and hope they don't get found as Neighbor shows no mercy towards them.

Fun Facts: Neighbor was colored after coffee and his name was inspired by Hello Neighbor.

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Earthquake the Male Titan Wing Gronckle (Rank 50)

Earthquake is my very first Gronckle. He is very energetic and playful but he is more prone to "crashing" (as in, he can randomly fall asleep after playing around for awhile) compared to other equally as energetic dragons. He also has a habit of eating any rocks he can find, which has caused him to be on bad terms with other Boulder Class dragons. He is the mate of Peridottie.

Fun Facts: Earthquake was the very first dragon of mine that I saw in a dream! It was a. . .very odd dream but it was very vivid. It was when he was still a regular Gronckle. . .so now I have a special spot for this guy and a greater love for the Gronckle!


Peridottie the Female Gronckle (Rank 30)

Peridottie is the mate of Earthquake. She is incredibly aggressive and doesn't get along with anyone. She will always try to bite or fire at others and chase away whoever wanders too close to her. She is seemingly tolerant of Earthquake but even he isn't safe from her jaws sometimes. She bucks off anyone who tries to ride her and never stays in the stables unless Earthquake manages to make her do so.

Fun Facts: Peridottie was originally going to be named Peridot but the game censored it. . .why is PERIDOT of all things--I'm not even going to start. This time around however, while I did remember the name Peridot from Steven Universe, I hardly looked to the character for anything else.


Master Stone the Male Titan Wing Gronckle (Rank 36)

Master Stone is a friend of Master Sound from the highest mountains. He can also be found swimming around in the lava of active volcanoes, though he gets kicked out by Eruptodons sometimes (to get back at them, he'll steal some of the lava in front of them before leaving). Other than lava swimming and sleeping, Master Stone likes to make bad puns and has a very wide range of humor. He helps deliver supplies and messages and acts as a sentry dragon for a wizard who lives up in the mountains with him, though said wizard wants him to retire so he could use a much younger and faster Gronckle for the job. Master Stone is also able to heat up his skin significantly, making himself not only glow but untouchable temporarily.

Fun Facts: Master Stone was initially hatched to start clearing my egg inventory. . .then I got a Gronckle egg not too long afterward. TTwTT


Jingle Bumps the Male Gronckle* (Rank 10)

Jingle Bumps is your typical Gronckle: Lazy, sweet, and not afraid to bite someone's hand off when the time calls for it. He was named for the jingling sound he makes whenever he makes his bumps pop off his body.


Meatloaf the Male Titan Wing Gronckle (Rank 50)

I don't know much about Meatloaf; I just know he exists. He stops by the stables every so often but only lingers around for a few minutes. Afterwards, he'll fly off the areas unknown and somehow, not even Rumbly can track him. He's usually gone for weeks straight before coming to the stables. No one's sure why he comes to my stables of all places but his company is appreciated.


Tooters the Male Gronckle** (Rank 10)

Tooters was named for his. . .toots. As he grew old, they got worst and now a Rumblehorn will get disoriented by just a faint whiff if they happen to be unfortunate enough to be near him. When he isn't accidentally gassing others out, he will do his best to assist others and keep them happy. As you might've guessed, toot jokes are his favorite jokes.


Snowball the Male Titan Wing Gronckle (Rank 20)

There's a story going around that Snowball is a snow Gronckle come to life after a few young dragon riders placed a magical scarf on him. However, he only looks the part. What really happened was he crash landed and destroyed such a sculpture while the children were away. Feeling bad for what he had done, he laid in place of the snow Gronckle, closed his eyes, and didn't budge until they put the scarf on him; curiosity got the best of him so he opened his eyes to get a glimpse of what was going on. That said, Snowball has heard the story of the magic snow Gronckle so many times and has seen so many children light up from hearing it that he's dedicated to being the magic snow Gronckle they think he is every Snoggletog. So every year, he'll lay in the same spot with his eyes closed while older dragons and Vikings hide the decorations for the children to find. If you try to ruin the holiday magic, he will silence you with a tail whack to the head.

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I intentionally held off on the Stormcutter because I wanted to save the best for last. . .then I realized I didn't want them on the 2nd page of this (if it gets that far) so here they are!


Papa Moon the Male Titan Wing Stormcutter (Rank 50)

Aliases: Moonlight (Real Name), Papa, General/General Moonlight, Mr. Moonlight

Moonlight, better known as Papa Moon or just Papa to many, many others, is my main dragon, the mate of Merith Neptune, and a father of three. . .even if said three are anything but Stormcutters. Not even dragons like Dr. Alex and Beluga can figure out how his kids are related him, yet they're not even the same species as him or his mate. He is one of the biggest Stormcutter to date, with the Great Guardian being the only dragon the same size as him and his mate being slightly smaller. His size can be put like this: When Cloudjumper is next to Toothless, Toothless can go under his wing like a blanket. Cloudjumper could do the same thing with Papa. He served in so many wars, there's probably less Zippleback heads in the world than how many wars he's fought in, and has worked his way up to the highest ranks. He's been retired for quite a long time now but still has the energy to fight; one wrong move and he'll spring into action faster than a Night Fury. Speaking of Night Furies, he doesn't like Toothless being the Alpha; having fought for so long has given him the mindset that he should be leading the dragons, not to mention all those times his father told him to not even think about bowing to an Alpha dragon, let alone serve one. As such, he has tried a few times to get the position but Tune and some dragon riders stop him from dealing the finishing blow; he has since stopped but follows his father's advice of not heeding the Alpha (unless necessary. . .and that's assuming he thinks it's necessary). Other than that, he is generally kind. True to his name, he loves kids and can somehow set them straight with nothing but a stare. He's generally incredibly patient but with great patience comes great explosions; pushing him beyond his limits will result in a long lecture or rant, him roaring his head off, flying away in a fit of rage, or a combination of the three. He may even attack but that's usually a last resort. He is also an overprotective father, though with his children being all grown up, he can't really do much; this has resulted in him having a strained relationship with two of his kids, Moona and Raito (somehow, Moon doesn't seem to mind it). Unlike other dragons, he produces a vibrant purple flame. He's highly intelligent, swift, and strong; while there aren't many dragons that rival his strength, Tune is the only dragon capable of outspeeding him. His scars came from his many battles but his most prominent ones--one across his chest and one across his upper right wing--came from a Titan Deathgripper named Wave Ripper.

Fun Facts: So I reworked Papa's information. . .whoop. I changed his name to just Moonlight because he's never referred to his original name (Munraitohato) anymore and it seems kinda pointless to say it's his real name when not even he uses it.


Merith Seener "Tune" Neptune the Female Titan Wing Stormcutter (Rank 50)

Aliases: Merith, Tune, Lady Neptune

Merith Seener "Tune" Neptune, more commonly referred to as Lady Neptune or just Tune, is the mate of Papa Moon and mother of Moon, Moona, and Raito. She is very outgoing, caring, and friendly towards most dragons and people. She is very intelligent as well and doesn't mind giving advice to anyone who asks for it, just like her mate. She helps keep Papa in line when he goes out of control and vice versa. She is also protective of her family but knows when she needs to get involved and put her foot down; she isn't like Papa, who intervenes in situations he probably shouldn't get into. Her fire is bright blue and she boasts better speed than Papa, though she isn't as big as him. Unlike Papa, she doesn't mind Toothless being an Alpha and unlike other dragons, she tolerates Papa's snoring; how she's able to after decades of being together is a mystery to others.

Fun Facts: Tune is actually the OC of a very good friend of mine. In real-world time, Papa and Tune have been together for 8 years.


Midnight the Male Titan Wing Stormcutter (Rank 50)

Midnight was my very first Stormcutter and even one of, if not the first Titan I ever obtained! While he has his "proud" moments, he isn't one to be vain or cocky. In fact, he's usually humble. He likes to interact with other dragons and gets along well with most that he meets. He also likes to fly at night with his mate, Eclipse.

Fun Facts: Midnight used to be named "Midnight Glory" after a character in a story I've been working on for a little over 3 1/2 years but I changed it to Midnight after deciding the former name stay with the character it belonged to. In addition to being colored after the night sky, Midnight was also colored after crows to an extent. He was originally purple and black but, like Eclipse, I changed his colors because he looked too similar to Papa (which made quite a few people think he was related to him).


Eclipse the Female Stormcutter (Rank 30)

Eclipse is my second Stormcutter overall. She is the mate of Midnight and the daughter of Sky Slice, a male Stormcutter that one of my HTTYD OCs own. She is a bit reclusive and would rather be alone with me or Midnight, though she isn't aggressive. She prefers to avoid her father as she finds him embarassing and misses her mother.

Fun Facts: Eclipse was slightly changed to look less like Papa since people mistook her (and Midnight) to be related to Papa.


Mini Papa the Male Baby Stormcutter (Rank 50)

Mini Papa is literally a mini version of Papa. He gives all the cuddles without the risk of being squished like a bug from the original version!


Wingman the Male Stormcutter** (Rank 14)

Wingman is one of the bestest friends anyone could ask for. He could do anything to make your day better! He's funny, innovative, friendly, caring, and overall great to be around. In need of a hug? Wingman will rush to your aid! Need someone to make you look good? Wingman's on the job! Just want someone to relax with? Wingman will get there as fast as a Night Fury!

Fun Facts: Wingman's name stems from. . .well, the term/title wingman. A wingman is someone who helps someone else get into a relationship (it also involves something with a pilot but I'm not worried about that definition) but Wingman is intended to fill in all jobs a good friend may have, not just help with relationships.


Freedom the Male Stormcutter** (Rank 12)

Freedom is a quiet Stormcutter who loves flying. He can spend very long periods of time flying without resting and is a very fast flier. While he isn't aggressive towards other dragons, he would rather much be alone or with the quiet dragons I've managed to train or just me. He is also quite wise and mysterious but he doesn't share his knowledge with others that often, if at all.


Veteran Wing the Male Titan Wing Stormcutter (Rank 39)

Veteran Wing has fought in many wars in his lifetime and has played a variety of roles in all of them. He has been retired for a while now but he is still a very formidable fighter. He often tells war stories and anything else he can remember from his past to anyone willing to endure his lengthy stories. He used to have mate that served in wars alongside him but sadly, she had fallen during Veteran Wing's last battle before retirement. He misses her dearly and for nearly a decade, was on the lookout for someone to fill the big gap in his big heart. Fortunately, with help from Papa Moon, that gap has finally been filled and he is as happy as he was before he went into war.

Fun Facts: Veteran Wing's past and colors were heavily inspired by the Brute Stormcutter in Rise of Berk. His story also has some inspiration from Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender (I personally wasn't a huge fan of the show when I was a kid but I stumbled upon Leaves From the Vine. . .took a day and half to be able to listen to that song without crying).


