Music mix in farm, fishing sounds stuck

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Hey! I hope I am posting this in the right section, but if I don't, I'm sorry in advance; I'm not sure in which segment of the forum this problem counts. When I am fishing in the farm, the fishing music and the farm music mix together, and it is rather annoying. It's been an issue for me for a few weeks now.

Another thing I noticed is that, after the latest update, the sounds we hear during fishing get stuck. I was fishing at the pool in the school, and after the first time I used drag, the sound of dragging and fish splashing repeated over and over. I tried to change my position, but to no avail. This happened with two days difference of playing the game, too.

I was playing in Single Player mode when all of these occured, I'm not sure if these appear in Multi mode.









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Thanks for the report, Mumnim

Thanks for the report, Mumnim (this is the right forum)! We'll take a look into this issue and see if we can fix it for you. Could you please tell us your computer, operating system, and browser? Do you recall when this issue first started and if there was anything significant that happened that may have prompted this bug? Thanks!

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This also happens in Berk too

This also happens in Berk too :P (for me at least)


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I use Firefox 24.0 on a

I use Firefox 24.0 on a Lenovo R61i laptop (about 4-5 years old) with Windows 7 as my operating system. The first time the music-overlapping happened was in early September I believe? Around the 2nd-5th I guess. I don't recall anything significant happening back then. The stuck fishing sounds came up after the latest update, on the 27th.

Thanks for the help!

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Generally affects all fishing areas

I have had the sound issues since the recent update on 27 September as well,and I've been meaning to write up a bug report about it. But as you can see,I forgot ^^" 


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Hi, thanks for looking into

Hi, thanks for looking into this, I am having similar issues.

I also have two soundtracks at once, and its weird.

I have also discovered that when I am fishing, either on my farm or at the school, with an advanced rod, I loose the sound effects of the reel "reeling in" as soon as I click on the drag.  the drag doesn't make a sound, either.  It's sad, cause that sound really makes it 20% cooler.  

I also discovered that if i start with the drag button (in the case of salmon, for example) I do hear that sound effect, but as soon as I click on the real button, it goes away, and the reel soundtrack doesn't work, either.

Thanks so much!



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I'm too knew at this to know if I am in single or multi mode.