the movie had better be a sight better than the trailer [HTTYD 3]

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The first trailer for httyd 3 is out.




really dreamworks?






you're telling me that the main plot device in this 'epic conclusion' is going to be toothless getting a new girlfriend? A 'LIGHT FURY'? DUDE, that's been in the fandom for YEARS. Legit, you're ripping this off from the fandom.


Second of all, excuse me but what's going to happen to Stormfly? She was getting all friendly with toothless, and then all of a sudden this new poorly-modeled girl light fury just walks in and she's like 'hey toothless' and toothless is like 'oh snap' and casually shoves stormfly out of the way to go say hey gurl. 


third, I guess this isn't a big issue, but the MODEL FOR THE LIGHT FURY. it is disgusting. what even are those proportions?  Like, tell me, doesn't this look really.. just.. awful e.e








they didn't even bother to add in SCALES. She's just this smooth kind of buttery thing. dude come on. She doesn't have any spikes like toothless does, either. talk about lazyyy maannn



and uh another thing, the entire plot ASIDE from this shady 'light fury' chick,


it's exactly like HTTYD 2. Hiccup and Astrid go on a magical journey together and find this secret hidden dragon sanctuary so that the producers have a way to justify adding in about 50 new dragons that vikings have never seen before. Sound familiar? Yeah thats what happened when Hiccup found his crazy dragon lady mom's dragon sanctuary. 


Same thing, except one sanctuary has a human in it.


And the bad guy is basically the Diet version of Drago Bludvist if anyone remembers that old moldy sock. He says in the trailer, 'I've hunted every night fury, except yours.'


Tell me, wouldn't it be nice if the movie gave an explanation as to why the guy was hunting night furies in the first place? 10 bucks it wont. It's just, 'Oh he's evil. So he hunts dragons. No explanation given. There's just a good side and a bad side.' In real life, it's way more complicated.


Honestly, even if the guy wants to sell night fury skins or whatever, THEN WHY WOULD HE WANT TO KILL THE LAST ONE? If you're making good money off of something you hunt, you do NOT hunt it to extinction guys. come on.






conflict and bad guy are exactly like httyd 2, toothless dumps stormfly to go check out this new poorly modeled savage 'light fury' girl.. HTTYD producers stole the concept of the light fury from the fandom, and now that it's in canon, it's extremely cringey and really really disgusting and cheap that they couldn't even come up with an original idea for the finale of the HTTYD series which a lot of people have literally grown up with. including myself.



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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

I don't 100% like the lightfury eather (I don't dislike her as much as you do but I'm not 100% likeing of her too. I like her better now then I did since it is now known this is likely not just a white nightfury but some parts of her design I'm not sure of) but I don't think Stormfly and Toothless liked each other THAT way. They don't even have the same number of limbs. It would be impossible for them to mate and have young. Even though they are both dragons they are too far apart evolutionarally so it makes sense that Toothless would go for a subspecies of his species as he might actually be able to produce offspring. (There's a chance they'll be infertile but still. He's got a much better shot with this lightfury then a nadder)





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Looks like someone is upset their headcanon ship for a cat lizard to mate with a spike bird didn't pan out.

The Light Fury is pretty underdesigned for the franchise and could have been better, but it's a dang sight better then a night fury getting with a nadder.


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The Fandom has no copyright ownership over this franchise. Dreamworks didn't rip us off. 






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Now now; your honkers need to stop going bonkers. I happen to enjoy the design as a concept, but I was a tad unhappy with the great lengths they went to make her look... female? For example: both Meatlug & Stormfly are females of their species, yet they look almost identical to their male counterparts. I wasn't a fan of her smooth roundness at first, but then I realized something: she lives in the ocean. She's a sea-dwelling fury. A smooth, aquatic-specialized hide {like a beluga whale}, extra layer of blubber, & dorsal fin all make sense regarding her design. I rather enjoy her illuminescent, almost pearl-like shimmer. Once she's released in-game, she'll match beautifully with my new ice themed viking, Glacia.


Light Furys have been part of the fandom for a while, this is true. But honestly, you're going to fault a franchise for doing a hefty fan service? In retrospect, any and all "fan content" is fair game for the original copyright/franchise owners. I rather enjoy the fact that they found the Light Fury fanbase so entertaining- if only I could convince them to put MY OC in there, haha.  Also, despite what your personal OTP is, in the canon universe Stormfly & Toothless were never "romantically involved". They’ve been friends. That’s it. Sorry for your loss.


Let Toothless have the Yin to his Yang. He’s getting a pretty, pearlescent, pudgy dollface as a girlfriend & I for one am stoked.  Besides, I don't see why you dislike her so much. Since she lives in the ocean, you two actually have something in common: ya both salty as snot.



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I have to say this cause Light Fury totally look like kid draw it on deviantart and I was hoping find black night Fury cause I was thinking there no such “light” fury 


and someone told me Stormfly might hideI was “whaaaaaat” can’t do that I really kind like her dragon deadly nadder Stormfly 


(But I mostly like Skrill)(I do like black night Fury not light fury)


1. Where all night fury?!?! Is they went extinct but not Toothless 


2. What world where light fury come from??? Never seen this dragon out of no where 


3. Grimmel (new villian character) so wow he look like anime guy who is very bad guy


4. Toothless look way older then light...






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And it weird Stormfly and Toothless? God no thank you is gross...