Tough the Male Stormcutter** (Rank 11)

Tough often scares away other riders and dragons with his seemingly grumpy face and a loud roar. But the truth is, he just wants to make friends! As menacing as he may seem, he is actually very friendly and a big ol' softie.

Fun Facts: Tough was colored after rusting metals.


Sky General the Male Stormcutter (Rank 14)

Sky General, like a handful of my other dragons, used to fight in many dragon wars and has been retired for a while now. Unlike said dragons, he is unable to fly and struggles with walking. His second pair of wings are paralyzed, though he refuses to have them amputated. His mobility deteriorated with age, with his hind legs beginning to fail, and was put in a wheel chair. He was eventually given a nurse but he tries to take care of himself as often as he can. He is a stubborn dragon overall but he is well mannered more often than not. For years, he hated the fact that someone else had to take care of him and despised his nurse because of it but has finally come to terms with it. His nurse is now his mate.


Owl Wing the Male Titan Wing Stormcutter (Rank 23)

Owl Wing was found perched up in a tree with a giant bird book in his talons somehow. He was trying to read it but it's pretty difficult holding a book without hands and fingers. He was very easy to train, as he greatly appreciated the book being held for him for hours straight, and now reads in the stables; he now has a little reading lamp in his stable, which gets the other dragons sharing a room with him a bit angry when he has it on all night. Owl Wing is a very smart dragon and equally as quiet. Most of the time he's so quiet, many people and dragons forget he's nearby until he starts moving in the shadows! He is very friendly and likes sharing his knowledge with those interested and considers Hawk a frequently visiting student.

Fun Facts: Owl Wing was originally going to be named after crows but I decided to go with an owl theme instead. . .the colors didn't change though.


Hawk the Male Stormcutter* (Rank 11)

Hawk was found by Papa Moon after the Stormcutter divebombed him and accidentally struck his wing, making him fall out of the air. Hawk apologized to Papa but he was still grumpy about the whole thing. The two are on much better terms now fortunately and he was trained somewhere down the line. He is a very fast dragon and is in the sky more often than not. He is also an eager learner and always tries to learn something new from Owl Wing. He is very bold and always strives to protect and help others in need.

Fun Facts: Hawk was named after. . .hawks. And he was colored after the sky. His boldness stems from bald eagles; I imagine they're as brave as they are seemingly bald.


Peregrine the Male Titan Wing Stormcutter (Rank 21)

Peregrine showed up on Berk out of the blues, moving faster than the eye could follow. The only time people would get a good glimpse of him was when he dived down to deliver a fatal kick to his prey. With the help of my Prickleboggle and Stormcutters, I was able to start interacting with him during the few moments he spent on the ground. Fortunately, he was quite docile and training him was fairly easy. I primarily see him in the Wilderness and Berk, two of his favorite areas to fly in but he is beginning to [very] slowly branch out and fly in more areas. He is also trying to stay on the ground more to socialize more.

Fun Facts: Peregrine was inspired by peregrine falcons.


Snowy the Male Stormcutter** (Rank 11)

Snowy is Doctor Wizard's dragon companion. Doctor Wizard--prior to being turned into a dragon--wanted to have a dragon that doesn't obey Toothless' command and thus, wouldn't follow him into the Hidden World in the event he takes the dragons there; after all, the poor man's already lost 3 spouses. He doesn't want to lose his scaly friend too! So a friend of his gave him a Stormcutter egg from a land very far from the Barbaric Archipelago in hopes that when the dragon grew up, it wouldn't recognize Toothless as the Alpha. Snowy eventually learned about Toothless' grand status but refuses to leave his very hairy friend, even if the Night Fury leaves. Overall, Snowy is a smart, friendly dragon and is very close to Doctor Wizard and his current spouse. He taught the human-turned-dragon everything he needs to know about getting around as a dragon and makes sure other dragons don't get aggressive with him. While he respects Toothless, he doesn't really go the lengths other dragons do to show their admiration or respect; he doesn't bring him fish, bow his head, or raise his wings and roar with him. Instead, he occasionally gives him a friendly pat on the head with his tail.


Crow the Male Stormcutter* (Rank 13)

Crow is a solitary dragon and hard to spot in the night sky. He doesn't seek out company and he'll vanish in a heartbeat if he senses another dragon or rider trying to approach him. He likes enjoying things in silence. He also has a tendency to nab shiny things but if he's given food, he'll return the item.


[The] Great Guardian the Male Titan Wing Stormcutter (Rank 50)

The Great Guardian is the only Stormcutter that rivals Papa in size. True to his name, he keeps a watchful eye on things and quickly swoops into action when need be. He'd rather solve things peacefully but will set someone ablaze if they won't cooperate. He's a wise dragon and knows everything about every location he's ever roosted on. Like Papa and Snowy, he doesn't follow Toothless or Dragon Wizard's commands but has no interest in fighting for the Alpha position; he just lets them do their thing. While he may always look serious and a bit scary, striking up a conversation with him will quickly reveal a warm-hearted, funny dragon on the road to finding love. He is [the] head dragon of the Tour Around the Archipelago event.


Wishes the Male Titan Wing Stormcutter (Rank 24)

Wishes is an amazing dragon; he loves to make other happy, gets along with just about every dragon and rider he encounters and, perhaps everyone's favorite part about him, he can grant wishes! While I'm fortunate enough to have unlimited wishes (and even then, said wishes must be within his rules), he will only grant 3 wishes to others that he really trusts. When he's really happy, he glows brightly and when he's sad or sick, he loses color.

Fun Facts: I got Wishes on my birthday! I decided to spoil myself in the game on my birthday this year and one of the things I got was. . .well, Wishes. He was inspired and colored after birthday candles and genies.


Eagle the Male Titan Wing Stormcutter (Rank 50)

Eagle is an incredibly loyal, brave Stormcutter. If he's told to do something, he will follow it through to the end, even if he starts having second thoughts. He's usually quiet and likes taking long flights so he gets along quite well with Freedom. He is almost as quick as Freedom and boasts so much strength, he could act as the new Taxi for the School if he wanted to. While he loves doing tricks and whatnot when flying with passengers, dragon and human parents alike can be at ease knowing he'll take it nice and slow for the little ones unless told otherwise. While he prevents conflicts at home, he will put up a grand fight when sent into battle and won't leave until he can carry home evidence to put everyone's minds at ease.

Fun Facts: Eagle was colored and named after bald eagles.


Hachi the Male Titan Wing Stormcutter (Rank 21)

Hachi is Hachiko's adoptive father. He found the Woolly Howl when he was just a hatchling and quickly took him in when there was no sign of his parents. With Hachiko being fully grown, he's trying his best to let his son be independent but it's proving to be difficult. Now that he's trained and able to interact with substantially more dragons, he'll at least have others to help him ease up a bit. He's incredibly loyal but doesn't forge close bonds with most people and dragons; very few can say they have a special bond with him and have Hachi agree.

Fun Facts: Hachi was named after Hachi/Hachiko, the extremely loyal Akita.


Mister Rogers the Male Titan Wing Stormcutter (Rank 22)

Mister Rogers is the most humblest, gentlest, and friendliest dragon you'll ever meet; even more so than the other dragons who hold such a title in my flock. He believes everyone is unique in their own way and strives to teach others. His presence is enough to calm even the most aggressive dragons and his kind gestures will bring a smile to everyone. Some even bow in his presence, with the most notable dragon being Papa Moon. No one has ever seen this benevolent beast angry and even though he wouldn't hurt a fly, everyone fears what would happen if he snapped. Mister Rogers always flies around with the coziest sweaters and each warm embrace with him always reveal each stitch is filled to the brim with love.

Fun Facts: Mister Rogers was inspired by Fred Rogers and colored after X the Owl from Mister Roger's Neighborhood.


Cloudjumper Jr. the Male Stormcutter (Rank 12)

Cloudjumper Jr. was named because he looks exactly like Cloudjumper; the Great Guardian gave him the name and everyone's been calling him it ever since. Despite sharing the same looks, the two aren't remotely related; in fact, they're several generations apart! Needless to say, Cloudjumper Jr.--really named Felix--doesn't like it and gets angry whenever someone makes the comparison. Because of this, he and the Great Guardian are on bad terms.


Skyglider the Female Stormcutter (Rank 11)

Skyglider like to fly up as high as she can, similar to Freedom. When she reaches that point, she'll dive down faster than the eye can follow and pull up in the nick of time. . .only to do it all over again numerous times. She especially loves flying in bad weather; she will fly through the winds and twirl around in the eye of a hurricane or the center of a tornado.

Fun Facts: Skyglider was named by a friend and partially inspired by Hurribane from Rise of Berk.


The Burning Solarwing - Female Stormcutter** (Rank 50)

The Burning Solarwing is a menace to all who think they can hurt a dragon. She earned her name thanks to all the dragon hunter bases and villages she set ablaze with flames so bright, it was as if they were staring directly at the sun. She is especially aggressive towards males because it was male dragon hunters and their armored dragons who gave her the many scars on her body. Thankfully, the years have been much kinder to her and she has lightened up a bit. She has settled down with another Stormcutter and slowly warming up to male dragons; it's still considered too dangerous to have male humans nearby. Her real name is Sophia.


Sheepjumper the Male Stormcutter** (Rank 27)

Sheepjumper earned his name for always wearing a sheep costume. He initially took Cloudjumper's and wouldn't surrender it until someone made his own. In the time he had it on, he would be contronted by the older Stormcutter and his rider. Instead of giving it back, he would take cover in a herd of sheep until they left him alone. Sheeperjumper also likes to pounce on sheep and haul them back to the herd, much to the sheep's dismay. Aside from his sheep sheninangans, he's playful, friendly, and gentle.

Fun Facts: Sheepjumper was inspired by Cloudjumper's Sheep Herder costume in Rise of Berk.



Hey look another legend! ** in a dragon's name/title means that it's undetermined as to whether they'll become Titans or not.


Side Note: I will now be including dragons from another Viking I made since unlike my other Vikings, I don't consider it an OC Viking.

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Bone Guard "Colgate Toothpaste Orbit Mint Gum" the Male Titan Wing Boneknapper (Rank 50)

Alias: Bone Guard

Bone Guard was my first Boneknapper! He is as friendly as he is refreshing! For some reason, those who have gone near him have said he smells very clean and minty.

Fun Facts: Bone Guard was simply known as Bone Guard until my sister helped me recolor him and we started naming a bunch of minty toothpastes and gums after making his new color scheme.


