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Every idea floating in my head that does not stop appearing. Let's see if I summarize everything I said to apply in the game:
- Baths for dragons
- They could make the dragons can spin (as in some glitchs) and climb in the clouds.
- They could add more functions for dragons like THE CALL OF THE DRAGON, maybe they could also add a button that makes you handle the viking or the dragon. I mean, let's see if I explain, you can choose to handle the Viking and the dragon or the dragon alone.
- They could add a button of orders for the dragon like ex: quiet (that stays in its place), come (so that it approaches).
- Dentist of dragons (you can get rewards)
- Speed ​​Stringer Race (sure someone else thinks about this)
- New ships of the BATTLE EVENT (like that of Drago Bludvist)
- New dragons (I offer some of them in case you are interested) but also include the Cavern Crasher, Dramillon (in which maybe you can choose the type of fire that you would like it to have).
This and more. They can add many things so that the experience in the game is more pleasant, although there are also fix some bugs. For now maybe it would be fixing one of the stables (Boulder Stable) that has an error in the walls that has no texture. This white. I hope my ideas are not too heavy and likes you. That is all for now. Thanks for your attention.
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These sound like really good

These sound like really good ideas, would love to see them in-game!





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