More dragons, maybe?

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So, i've been thinking about the whole dragon universe in the HTTYD franchise and i think there are some dragons that are completely ok to be added in-game (by "completely ok" i mean that the dragon is not giant, over powered or anything like that), these would be:

-The Sandbuster
I will be honest, not my favorite dragon and i would not buy it, but hey, it has a cool design, it has an interesting fire-glass breathe that would be just the thing for SoD effects, and it could be really fun to use it in DT because of its abilities. I don't think it would be good in TRR and its damage could be around 10-12, after all its not a dragon meant for combat, it has more of a stealth style.

-The Thunderclaw
Basically a mudraker but with a normal tail and some kind of shark fin on its back. This dragon appeared in the 2nd movie and had a bulky look, so i guess it could be like a tank in DT, slow on TRR and i have no idea how strong his firepower could be xD



"bUt wE ALreaDy hAvE a HoBBLegruNT" nope, that's a threadtail with the name hobblegrunt, i mean, come on, the hobblegrunt should have that dilophosaurus head fin from Jurassic Park, it should also have a fin in his tail and in his back and a SHARP horn above its nostrils, not a blunt horn. I don't think the hobblegrunt should be used in DT (i just feel it xD) and it could be fairly good at TRR, about the speed of a nadder maybe.


-Cavern Crasher

This is a delicate one, i guess it could use the speed stinger's mechanic, no flying, and of course, slower. To make it up for these, i think he could have a climbing hability (i think i'm asking too much for the developers)or something, and could be really nice if it were available at DT.


These are just the ones i can remember, and keep in mind this is just my opinion, feel free to add more suggestions or any dragon i might have forgotten to add here,because i really think that having those dragons around the campus would be really cool :)

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A few more





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HANDS DOWN, I'd happily pay money for a Windgnasher. Ever since I did a super old request thread with them, I've fallen in love with these dragon pies.


Silkspanners kind of freak me out, but another Titan?! WHY NOT?! I love seeing the Titans. Flamewhippers need more love ;3


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Yes! Idk why they're not there yet. I've already got a name XD


Flamewhippers are great! I might draw a titan...

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Same! My Windgnasher boi is Ringmaster. I've always imagined them with the Razorwhip animation, but an original animation would be even better.


You know, drawing Titans. . . that sounds like an amazing thread on here for everyone to jump in on.

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My one would be Protege, after the protection spell in HP XD when ik how to spell it, that is.

An original animation would be exceptional :D


What have I started...? O_O

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More Here!

- Windstriker 

- Seashocker 

- Shadow Wing (Alpha Shadow and Small Shadow)

- Hackatoo

- Slitherwing

- Sword Stealer 

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Ah, how could i forget the Slitherwing, Hackatoo and the shadow wings? The slitherwing would fit perfectly as an enemy in DT levels too! And i was thinking: what if the titan wing Small Shadow became the model of an Alpha shadow? or should it be better if it were 2 different dragons? The sword stealer would be awesome too, and the windstriker could use the model from the devilish dervish, after all they are very similar.

About the seashocker, i actually don't know how they would fit in because they seem to live exclusively underwater, no? But if you have an idea about how they could be used, feel free to express it :)

Another dragon that i really like but it's not in the game: Snifflehunch, i just love the colors xD

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Thunderclaw, Windgnasher and

Thunderclaw, Windgnasher and Sandbuster... I really miss those species...

Btw, Scauldrons live underwater too as I suppose?





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Yeah, but apparently Scauldrons can fly and walk on land, however the seashocker (at least from what we could see in the tv series and the 2nd movie) can only swim, being helpless at land. But at least in RoB they allowed him to have a flying animation

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Then they should make a

Then they should make a "underwater" map just for Scauldrons and Seashockers. I think it's nice idea for expansion pack... Adventure with diving, giant eels and reascueing Seashockers in the bay.... just a bit like in the tv series :) in the other maps Seashockers could be not-flying, only swimming dragons (we have not flying Speed Stingers, so.. why not?).

Sorry I posted it here, I'm new here and I missed a reply button :c

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Great idea

Yeah, it would be super cool to have an underwater map or an expansion about exploring the sea with tidal class dragons, and the dragon-prize from the expansion could be the seashocker itself. Hope one day it gets added in the game. Besides, like the speed stinger, the seashocker could be used to travel faster in the common maps, but on the water.

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That's exactly what I said

In one of my topics months ago. I think it would be really awesome because if they do put seashocker in the game it can't be on land and can't fly very high. Just have an island specially for seashocker. Have races, like the one for broad wing dragon and multiplayer races too (I won't do one because a lot of people won't have a seashocker also I wouldn't join lol) sure other dragons can come visit but they can't swim in the water unless they are a seashocker.