Bones the Male Boneknapper (Rank 10)

Bones is a timid dragon; he doesn't even like being near Bone Guard or any other Boneknapper. He is a night owl and likes going for quiet night flights. Should he be confronted by someone during these flights, he would do anything to flee. . .even if that means knocking a dragon and their rider out of the air. He never has malicious intent when doing this but there are still quite a few people who don't like him because of this.

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Welp. It's a WIP. And will be one for a very long time so... Goodbye...?

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Yeeesh. His back is consuming your viking! O.o

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Swoopin' In!

Oh yeah. . .I guess this is what I get for giving him a billion brand name nicknames.

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I don't believe in humans.

Master Sound looks almost like Hocus :P

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Sand Wraiths

My very first Sand Wraith (won't be listed here at this time) was actually from Loki's Maze! If only we had another one like that. . .


Sand Dune the Male Titan Wing Sand Wraith (Rank 30)

Sand Dune is my second overall Sand Wraith and one of my best racers. He is always up for racing and competitive. He is also very persistent and will always keep trying until he wins first place. When he isn't trying to win something, he can be found relaxing near the shores of the Training Grounds or the School.

Fun Facts: Sand Dune was made into a Titan for a friend (which you'll hear a little more about soon) who really likes Sand Wraiths.


Quicksand the Male Sand Wraith (Rank 10)

Quicksand isn't nearly as competitive as Sand Dune but he does like racing. He is friendly and lazy, so much so that he'll sometimes fall asleep sitting up (and one time, while flying). He doesn't like being woken up however and can become incredibly aggressive if he is.


Harley the Second the Male Titan Wing Sand Wraith (Rank 20)

Harley the Second was named after the Sand Wraith of a very good friend of mine. At some point, she stopped playing the game for quite a while and I began to miss her and the dragon. . .so in their honor, I hatched a Sand Wraith and named him Harley! But obviously I couldn't name them just "Harley" since that would just be taking the original Harley. . .the Harley the Second was used instead! Harley the Second is very friendly, playful, and outgoing, just like the original. However. . .nothing beats the original!


Sea Stealth the Male Titan Wing Sand Wraith (Rank 20)

Sea Stealth used to fight alongside Master Sound during dragon wars as his backup. As such, the two get along very well in retirement. However, they have gotten into a few fights regarding battle strategies; while Master Sound prefers to go in headfirst (literally sometimes), Sea Stealth would rather stay out of sight and attack from afar. Overall, Sea Stealth is an excellent fighter and loves to show off his speed. He is also excellent at aerial tricks and is known to be quite the crowd pleaser. While he is humble, he tends to try to take the lead during battles, which has lead to him and Master Sound fighting every now and then.


Flats the Male Titan Wing Sand Wraith (Rank 20)

Flats used to be a cruel Sand Wraith, bullying others for fun. He would chase baby dragons, fire at others who happened to catch his eye, and jump out of the sand whenever he sensed a dragon or rider approaching. But one day, he bullied Pat and Back's friend to tears and the Titan Zippleback taught him a lesson; Flats was sent flying into walls at least once a day everyday for a week following that. Ever since then, Flats has been much nicer to others and has been a breeze to ride. However, when Pat and Back is around, he tenses up to the point where he falls out of the sky out of fear he'll get attacked again.

Fun Facts: Flats was named after Flats the Flounder from Spongebob.

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Doctor Alex the Male Prickleboggle (Rank 50)

Aliases: Doc/Doctor, Alex/Alexander, Giraffe Neck

Doctor Alex was my very first Prickleboggle. He is incredibly intelligent and is capable of treating a wide range of creatures, regardless or size or species. He's always studying and experimenting to learn new and efficient ways to treat his patients. He has quite an ego and considers himself one of, if not the best [dragon] doctor the world has to offer. He can also be blunt and say insensitive things, especially if someone gets on his nerves. In spite of all this, he has a good heart and will put others before himself. When Ezra's old family was discovered alive and well, he wanted her to go back to them, thinking they needed her a lot more than he did and Ezra would be much happier. Unfortunately, the dragons he rescued and raised--Mini Alex, Lil' Buddy, Chrysalis, and Brain Freeze--and even his children went with them, though the latter group still visits. He is now in search of someone to fill the hole in his heart but in the meantime, a new dragon has come along to keep him company and, somehow, he plays the violin to keep his spirits up. Unlike other Prickleboggles, he is unable to produce an icy blast but instead produces a highly corrosive acid that looks just like the healing substance. He can alternate between these very quickly so best not get him too angry; he has excellent accuracy.

Fun Facts: Doctor Alex stems from an imaginary friend I had as kid. Said imaginary friend was a culmination of a variety of cartoon doctors and Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place.


Mini Alex the Male Prickleboggle (Rank 10)

Mini Alex was left within close proximity of Doctor Alex's territory by his parents for some unknown reason. Initially, Doctor Alex paid no mind to Mini Alex and kept working, though Ezra kept trying to convince him to take the tiny Prickleboggle in. He didn't do anything until it started thunderstorming outside and Mini Alex began to whimper loudly and look at Alex's home with the puppy eyes. Initially, Alex had no plans to keep Mini Alex and was going to quickly send him back into the wild once he parents showed up. However, days soon became weeks and Alex soon realized no one was coming back for him. He gave the little Prickleboggle the name "Mini Alex" since the dragon seemed to eager to help him out all the time; even as an adult, he continued to be one of his assistances. However, when Ezra reunited with her old family, Mini Alex went with her.

Fun Facts: Mini Alex was the first dragon Doctor Alex ever rescued/raised.


Loch Ness the Male Prickleboggle (Rank 10)

Loch Ness seems to be more of a Tidal Class dragon than a Sharp Class one. . .he is always in the water! He spends so much time in the water, he has lead many to believe he is a Scauldron stuck in a Prickleboggle's body and might even be able to breathe underwater! No one knows for sure. . .nevertheless, he is a friendly dragon and loves to play Peek-a-boo with anyone who comes by.

Fun Facts: Loch Ness was named after the Loch Ness Monster (or Nessie) and colroed after water. After spending so much time in the water on Doctor Alex's back in the water, I couldn't help but think that Prickleboggles look like sea monsters while they're swimming! So I decided to hatch another Prickleboggle with the sea monster theme and what better sea monster to look to than Nessie?


Giraffe the Male Prickleboggle (Rank 10)

Giraffe is a good dragon but Alex hates him because he essentially embodies all the jokes everyone makes about him. He looks like a giraffe and acts like one too, swinging his neck at enemies and eating fruits and preferring the ground over the sky. Giraffe really wants to forge a bond with Alex but because Alex sees him more of an insult than anything, their relationship is strained; Ezra is currently trying to make things work between them.


Mistletoe the Male Prickleboggle (Rank 10)

Mistletoe has mixed feelings for the holidays. He loves seeing everyone being so generous and loving but he feels extremely uncomfortable with everyone using him as a living mistletoe around said time of year. As such, he needs other dragons like Alex and Ezra to separate (or even scare away) couples from under him; he's too nice to do it himself.


Rudolph the Male Prickleboggle (Rank 10)

Rudolph is a living compass; he always knows where to go and is more than willing to take others there. He can make his horns and spots glow, ranging from a dim glow to making him look like he ate a bucket load of Fireworms. He primarily glows when he's guiding others and visibility is limited.


Fluorite the Male Prickleboggle (Rank 20)

Fluorite used to reside in the Hidden World but after the Hidden World Annex was opened, he left and made a new home on School grounds. He is much bigger than other Prickleboggles and moves slowers than them. However, what he lacks in speed he makes up for in power and high intelligence; said power gets utlized when injured allies need to be moved off the battlefield or the vulnerable need to be moved out of the path of incoming danger. He doesn't really like violence and wishes all Vikings and dragons would get along.

Fun Fact: Fluroite was named and colored after Fluorite from Steven Universe.


Pharmacist the Male Prickleboggle (Rank 11)

Pharmacist seems to have never ending knowledge on what things dragon can and can't eat as well as their effects. However, humans can't understand him so to get his point across, he'll either bring an over-abundance of an edible material to a rider or consult Alex, who can communicate with humans. He also has a solid understanding on trade; often, he'll sit in the Wilderness or in the forests of New Berk with several plants and fish and give them to dragons in exchange for a variety of things such as scales, shiny objects, and flowers. What plans he has for these items remains a mystery; for now, he keeps everything safe in a chest he got for Snoggletog.

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Harvest the Male Buffalord (Rank 45)

Harvest is a very good friend of Papa's and the son of Bayou and Meadow. Unlike other Buffalords, Harvest has a varied diet and eats more than just plants. His saliva is able to cure multiple diseases and heal wounds but what his saliva can cure/heal all depends on the last thing he's eaten. He can also control his fire and, to an extent, when he inflates; being too emotionally overwhelmed will cause him to inflate whether he wants to or not and will cause him to float around. He cannot maneuver himself in this state (though he will always try). Harvest used to be really outgoing but after his father past away, he became substantially more quiet and solitary. However, he still doesn't let ther people's opinions effect him nor is he afraid to give someone a piece of his mind. He is slowly going back to his old self, albeit very slowly. Harvest is the adoptive father of Bean, Watermelon, and Sundae.

Fun Facts: Harvest has some inspiration from a movie character from a movie I like (the movie isn't really child friendly so I won't say it here) named Joe. He is also inspired by meadows and streams, hence why he's green, yellow, and blue. Out of all of my dragons, I like to consider him the luckiest because after hatching him, I had a great streak of good luck!


Sundae the Male Titan Wing Buffalord (Rank 34)

Sundae was orphaned by his parents moments after he was hatched, though their whereabouts are unknown. As such, he has no memory of them. Papa Moon and Harvest soon found him and raised him together until Harvest decided he wanted to raise Sundae after naming him. Despite this, Papa frequently came over to help with Sundae, though he started to annoy Harvest because of it. Once Sundae matured, he became indepedent but he visits Papa and Harvest sometimes. At some point, he flew into a volcano and came out of the other side as a Titan Wing Buffalord. Sundae is a docile dragon and doesn't really get into any fights. He minds his own business unless it interferes with his food, home, or family. He is a bit protective of his adoptive family as well.

Fun Facts: Sundae's name and colors came from. . .well, ice cream. Sundaes anyways.


Watermelon the Male Buffalord (Rank 14)

Watermelon was orphaned by dragon hunters days before he hatched and, unaware of the situation, lingered near his parents once he was born. He never left their side and became incredibly malnourished. Fortunately, Harvest found him just in time as Doctor Alex found that Watermelon would've died had he gone unnoticed any longer. He was quickly taken in by Harvest and given special food at Alex's discretion. After his recovery, he became very attached to his new family but never stopped thinking about his old family. Eventually he got to see his parents but they were given a proper burial by then. He was told what happened to his parents, which left him miserable and in tears for sometime. He got over this after Harvest added that they're in a better place and he now happily resides with him and his mate.