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"Subject? It's r- Flash, STOP eating my subject!"- Raineir

I know you're (to put it mildly) not a fan of this, but the HTTYD fandom does not own the "Light Fury" concept. Plus, it's more than likely that Dreamworks doesn't even know about many of the fanfiction stories with the idea of a "Light Fury." I'm not saying you have to be a fan or even like it, but there are people here that do. Calling it 'cringey' and 'disgusting' seems kind of, you know, harsh. I, for one, loved the trailer AND I love the idea of the Light Fury. Plus, as other people in this thread have stated, Toothless and Stormfly were in no way romantically involved with each other. They were/are just friends. I mean, Hiccup and Astrid are, but that doesn't mean their dragons were. Remember, there are people here who are looking forward to this movie and like/love the idea of the Light Fury. So you calling it 'cringey' and 'disgusting' sounds like you're undermining our interest, excitement, and love for it. Like I said, you don't have to like it or be a fan of it, but full-on insulting the movie based on the trailer does not solve anything. Dreamworks made the movie. It's happening.



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Here's how Raineir met Scout:

Raineir was having a pretty good day. Hiccup woke up from his coma a few days ago and was getting used to his prosthetic, and the war between the dragons and Berkians was finally over. She went to go get some fish for Flash's dinner, and aside from nearly tripping over Fungus, Mildew's sheep, and listening to Mildew complain about that, not much happened with that. Upon arriving home, she set the basket of fish in front of Flash (Flash stayed with Raineir and sometimes slept in Raineir's room instead of the stables) who promptly started eating happily. Raineir heard a tiny squeak come from somewhere. Confused, she looked around for the location and source of the noise. It sounded like a Terrible Terror. Flash suddenly stopped eating and growled at her fish basket. "Flash, what-," Raineir peered inside and out flew a pink and yellow Terrible Terror with reddish brown horns and back spines. Flash roared in alarm and growled at the intruder. "Whoa! Calm down, girl. It's just a little Terrible Terror," Raineir tried to calm her down. She held her hand to the little dragon, who looked defensive. "Hey, it's ok, little guy." the terror growled at that. "Oh, I'm sorry! You're a girl, then." Happily, the dragon nudged Raineir's hand. "I think I'll name you... Scout! What do you think, do you like that name?" Scout squeaked happily at that. Soon enough, Flash warmed up to the little newcomer, though was still sometimes annoyed by the little dragon's antics and 'singing.' Raineir soon trained Scout to search/scout out objects with hand signals. Her new friend warmed up to Raineir's parents and fellow dragon riders/friends pretty quickly (Snotlout is an on and off case).


How Raineir met Claw:

It was a fairly stormy day on Berk, with rain coming down in plentiful amounts, though no thunder or lightning. Raineir was riding Flash on their evening flight, despite the weather. They landed in the cove, when a loud roar was heard. It sounded like a roar of distress. "Deja Vu," Raineir said. This was what happened right before she found Flash. She climbed back on Flash and they flew into the forest, towards the source of the roar. In a large clearing was a purple... Sand Wraith? It was a Sand Wraith! The poor guy looked lost and confused, so naturally Raineir wanted to help. Cautiously and slowly, she walked up to the dragon. The Sand Wraith turned around and noticed her standing a few feet away from him. Alarmed, he got ready to attack if necessary. He growled loudly at her. Flash got into her attacking position as well, ready to defend her sister if needed. Raineir calmed Flash down. "It's ok, don't worry, girl. I got this." Flash calmed down, though she still looked wary. Surprised at the bond between a dragon and a human, the Sand Wraith seemed to calm down a little as well, though still a bit defensive. Raineir then noticed the scars on the dragon's right side, as well as the fact that the left wing looked broken. She slowly held her hand out to him. "Hey there, boy. You must have had a tough time with humans, huh? I can help you with that wing of yours, if you let me. I won't hurt you. I promise." The Sand Wraith seemed hesitant, but then he slowly pressed his snout into Raineir's palm. "Ok, I'm going to need help getting you back. I'm going to let out a call, so don't be startled when I do, ok?" The dragon nodded. Raineir let out a Night Fury call. Soon, Hiccup arrived on Toothless, and together with Raineir and Flash, they created a large sling which the two dragons carried the Sand Wraith to the village in. The dragon was hostile to the other villagers, but Raineir calmed him down. Gothi was able to fix and bandage his wing. Unfortunately, even when fully healed, Claw, as he was now named, would always fly abnormally, though he was forever grateful to the viking girl who helped him.


How Raineir met Fireball the Gronckle:

It was peaceful on Berk once again, now that the Berkians and Outcasts were allies and Dagur was no longer a threat. Raineir was getting ready for her early morning flight with Flash. She was just finishing tying her second braid when she heard a loud commotion outside. Well, Berk was almost peaceful. There was still the occasional viking arguement and of course, untrained dragons wreaking havoc. Raineir groaned. "Not again," she said. Hurrying outside, she looked around for the source. Sure enough, there was a crowd of vikings. Raineir then noticed what was annoying the vikings: a stray and agitated Gronckle. He was obviously untrained and not used to so many humans, as he was growling and whacking his bludgeon-like tail into a few buildings, also shooting lava balls all over the place. Hiccup was already there by the time she approached the scene. Though Hiccup was one of the best at training dragons (both he and Raineir were pretty much tied with that), he looked at her and said, "Rain, can you help me train this Gronckle?" Although Gronckles were normally relatively easy to train, this one was proving to be a difficult case. Raineir agreed, and slowly approached said dragon. The Gronckle noticed her prescence and growled lowly at her, pawing the ground with his feet. "Hey, it's ok, boy. We aren't gonna hurt you. You're safe here." She then carefully held her hand out, revealing a small rock. The Gronckle looked surprised at the peace offering, but then he ate the rock happily, shooting a fireball in the sky afterward. He then nudged Raineir's hand. She smiled. "That's what I'm gonna call you. Fireball."


