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It has come to my attention that many SoD members – even some well-known ones unfortunately, have been verbally abusing and filling chat with hate speech towards the clan WARZONE.  I realize that many of these users, may not be on this forum, but I feel like this needs to be said anyway – if at least to stand up for my clan, but I promise this’ll be short.

Although I am a fairly new member of SoD, I am well aware of the many accusations towards WARZONE, and the bad behavior that some members have displayed.  However, I can honestly let you know that WARZONE has an awesome, new leader and members (Like me!) who are collectively working towards a wonderful, redemptive future.  We are now a very loving, loyal, and supportive clan of like-minded and honest Vikings and in no way condone the actions of past members or others from clans who cheat in any capacity.  However (and I believe I have my clan’s backing when I say this), if you continue to accuse us of anything bad or blast us with hate speech, we refuse to tolerate, listen to, or care about it – no matter how “popular” you may be.  I’m again asking that you please stop, because it is doing no one any good to continue this, and you are only coming across as a foolish War Lord goon.  We are willing to fight alongside each other until our deaths.

If you still have questions, I encourage you to politely PM me, and I promise to talk with my fellow clan members and answer to the best of my ability and knowledge.  On the bright side, have an awesome week and stay safe!


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It probably wouldve been a better idea to talk to the people who were saying the bad things specifically just so no drama starts.. But I also dont think people should call a whole clan bad because of a few people maybe doing something bad or because of personal drama.

Ive seen so much drama ive stopped going to certain places in the game.. like the training grounds.. i only go there if its empty :p

Anyways ill stop talking now.


Leaving the forums because I swear every  thread ends up starting an argument. Am I the only one noticing this? Maybe. I'm only gonna be online if I get a PM.

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Nope.  I agree.  Thanks for your input.  Unfortunately, I can't contact the specific people (first of all because I don't know their usernames, and second because they are biased), but I thought I'd at least make a general announcement so that people know our default now.