Fun Facts: Watermelon was named and colored after watermelons. Like Sundae and Bean, he was named after a food Harvest likes.


Meadow the Female Buffalord (Rank 11)

Named "Medow" in the game

Meadow is a widow after her mate, Bayou, passed away fairly recently. She is also the mother of Harvest. She is a hardworker and is known for her kind nature, wisdom, and the lengths she has gone to protect to her family. After decades of being together, Meadow lost Bayou to old age and was incredibly depressed for months before going out and socializing again. She has made a few new friends, though they haven't even filled up a quarter of the hole her husband left behind. When she isn't hanging out with said friends, she can be found trying to help Harvest cope with Bayou's death.

Fun Facts: Meadow's colors draw inspiration from water, aquatic plants, and Marinecutter from Rise of Berk. Her personality is heavily inspired from Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog. Her name had to be shortened to "Medow" because the game censors "Meadow". . .this game has the weirdest censors.


Bayou the Male Buffalord (Rank 10)

Bayou was the mate of Meadow and the father of Harvest. He was outgoing and wise like his mate but known to be a lot more insensitive than his wife and son combined. Unlike other Buffalords, he was capable of producing saliva with either toxic or healing properties based on what he ate. Unfortunately, he passed away from old age, leaving a hole in the hearts of many.

Fun Facts: Bayou was named and colored after swamps.


Blueberry the Male Titan Wing Buffalord (Rank 35)

Blueberry is substantially more calm than other Buffalords. . .but when angered, he's also substantially more aggressive. As a result, he doesn't really seek out company but doesn't mind a few quiet dragons and riders stopping by either. He's incredibly terrified of Deathgrippers to the point where the mere mention of the dragons will make him puff up, even after being exposed to friendly Deathgrippers.

Fun Facts: Blueberry was named and colored after blueberries.

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Silver Phantoms

Silvertina the Female Silver Phantom (Rank 31)

Aliases: Silvy and Silvs

Silvertina is the mate of Moon and the mother of 4 children and the grandmother of one. She is also my very first Silver Phantom. She was found by Moon when they were both just babies and bonded through a lot of playtime. They were initially just the best of friends until Silvertina's original mate left her and she was almost attacked by much bigger dragons she couldn't take on at the time. After her rescue, they got together and have been like a power couple ever since. Silvertina was originally a queen but has since retired and given the throne to her daughter. Contrary to many dragons, Silvertina is able to eat eels and considers them a delicacy. Personality wise, she is very caring, friendly, and playful. She is also protective of her family and will put others before herself more often than not. She primarily likes to play with her offspring and Moon, though she won't turn down playing with other dragons as well. She can be the complete opposite however and attack others if they get on her nerves too much. She is also a bit competitive.

Fun Facts: Silvertina is actually another character my friend owns (the one who made Tune) and is one of the few I have creative liberities over. And like Tune, her relationship with Moon is a collaborative effort.


Cosmic Flare the Male Silver Phantom (Rank 10)

Cosmic Flare is an anti-social dragon but those who manage to find him and bond with him will learn there's a very big heart underneath his shy exterior. He loves to fly around at night and light up the sky with his bright blue fire balls. While he doesn't mind one new dragon or human approaching him at a time, anymore than that will upset him and cause him to flee or worse, attack.

Fun Facts: Cosmic Flare's name and colors were inspired by space and sunsets respectively.


Love Wing the Male Silver Phantom (Rank 10)

Love Wing is quite a ladies' dragon and goes around sharing advice with others whether they want it or not. When he isn't doing this, he can be found in high areas, where he'll stand proudly with his wings spread out to remind the ladies he's a catch. Only Matchmaker seems drawn to this display and acknowledges his advice. Love Wing doesn't seem to mind the younger dragon coming by but he's confused why he's the only one showing up. . .

Fun Fact: Love Wing's name comes from "[crazy] love hawk" from Rio.

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Triple Strykes

Yorokobi the Male Titan Wing Triple Stryke (Rank 20)

Alias: Arisu

Yorokobi is my very first Triple Stryke. Papa found his egg rolling past his home and quickly got a hold of it. He has since taken cared of the Triple Stryke and thinks of him as another son. Yorokobi's name translates to "Joy" or "Happy" in Japanese and was given such a name from Papa since the Triple Stryke is ever so jolly and naive. Yorokobi is also very friendly towards all dragons and humans, which has gotten in him into trouble with dragon hunters a few times (he knows better now).

Fun Facts: Arisu also means happy/happiness in Japanese. . .but it also means "Alice" in the same language (This is what I get for not double checking). But because both names sounded nice, Arisu lingered around as an alias for Yorokobi.


Polar the Male Triple Stryke (Rank 30)

Polar is another good friend of Papa's. He used to be able to communicate vocally but at some point, he got into a fierce fight that caused him to become completely mute (though he did win the fight). Nevertheless, he is able to communicate by writing, drawing, and more with his tails. He is quite friendly and is always up for making new friends, though it never goes too well due to his inability to talk. He is the mate of Sir.


Raito the Male Triple Stryke (Rank 30)

Raito is the son of Papa Moon and Merith Neptune and the little brother of Moon and Moona. He is quite outgoing but he can also be very stubborn. He looks up to his mother and big brother while he tries to stay away from his sister and father. He often gets into fights with Moona due to her short temper and it usually takes both parents and Moon to stop the fight. As for his father, he finds him embarassing to be around and doesn't like him as much as he does his mother. He feels Papa is weighing Tune down and preventing her from doing things she wants to do, though he is always told otherwise by Tune. Despite their rocky relationship, Raito does care for his father and the rest of his family and would rather put up with them than lose anyone.

Fun Facts: Raito came along years after Moon and Moona were established. His name came from a[n] one-hit wonder dragon character I made before him that was named "Oraraito" (I can't remember what it meant). Raito translates to light in Japanese (as you can see, I was in a phase where a lot of characters I made had Japanese names).


Valor the Male Triple Stryke (Rank 6)

True to his name, Valor is incredibly brave and is usually the first one to go into battle, even when the odds are against him. He is very protective of everyone he deems a member of his flock and isn't afraid to deliver a sting or three to whoever's causing trouble. After having a head-on encounter with Grimmel's Deathgrippers, Valor loathes Deathgrippers and snaps whenever he sees one. When he isn't fighting, he can be found acting as a personal cheerleader for whoever needs it. . .that is, if he thinks they need it. There have been quite a few complaints of Valor overstaying his welcome because he doesn't know when to stop cheering, let alone listen when someone asks him to stop.

Fun Facts: Valor's colors were inspired by [the] Triple Strype from Rise of Berk, who's colors were in turn inspired by the United States flag. Like Triple Strype, Valor was made in the spirit of 4th of July.

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Sir the Male Sentinel (Rank 30)

Sir is my very first Sentinel (yes, even before the Elder Sentinel) and the mate of Polar. The two met when Sir was booted out of his home by a new, more aggressive Sentinel leader, along with many other members of his pack. He sobbed loudly as he was kicked out of the area he spent his entire life in, which lured Polar to his location. Despite Polar being mute and Sir being blind, the two were able to establish a relationship and went from being friends to a couple quite quickly. Hearing of this news made the Sentinel leader furious and had his pack attack Polar and Sir. However, Polar had backup and Sir's old pack soon rushed to his aid as well. However, Polar was wounded during the fight, which made Sir snap and almost made him kill the Sentinel leader. Fortunately, he stopped himself but the Sentinel leader was quickly dethroned and an Elder Sentinel was put in his place. Overall, Sir is a very friendly Sentinel and a very good listener. He has a lot of wisdom to share and bares a lot of knowledge on all types of creatures that he doesn't mind sharing. He likes babies as well and used to act as a baby sitter. He can sometimes be too kind, which others have taken for granted and he really doesn't want to hurt anyone; it's rare that he snaps and the few times he does has left his enemies on the brink of death or at least severely wounded.

Fun Facts: I got Sir thinking you would get a regular Sentinel in the expansion. . .obviously I was wrong but Sir came to be an excellent dragon.


Papa Moon the Male Elder Sentinel (Rank 10)

This is another version of Papa and a proud member of the Papa Council. He takes the most naps out of any of the members of the council (so far) but he is also on guard duty the most.


Hotshot the Male Titan Wing Sentinel (Rank 20)

Hotshot is an interesting Sentinel in that he can actually see. He takes great pride in this and said pride only grew when he became a Titan Wing some decades ago. Quite a few Sentinels are fans of him and are amazed by his vision. Other Sentinels are inspired by him because he is stronger and faster than most Sentinels. As one can imagine, he has a very big ego and considers himself the Hero of all Sentinels. Even Sir couldn't resist his charm and finds his vision fascinating. Often, he'll fly around with Hotshot, leaving Polar feeling undermined and jealous; all the times that he did fly with the two resulted in Hotshot constantly interupting him or undermining him to the point where Polar leaves. While Hotshot finds Sir a great companion, he doesn't like Polar much; if anything, he finds him useless. He has begged Sir to leave Polar and come with him to become as "amazing" as he is but Sir declined. Nevertheless, he continues to visit Sir and take him from Polar, making him one of the few dragons Polar despises. Hotshot is a very vain dragon but helps others whenever he can. He is especially great with Sentinels but doesn't mind other dragons all that much, especially when they're complimenting him; Polar is currently the only dragon he doesn't like.

Fun Facts: Hotshot was inspired by Humongously Hotshot the Hero from the How to Train Your Dragon books.


Chillrock the Male Titan Wing Sentinel (Rank 50)

Chillrock was named for the layer of ice that laid on his back. Exposure to warmer climates has resulted in bright green moss growing in its place but he always has a piece of the arctic within him: Instead of fire, Chillrock produces large, glowing balls of explosive ice. He is timid and is quick to fly away or even fire at anyone who comes too close to him.


Candy Rock the Male Sentinel (Rank 10)

For some reason, Candy Rock's scales have a sweet, sticky coating on them. The scent of the substance has drawn both man and Viking to him and quite a few have tried to pluck a few of his scales off in an attempt to get their hands (and paws) on the substance. This has made him weary of anything that moves near him. He fires at anything that tries to touch him.


