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Hi, here are all my drawings. SoD or not, they're here.

This one is Chester from Don't Starve with his Eye Bone. I love Don't Starve, so there are many of those to come![/IMG]



This is another of Don't Starve Chester, sitting with Wilson by a campfire at night. That expression, Wilson.  XD[/IMG]


This is, yet another, of Don't Starve, Wilson holding a helpless little rabbit. His friends are terrified!!![/IMG]

And lastly, a Night Fury![/IMG]
If you're wondering how I drew these, I looked the Don't Starve images up on Google Images, all of them from DeviantArt    Then I    opened Paint, and redrew them myself. Since I did not post the exact images, I don't think it counts as stealing. I hate art stealing, and I fully support this thread:
Just in case, since I don't want to upset anyone, I'll list the artists here:
3. Lilaira
2. I couldn't find it any more, sorry ;-;
1. SirBlinka
Also, this one is quite good. Still self-drawn and found on DeviantArt, I won't list it this time, since I still don't believe it's stealing.





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My Dragons:


Electrifying - Skrill


Poison - Deadly Nadder


Moonglow - Flightmare


Earthripper - Whispering Death


Kamatay - Triple Stryke


Blue Spark Lizard - Singetail


Allegro - Slithersong


Viggo - Grapple Grounder 


Toothless - Night Fury


Mercy - Stormcutter


Storm - Raincutter

Valor - Woolly Howl



Dragons I Want


Smothering Smokebreath

Speed Stinger

Night Terror

Death Song & Razorwhip (My expansion pack bugged out so I can't get them.  Since said bug has been happening for months I don't think it'll be fixed any time soon. :c)

Snow Wraith (I'll have every Strike Class dragon >:)



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The second one I couldn't

The second one I couldn't post :(