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Now I know this seems like a stretch, but my fav is the Abomibumble. About a year ago (I think) when it came on titan uprising, I fell in love. But I never told anyone that it was my fav. I would just default to the light fury or deadly nadder if someone asked. But seeing all  this love for my fav boi on the forum has warmed my heart. I thought people despised this dragon, but I just knew it would be the next hybrid because of its association with the gronkle and monstrous nightmare. (Totally called it) I'm crossing my fingers that the Brooding Boltstamper or Hushboggle is next on the list. (And Slitherwings) I think the reason so many hybrids are xoming out is because the probably signed a deal with Ludia (makers of Titan Uprising and Rise of Berk) and want to make the most of the hybrids that people loved in those games. Whatever the case, I am just glad Buttontail (his name) is here!  


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I want him & Grumbelina to be bffs


But honestly I'm DELIGHTED with how great the Abomibumble turned out? They're so incredibly derpy & adorable. The animations are fluid & very lively. You can really tell the devs/animators put a lot of work into these cute little gumdrops.



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I am planning on buying six more. Also Buttontail was named like that because he reminded me of Courderoy the teddy bear and his buttons. The tail part because of his leopard gecko tail. Both combine because on the surface, it looks like he has buttons on his tail.