In My Blood Chapter 1 and 2 ~A Half Blood Story~

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Hi, I’m Vivian. I’m that one Apollo kid in the background nobody notices, due to the big Kronos war and the shooting and the ahhhhhh I’m dieing. Though I should probably give some background. Let’s just start at the beginning.


So I’m walking, or running, yeah running. At full speed. Away from my school. Your probably thinking What did this girl do?! but it wasn’t my fault. Some crazy cheerleader and this boy lit the place up. And I didn’t exactly want to catch on fire. So I bailed. Like I ran. I know you don’t really know me yet, but I don’t run. Like period. I might look fit-ish, but really I just don’t pig out. Don’t eat too much junk food kids. Doesn’t help when you need to run from a burning building. And that’s not how your supposed to burn calories. So I had been running for a while and I finally made it to my house. I lived in a one story complex in a calm neighborhood, we had a lot of bills due and the yard was always littered with bikes and random toys, which my mom always insisted I should clean up. And then I realized something.


 “How am I supposed to explain this to my mom?!” I yelled into the sky


My moms a Christian, and so am I. I never met my father, my mom says I look just like him. And that he wouldn’t approve of me going to church. Whatever that means. She says I act like her though, I’m quiet on the outside. She says that’s what my dad found attractive in her, and gross mom, I don’t need to know that. Any who, she wasn’t home yet, luckily, so maybe I could walk around the block and wait until school was out. Which is kind of ironic, since their trying to put out the fires. I walked inside and found my brother--- Oh right, I have a brother. He looks nothing like me. He looks like my mom. He has brown shaggy hair and when he’s not dressed for church in the most ugly clothes he can find. And he’s overly attached to this card game --- On the couch.


“What are you doing home?” I asked plopping down next to him


“What are you doing home?” He asked back, giving me the I-won’t-tell-if-you-don


“Fair enough.” I got up and went into my room to change, into some trashy orange shirt with ‘CHB’ on it, as if I knew what that meant. And some shorts. My mom said to wear this shirt if stuff ever got weird, and well, stuff was getting weird. I went to get my flip-flops when I heard my little brother yelling bloody murder. And I was about to yell stop being so dramatic but then I heard a loud crash. And I have probably never said a curse word so loud, God forgive me.


I ran into the living room to see this--- thing. I don’t even know what to call it. It looked like a really ugly dog. (And I love dogs.) Except this one, had two heads. I don’t even know. I just know my brother was screaming his head off and it was snarling at him.


At first I just stood there and said something real smart like “Uhhhh?!” but then I realized this was a dog. A double headed one maybe, but a dog.


“Vivian! Help!” My brother screamed out scrambling against the back wall.
My dog training lessons kicked in. And I grabbed the nearest loose floorboard and ripped it from the ground. “Hey! Doggy!” I called quite ignorantly to the dog--- dogs?


It seemed the grab the ugly things attention and I waved the floor board at him. And he followed it with both his heads, it was kind of funny looking.


“Want the stick?!” I called as I fake threw it. The weird mutant dog ran around the living room looking for it while I motioned for my brother to run. But he’s a idiot. He just sat there staring at everything around him. I tried to motion for him to move at least but he just stared at me like he had never seen me before in my life, as if I had burst in as quickly as the dog.


Eventually the weird thing noticed I was still holding the floor board and barked impatiently at me. It startled me and I had to keep the dog distracted from my brother, since the idiot wouldn’t move.


“Come on! Follow the stick!” I called as I walked out to the back yard, still littered with my brothers action figures. And his weird card game Mythomagic or something. But the dog-thing was so focused on the stick that he didn’t notice when he squished a figurine of Apollo, which was practically the only “God” I could remember. I ran up to the back gate but the dog was faster, and it plopped down in front of the gate and wagged it’s tail. Looking at it now it was massive. Like a double headed car. There was no way I was getting away from it.


“Uhhh…?” I looked back to see my brother had come outside to watch. Idiot.


“GO INSIDE!” I yelled at him and he looked at me like I just shot our mother. But he obliged and ran in.


I groaned and pushed my hair out of my eyes. There was no way I could just keep it here, what would I say to mom?


“Alright-ah.. dogs.. come with me..” I said not very sure of myself as I reached for the latch, the dog jumped and I yelped, but it was just trying for the stick and not my hand.


“Ah! Not yet!” I swung the gate open and led the dog out, shutting the gate. I looked back at my house, and my scared little brother, watching from the screen door.


