Missing Gems glitch now has a fix

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I discovered a very easy way to fix a missing gems issue. I do beleive this also works for those that have had this issue with the mystery box.




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The video that shows how to

The video that shows how to fix the issue can be found at 


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Yay! I find this glitch very

Yay! I find this glitch very annoying! >.<

Thanks for sharing! :)


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Sadly, I tried it, but it didn't work for me, but thank you anyways.  At least it will help some people, so that is good.

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thank you

that is just the lag between viking accounts after you get you daily rewards. I have the same issue when I go into each account and come right back out, but it fixes itself. 


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Mystery box Glitch

It didn't work on the Mystery box glitch for me.It did work on the display on my other vikings when one of them gets the 40 free Gems.It shows the right amount of Gems then on each viking.     Thanks for the Info! 



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it did not work for me

i did not work for me but thanks anyways and i hope it will help someone else 



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