How Raineir met Earthgrinder the Whispering Death:

On the little-known, forested island of Rock Pine (I just came up with that), there were few dragons. One of them was a Titan Whispering Death. He lived in the tunnels he dug deep below the land's surface. His name was Earthgrinder. Earthgrinder's tunnels were dug deep in the forest, and for good reason. Now although very few humans have come to Rock Pine in the past, Earthgrinder was still very cautious. From past experiences, he knew what humans were capable of. He was searching for food one day, when he heard a ruckus going on. It sounded like distressed dragons and... humans! Growling, Earthgrinder readied himself for the intruders. Out of seemingly nowhere, 6 or 7 dragon hunters emerged, looking for more dragons. Having captured the island's other dragons, they turned their attention to Earthgrinder. Wanting a rare, uniquely colored dragon, they charged at him. Earthgrinder fired at them and dodged their weapons, flying away from Rock Pine. He went searching for another island to live, and came upon Dragon's Edge. Not noticing the built structures, Earthgrinder went to the forest and dug tunnels to live in. The next day, he heard... human voices! He shot out the tunnel and prepared to attack those on his island. He saw 7... teenagers, it looked like. And were those dragons protecting them? One of them, girl with dark brown hair and violet eyes (Raineir), with a Skrill next to her, came up to him slowly and cautiously, putting her hand out gently. Earthgrinder wasn't sure what to think. After a few moments, he decided they were good and pressed his snout into her palm. Since meeting these young humans, Earthgrinder soon became used to living with them and their dragons, especially the girl, the first human to show him kindness.





About Raineir


Full Name: Raineir Feralsome


Age: 19-20 (by the time of How to Train Your Dragon 2)


Gender: Female


Height: Shorter than the average female. 5 ft, 2 in.


Hair Color: Dark brown, tied into two semi-long braids in the back. In HTTYD 3, she now has wavy, shoulder length dark brown hair, which now has a purple streak on the right side.


Eye Color: Violet


Wears: Long sleeve gray dress, dark green leggings, brown fur boots, and two belts, one around the waist and one cross body style in which she keeps her sword. She also wears a necklace with a silver pendant of a Skrill. In HTTYD 3, Raineir now wears a short sleeve gray and purple top, gray leggings, Skrill-inspired skirt, Skrill boots, Skrill arm bracers, and metal shoulder guards. She still wears the waist belt, but instead of just one cross-body belt, she has two that cross over each other. She also still has the Skrill necklace.


Dragons: A Skrill named Flash. Flash looks like a regular Skrill, but has noticeable scars on her sides from when she was wounded by dragon hunters, about a month or so before Hiccup met Toothless. Flash, in an act of graditude, accepted Raineir as her rider and life-long partner. Like Hiccup and Toothless, Raineir and Flash proved that friends aren't just limited to the same species. Flash's personality is a little different from the average Skrill, though being one, she can have a bit of an attitude, and like Toothless, can be sarcastic and snarky. Nevertheless, Flash is a very loyal partner to Raineir. She is very affectionate towards her human sister (Raineir) and other humans and dragons she trusts. She and Raineir are very much like siblings. Raineir also later befriends a Terrible Terror she names Scout, who she taught to "scout" out people, dragons, and objects using hand signals. Scout is very friendly and playful, though not afraid to fight if her friends are threatened. Sometime between Mildew's betrayal of Berk and the war between the Berkian, Outcasts, and Berserkers, Raineir found and helped Claw, a Sand Wraith lost and confused in the forests of Berk.


Other Dragons: In addition to her three main dragons, Raineir has also trained many others: Earthgrinder a titan Whispering Death, Silvermist a light violet Flightmare, Fireflower a violet Monstrous Nightmare, Lightning a violet and green Shockjaw, Fireball a Gronckle, Bluebird a Deadly Nadder, and many others.


Main weapon: Electro, her trusty Gronckle Iron sword. Upon meeting Flash for the first time, Raineir defended her from dragon hunters, and discovered that her sword has the ability to shoot out lightning bolts.


Personality: In the first movie (if she were in it), she was much like Hiccup, though not as awkward (sorry, Hiccup). She and Hiccup are still very similar to one another. Raineir is intelligent, sometimes sarcastic, and very witty. Like Astrid, she is fully willing to fiercely defend her friends. She is a very kind and good-hearted person, always ready to help out her friends and family, though not afraid to call them out when they get out of line. She doesn't like to kill unless it's absolutely necessary. Raineir, like Hiccup, likes to consider herself a peacemaker.


Unofficial, Official Title: The Lightning Rider


Fun fact about Raineir: For an unknown reason, Raineir has an immunity to lightning, and eletrical shocks don't hurt or affect her negatively in any way. She may have been born this way, or maybe she gained it early on in her life, both probably foreshadowing her becoming a Skrill rider.