“I’ll be back!” I promised half heartedly, and he nodded, I was about to run off with the dog when he called


“I love you sis..”


I hesitated, looking at this thing, and then my brother. “I love you too.”
And then I ran with a double-headed dog away from my house, I live in Ronkonkoma, New York, so everything is pretty clustered together. If anybody saw this weird dog thing, they didn’t notice.


I was at a loss of where to go, I was just leading this thing around. When something appeared in front of me. No, literally appeared. Materialized in front of my eyes. I was staring at a girl with a white cloth wrapping around her just above her knees, silver sandals and a silver leaf hair piece, with a quiver stocked with arrows and blonde messy hair. Her bow was aimed at the dog.


“Whoa!” I said looking her up and down and then stepping in front of the dog. “Watch it girl!”


She looked at me like I just insulted her ancestors and aimed her bow at me. I gulped.


“And who is thou?” She said notching her bow


“Ah.. my name is Vivian.. I’m-”


“A heroine?” She presumed and lowered her bow a bit




“Never the less, why does thou walk with a beast?”


“What?” I asked pretty dumbfounded “The dog?”


Orthrus.” She stated “Double-headed dog of Geryons castle, has finally revived.” She raise her bow. “And I plan to send it back”


“Wh-what?!” I stammered out blocking the dog, Orthrus she called it. “He didn’t do anything!”


“Did thou not try to kill thys brother?”


I thought on it, and looked at the frightened dog. He- It growled lowly but his tail, was tucked between its legs.


“Orthrus didn’t do anything, miss..” I tried


“Is thou not aware of the invasion?!” She snapped at me




I felt so dumb. She explained that the Gods were fighting off every monster that appeared, for a great threat was awakening. I didn’t know what she meant by Gods, there was one God as far as I knew. Then she kept talking.


“My name is Artemis, Goddess of the hunt.”


I felt like someone sprayed satanic water into my religion, shook it around and then forced me to drink it.


“Your real?” I said like the idiot I am. Must run in the family.




I flinched back and so did the dog as she aimed her bow


“No please!” I pleaded “Don’t shoot him!”


“Is this thous dog?”


“Uh…yes!” I claimed and the dog looked at me like I just hugged it


She lowered her bow. “Very well, get back to camp.”


“Camp?” I asked. I had no idea what was going on at this point.


Suddenly she became a bright light and I looked away, when the light faded I turned back. And she was gone.


“Do you know what camp were going to buddy?” I said kneeling by my new found dog, finally handing him the wood.


He got real excited at this and his other head barked and licked me, then he focused on my shirt


“What does CHB mean? Do you know?”


He barked real excited again and took off running down the streets on Ronkonkoma.


“H-Hey! Wait up!” I called running after the dog.


I didn’t know how far from home I would really end up that day. But my gut told me I probably wouldn’t make it to church this Sunday.





40 minutes of running and I’m wheezing like someone ripped out my lungs. Had my gym teacher seen me now I would’ve been applauded. Orthrus looked at me like huh? and licked at my knees, with one of it’s heads, while the other one looked up at me like Let’s go! we don’t got all day. You would think I would have been looked at weird or shot, running around in this bright orange t-shirt with a double-headed dog. But nobody batted a eye. Well, by now we were just in a field. But earlier nobody even stopped to ask where I was going.


“Oh god, Mom!” I exclaimed, realizing that I just booked it down a highway and out of town, with my little brother- Oh my god. I am so grounded. There’s no way I can explain any of this and---


My thoughts got interrupted by Orthrus tugging at my shirt, telling me to keep moving. “Okay fine!” I grumbled jogging along side the dog---, dogs? He was so impatient. And I felt like I was going to pass out.


“Can’t we stop” I wheezed and he---, (I had been assuming it was a boy), sat down, in the middle of my path, and I tripped over him. Rather than getting up I lay on the ground wheezing and staring at the grass. Why. I thought to myself as he plopped down next to me. I rolled onto my back, examining the sky. It had gotten a little dark, maybe we could camp out before going, wherever we were going? I looked at my dog, and he looked back at me like, We don’t have time for this, I’m telling you. Wait no, I actually heard that!


“What?” I asked aloud, I swear I heard his voice


We don’t have time for this, Vivian!


“You said my name! You diffidently said my name!” And at this point I’m thinking Woah, I’m crazy, dogs don’t talk, and his mouth--- mouths, didn’t even move! Maybe it’s the lack of sleep.


Human girl on the ground please get up. The voice was sarcastic.




Yes yes you can here me, please we have to go!