The Gargoyle King - Male Elder Sentinel (Rank 5)

On each New Moon, dragon riders get to rest easy because there's a dragon who flies out of the wood works to take deal with hunters and trappers: The Gargoyle King. Some say he moves so fast and is so ferocious that he can only strike once a month. Other say he waits for the New Moon to arrive to ensure he can't be seen during his ambushes. In actuality, it's all a big coincedence. Quite a few hunters have been unlucky enough to pass through his territory on such nights. After taking out one hunter, he can't help but take out more. . .many, many more. Thankfully, this is reserved for hunters only. Even Grim Gnashers refuse to take him on, let alone get close to his territory. The Gargoyle King only wants respect. Not only for him but for dragons as well. Heed his wishes, and he will be a valuable ally.

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Deadly Nadders

Hopeful the Male Titan Wing Deadly Nadder (Rank 50)

Hopeful is my second Deadly Nadder overall. When he hatched, he was much smaller and weaker than other Nadders. His pale coloring didn't help much either, as it had caused many to think he was sick. However, I had hope for him; that he would one day become more elegant than any Deadly Nadder the world has ever seen! And soon enough, he grew to be a vibrant, friendly, well-mannered Titan Deadly Nadder! He makes for a great flying companion and can find whatever you need him to look for if you just give him the smell. He has great respect for Papa Moon but he also fears his fury, especially since he is Blue Citrine's mate.

Fun Facts: Hopeful's story came to be the base of the Titan Deadly Nadder one of my HTTYD OCs own.


Blue Citrine the Female Deadly Nadder (Rank 12)

Blue Citrine is the mate of Hopeful. Her egg was given to Papa after her mother was unable to take care of her and was primarily raised by Papa. As such, she seems him as a father. She is like the cheerleader of the dragon world and always tries to bring out the best in others, especially Hopeful. She is very energetic and loves to race every now and then. She usually has to stop Papa from trying to maul poor Hopeful when Tune isn't around to stop him.


Treetop the Male Deadly Nadder** (Rank 10)

Treetop is a friendly Deadly Nadder who would rather be roosting in trees than on the ground. More often than not, he can be found hopping from tree to tree in the Wilderness or on the Edge just for fun! Out of many, many dragon species, Treetop's favorite dragons are Timberjacks, Typhoomerangs, and Silver Phantoms.


Norbin the Male Deadly Nadder (Rank 10)

Norbin is a cunning dragon who loves to pull pranks. His most notable (former) victim was Papa; he loved to mess with the older dragon so he would lighten up more often, though this always backfired. Papa eventually became fed up with this when a prank went way too far and had Norbin "fixed up" with a former-enemy-turned-friend; now the Nadder avoids pranking Papa but still holds respect for him. All-in-all, Norbin is a sweet heart who likes helping others and making everyone smile. While he can be slick, his intentions are seldom malicious and those on the receiving end of his pranks now get compensated in some shape or form thanks to the help he recieved from Papa's friend. When he puts his mind to it, great things can be expected from him.

Fun Facts: Norbin is an OC of a friend of mine's, similar to Silvertina and Ezra.


Duck the Male Titan Wing Deadly Nadder (Rank 34)

True to his name, Duck is like an oversized duck. When he flies with others, he'll always attempt to create v-formation. . .even when it's just him and one other dragon. He's loves to be in the water and, even as a Titan Wing, follows me around and treats me like I'm his mother. He gets along well with other Deadly Nadders and Tidal Class dragons.

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Forest the Male Titan Wing Timberjack (Rank 20)

Forest is my first Timberjack. He is very quiet and primarily lingers around in the Wilderness if he isn't in his stables. He is quick to fly away if others approaches him, though he does make a few exceptions. Aside from me, Forest won't fly away from Papa (or the Papa Council), Tune, Moon, or Treetop. In fact, he and Treetop are the best of friends and hang out frequently!

Fun Facts: Forest, like Treetop, is colored after nature: They both have green for grass and leaves, brown for trees and soil, and blue for water (Forest) and sky (Treetop) respectively.


Tourmaline the Male Titan Wing Timberjack (Rank 20)

Tourmaline has a knack for staying in the tree tops alongside a fellow Deadly Nadder, Treetop. This wouldn't be a problem if his wings didn't slice through every tree he tried to land on. But for the trees that somehow endure his razor sharp wings, he stays on them as long as they're standing. . .which unfortunately for him, never goes past a few days as these trees are considered perfect for human purposes. Though he's fine with most people, he hates lumberjacks for this reason.

Fun Facts: Tourmaline was colored and named after a gemstone of the same name.

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Whispering Deaths

Raging Fury the Male Titan Wing Whispering Death (Rank 38)

Raging Fury is my second overall Whispering Death and the first one I ever made into a Titan. He is the younger brother of Freezing Fury. Contrary to other Whispering Deaths, Raging Fury thrives in the sunlight. He is always looking to get stronger and wants to be the strongest dragon there is. He doesn't interact with other dragons much, though his brother always encourages him to. He looks up to Freezing Fury and always wants to impress him. He has a bitter rivalry with Moon and always tries to fight him when he lays eyes on him, though Freezing Fury and Papa Moon keep them both at bay. He also has a bit of a short temper and is impatient.


Freezing Fury the Male Titan Wing Whispering Death (Rank 39)

Freezing Fury is technically my very first Whispering Death but is the second one on my main Viking. He is the older brother of Raging Fury. While sunlight doesn't negatively effect him, he doesn't thrive in it either. Contrary to his power hungry brother, Freezing Fury is very calm and paitent. He doesn't get into fights with other dragons and is actually good friends with Moon, despite him being his brother's enemy. He always encourages his brother to socialize with other dragons in hopes that it would make him a better dragon, though it never seems to work. He loves his brother very dearly and does his best to protect him and help him become a well-mannered Whispering Death.

Fun Facts: Both Raging Fury and Freezing Fury were originally elemental Whispering Deaths when I made them back in 2013, hence Raging Fury's love for sunlight. However, this has since changed and they're now standard Whispering Deaths (though they retained their immunity to sunlight).


Nurse Ezra the Female Titan Wing Whispering Death (Rank 50)

Commonly called Ezra

Ezra is the ex-mate and former co-worker of Doctor Alex and is the one who gave him "Alexander" as a nickname. She is humble and very friendly. She is very caring and helped keep patients calm while Doctor Alex worked with them. She spent quite a few years with him but after the rediscovery of her old mate and son, Alex encouraged her to go with them. Even though she's with her old family, she still holds a special spot for Alex and is more than willing to come and help him out.

Fun Facts: Like Silvertina and Tune, Ezra is another character from an old friend of mine and he also helped with Ezra's colors.


Coil the Male Titan Wing Whispering Death (Rank 37)

Coil is as quiet as a Whispering Death could be and doesn't like interacting with other dragons or humans except for me. He prefers to stay in the little caverns at the School or the Wilderness but has recently began avoiding the areas due to others getting too close to him. Another favorite past time of his is looking at the sunset in the Lookout.

Fun Facts: I got inspired to hatch another Whispering Death after watching SilverWillowWing raise her Whispering Death. . .named Chicken Wing. Seeing the videos reminded me of all the Whispering Deaths I've trained in the past so I decided to add a new one to that list!


Happy Noodle the Male Titan Wing Whispering Death (Rank 50)

Happy Noodle is Angry Noodle's little brother. He's smaller than most Titan Whispering Deaths but moves slightly faster than them. True to his name, he is always happy and has a heart of gold. He wouldn't even a hurt a fly. . .which is both good and bad. Introducing him to new dragons and humans are a breeze but he doesn't fight back when hunters surround him, making him a very easy catch. Fortunately, Angry Noodle never leaves his brother alone and will always come to rescue him.

Fun Facts: Happy Noodle (and subsequently, his brother) were colored after spaghetti. His name was inspired by "Good Noodle" stars from Spongebob.


Something that I forgot to put in earlier, dragons that come from a different Viking other than my main one will have two ranks unless they're the same on both Vikings; one from the Viking that first had the dragon and one from my main Viking. For example, Screecher's ranking is listed as 30/20 because he came from another Viking I made first. The ranking of the dragon on the initial Viking will be listed first.

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Screaming Deaths

Apatite the Male Titan Wing Screaming Death (Rank 23)

Apatite is my very first Screaming Death. He is fun loving, protective, and very caring but he can get set off easily if he's relaxing. He loves making new friends but sadly his intimidating appearance often scares off potential allies and his size usually leads to him causing unintentional destruction. He likes hugs on the nose.

Fun Facts: Apatite was named after a gemstone of the same name.


Island Wrecker the Male Screaming Death** (Rank 2)

Island Wrecker is a very smart Screaming Death. Unlike other Screaming Deaths, he doesn't want to destroy homes but instead help create them. Despite this, he was stuck with his title as "The Island Wrecker" after being enslaved by bad people and used to destroy entire islands. Fortunately, he has since escaped and now lives a peaceful life in the mountains (and stables), where he is often visited by Papa and Master Stone.

Fun Facts: Island Wrecker was originally going to be brown to look like soil but this was changed for his current light blue color.


Terror the Male Titan Wing Screaming Death (Rank 20)

Terror, like Dreadflight, was born in the midst of Dreadfall. Unlike Dreadflight, he doesn't really care much for the holiday. He is more like your typical Screaming Death: Very aggressive and scary. He is pirmarily aggressive towards trained dragons, despite being one himself, and their riders because they fire at him for no reason. Once he's fired at, he is merciless and doesn't let up until he wants to. In one instance, he went as far as nearly eat a dragon's rider after getting fed up with them (it took a lot to get that rider out and a lot more to get them to forgive each other). He claims all of the caves in the School and the Wilderness as his own but doesn't mind others entering said caves, so long as they don't cause trouble and/or haven't fired at him. Outside of his aggression towards trained dragons and dragon riders, he is fairly well-mannered. He doesn't mind me and appreciates whatever efforts I make to prevent unnecessary conflict involving him (sadly said efforts have failed). In fact, he's quite protective of me and doesn't like other Screaming Deaths near me. This results in him bickering with Apatite, though their conflicts seldom get violent.

Fun Facts: Terror's strong hatred for trained dragons and their riders, as well as the reason behind it, actually happens in the game! In fact, a Dramillion fired at him as soon as he was on School grounds and fired at him while I was trying to get his picture. I'm still confuzzled about it. . .


Dragon Wizard the Male Titan Wing Screaming Death (Rank 20)

Dragon Wizard a highly intelligent dragon and knows about everything about every dragon, even the ones that haven't been documented yet. He also knows a wide array of spells, all of which relate to dragons in some shape or form. He is able to turn into any dragon, primarily taking the form of a Bewilderbeast. He considers himself the true King of Dragons and considers other "kings" like other Bewilderbeasts and Toothless to be beneath him; the only dragon he respects as a leader is Crystina. Despite this, he cares for every dragon deeply and will always fight for them. He doesn't like humans and originally wanted the entire human race wiped out because of their mistreatment towards dragons. Thanks to Crystina, he no longer finds this a viable solution to protect the dragons but continues to hate most humans. Very few dragon riders have forged a powerful bond with him and those who have can always rely on him to lend a wing in dire situations.

