My dragon isn´t faster

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I bought the wild saddle and the dragon rider shirt and my dragon is almost at level 20, I did not feel, that my dragon is faster now. Why ?


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While the saddle increases

While the saddle increases speed by just 5%, the shirt doesn't -- it boosts the turning radius and flight pitch of the dragon. 

Given that, 5% is enough to make a difference, but just barely. i.e. if you were neck to neck with someone of the same level but without this advantage, going at approximately the same speed, you'd just manage to pull up in front of them, but the difference itself is not too noticeable otherwise. 

The dragon rider helmet and shoulder pads do increase speed, though. 

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Well you should buy the whole race clothing in the store, and wear them everytime you race.

And always practice, because experienced racers had thesame problem. :)


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