My first attempt with recoloring an image, plus dragon sketches I've finished

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I don't usually show off my art in here,

(and yes I know what I said about the whole "SoD could 'steal' your work", me saying "I'll never post art here again!" and people such as Varku, Saerileth and others clearing that issue up. I didn't reply to my thread but I'd like to say thank you for giving my mind some peace with my concerns)


But... Ah... So...

I've always been a tad envious at artists who does some amazing recolors with images in here. I'm always too shy to ask for one, and feel like I should always do an art trade to get one.


So I just googled "how to recolor", found a youtube explaining it, and here I am, shamelessly showing off the result. I'm rather proud of my first recolor attempt :'3

I attempted a haiku but, I can't get the 5-7-5 syllable thing right x'D



I also did some bust headshots! These were the results of an art trade I've made with some lovely peeps here :D

(These were custom-drawn per particular person, and are not for recoloring except for their respective owners, apologies)


Hi! I'll be on slight hiatus from the forums and art requests, as I'll be working on my undergraduate thesis.

Hopefully things go well without any problems :'D

I'll still be around watching.


Because of a bug, I'm now "VicZarskykatsu" in-game. Thanks SoD.


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...And unfortunately forums crushed my images again.

(Q_Q )

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That top recolor looks amazing! :o

Also gotta say, I love that monstrous nightmare drawing X3



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Thank you, I think they were the most complicated one I've done with the art trade QwQ

(Was so happy to see their owner complimented my wip so much :w: )

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As your first attempt, that recolor is AMAZING! Very well done!


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They all look amazing well

They all look amazing well done

(Me thinking about if I tried to do that *images of a weirdly misshapen and see through dragon flashes through mind*)


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*Sobs* TuT

The forums are a cruel place to post large-scale images...

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Those are really cool! *Golf claps* well done my fellow XD

I always wanted to do edits too... but either I forget or dismiss the idea :P



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*Bouncy sounds* :D

Me neither, I don't like doing edits. (;w; )


But then I saw peeps having some really cool ones and I was like... "Dayumn, I'd like to try that too :Oc"

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

For some reason I can't see your images :(  I bet they look great, though!


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Ah is that so? They're up on my blog if you'd like to see em ;w;

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This is absolutly amazing. I've thought about recoloring, considering I haven't figured out total realism yet. Heck, I haven't even figured out drawing without lineart. But yeah I think this is inspiring me to give it a try! Do you think you could maybe link the video you found? :>


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Of course ;w;


Erm, though they're using photoshop here specifically, but I'm sure other programs would have similar tools.


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Thank you so much! I think your art is very amazing as well~

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This is absolutly amazing. I've thought about recoloring, considering I haven't figured out total realism yet. Heck, I haven't even figured out drawing without lineart. But yeah I think this is inspiring me to give it a try! Do you think you could maybe link the video you found? :>

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That recolor is amazing! And

That recolor is amazing! And the headshots are so detailed, especially the monstrous nightmare's scales.  Recoloring is something I've wanted to learn as well. 


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