My Backstory - Pt 1 -

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This is my back story and how i trianed my dragon.


I was a little lass three to be exact and i remember being taken away from family and home in Berk. When i got taken away it was during a dragon attack by a dragon. My mother was holding me when i got taken, the dragon took me to an island it seemed lonley and deserted, perfect for the large stormcutter to just kill me, but he didn't.

The next day came by and the dragon left. I never understood why, all i knew was i that i was left with no protection, warmth or food and was all alone, Or as i...... 

That night i heard a Roar and i thought, ' He came back!' so i decided to go check it out, but what i found wasn't what i was expecting.

I was frozen in my tracks, i couldn't move because what i saw was heartbraking. I saw a mother dragon dying from battling a large Monterous Nightmare as she was trying to protect her baby, It was then i relised that the baby dragon and its dying mother were Night Furys.


To be continued.....


Please tell me what you think.










(Not finished yet)  
















































































































































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I like the idea you have

I like the idea you have going on. :D 

All I suggest is that you go back and punctuate in the right places and capitalize your "I" s 

so as someone reads, it's appealing to the eye sorta speak. 














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thank you i'll keep that in mind glad you like it