My art, drawings (sort of)... that I drew (obviously)

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babuleena The Wolf
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Can't do titles but it says(?) all... so let's start:


First of there's my little two cinnamon rolls, the twins, from left to right: Rudolf The Forgotten and Eleanora The Forgotten



Once again: Rudolf, but younger version:



Another Rudy stuff xD :




Philip in some ninja style x3:


(bad quality though)


El stuff:






That's all for now.. all critique is welcome :3

Hope you liked it 





I am happy that I can be part of this great community and great world of dragons.

Well I‘m from Czech Republic. 

You can call me babu, leen... that’s maybe all...

My hobbies - listening to music (rock, classic rock, christian rock, metal, heavy metal but I don’t mind others genres, just don’t throw it in my face and don't say like my music style is a thrash, only I can say that xD)

- drawing (prefer more animals than humans)

- writing (just in my native language but I do write some english stuff)

- going out with my dog, friends

- also chatting with friends

- read books

- also I love some musicals! Like Hamilton, Heathers and Percy Jackson x3

- love to make new friends, even though first moments and conversations are lil' bit rusty


I can be really annoying, arrogant, awkward... stubborn? Well if you ever talk with me in person, your mind could go crazy

I like to sometimes scare people with gorey stuff but I know where my line ends (in case we are great friends, there’s no line :3)

(also I’m in fandom and I’m sucker for roleplays with my OC’s and I really like knock knock jokes... I already know that I am weird :3)


- I did played SoD but now I do not have a comp. So yeah, for a long while I am without my favourite game (and people ask me why am I drowning in misery xD)


Ignore these relatable gifs, they are here just for fun xD










Some words everyone needs to hear from someone (and I will be that person):



"Who cares where happiness comes from? Look, we're all a little weird, we're all a little wacky—some more than others—but...if it works, it works."

     - Dean Winchester



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babuleena The Wolf
Joined: 12/21/2015
"Don't turn back cause I got your six"

Another (not so great drawing/art because I honestly prefer traditional art than didgital one, it is not very delightful but I am proud of it) drawing


This time it's another OC: Sarch; powerful sorcerer, who is sometimes portrayed as a god of magic etc.

But he isn't one; he is rather big meanie, fine one though