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Hello. If you can see I'm quite an old player, just returning to visit the game and see how much has changed. However when I log in, I'm shown the create new viking page. Where is my old viking? I spent money on this account. I have no idea what to do since my login works fine. My i game name was "Dragonflie". Please help me out, I don't want to lose my progress and purchases.







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Missing Viking

The best thing I can think of for that issue is creating a ticket and contacting SOD team to report that. 
They have bug reports that says "Forgot password" "Forgot user name" "Forgot Email" etc. 
There is another that says "Other" which probably would be the best to report the problem. 
Most people say that the SOD team doesn't help with their problems or fix the bugs, but they have helped me with the glitches I had, or mistakes I made. 
They will help you with your account if you ask.



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Gem glitch

Many years back sod deleted the Vikings on accounts found to have exploited the gem chest . To get Vikings back you had to message them and beg to get Vikings back. Perhaps you stopped playing before they punished those . Not saying you did this but that could be why you don't have any. 






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thats happend to me too, the best thing to do is X off the game and get back on it should be back to normal if not write a ticket i guess



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