Here's a picture of Raineir and Flash, drawn by the awesome Zikta. Thank you Zikta! :)



And here's one by the awesome piggyxl. Thanks, piggyxl!



Lovely art piece of Raineir and Flash in HTTYD 3 by the great RedHoodJason. Thank you!

Another lovely piece done by the great piggyxl. Thank you!


Here's another artwork of Raineir and Flash, done be the great Katarile :)


A wonderful art piece of Raineir's HTTYD 3 look by the great snow-wish. Thanks for the art!

Here's Raineir again by the amazing Zikta:)


This is what Raineir looks like in her HTTYD 3 Skrill armor.  Art genrously done by the fabulous The Blobfish Queen, also known as XxXPurpleHolkingXxX! :)


Another art of Raineir in her Skrill armor, this one done by the fabulous Zikta! :)



This Skrill also drawn by the amazing Zikta


Another lovely Flash drawing by Zikta


Flash again, also by Zikta:)


This is also Flash by the awesome Wixyigzy


Here's another beautiful artwork of Flash by the amazing dogloven


Here's another epic art of Flash by the great RoaringOrigins!


Another lovely art of Flash by the great sunsetlighthelovely :)

Also Flash (with a lovely head wreath!) by the great SilverNight:)


Flash again, art by the great Fireflash :)



Here is a picture of Raineir and her Terrible Terror, Scout, drawn by the incredibly awesome Zikta:)


Here is a beautiful edit of Scout by the great Zeezur. Thank you! :)


Here's Scout again by the great RedHoodJason!

Here's Scout again by the great XxSilver.NightxX!:)

Here's Claw the Sand Wraith, another one of Raineir's dragons, as well as the third one she trained. This drawing generously done by the amazing Zikta:)

Here's Claw again, drawing very beautifully done by the great AndreaEaston!:)


Another Claw art by the great RoaringOrigins!:)


Here's a lovely holiday-themed art of Claw with Scout, in honor of Claw's first Snoggletog with humans and dragons who care about him. Done by the fabulous Zikta :)





Here's Earthgrinder in a lovely edit by the great AndreaEaston!:)




Who can forget about the handsome Fireball? Art generously done by the great CZNZ Dragon Rider!



An edit of Fireball by the great nathanviking! :)


This is Fireflower, a female Monstrous Nightmare that Raineir trained and befriended. Not as stubborn as Hookfang (probably because Raineir is not like Snotlout). This lovely edit done by the great nathanviking :)




Here's Silvermist, a female Flightmare trained and befriended by Raineir. Art done by the fabulous XxXPurpleHolkingXxX :)


This is Briny and Bender, another dragon that Raineir befriended during the Riders' time on Dragon's Edge. This Seashocker, after being helped by the viking girl, comes back frequently to visit her and the other Riders. Art generously done by the great AndreaEaston :)





Thanks to the awesome and generous AntroTyree, who did this beautiful art, I also now have a lovely Night Fury, Lavender Honey!



Here is my other adopted dragon, a Light Fury I named Pearl, adopted from the great dragonrider34:)  Pearl is calm and peaceful, a serene dragon, but also fierce and protective of her loved ones. Very playful, has a mischievious side.


Here's Pearl again, this lovely art done by the great Embalathedragonhatcher :)



Here's Seabreeze, my adopted Spyrogia from ImDerpySheylaYT!

Meet Ivy Leaf, my Artillery Wyvern hatched from Wildvanity's egg incubator! Ivy Leaf is cunning while hunting, but very sweet around friends and family. She loves playing hide and seek.

Here's Gemstone, my female titan Dreadful Growl, adopted from Wildvanity!  Gemstone's wing was injured by another titan dragon :( But, I am taking care of her! :)



And let's not forget one of my dragons, Echo the Thunderdrum, drawn by the incredibly fabulous XxXPurpleHolkingXxX! Thank you!


Here's Swift, a Windwalker trained by Mysticbirdwings, one of my side SoD vikings




Here's Bluebird, another one of Raineir's dragons, done by the amazing Zikta! :)


Another beautiful drawing of Bluebird, playing fetch (or wanting to) with a Christmas ornament, done by the fabulous Zikta! :)


Here's Ravenfire the Blazing Firemaw, edited by LissaFish. Zikta came up with this unique dragon, she's the creator!:) Ravenfire is another one of Raineir's trained dragons.


Meet Nightingale, my Catagon! The Catagon was created by the great AndreaEaston, who generously did this edit of Nightingale for me :)




Another beautiful drawing by the fabulous XxXPurpleHolkingXxX:


Star, a rare and lovely Finger Griffin that I nursed back to health. Art by the great LissaFish!



Lightningwhip (Skrill x Razorwhip) by the great snowflake12298!



A while back, I created a new dragon: the Twilight Fury, which looks just like a Night Fury, but with a few differences, including a different call, which sounds like a Barred Owl. Here's a drawing generously done by the amazing Zikta. Thank you Zikta! :)


Here's another one by the great DragonOfGalaxy. Thank you! :)



Another beautiful Twilight Fury by the great snowflake12298. Thank you! :)



Another lovely Twilight Fury generously drawn by the fabulous XxXPurpleHolkingXxX. Thank you! :)


Quickflash the Twilight Fury also by the great Zikta! :)

Also Quickflash by the great AndreaEaston! :)


Quickflash again, another art by the fabulous XxXPurpleHolkingXxX! :)



Along with SoD, I also like playing Neopets. My username is dragonmagic101. My two favorite Neopets are the:






And the:




My Top 6 Favorite Dragons (in no particular order):


Night Fury


Deadly Nadder








Sand Wraith


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I know it's your opinion, I'm not trying to change it or anything, I just feel disappointed to see what looks like so many people having such lack of faith in the Httyd team despite how many great things they've done with this series.