Fun Facts: Dragon Wizard's hatred for humans and original intent to wipe out all humans were inspired by Furious from the How to Train Your Dragon book series.


Angry Noodle the Male Titan Wing Screaming Death (Rank 50)

Angry Noodle is. . .quite literally an angry noodle. At least towards strangers and other dragons, with other Whispering and Screaming Deaths being prime targets of his fury. However, there are exceptions to many things, Angry Noodle's hostility included. Around family and friends, he is like an oversized puppy snake. If people or dragons outside of his "circle" catch him in such a state, he will try to eat them unless someone in said circle stops him. He has a little brother named Happy Noodle and protects him like he's the most precious cinnamon roll.

Fun Facts: Angry Noodle was color after spaghetti and his name is a reference to the "Good Noodle" stars in Spongebob.


The Rattling Tremor - Male Screaming Death (Rank 12)

The Rattling Tremor was feared by even the bravest dragon riders due to all the brutal tales he has surrounding him, ranging from causing violent tremors that destroyed homes in seconds to incinerating villages in the cover of the night. While they're true, most overlook the reason behind the bloodshed: All of his victims were dragon hunters, and most of them had dragon eggs of all kinds in their arsenal. He raised these orphaned dragons to the best of his abilities, from terrifying Whispering Deaths to wise Stormcutters to ever-so elusive Light Furies! Until recently, he's had to take on such a task by himself but a dragon sanctuary that actually did their research brought him in. Now he has a place to bring orphaned dragons and somewhere to call home. After being feared his entire life, he is finally living a life of luxury. In addition to the sanctuary taking the weight off his wings when it comes to aiding orphaned dragons, he also recieves plenty of food and as much love and attention as a newborn puppy. As a thank you for these kind gestures, the Rattling Tremor occasionally tags along on rescue missions and add more chapters to his horrific tales.

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Mystery the Male Titan Dramillion (Rank 20)

Mystery is my very first Dramillion and is quite the mystery! He appeared around the stables one day out of the blue and to this day, no one know how he got there and why he's here. Nevertheless, he is a very well-mannered dragon and is thriving in his new home!

Fun Facts: I might not update his picture since Titan Dramillions and normal Dramillions look so similar.


Yeoleum the Male Dramillion (Rank 31)

Yeoleum was a human in another life in another time but he bares no such memory of that life. Now he lives life as smaller than-average Dramillion that possesses the ability to turn invisible (and change his colors in general) like a Titan Dramillion. He even glows in different colors when he eats Flightmare algae! He is incredibly intelligent, possibly more intelligent than Beluga, and has a big heart. However, he gets picked on for his small size and lack of confidence in himself; often, someone will have to step in to make the troublemaker stop but in the rare instances that he does fend others off, he goes. . .over the top to say the least. He'll bite, fire, and tail whip the evildoer until they fly off the land they're standing on; just like it takes someone else to ward off Yeoleum's bullies, it takes someone else to stop Yeoleum from taking things too far. Outside of such outbreaks, he doesn't fight; he prefers to solve things peacefully, even if it comes out of his own expense. He tends to overthink things and even gives himself anxiety attacks sometimes; fortunately, said attacks are easy to manage. Hugs, pets, and soft talking are usually enough to calm him down. Alternatively, he has a stress teddy that works wonders on him; one hug or squeeze later and it's as if nothing happened.

Fun Facts: Yeoleum is the dragon reincarnation of a character in my story of the same name; I need to gather more sources to confirm this but Yeoleum translates to "Summer".


Karmeleon the Female Dramillion (Rank 10)

Karmeleon doesn't go out of her way to start trouble but if she does, it's because they deserved it. . .well, if she thinks they deserve it. She watches everything carefully and swoops into action when she deems it necessary; many pants have been set ablaze in her presence. She'll also leave little bundles of fish for those worthy of good karma.

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. . .Shiverteeth rolls off the tongue just a little bit better for me.


Frostbite the Male Shivertooth (Rank 14)

Frostbite is my very first Shivertooth. He prefers to be alone and often keeps to his own. He doesn't even hang out with others of his kind! He doesn't talk much and likes silence above all else. He enjoys racing to an extent but mostly does it if he's getting quiet time in exchange for it.


Cold-Blooded the Male Shivertooth (Rank 10)

Cold-Blooded is my second Shivertooth. He is the polar opposite of Frostbite, wanting to be friends with everyone and know all about their business. He always tries to make friends with Frostbite, though the older dragon turns him down frequently. The only time they two interact is when Cold-Blooded acts how Frostbite wants him too: Being completely quiet and out of the way. They primarily exchange waves and stares but it's good enough for Cold-Blooded.

Fun Facts: Cold-Blood is a New Years dragon.


Lantern the Male Shivertooth (Rank 10)

Lantern loves Dreadfall. He loves it so much, he practically celebrates it all year! When he isn't trying to get everyone into the Dreadfall spirit in January, he can be found leading lost dragons and Vikings using his impressive senses and glowing yellow patterns. He is quite friendly and sociable but his immense love for Dreadfall can make him hard to be around sometimes.


Rosebud the Female Shivertooth (Rank 50)

Rosebud is a kind dragon who loves company. However, touching her can be difficult; her pointed edges and spines are much sharper than the average Shivertooth. The only dragon who's been able to tolerate her sharpness is her mate: A male Shivertooth. Her relationship with this dragon makes Shivertooth teeth weapons just a little bit easier to make; efforts were made to harvest her teeth whenever they fell out and someone nearly lost a finger.


Snoggletog's Pick - Male Shivertooth (Rank 10)

Stories say Snoggletog's Pick is Santa for dragons. He's said to spend the whole year gathering shiny objects and food for all kinds of dragons, regardless of their age. Even the terrifying Deathgripper and the beautifully deadly Death Song are in his graces. On December 1st, he starts his rounds, air dropping these goodies without break until the month is over. Humans don't get anything unless they're dragon hunters; if they're lucky, they get stitches but most of the time, the wounds are considered so severe that one could see their very soul. While no one can confirm soul sightings or the grand month-long trip, rescuers have gotten a glimpse of Snoggletog's Pick dismantling hunting operations in the middle of the night and steal the best looking helmets he could find afterward. Sanctuaries have even given him his own doorway because he stops by with the aforementioned helmets full of goodies from his tales.

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Snow Wraiths

Snow Storm the Male Titan Wing Snow Wraith (Rank 27)

Snow Storm is my very first Snow Wraith and the twin brother of Elder Frost. Unlike is his grumpy brother, Snow Storm is outgoing and always has some sort of positive attitude. He is a bit a lady's man (or lady's dragon in this case) and can almost always be found flirting with women (and succeeding). However, he isn't one for settling down and doesn't stay with anyone for more than a day or two. He frequently teases his brother and says he should live a life just like him so he wouldn't be angry all the time, though his brother disagrees with him.

Fun Facts: Despite being my first Snow Wraith, Snow Storm had very little to no character development until Elder Frost's character was developed.


Elder Frost the Male Snow Wraith (Rank 30)

Elder Frost is my second Snow Wraith and the twin brother of Snow Storm. He is also a good friend of Papa's, despite his cold attitude. He is always angry about something and more often than not, he lets it out on others. He doesn't get along well with most dragons and humans and most don't even like him once they hear about him. He wants his brother to act his age and settle down, though he is always told he is living life in the slow lane by Snow Storm. Unlike other Snow Wraiths, he and his brother can tolerate warm climates and fare pretty well in them. However, the hotter it is, the grumpier Elder Frost gets. Elder Frost's thermal vision is also very poor so he has to rely primarily on hearing and smell to get around. Despite the cold exterior, Elder Frost does have a sweet spot for babies, especially baby Snow Wraiths.


Brain Freeze the Male Snow Wraith (Rank 10)

Brain Freeze is another one of the dragons Doctor Alex and Moon rescued. Unlike the other rescued dragons, which were found in the wild or wandering nearby home, Brain Freeze was found in a lab as a baby. The scientists running the lab kept all of their test subjects--live dragons--in terrible condition and put them through horrible experiments. Brain Freeze was one of those subjects but was fortunately found in excellent condition. All of the dragons were freed and helped Moon and Alex destroy the lab. While the other dragons went back to their homes, Brain Freeze stayed with Alex. As it turns out, Brain Freeze was genetically modified to thrive in hotter temperatures while doing the same in cold temperatures like a regular Snow Wraith. Overall, he is quite shy and would rather stay with his family. He competes with Mini Alex for undivided attention from Alex, though he doesn't fight him for it and will often go to Ezra instead if all else fails. He also likes to take a lot of naps but only when he can see Alex or Ezra; if he can't see them, he doesn't sleep well (if at all).


Shiverwing the Male Titan Snow Wraith (Rank 20)

Shiverwing is a friendly dragon but he always looks sad, which has deterred a lot of potential friends. Rest assured, he is a very jolly dragon and those who look past his sad looks find him a joy to be around. He gets along very well with Brain Freeze, which has resulted in Doctor Alex seeing him a lot and naming him.


Freezetouch the Male Snow Wraith (Rank 2)

Freezetouch was named by Doctor Alex. For some reason, he likes silently sitting in his front yard, watching everything that goes on in the doctor's home. Alex finds it creepy, especially when he decides to sit extra close to his house to get a front row seat of everything going on. Every time he gets approached, Freezetouch flies away before anyone could get close. He isn't really aggressive but he doesn't like communicating either. . .just staring.

Fun Facts: Freezetouch was named after a beast species I made [of the same name].


The Festive Hailrider - Male Titan Snow Wraith (Rank 20)

Dragon riders are only ever able to see the Festive Hailrider once a year: On Snoggletog, from midnight to midnight. No one's sure how he knows when to show up, seeing as there's no food or worthwhile human activity to lure him when he does show, but they don't complain either. He's great with the kids and brings gifts in the form of rocks and frozen fish! After all is said and done, he flies off in the blink of an eye and rescuers don't get a chance to tag him for tracking. The one or two riders who manage to spot him outside of this small window are seldom believed because of how brief this viewing is; one blink and he's gone again. They may not even believe themselves at this point. . .

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Monstrous Nightmares

When I first started playing SOD, my very first dragon was a Mosntrous Nightmare! Ironicially enough, it was also one of the first dragons I bought with gems (not the best idea on my part).


