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Chapter 1: Tuffnut's Tale of Terror

The day dawned, bright and clear. Everything was peaceful in the village of Berk. Dragons lay sleeping quietly on houses, as their sleepy-eyed riders just started to emerge into the light. All was well. BOOM! HIccup sat up so fast he clicked his neck. "Oh, ow." He groaned as he rolled out of bed. He stumbled downstairs to find his dad at the ready, sword in hand. "What in Odin's beard was that?" Stoick the Vast exclaimed. "Don't ask me, Dad." Replied Hiccup as he walked outside. Hiccup's dragon, Toothless was waitingfor him. "Morning, bud. Did you sleep well?" Hiccup patted Toothless and climbed onto his back. He settled down into the saddle and slid his metal foot into place. "Let's go find out what that was, shall we?" Just before they could take off though, a girl came sprinting towards them. "HICCUP!" she yelled. The girl came to stop in front of them. "What's the matter Astrid?" Astrid pointed in the direction of the town square. "You will not BELIEVE what's just happened." Hiccup and Toothless followed Astrid to the Dragon Academy, where Ruffnut and Tuffnut were waiting. "Hiccup!" the twins yelled at the same time. "Boy,are we glad to see you." Tuffnut said. "Tell me 'bout it." Said Ruffnut. Hiccup walked into the Academy. "Woah, what happened here?" he exclaimed. A massive hole had been blasted into the wall of the Training Arena. "Oo, oo, let me tell him, let me tell him." said Tuffnut. "Okay, Tuffnut, go ahead." "Yeah," cackled Tuffnut. He cleared his throat loudly. "It all started this morning," He began, in a deep and mysterious voice, "when Ruffnut and I came to check on our dragon, Barf and Belch. We walked in-" "-and this is where it gets interesting." Interjected Ruffnut. "Hey, be quiet! I'm telling the story!" yelled Tuffnut. Ruffnut chuckled. "But she's right," he added, "it does. Anyway, as I was saying, we walked in and he was gone." Tuffnut ended suddenly, and he waved his hands in front of face as if he were trying to make something disappear. "Pretty cool, huh?" said Tuffnut as he let his hands drop. Hiccup and Astird exchanged glances. "Keep telling yourself that." someone said. Tuffnut spun around. Behind him, ,leaning casually on a barrel, was Snotlout. "Woah, how'd you get there? I didn't even hear you." Tuffnut said in surprise. "I didn't even see you," he paused and looked around himself suspiciously, "or did I?" Hiccup and Astrid sighed, Ruffnut laughed and Snotlout just rolled his eyes.



Courage, brother, do not stumble,

Though thy path be dark as night;

There's a star to guide the humble:

"Trust in God, and do the right."


(Copied that right out of the hymn Church book itself :) )



Viking name: Sky Racer

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Dragon name/s: (In order) Flame, Havoc and Pangaea

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I would put some pictures of my beloved dragons up but I can't, for many reasons, reasons I shall not bore you with :)


Now, a litle bit about me......

I have read every HP book more times than I can count (I even have the first book memorised of by heart) and seen the movies so many times I now know every actors/actresses lines of by heart too. (I know, a little creepy and strange.)

I have also seen HTTYD so many times I have the script of that memorised too. (Also a little creepy and strange :) )

I LOVE dragons, I'm a dragon-fanatic.

I'm also an animal and environment lover, I love nature.

But....I'm also a book-worm and a nerdy geek. I'm actually quite clever. (Not to toot my horn ;D)

So yeah....that's me. I'm also quite funny, apparently, in a sarcastic way but I NEVER mean it (unless I don't like you and say "I mean it")







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Just letting you know.....

I'm just trying this whole "forum/story" thing as this is my first time, so if you read this, please leave a comment. I don't really care what you say, you can love it, you can hate it, just, leave a comment. Thank you!! XD

It's got a few mistakes......oops.