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Agree and Disagree

I hate her just as much as you do. Her proportions are aweful, her eyes are way too big for her tiny head, and that spine/fin UUGGH! I don't give two rat turds about how she's a "sea dwelling fury" or whatever, her whole concept is still absurd and cheap. The only thing uglier than her is the villain. Not exagerating, that is my truthful opinion.


I wouldn't say he dumped Stormfly though. They are besties but more like sibilings from different parents than potential mates.


The whole thing with the Hidden Dragon World/Sanctuary and the villain being after Toothless, I have to agree it's too similar to the second movie and is just outright unoriginal. No to mention the villain's appearance is, frankly, just as cheap as the Light Fury. He literally looks like almost every other villain in most other animated movies with the narrow eyes and overexagerated chin. *rolling my eyes* And "hunted every Night Fury..." I highly doubt that. That's just not fair to Toothless and all. In order to restore the species that will mean any offspring he might have with his "Light Fury" mate will have to mate with each other. Incest! Nice touch Dreamworks! I know most kids won't come to this conclusion, but still, making Toothless the actual last of his species is so stupid. Yes I know there are animal species that have been hunted to extinction in real life, but this is a movie, they didn't have to go that way and it would have been a better story if they hadn't.


Moreover, fighting for the dragons freedom, okay Hic, you gonna make everyone who has bonded with their dragons let them go to live in this "mystical dragon world?" Toothless can't fly without you bro. Sure he can make a tail fin that Toothless can work himself, he did it in the Snoggletog special. However, what is Toothless to do when it inevitably breaks? He can't make one himself and even if Hiccup left multiple tails for Toothless he can't put them on himself and dragons don't have the dexterity to do it either. Are they going to make Toothless dependant on his LF mate for the rest of his life since he won't be able to fly and hunt and defend himself? Sure the dragons seem to be overcrowding Berk, but it's not as if there aren't plenty of other islands in the archipelago. I could maybe see some of the dragons being released to this Hidden World, but not the ones that are bonded to a rider; that's just stupid and not a good story conclusion in the slightest. There was that one line where Hiccup said something about it being him and Toothless forever or something and I'm sure in part he was reffering to any dragons the villain has working under his thumb the way Drago did, but still. With the overcrowding on Berk and people complaining about it I could see the story going in that direction as well.


UGH, why? WHY didn't they just use one of the stories from the books like the one with the giant Netherwing dragons or something!? That would have been INFINATELY better than this drivel it looks like we'll be getting. My expectations were lowered the more screen grabs I saw before the trailer but this has far exceeded how low my expectations were. A story based more closely off the books would have been favorable to this crap, even though it would have technically been just as unoriginal. Frankly, if I was the author of the original story this franchise was based off of, I'd be qissed about this cuz this movie does not do the story justice at all.


Literally the only "good" thing about this movie was the scenes where Toothless was trying to be smooth and messed up his entrance in a fantastic manner. And it was funny to see him trying to impress the Light Fury like some species of male bird do (some of those dances are actual bird mating dances). As much as I really and truly do HATE the Light Fury and her whole concept, I'll admit that scene was funny, but not enough to save the movie. Not even close. You disappoint me Dreamworks. To think I liked you better than the crock coming out of Disney lately... can't say the story for HTTYD is better than Frozen anymore cus this movie's plot is actually worse than Frozen.


Oh! And one last thing. I love how no one is talking about the LF's stupid little teleportation trick. What, is she supposed to be moving "as fast as the speed of light cuz she's a 'Light Fury'" or something...? Not that that doesn't make sense buuuuut... que the crickets.

I am sorry, I... I-I-I just had to put this here cuz it's too perfect cuz this is literally the face I am making at this concept.

Also, just gonna leave this quote here: "Light thinks it travels faster than anything, but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels it finds the darkness has always gotten there first, and is waiting for it." ~Terry Pratchett


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.....Thank you. m(_ _)m


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Changling - Female Changewing

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Drago - Male Grapple Grounder

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...what's a Netherwing? Are we talking comic books or Cressida Cowell books?


Hello! I'm Brynne.


This gorgeous lil' gem of a picture drawn by TosiLohi. :)

By the wonderful Katarile!


Made for me by the lovely Georginia47

so cute XD


~The Amazing Pudding Cup~ by the talented KittyLlama


by me


You can PM me for art requests if you like. :)


Or PM me to scream about Hero Academia. I'm BNHA trash now, this dumpster is my home, don't ever try to evict me, this metaphor is going too far. Season 4 will emotionally wreck me. If you don't like Iida Tenya I will fight you behind a Denny's.