I was freaking out. I heard this, dog! In my head! And I think they had separate heads, the tones were slightly different and--- wait how could I hear this animal! What?! Orthrus started to look at me worriedly and I decided to get up, still freaked out.


“If you insist on going we better go!” I managed way to happily. One of his heads was giving me a Oh my gods why look. While the other looked relieved. And we started on a jog. “But I still don’t see why we’re in such a rush.”


Because--- Orthrus voice, voices stopped and his heads looked up simultaneously. Suddenly their was a loud bird call, scary.


“That wouldn’t happen to be a peacock, would it?” I asked snorting and he snarled at me as if to say shut up! And as if one cue a massive creature burst into view, it was a little disturbing. It had the body of a women mostly, and massive wings for arms, with feathers growing from her stomach down, and her feet were sharp talons. And she had this fierce look in her eyes like, I will tear you up then feed you to my chicks. That went perfectly with her devilish grin.


My instinct? Run like heck.


So that’s what I did! I literally booked it down the road and Orthrus had no choice but to follow, his voices bickering which was kind of distracting. But I guess this wasn’t the first time the food ran from her, because she was gaining fast. I have probably never said a curse world so repeatedly up until today. And Orthrus was snarling as I stopped running, this wouldn’t work. I had no weapon, this was hopeless this whole, Go to camp thing was a bunch of crap if you ask me. The Harpy landed on the nearest rock and said a bunch of things in ancient Greek, and at first I’m like Wait, what? but then something in my mind clicks, and I catch the tail end of “---My mistress will be pleased!” And Orthrus is making this noise that I don’t understand, and I’m kind of glad I don’t understand it, because it didn’t sound very nice, and the Harpy seemed ticked.


“Um..” I started and her beady eyes turned towards me I looked around and plucked the wheat we stood in “Breadcrumbs?” And at first she got real confused like What the heck is up with this child. But then she snapped out of it and cackled, realizing I didn’t have a weapon, and flew straight towards me, almost leisurely. And I’m thinking Man am I done for our what. Best last words ever, you should quote that. When Orthrus bounds and snaps at her wing, and she takes a dive like WHAT?! and nearly falls onto her face, then she circles back up and she’s flying in place, waiting “FOOLISH DOG!” She sounds out and I suddenly feel like I’m in a Pokemon battle, because Orthrus looks like he’s waiting for my command and I’m thinking to myself We are so screwed. When Orthrus growls at me, and I can understand, because he says something like


Just tell me when to bite. And suddenly he’s running at the bird-woman, and she’s flying towards him. And it looks like lightning is going to clash between them and a commercial about Crest Toothpaste is going to come on, but no dice. And he and the bird are going at it, suddenly she has him pinned and I see the perfect opportunity, and I yell “NOW!” and both his heads bite down on the closest thing to them, and I’m trying not to laugh, because his right head just bit her censored, and I’m thinking that’s got to hurt, while the other is biting at her feathery torso and looking annoyed. And the bird caws out in pain, and she’s trying to shake him off and fly but Orthrus has a good grip, and suddenly his right head is biting again, and this time, she explodes into dust. No really. This golden dust just shimmers down, and his left head is shaking the feathers out of his mouth. And I’m laughing, even though I shouldn’t be, because we could have both died. And maybe that’s why I’m laughing. Because I just watched this bird thing get defeated, I hope, because of my dog biting her in the chest. And one of Orthrus heads is looking at me now like he’s laughing too, and the other one is looking at me like stop. And I calm down, walking over and picking up a feather


“So why is this still here if everything else disappeared?”


Token of victory the right says cheerily, and I put it in my hair, and it’s probably all diseased but I don’t want it to crinkle


You look lovely, the left says plainly Let us get a move on. And Orthrus starts walking again. And it’s quiet, and all you can hear is the wind blowing the fields as we start approaching little hills.


“Hey,” I start awkwardly and one heads ears perk up as if to say I’m listening, “Thanks, you know, for saving my life back there.”


And it’s quiet for a long time, like to debate what emotion to respond with, and they end up speaking in unison


We owe you a great debt, the Lady Artemis would have sent us back to the underworld faster than Hercules did, and for that we thank you.


And I blush, because all I did was argue our way out of it. But here this dog is saying how he owes me a great debt. And I didn’t want to press what or who Hercules is, so I just say


“Okay,” All awkwardly and he wags, like he’s satisfied with that answer. And it gets quiet again, and I start thinking about how I was no help besides not letting him bite at random, and I feel as if I owe him to..