Firework the Male Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare (Rank 34/50)

Firework is my very first Monstrous Nightmare and the first dragon I ever obtained in School of Dragons. He is the youngest son of Moona and Galidor and has 4 older brothers: Gale, Galidor Jr., Meteor, and Wonder (from oldest to youngest). He is also the only one out of his siblings to have a mate; her name is Mercy. Firework is the smallest of his siblings and was often picked on by others for it. He is closest to Wonder because he was often the one who defended his brother while his other siblings were off doing other things. As he grew older, he came to terms with his small size and isn't afraid to show off his tiny pride; he is much faster than bigger Nightmares (being able to keep up with his mother) and very agile. He is also a mama's boy and visits Moona more than any of his brothers. While he loves his father, he has much greater respect for Moona and goes to her for everything. He is usually sweet and very smart like Wonder but mentioning his mother or mate in a bad light will make him incredibly aggressive. He will put his mother before anyone else, though he tries to do the same for Mercy as well. He rival used to be Big Blue, Mercy's big brother, but this came to an end when Firework rescued Big Blue from near death. Like his mother, his fire is purple.

Fun Facts: Firework was made long before I started playing School of Dragons and initially, Moona was going to be the Nightmare I started with. However, the latter's name was banned so I improvised and used Firework.


Mercy the Female Monstrous Nightmare* (Rank 30/10)

Mercy is my second Nightmare overall and the mate of Firework. She found Firework while he was in tears after a bad relationship ended, simply because he wasn't ready for anything more intimate than hugs and wing-holding. She comforted him through this tough time not only to make him feel better but so he wouldn't tell his mother about what happened after hearing Moona would more than likely kill Firework's ex once she knew what happened. The two bonded through this and as time went on, Firework eventually started dating Mercy. Unlike Firework's (and his other silbings') exes, Mercy has great respect for Moona and was able to get on her good side after putting her life on the line just to protect Firework. Previously, she had to stop her big brother Big Blue from teasing Firework but no longer has to worry about it, now that Big Blue respects Firework. Mercy has blue fire and is faster than average Monstrous Nightmares, though she is surpassed by Firework and Moona in that department.

Fun Facts: . . .Mercy wasn't named after Mercy from Overwatch.


Moona the Female Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare (Rank 50)

Named "Fireworks Mom" in the game

Moona is the mate of Galidor, the mother of Gale, Galidor Jr. Meteor, Wonder, and Firework, the only daughter of Papa Moon and Merith Neptune, and Moon's twin sister. She serves as a leader of royal guards alongside her husband and trains new recruits. She is very aggressive and protective of her family and friends (something she has few of). She is also very harsh towards her soldiers and doesn't show much pity towards them during training excerises. On the flip side, she is a very caring and loving mother and will go the extra thousand miles to ensure their happiness and safety. However, she never trusts any of the mates they bring to her and has scared all but one off: Mercy. As such, most of her sons don't visit her that often as they fear she'll maul their mates or embarrass them; Firework is the only one who doesn't mind any of this and goes to her for everything. On top of all that, she has a soft spot for children and babies in general. Moona, like her siblings and father, produces purple fire and can send giant fire waves when doing a wing blast. She is also much larger and stronger than other Nightmares, as well as being much faster than them. Because of this, she is both respected and greatly feared as not many have escaped her fury; very few have managed to survive to tell the tale.

Fun Facts: Moona was originally Moon's generbender, hence the. . .very lackluster name. She was also initially Moon's cousin. She is no longer considered a genderbender, or Moon's cousin, and has been developed more to be her own character.


Galidor the Male Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare (Rank 21)

Alias: Gali

Galidor is the mate of Moona and father of her 5 offspring. Like Moona, he serves in the royal guard. Unlike Moona, he is far less aggressive and isn't as overprotective of his children. In fact, he is often the one who has to tell Moona to turn things down a notch, though she never listens. He knows when and when not to step into his sons' dilemmas and does he best to make Moona do the same. He has respect for Papa Moon but the same can't be said for Papa towards Galidor. He doesn't like the Nightmare near his daughter and would rather Moona find someone else; evidently, she doesn't listen to him on that. While Galidor won't back talk Papa (usually), he does find him to be a bit of a senile pain in the wing.

Fun Facts: Galidor was created by the same friend who made Silvertina, Tune, and Ezra.


Gale the Male Monstrous Nightmare* (Rank 10)

Gale is the oldest son of Moona and Galidor and thus, the oldest amongst his brothers. He is also larger than his brothers. He is a bit of a lady's man and interacts with his mother the least as an adult. He thinks highly of himself to an extent and feels he doesn't need his mother to get around in life. In fact, he has fun rebelling against her sometimes! On the other hand, Gale has high respect of his father and admires his paitence with Moona. Because he's so distant from Moona and he doesn't like to talk about her in a positive light that much, he and Firework don't get along.


Galidor Jr. the Male Monstrous Nightmare* (Rank 11)

Galidor Jr. is the second oldest son of Moon and Galidor. True to his name, he is just like his father: Paitent, intelligent, humble, and of course they look similar. Like Gale, he doesn't interact with his mother much anymore but he does have respect for her and hopes to become as powerful as her one day. He trains frequently alone and plans to join the royal guard one day. Unlike his other siblings that have purple fire, Galidor Jr. produces a golden flame like his father.


Wonder the Male Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare (Rank 20)

Wonder is the second youngest son of Moona and Galidor, being only a year older than Firework. True to his name, he is always willing to learn and is the most intelligent out of all his brothers. He tends to ask a lot of questions to expand his knowledge and comes up with his own theories for those he can't get a definitive answer to. Many like to call him a "walking Wikipedia" due to his vast knowledge on so many subjects and his willingness to share it. While he has a good heart, he can be insensitive and say things that would hurt someone's feelings without bad intent. Out of Firework's brothers, Wonder is the kindess and overall most protective of his youngest brother.

Fun Facts: Wonder and Firework share the same birthday: December 24th.


Meteor the Male Monstrous Nightmare* (Rank 10)

Meteor is one of Firework's older brothers; he is the middle child. He is humble unless it comes to flying; in that case, he is a major showoff and finds himself to be the fastest, most agile Monstrous Nightmare the world has ever seen. Usually Firework has to fly in and bring him back to down to Earth (literally sometimes. . .). He is pretty neutral towards his mother, understanding that she is unreasonably overprotective at times but only because she cares a lot. Despite this, he'd still rather be with his father than his mother.


Big Blue the Male Titan Monstrous Nightmare (Rank 20)

Big Blue is Mercy's big brother and Firework's ex-rival. For years, he poked fun at Firework's small size and his over reliance on his mother. While Moona was successful at warding him off on multiple occasions, he almost always returned to mock Firework. Things only got worse when his little sister began dating the small Nightmare; in fact, the two started having more physical fights after Firework and Mercy became a couple. While Moona is always there to protect her little dragon, Mercy was the one stopping the fights in a heartbeat because Moona would just tag team with Firework. The tables finally turned when Big Blue was shot down and left for dead by dragon hunters, who only attacked the Titan Nightmare for fun. When things were looking bleak, it was Firework who came in and hauled him to safety. From that point onward, Big Blue stopped bullying Firework and has had great respect for him. Big Blue loves to show off his massive size and his fireball; unlike most Nightmares, he produces an orange and blue flame, the latter of which is more powerful. He has a short temper but when it comes to family, he's almost like a saint. He's very protective of his little sister and is always willing to come to her and Firework's aid. He's still not on the best terms with Moona but they are slowly mending old wounds.


Igniter the Male Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare (Rank 50)

Igniter was named as such for two reasons: He almost always has his "flame jacket" ability active and, because of it, sets just about everything he touches on fire. Not even other Stoker Class dragons want to be near him but at least he can make a pretty show by changing the color of his flames from red to blue.

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Sometimes I call Rumblehorns "Rumbly-horns" or "Rumblies".


Beetle the Male Rumblehorn (Rank 20)

Beetle is my very first Rumblehorn. He likes to ram into things and lift others to prove how strong he is. He will also track things down just to show how good he is at finding things. When he isn't trying to show off, he can be found digging holes just to put random things he finds in them; from sticks and rocks to one of the sparkling chests you can find around the Archipelago. He can get along great with other dragons but he primarily gets along best with other Rumblehorns. He gets along especially well with Stomper and sees the dragon as a best friend. He worries for the older dragon as he fears his age will get to him soon and tries to play with him at least once a day, every day.


Stomper the Male Titan Wing Rumblehorn (Rank 20)

Stomper is much older than Beetle and a lot more quiet. He primarily interacts with Beetle and sees him as a son, though Beetle sees him as a best friend so he doesn't get as much respect from him as he would if he was seen as a fatherly figure. He always tries to be supportive of Beetle and will try to talk him out of anything he thinks will harm the younger dragon. While he won't really engage with other dragons, he usually silently enjoys their company. Sadly, his age is starting to get to him and he can no longer move like he used to. He is well-aware that his fate could be near and has accepted it for a long time now. He tries to make Beetle feel the same way, though the discussion always makes Beetle very sad and ends up with poor Beetle being denial of Stomper's eventual demise.


Bloodhound the Male Rumblehorn** (Rank 10)

Bloodhound is very humble and has equally as good manners. He bows a lot in respect and is quick to follow commands, which has lead to some comparing him to a butler. He was named not only for his bright red hide but for the fact that he is an excellent tracker, as is any Rumblehorn. However, he doesn't put his nose to often as use because Beetle is quick to come in and finish the job for him to showboat. He is to act as a "backup" for Beetle when Stomper passes so he learning as much as he can from the elderly Rumblie and trying to bond with Beetle as much as possible.

Fun Facts: Bloodhound was named after the dog breed. . .seriously, I can name a dragon BLOODhound but not Meadow or Alex in the game? It would've been different if was written as "Blood Hound" but still. =m= On another note, Bloodhound's picture was supposed to be him looking at the ground to look like he was sniffing and he was just going to be a stern, quiet dragon but instead, I got his current picture. It looked like he was bowing so it changed what I had in mind for him!


Rumbly the Male Titan Wing Rumblehorn (Rank 50)

Rumbly is a happy-go-lucky dragon and not a lot really bothers him. His hide is really tough so arrows tend to bounce off him. Because of this, he'll seek out dragon hunters, land on the ship, and let them fire at him. When they're out of ammo, he starts destroying everything; he'll run them over, eat their sails (yes, eat), and set the ship itself on fire. Alternatively, if other allies are on the battlefield, he'll act as cover for them while they prepare an attack or are taken to safety. He really love belly rubs and they might as well be considered his greatest weakness; once someone starts rubbing his belly, he won't budge.