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  • Zappy, Male Shockjaw- Fast. Really fast. We do a lot of racing together, and he doesn't put up with nonsense.
  • Oddmund and Dinkly, Male Zippleback- When I first hatched these guys (this guy? who can tell), I took them to practice their fire skills at a fire pit. They lit it successfully, then promptly laid their heads in the flames and went to sleep. True story.
  • Lucius, Male Groncicle- Named after Frozone from The Incredibles.
  • Adelaide, Female Raincutter- Named after Snotlout's little sister from the HTTYD books. Likes battling Berserkers.
  • The Hulk, Male Rumblehorn- Likes going on stable quests, doesn't really like to be ridden.
  • Dash, Male Speed Stinger- Again, named after Dash from The Incredibles.
  • Puddles, Female Mudraker- She's pink, and lives up to her color.
  • The Whisperer, Male Whispering Death- Cranky, stubborn, tries to eat me occasionally. His name sounds uncreative, but I love the Mysterious Benedict Society. :P
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  • Tater Tot, Female Hotburple
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  • Fulgurite, Male Ruby Wraith
  • Beatrice, Female Fireworm Queen
  • Hokey Pokey, Male Thunderpede
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Zeke, no! The subject is NOT made of sand!

I can't remember the name of the dragon species. I know I've seen pictures of them in the wiki page. They're giant dragons that are like moving continents or something. I just can't remember what they were called. I thought it was Netherwing or something similar. If I can find what I'm talking about I'll post it.


The dragon I'm talking about I think maybe came from the comics not the original books, but still, the plot line as I understood it from what I remember reading was a lot better than what this movie is promising us.


Edit: Ah-ha! I found it. It's not Netherwing it's Foreverwing. That's the dragon I was talking about. It was from one of the comics; from the one titled The Serpent's Heir to be exact.

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Welp, while I can see your points and had the same opinion as well about the Light Fury at first, you're forgetting that this is just a trailer NOT the actual movie! Yes the basic concept seems very similar to the 2nd movie's, but whose to say that it'll be the whole plot of the movie? The creators might have just put sertain scenes into the trailer and left the bigger, more important parts of the movie out. You might not like the trailer that's fair, but watch the actual movie when it comes out before bashing it to the ground.


Main Dragon:

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Sirius-Sand Wraith (male)

Dusk-Scuttleclaw (female)

Berry-Sand Wraith (male)

Dawnlight-Sand Wraith (female)

Other Dragons:

BlueJay-Titan Deadly Nadder (female)

Freyja-Deadly Nadder (female)

Gaia-Whispering Death (female)

Ember-Monstrous Nightmare (female)

Souran-Monstrous Nightmare (male)

Iris-Titan Stormcutter (female)

Lily-Scauldron (female)

Vulture-Scauldron (male)

Flare-Skrill (male)

Heilagr-Titan Skrill (female)

Nightingale-Night Terror (female)

Breeze and Burst-Titan Hideous Zippleback (female)

Dayspring-Tide Glider (female)

Phantom-Titan Boneknapper (male)

Felix-Titan Sand Wraith (male)

Theo-Sand Wraith (male)

Blackheart-Snow Wraith (male)

Cyclone-Thunderdrum (male)

Nevermore-Smothering Smokebreath (male)

Cosmos-Titan Gronckle (male)

Stormbane-Woolly Howl (male)

Thunder-Titan Woolly Howl (female)

Selene-Speed Stinger (female)

Snowdrop-Groncicle (female)

Ziggy-Flame Whipper (female)

Icarus-Silver Phantom (male)

Fang-Screaming Death (male)

Forest-Changewing (male)

Totem-Triple Stryke (female)

Asger-Triple Stryke (male)

Sly-Shivertooth (male)

Ake-Timberjack (male)

Puddle-Raincutter (male)

Mercury-Fireworm Queen (female)

Bastion-Sentinel (male)


Art requests:


Thunder made by Wutend Bonfire


Stormbane and Thunder made by snowflake12298

Totem and Asger by snowflake12298


Icarus made by the amazing Alexadragonfire

Salazar made by MericcupNightFury

Asger made by LissaFish

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"It's not what you get in life,it's what you do with it."-Xanadu

I loved every second, and just like with the second movie, I already have some theories. RedHoodJason and I were chatting and here's some of what we came up with (most of it was me, so don't think he came up with this craziness):

1: The Lightfury is so called because she can travel at "the speed of light". This explains the "portal", it is not actually a portal, simply her using fire as a distraction so her light colored body can disappear into the dark sky. This is like those smoke bombs that Batman and Robin use to disappear. Introducing magic into the series at this point would just make it...dumb. I love the trailer and think its cool, lets not ruin the movie with magic. But this might also explain her more dynamic and less stubby apearance, she has to have as little drag as possible.

2: Grimmel's Dragon is not a pet, it's a hunting Dog.I was reading your opinions guys and the "natural enemy of the nightfury and that's why he has it" line really stuck out. What if this dragon naturally hunts night/light-furies, and that's why Grimmel was able to kill so many of them.

3: The dragons don't disappear. Okay okay, yeah, they Obviously go away. But like Hiccup said "We have to disappear!" Hiccup is talking about going with them, meaning that the scene with him older, and with a beard (which shall be addressed later) is not just Toothless visiting, but they actually got to stay together. Honestly, in the Gift of the Nightfury we see that Toothless doesn't want freedom, he wants Hiccup. Toothless isn't so shallow as to decide he doesn't need Hiccup because a girl cam into his life.

4: The beard scene. Hiccup has a beard, but can we look at that again? He seems to be looking at someone, we can't tell who, with hope...sorta a pleading expression. My theory? This is just the beginning! Hiccup and Toothless take the dragons and Berk to the secret world, where they live in semi-peace (peace is just boring and Hiccup and Toothless thrive on adventure) until Hiccup begins to get older. I think that the movie will end with this scene. Hiccup's "This is Berk" and "There were dragons when I was a boy" has actually been him telling some new character about the dragons with which he grew up, trying to help them become the next protector of dragons. Hiccup is training another to take the lead, to bring dragons back to the world.