“Then I promise to protect you as well..” And he wags more, as if to say Thank you. and I smile to myself, because maybe I might survive this, and go home to my mom with all the tales she won’t believe, and my brother with his look of disbelief as I tell him of all the things I did while I was away. Which I hoped wouldn’t be long.



~ Be on standby for Chapter 3 ~


You ever feel like you could just die?


Like everything is just to hard?


And everyone tells you it will get better?


To keep smiling?


But your just dead inside.


But your just great at faking that smile!


So, you go through your day, with that look on your face.


That pokerface, with dead eyes, as you cry on the inside.


And that forced smile, when your spoken to.


If your spoken to.




There's theese certain people.


Who you don't make you cry.


Who you don't force a smile around...


Who hug you while you cry..


Who tell you it's okay,..


And you believe them.


This, is why people have friends.


Have partners in crime


Have lovers.


Because they keep you sane.


No matter,


How tough your day was.


Someone is always there.

For you.




Dedicated to...





Kothe, Oliver, whatever the censored.

Im Numb

Flame the forbidden



Poseidon The SeaGod










A unborn Hunter

~All my Dragons~





I cut because I hurt not because I love the pain,


I deal with the pain not because I like it, because I'm used to it,


But I love because I'm loved,


Not because I love myself.



I'm too broken to break anymore.




Atleast THEY fix me.


You are what you love not who loves you


It sucks when the people who are supposed to care,

don't care enough to ask if your okay.


And the people you don't want to worry about you,

always do.


Maybe I care about the wrong people.


Turns out the person I took the bullet for was behind the trigger



I could not ask for better friends. I have to put a shoutout here.

Margie: You are possibly the sweetest, caring, goofiest person (Ahem vampire) on the planet. I could not ask for a better "B.O.F" after all, friendship is magic.


Jackie: Your the funniest guy I swear. You always make me feel better, (This can very from a hug to let me hit you in the groin) and I can only say thank you for that. I couldn't ask for anything more from you.


Mastah: I smile so, so big at your prescence. Your awesome. XD I would take a bullet for you man. And I'm proud to be your friend. Even if I'm always drawing your hair wrong XD!


C: My sistah from another reality! Even if I seemed annoyed with you remember that I will always be here, doing that sisterly thing, throwing cookies at you, beating boys up, slapping &$%@!( for you. Anything.


Thunder: I couldn't ask for a better friend, partner, bunny. All of that. Your my world. (Cept I'm including the above peeps in it) And there isn't much I could say that you haven't already heard. Just know I love you.


Numb: The best dang president a nation of rocks could ask for. Thanks for making me laugh until I cry. You are possibly the zaniest girl I have ever met. And I love it.


Infact I love all of you <3 If I could trade anything in life to have you

guys in mine, I would. I would give anything to have you all.

But the internet is helpful, eh?


~Keep being amazing~





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  • If your reading this cuz your bored and have no life, good for you mate me neither. Why I wrote this trash. Anywho, if your going to keep scrolling I got some personal censored at the bottom, (besides my depressing censored above)


  • If your not here for any of thoose reasons idk why your here X3



Real Name: Jada

Gender: Female

Relationship Status: In one

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In game name: Dragon


My main character is Dragnolia, she's my persona. Probs cuz shes such a wreck. I'm currently writing her backstory, and the first series off is called Before I wake which is her story up to the point of the burning of the assassin building.


I'd like to say I'm creative, I have..20ish characters I acknowledge. I can't draw. No really. XD Like I'm awful, i feel like I've gotten better though. On a happier note my friendsss (above) Say I'm really good at writing. So i've taken on that passion.


I really do love to write. I've written a story that got more reads than I've ever seen on my work, called When Night Meets Day which IS going to be followed by a sequel.


I love to draw as well, even if I'm not very good. But I can't draw to impress. My friends are all so good at drawing and I can't focus when my main objective is to be better than that. But when I draw at home I think it turns out really good.


I love music. Not like singing, I'm awful at singing. But the music in general. I love the songs that can sweep you away from everything going on, and it's been my escape for years. I prefer nightcore or just speeding up the songs myself.


I love SOD. That's a given. Dragons have always fascinated me. My first account in SOD was  "jada dragon" and that's why all my online friends refer to me as Dragon, since you can't say 'jada' on SOD.


I love fantasies, and my fandoms are too strong. I love to escape reality. And people feel I do it to often. But my virtual reality has the most important people in my life <3


There's not really more I can say. So byez <3! And Happy Beasting!








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