Much sadness :'(

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Hey everyone!


So I am super sad right now because I can no longer play sod, and I just bought membership two weeks ago!


It has been a week, and I have tried everything. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, shut down and restarted the laptop, I've cleared cache, I've checked the requirements, I've tried different platforms, my brother even helped me clean out all memory of the game and reinstall it. No go. I can log in and play on other devices, but I don't have other devices to use, just this rude laptop that doesn't like dragons.


I'm talking to the admins, but I don't have high hopes since it seems to be the computer and not the game having problems.


As far as I can tell, what happened is the game glitched and crashed my computer (An HP Pavillion Notebook, kind of spendy), and now my computer rejects it. This is not the first time I've had problems with this machine. Long story short, I won't be on as much because I'm trying to get rid of this laptop since it has been such a pain.

I did notice another player had the same problem and incidently, they had an HP Pavillion Notebook too.


All I can say is this: I will never buy from HP again and I really really miss my dragons. :'-(


I'll be on to post the next chapter of my fanfic, but until I get this resolved, I won't be around so much. 

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That's a bummer. Is there a library in your area that has computeres (or something like that). Do u have a phone, cause I know some phones allow u to play Sod.









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I do have a library fairly close... I'll check that out

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I will echo ... go to the

I will echo ... go to the library. Many of them have free computers for you to use. You might not be able to sit there for hours if it is busy but you get a chance. My phone will not play SOD but it sounds like some do. If you have a computer shop near you, take the laptop to them and have them fix it. Not sure how long you have had the HP but consider returning it to where you bought it. Have you also tried finding an answer online? Start searching on Google and you will find a lot of pages like this.



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Thanks for all the advice, I

Thanks for all the advice, I appreciate it. I can't return the laptop it's been too long but I think I'll check out the library idea...


As for getting it fixed there's really no point, because I'm now in the market for a better laptop. I can't stand HP they have terrible customer service and make their computers so they can neither be fixed or upgraded (maybe they make it so the computers have to be sent in to be de-bugged, but that can take weeks and I need my device I do a lot of work on it)


For the time my brother is letting me borrow his laptop to play. Very nice brother <3

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welcome to school of dragons...

thiss game isnt the best, its always got bugs and weird glitches, and lots of hackers. i dont really play anymore because of all that. i love the movies and dragons, but this game doesnt do it justice


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This is the first mmo game I have ever really enjoyed. I wasn't a gamer until I found out about it. Of course it's got to be the goofy one :P 


Well, I'm just going to think of all the fun it has been. Plus I still have the forum which is great. :D