Moon of the North- Chapter One

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I finished Chapter One! Please drop a comment and tell me what you think!


The familiar whistle of the attacking dragon’s wings shearing through the air brought the village to attention. I glanced at the sky, then to Nyx, who had been walking with me, securing the town’s ballistas. I turned to her, pulling my short sword out of its scabbard.

“Nyx, it’s coming. If you don't want Topaz to get hurt, get out of here as fast as you can.” I said, wanting to protect her as much as possible. She shook her head.

“No, I’m not leaving! This thing keeps attacking Berk, and we need to stop it!”

“Fine. Get the children away from the village, and then come back and grab your bow. We’re gonna need all the power we can get.”

As she dashed off on her Sentinel, I ran to Gobber’s workshop, planning on using the bola to take down the beast. The sharp scent of smoke hit my nose, telling me that the dragon had already hit something. I put on a burst of speed, racing through the door and grabbing the rope and weights.

“Lassie, what’re ya doing? We need those!” Gobber shouted, hobbling towards me quicker than I thought possible. He made a move to grab the bola out of my hand, but i swung them out of his reach.

“This will help me take down that dragon, Gobber. I need this more than anyone.”

I ran out of the blacksmith before he could retaliate. Calling Garnet to me, I leapt onto the Nadder’s back and secured my legs in the straps of her saddle as she took to the sky. As we gained altitude, I saw the destruction this dragon had caused in such a short time. Over a quarter of the houses were burning, and the stone carving of Stoick the Vast had a horn broken off of his helmet. Hiccup, Stoick’s son, dashed in front of me on his Night Fury and beelined for the mystery dragon, shooting multiple small plasma blasts. I followed quickly behind, having Garnet shoot her spines in the dragon’s general direction, but I could tell none of them hit.

The chase lasted for what seemed like hours, when eventually, we cornered it in a circle of sea stacks that were about a mile offshore. The dragon shot its fire at Garnet, the glowing blue flame barely missing her left wing. That fire looks familiar… As it flew by, the sharp scent of ozone hit me. I chose to ignore it, focusing on driving the dragon away. I leaned to the right, squeezing my legs to tell Garnet to go forward. She flew around the back of the dragon, blasting magnesium flame at its back. It roared in annoyance, twisting in midair to fly south. Nyx and Topaz returned, with Geveda and Cloudstream following. I threw the bola I had taken, but it missed the dragon’s legs by mere inches. We chased the dragon to the edge of the island, twisting and turning to cut it off when it tried to escape our confines. It shrieked, finally diving down and heading away from Berk.

We cheered, flying close to each other to high-five one another. Guiding our dragons back towards town, we landed in the center and dismounted, finding Hiccup and Toothless. We walked up to them, delivering the news that the dragon had been driven off.

“Good job, team. I do have one more thing I need you and some others to do, though. You’re not gonna like it.”

“What is it?” Geveda asked, crossing her arms and leaning of one side.

“I need you to follow that dragon, find where it’s hiding, and try to train it. We can't have it attacking us anymore. Take Ben, Annabeth, Flower, Rajah, Hestia, Leigh, Star, and Lissa with you. That should be enough people to do the job.”


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Name: Phantom

Age: 4

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 4,630 lbs

Species: Night Fury

Personality: Kind, caring, and quiet. She mostly keeps to herself, being very shy, but if you can break bast her barrier, she is a friend for life.

Backstory: Phantom hatched alone on a mountaintop, surrounded by the bodies of her tribe. She grew up alone, save for the eagles. Traveling all over the world, she ran into a Night Fury with a human on its back. She followed the dragon home, and found a human of her own- Delilah.