5: In the case of the above (Point 4) I just wanna say, maybe Rescue Riders (the upcoming TV show) won't be about Hiccup after all. But more like what "The Legend of Korra" is to "Avatar: the Last Air-bender"

This might be the "spin off" series Dean DeBlois said might happen. When asked if there would be a fourth movie he said that there would only be three (much to the disappointment of many of us who wanted a fourth one), however! He also said that that did not mean there might not be a spin off or more TV series'.

This idea kinda fits with the name. The new riders having to protect Dragon-kind sorta fits with the "Rescue Riders" name. And having a continuation of the lives of the main six (and Valka and Eret) would be cool, like if a new bunch of riders did appear, but the other characters still got to be there. (I actually am growing to like this idea.) If this is not correct though, I'll just be glad to see more of the main gang in a new series, no matter what their age (just don't make Hiccup be the one without teeth and make Snotlout bald, I need my bois in an age that they can FIGHT!)

6: Where are Valka and Eret? I personally am slightly concerned that everyone's favorite hunter (now that Viggo is dead) didn't show up. And Hiccup's mom needs to be here too. Where are my promo photos with Valka and Eret?

7: What would Stoick think of what Hiccup is doing? Changing Berk, breaking all the rules, defying the Viking "stubbornness issues" and making everyone leave Berk anyway.b (Funny how Hiccup says they are too suborn to leave Berk just because of dragons in the first movie, only to leave Berk, because of dragons, in the third)



Also, in my honest opinion, I think you are over reacting. While Toothless was in love with Stormfly in the books, they were also small dragons in the books that were more compatible with breeding. Plus, Stormfly already has a mate, as is seen in The Gift if the Nightfury. She has kids already remember? So she is more like his big sister in this movie I think, noyt the girlfriend he ditched. And knowing Stormfly, she will most likely love this new Lightfury and I could so see her going "Gurl, he is your probelm now, don't say I didn't warn you, remember, if he gets troublesome he goes nuts for that funny grass." Because hey! That is toitally gonna happen.

I doubt this is the whole plot as well, they are movie makers after all, and movie makers are around to keep you in suspense until the final moment. That includes the year BEFORE the movie evn comes out, so this movie might be drastically different from what we are expecting.

Also, its good to remember that trailers are not final. Often times I can watch a whole movie through, and never once hear half the lines I heard in the first trailer, so we dont need to get our selves all crazy over the words spoken, because they are often changed.


Sorry for the long post, but I am unashamedly a fan girl, and had t share my thoughts. Also, just goona say, I was very...concerned, when the Lightfury came out, even disapointed. I am not as happy as if it had been another nightfury, but hey, I am growing to be OK with her, especially because she does have attitude and isn't all passive. (smakin Toofless in the face cuz he annoys me)


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Name Rheileen
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Rhei has dark copper blonde hair, that in certian lights may appear to be brown, it hangs down slightly over her aqua eyes, the left of which has three scars running over it from an incident with a skrill when she was a child. Her body and face were scarred during multiple stages of her younger life, so she tends to cover up, and wears a long sleeved black dress/tunic, leggings, gloves/bracers, boots, and a red face scarf. Rhei also loves hoodies, and will most likely be seen wearing a black nightfury hood. Lastly, when she flys at high speeds, Rhei tends to wear a pair of goggles, which otherwise, may either danfgel around her neck, alongside her family medalion, or sit in the pouch she has on her belt.
She carries twin sabres as her weapon of choice.
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Rhei is a hardworker, and rather mature for her age, this doesn't stop her from loving to kick back and goof off however, and she loves hanging out with people like herself, or even new groups. She works best in a classroom, or team enviorment. Whule she loves free time, she can never truely relax, because her brain is always racing a mile a minute. Rhei loves reading, and enjoys seeking out the parallels between the real world, and that of books. Including finding her role in each story, and trying to pinpoint the major characters, she may or may not talk about this.
While Rhei is typically peacefull and doesn't like picking fights, she will 100% stand up in a fight, and finds it hard to back down, she has a rather quick temper, and as such, won't leave a fight till she has managed to make the other guy remember to not try that sort of thing again. She is also highly protective of her friends and dragons.
Skills: She is highly trained in most forms of sword-fighting, and knows some acrobatics and martial arts, she is a relatively good cook, and an up and coming healer. So while her healing skills aren't the best, she can manage in a pinch, and keep you alive until a real healer is around. Also, she is an up and coming master of speaking Dragonese.
Weaknesses: Rhei has a strong fear of falling, and therefor of heights. If however she is on her dragon, the fear will subside, and she can manage. She is a poor swimmer, and can get anxious if grabbed in a dragons claws, this is mostly due however to her time fighting and fearing dragons as a child.
Other: Rhei is not native of Berk, and actually comes from a French settlement further south. Fortunately, she learned Norse from visiting traders, so this means she is skilled in speaking French as well as Norse.



