More Quests? (Non Expansion Pack)

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            Hi there! Whelp, i'm sure plenty of you have completely done the quests, aaand i'm now here with you too. Without the quests it is difficult to level my teen/baby dragons to adults and it's getting on my nerves. So I was thinking redo-able quests (Please let me know if there is one :D) and wanted to see everyones ideas.


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There was something about Spitelout and Daily Quests but it ethier hasn't been added yet or is glitched but as of right now I don't believe there is any renewable quests. But if you're looking to level up dragons, one thing I did was play Flight Club with my teen dragons until they ran out of energy then fed them chicken eggs (they give xp) and repeated until level 10. I've also used stable quests to level up dragons but it takes longer.


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There's a quest given by a NPC student at the lookout that's replayable, but it gives so little XP it's almost not worth it. 


Eel roast and chicken eggs are the best way to level up dragons, at least it's what I use. 


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XD Tasty

Exciting isn’t it? 


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Thanks for letting me know! Training my dragons will be much easier!

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I think that they should have

I think that they should have like side quests or something that’s not an expansion or like something leading up to maybe one to have us all on edge or something over the next one they should be endless etc