Motherbug the Female Titan Wing Rumblehorn (Rank 20)

Motherbug is like Papa's backup when he isn't around. She'll ensure the safety of all the dragons, make them food (even though it tends to come out as ashes), and ensure no one does anything too crazy. This has earned her a high rank in the pack and Dragon Wizard, someone who thinks most are beneath him, has respect for her. She constantly puts others before herself, which has its pros and cons: She is an old soul and has pushed herself too far quite a few times taking care of others instead of tending to her own health. Motherbug is also bigger than the average Titan Rumblehorn and uses this to her advantage; because she's so big, one stern look or snarl is usually enough to set a dragon in their place. She had a mate and two sons but the mate died and she hasn't seen her sons in decades; no one knows where they are. Now she sees Rumbly as a potential mate but doesn't know how to win him over. While she's highly intelligent, she's not very good at dating; for the time being, she just watches Rumbly from afar, hoping one day he'll come up to her instead of the other way around. Beetle is put off by this behavior and avoids her when he spots her watching Rumbly while Bloodhound is trying to encourage her to make the first move.

Fun Facts: Motherbug was hatched for Mother's Day 2019. She was colored after the Valiant Scarbearer from Dragons: Titan Uprising.

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Luigi the Male Windwalker (Rank 7)

Luigi was on the verge of getting killed from dragon hunters when he was found as a baby. Fortunately, Papa was able to swoop in and grab him before it was too late but Luigi was malnourished and sad. With a lot of time and patience, he became well-fed (maybe a little too well fed. . .) and an overall happy dragon. He doesn't like flying without me and is very shy around other humans and dragons. When he's surrounded by [friendly] humans or dragons, he is quick to fly away and stays very quiet if he can't.

Fun Facts: Luigi was named and based off of my dog of the same name. Even the grim backstory had some inspiration from him! In turn, Luigi was named by my brother, who named him after Luigi from the Mario series.


Gator the Male Windwalker (Rank 11)

Gator is a very fiesty Windwalker. He isn't afraid to show other dragons who's boss and will snap at Vikings he deems unworthy of touching him. However, he's a reliable ally in battle; he's willing to fly into the heat of danger to rescue a downed fighter or destroy weapons so others can get through. Because of his aggressive nature, he can't explore the School without supervision from either me or one of my more well-behaved dragons, like The Great Guardian or Papa.


Chompers the Male Windwalker (Rank 10)

Chompers is one of the dragons in the Pride Squad and represents pan. He is very open-minded and has no qualms with most people and dragons. As long as you don't try to hurt him and good dragons and people, you're a friend of his. He has long, but friendly, debates with Love, Lovey, Lover, and Loved whenever he isn't flying around and helping others.

Fun Facts: Chompers was colored after the pan pride flag.

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Grim Gnashers

Scavenger the Male Titan Wing Grim Gnasher (Rank 20)

Scavenger is my first Grim Gnasher. Unlike other Grim Gnashers, he doesn't prey on weakened dragons and tries to befriend Sentinels. Sadly, most have rejected his kind offer and attacked him. So far, the only Sentinel he has been able to get along with is Sir, who doesn't mind the little fellow one bit. While he doesn't prey on other dragons, he does have a habit of stealing anything shiny and hiding it. Fortunately, it isn't too hard to get the object back from him but it usually isn't that hard for him to get it back either! Aside from that, he is a good dragon overall.


Mugger the Female Grim Gnasher** (Rank 10)

Mugger is. . .a lot like her name. She is always stealing things from other riders and their dragons and keeps it all stashed away in a cave. Which cave, I cannot say, because as soon as one person finds it, she will not only viciously defend the area and harm the intruder but quickly relocate everything as well. She is very aggressive and protective of "her" possessions. Additionally, she will prey on weakened dragons, whether they are wild or trained, young or old, should the opportunity present itself. Yet somehow, she has managed to catch Scavenger's heart. . .but she doesn't like him in the slightest way.

Fun Facts: Mugger was originally going to be named "Prism" and have pastel/very pale colors. . .of course, "Prism" is another one of those words that is censored for no reason.


Toothpick the Male Titan Wing Grim Gnasher (Rank 20)

Ever since Uncle Daddy gave this Grim Gnasher the title of "Toothpick", no one has stopped calling him it. He has mixed feelings about the name at the moment. Toothpick's teeth fall out a lot easier than other Grim Gnashers (and grow back just as easily), meaning it takes less force to launch dozens of teeth at a target and deal damage. Lately, his teeth have been collected in hopes of improving weaponry or armors; in exchange, he gets a fish feast.

Fun Facts: Toothpick was colored after Dawnbite from Rise of Berk.

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RuPaul the Fireworm Queen (Rank 10)

RuPaul is as good mannered as she is fabulous! She bring life to any party and leave anyone she hangs out with feeling just as happy and fabulous as her! She loves to create runways for all to come and doesn't mind giving critque to those who ask for it. She is a very friendly dragon and loves to help others. Rather than seeing Royale as a servant or a lesser being in general, she sees him as a great friend and always tries to encourage him.

Fun Facts: RuPaul was named after RuPaul Charles, a very popular drag queen and host of the show RuPaul's Drag Race (as well as appearing in a number of other things!). Her colors also have some inspiration from some of the outfits RuPaul wore on the show as well.


Royale the Male Fireworm (Rank 12)

Royale is bigger than most male Fireworms but he's only the size of a baby Fireworm Queen. He likes to be picked up and enjoys tummy rubs. He looks up to RuPaul and hopes to be just as amazing as she is. Likewise, RuPaul always motivates Royale, believing he has great potential to do just about anything.

Fun Facts: Royale was named after Lautrice Royale, another popular drag queen (and in fact my favorite one from RuPaul's Drag Race). Like RuPaul, Royale's colors also come from some of the outfits Lautrice wore on the show. Royale was originally going to be a Fireworm Queen like RuPaul but I decided to make him a male and keep him a baby so he looks more like a standard sized male Fireworm instead.

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Evaporate the Male Titan Scauldron (Rank 30)

Evaporate is my very first Scauldron. He was separated from his pod when he was just a baby from dragon hutners and has bared a grudge against them ever since. Because of his grudge, he was very difficult to train even after he was rescued multiple times. Fortunately, the paitence paid off as he is. . .mostly well mannered. He likes to mess with Bazinga by threatening to eat him, though he has no real intent to eat the Sliquifier. Additionally, he always gets into fights with Boom Burst for unknown reasons. He is the mate of Boil and the father of Vaporize and Steam.


Boil the Female Scauldron** (Rank 25)

Boil is the mate of Evaporate and the mother of Vaporize and Steam. How the two met is a complete mystery; all that is known is Evaporate left one day and came back with Boil about a week later with an egg in her stubby arms. Unlike Evaporate, Boil doesn't get into fights with my other Thunderdrums and doesn't torment Bazinga for her own amusement. She is much more well-mannered than her mate overall but she can get pretty violent when it comes to protecting her family.


Vaporize the Male Scauldron** (Rank 14)

Vaporize is the oldest son Boil and Evaporate and Steam's big brother. He is pretty close to his father and looks up to him, though he doesn't like all the fights he gets into. Like his mother, he is well-mannered and keeps to his own. He is protective of his little sister but finds her rivalry with my Thunderdrums ridiculous, seeing as though she's only involved in it because Evaporate is. As such, he never really gets involved unless Steam gets really hurt.

Fun Facts: Vaporize was intended to be male but it could be possible for Vaporize to be female! When I first hatched him, I couldn't remember if I selected the male or female icon and I thought the smaller chin Evaporate had in his profile picture acted as a gender difference (in the end, I found out he was stuck with mobile graphics, which has since been resolved) since Boil's chin was much bigger (she had the PC graphics). So with no way to tell whether the dragon is male or female (at the moment), I'm not actually sure if Vaporize is male or not. . .for the time being, we'll say he's male.


Steam the Female Scauldron (Rank 10)

Steam is the youngest daughter of Boil and Evaporate and Vaporize's little sister. She is as troublesome as her father; she torments Sliquifiers by saying she'll eat them (though she never does) and gets into fights with Boom Burst and Equilibrium, despite the Thunderdrums not doing anything to her. She can usually be found spending time with her father or looking for boys, though the latter option usually ends with Evaporate scaring whoever she lures over away.

Fun Facts: Steam and the rest of her family are all named after the state change of water when it's heated up: It evaporates and becomes steam.


Cooldron the Male Titan WIng Scauldron (Rank 20)

Contrary to other Scauldrons, Cooldron produces an icy water blast like the Bewilderbeast. He is cold to the touch and thrives more in cold water than hot water. He usually keeps to himself but if he spots someone harassing another dragon or fellow Viking, he'll swoop into action and try to freeze the troublemaker where they stand. He also isn't afraid to shoot down someone who fires at him.

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Tide Gliders

Seafoam the Male Tide Glider (Rank 10)

Seafoam was found playing in a lake by himself, similar to how Ultra Sound was found. He was easily trained and is a very friendly dragon overall. He can almost always be found in his lake, waiting for visitors to come over and hopefully play with him or give him food! If he isn't in the lake, he can be found flying along beaches and snatching fish from the sea.

Fun Facts: Seafoam was colored after the Exotic Tide Glider in Rise of Berk.


Doctor Alex the Male Tide Glider (Rank 10)

Alex was hit by a spell from a fellow wizard friend of his and was turned into a Tide Glider. He's happy to not get called "Giraffe Neck" in this state but he still looks like a sea monster and he finds himself with an itchy, rashy belly after dragging it along the ground so much. He is currently trying to create something he can wear to protect his belly and look fashionable. He also hopes to master his dragon transformation spells to make him become a cooler dragon (cooler to his standards at least) so he could stop being the laughing stock of the group and gain more respect.

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Hidden the Male Changewing (Rank 10)

Hidden is my very first Changewing. He is very timid and is always hidden in plain sight. The few times he can be seen is when he's flying with little to no dragons and humans around. He is incredibly loyal and protective of the few he doesn't mind being by.


Fruit Blend the Male Changewing (Rank 10)

Fruit Blend is quite the opposite of Hidden; he loves being seen and is incredibly playful! He can often be found playing in the water with other Tidal Class dragons. He also has a habit of chasing small, moving things like fish, bugs, and unfortunately dragons like Terrible Terrors and Night Terrors. Because of this, he gets along well with normal sized and big dragons but has made quite a few pint sized rivals.

Fun Facts: Fruit Blend is the name of my first Changewing in Rise of Berk.


Meltaway the Male Changewing (Rank 10)

Meltaway was named by the few dragon hunters who barely survived an encounter with him. If it's not because of how he seemingly "melts" into the shadows, it's more than likely because of how much acid he sprays in a single setting and how quickly he does it. He is incredibly aggressive and riding him is a risk for both dragon and rider because he'll attempt to get whoever's riding him off so much, sometimes he'll spiral out of the air or thrash into a hard surface.