Missing dragon eggs? This may get them back to you.

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Last Monday (3/12/2018) I logged in for the battle event and got a sweet death egg as a prize. I took it to the hatchery as fast as possible as I was excited to have a new dragon, but when I logged in yesterday (Tuesday, 4/12/2018) to get my new baby dragon I realised that the egg was missing. It wasn neither in thehatchery nor in my backpack, so I got here and found that I was not the only one with this issue. I explained my case to see if the dev team could do something and started studying for my exam (yes, I was playing instead of working...). Today (Wednesday, 5/12/2018), I left school at 3PM and got home at 3:30PM. I had lunch fast and switched the computer on to see what was going on here and I randomly found a comment posted by the user "StaticShock22" that said exactly this: "Try on mobile. I heard the eggs don't disappear when you hatch them there. Maybe start putting an egg in the stable on mobile and then hatch it on mobile". What I did is exactly what the post said: I downloaded the mobile version and went directly to the hatchery, and it really was there, exactly where I had left it on Monday, on the pedestal and ready to open. 

Seems like the glitch is only happening to PC users, so summing up, the egg should be there if you log in on Android or IOS.

PS: If you tried out hatching more than one eggs they should appear in the order you hatched them.


Hope this hepls someone!



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Deathsong ate the subject. Run!!

Glad this helped you and that you got your sweet death!



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It worked for me

Just wanted to verify that this works. I decided to download the app version just to see if anything happened, and to my surprise my egg was there.

I came on to let people know, but looks like you beat me to it! Haha.

I hope this works for everyone else!

Good luck everybody!



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Oh tysm!! I finally got my baby Screaming Death back!

Thx! I tried this and I got my baby Screaming Death back!!


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