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I would definitely enjoy it if they added the movie hobblegrunt into the game just so people would stop ragging on SoD hobblegrunts :'D (I personally don't like the 'ThreadTail' because just.. why make a dragon that's allergic to its own poison?? Why?? that's so cruel DX I'd much rather prefer that the SoD hobblegrunts are just a subspecies of the movie hobblegrunts.) BUT the reason why the one in game is still called a hobblegrunt is for copyright reasons. Don't ask me how or why but that's what an admin told me.


My dragon wishlist:

Silkspanner: Other people have mentioned this one and.. I will too. Because these are awesome dragons. And they CAN fly... sort of. They fly by expanding a special gullet in their throat full of air and using a web gliding suit to get around and across islands and stuff. SoD can just take this as flying because.. they've made some slightly canon wandering choices before anyways (like giving tide gliders hind legs. Nobody seems to notice that anymore. Tide Gliders are mermaid dragons originally but in SoD they have hind legs for some reason.)


I could see Silkspanners just constantly having webbing laced between their legs so there wouldn't have to be a special animation to suddenly add in the webbing either.


Shellfire: A lot of people were.. weirdly against this dragon being added as a rideable dragon because of its size. And I don't get why. The one demonstrated in the episode it appeared in was a Titan Wing, meaning it was far older and far bigger than your average indivdual would normally be. Furthermore. Scualdrons are HUGE! And so are Screaming Deaths, and Crimson Goregutters, and Thunderdrums, and Boneknappers, and Armorwings, and whatever else have you. Yet these dragons are in the game. I don't see why Shellfires couldn't undergo a similar size modification for the game. They're awesome dragons and I'd really like to be able to have one in game. They're like scuttly beetle-cockroaches and it's glorious.


Snifflehunch: I really like these dragons' color patterns, and they're just.. adorable. Plus. We need more tracker class dragons x)


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Lil' short:

Jayfeather: C'mon friend, this thing won't hurt anyone!

Odin: I do not have time to mess around with strange objects.

Jayfeather: Look, just hold still.

-Seawings makes sure to not be in the shot of the camera-


Jayfeather: Aha! Got it. Ahh fish paste, my wing was in it..

Odin: Hand that over this minute! I... want to see if you got my good side..

Jayfeather: HA!

Seawings: G-guys lets just bring this thing to Ice, o-okay?




-Jayfeather flew off chuckling-

-Odin roared after him-

-Seawings whimpers and decides to follow-

(Funny picture of Odin and Jayfeather by Wutend Bonfire!)












Ha! Got ya >:D

(awesome gif of Odin by Peymae!)

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tOSs a CoiN To yOuR WiTCheR

Gods, i wish we had a Snifflehunch XD

About the Shellfire, i understand it was a titan wing, but titan wings aren't soooo huge compared to their broad wing, right? Because from what i saw, Hookfang's nemesis is like 1.5x or 2x as big as Hookfang, i guess. And besides, the Shellfire and the Submaripper (which is quite the big dragon) are natural enemies, aren't they? For that, i think the common Shellfire should be at least a bit smaller than the Submaripper. However, i completely agree with your point of the other large dragons, i mean, come on, the crimson goregutter and the screaming death are waaaay too small (and the stormcutter too, i love the dragon but SoD didn't gave this dragon justice). What they could do is at least put the dragon in some expansion (like it did with the Green Death) or something else, i don't know, feel free to add your suggestions :) AND to correct me, that's how i see the titan wings, but if you have a different opinion, let me know


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"Not CARAMEL! It'ssss Butterssscotch!" *sinking to his doom*

Ooooh, I mean. I honestly don't really care about the Titanwing claim too much but I used it more as a point that 'this dragon is usually smaller', and given the fact that 90% of the dragons we tame in-game, we raise from eggs, it wouldn't be a far fetch to say that ours are smaller because (while being physically mature) they're very young adults.

I personally have no issues with making the dragons listed smaller. If they were their true sizes, the game would be laggier and be far more messy. (Take for example, when people hacked in Timberjacks. Taxi took up 1/3 of the Wilderness all by himself. Imagine 5 of those in the same room, eesh! That's why Timberjacks got their wings clipped.)

If it's just smaller, but I still get to ride/customize my own, then I will gladly take it. It's better to have a miniature version of the thing than no version at all, right?

Anyways. That's my two cents x'P

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Oh ValLey Of PLenTy, oH VaLLey oF PleNTy ooOOOooh

Yeah, it's definetely better having a smaller version than not having anything at all. I guess we can only hope for more dragons