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Im trying not to be negative but sometimes it escapes

I dont care for her either, she is pathetic in my opinion the only thing I like about her right now is her personality and that she looks better than in the poster they gave us, because the poster.... was garbage, I personally was hoping for another black night fury but we got her and we just have to deal with it sadly. I dont think shes teleporting just using the smoke as cover... I still think she is a night fury but she just has leucism, The thing I dont understand tho is WHERE ARE ALL HER NUBS?? Personally she looks 5 years old, and toothless will be about 25. and whats with the fin on her back?? She isnt a water dragon, nope nope nope you can throw that idea out the window she seems to be a night fury with leucism, she used a plasma blast to get away she didnt dive into the water


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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

She's deffinitly not just a white nightfury. She has a dorsal fin instead of a line of spikes that can split as well as a lot of other small differences. Some of those differences could be explained by gender differences but not the dorsal fin. I'm pretty sure she is a sub-species or an otherwise closely related but different species.

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What I find really sad is how some people are dissing and dismissing the movie based on the trailer. I mean, I did the same thing when I first saw the trailer for the first HTTYD movie. But when I saw the actual movie, I loved it. It's now my favorite franchise. I love the Light Fury and her cool 'teleportation' ability. It's unique. Like I said in my previous comment, you don't have to like the Light Fury, but calling "disgusting" undermines and disrespects the fact that there are people who do like the idea. Don't dismiss an entire movie based on the trailer. Like I said, I've done that with the first HTTYD movie.

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Let's clear up a few misconceptions or speculations here. I can provide sources if anyone wants them, but I'm too lazy right now.



The Light Fury is not a Night Fury. It's a variation or subspecies.


The Light Fury is not the last of her kind. Toothless is the last of his. There will be more Light Furies, so they will not mate to "save their species" or anything. 


The Light Fury does not teleport. When she flies through a blast, her scales heat up and become reflective, mirroring the environment.


Toothless was never in a relationship with Stormfly. They both exhibit playful behavior with other people and dragons on a regular basis, that's all. I don't think most people ship Eretfly just because Stormfly likes him.


We don't know the plot of the movie. Often the trailer represents a certain aspect of the movie that's more marketable, even to the point of being misleading. They are trying to sell tickets. I could see someone thinking, "Okay, how do we market this? Deep themes, friendship, loss, letting go... nah. Sparkles and cute dragon antics. THAT will draw in the biggest crowd."


My guesses and opinions:

The Light Fury is presumably not going to be special or one of a kind. We know there are more, and hopefully the creators have stuck to the established pattern of male and female dragons looking alike. I bet there will be male Light Furies, and they will have the smaller head size/fewer nubs/soft and squishy texture/sparkles that the female we see in the trailer has. If your problem is not that she's "too girly" and you just don't like the design, great! That's your opinion and you're welcome to it.


Plenty of movies share plots or similarities and are still entirely different. You can draw a ridiculous amount of parallels between The Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy, or Thor: Ragnarok and Wreck-It Ralph, yet you probably didn't watch Ragnarok and think, "Geez, this is Wreck-It Ralph all over again." All the Toy Story movies have the same plot (the toys somehow get out of Andy's house and then have to get back again in time for something) but it doesn't take away anyone's enjoyment of them as far as I know.


Grimmel does actually look like they dropped a Shrek caricature of Jeff Goldblum into the movie. XD Whatever, I guess.


I'm not trying to rag on your opinions. Just wanted to point out that there are still plenty of ways this could go, and a lot of them are great.


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As I know, not many people are happy with the HTTYD 3 trailer as is. I am, however. But that is an opinion, and it is 100% okay.


Now, a trailer doesn't tell a thousand - zillions of words or sentences all the time. We can't predict the movie just from the trailer itself. There still might be something going on we don't know about at all. 

I still have so many questions about the movie! I don't know the ENTIRE plot from the trailer itself! I still want to see it so badly, and I think that the Light Fury has a very satisfying texture and look. If you look closely, the LF sparkles a bit as the moonlight touches her skin/scales. She's very detailed and adorable!



The Light Fury is not a Night Fury! Or a mutation or fusion of a Night fury, etc... 

Light Fury and Night Fury do sound similar, yes, indeed, and you might see them first as the same species, just gender difference. Nope! As I heard, there are multiple Light Furies. Night Furies are only down to one: Toothless. Completely different species. 


Then, about the Stormfly and Toothless thing, sorry, but I don't even THINK they're capable of breeding/being together. Different species wouldn't work out in that way at all... Sorry that a baby Nadder Fury wasn't born. It doesn't work out that way much, or at all. So sorry that you're weird Stormless/Toothfly ship didn't work out like you wanted it too.. 


But there's always your brain :D.


Anyway, the movie trailer was very intreguing to me. I hope when/if you see the movie, you'll like it too! I know that (hopefully) I'll like it! But we can't tell just from a trailer!


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There's a lot I don't agree with in your post but the major thing for me right now is the "What's gonna happen to Stormfly" part...


Yes Stormfly and Toothless where cute together, but I believe there was never any romantic chemistry. They maybe played with each other a few times on screen and spent a lot of time together due to the fact that there riders where very close but that just means that these two dragons liked each others company as friends and flock-mates.


Toothless isn't pushing aside Stormfly for the female Fury... it's just natural.

Animals mate with there own species and Toothless and Stormfly might both be classified as dragons, but they are different species of dragon.

While this "Light Fury" is clearly ether a subspecies of Night Fury or just an example of s3xu@l dimorphism in action.


You don't see dogs and foxes mating with each other irl despite the fact they are both classified as canines, now do you?






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