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So one pet peeve I've been having lately are posts in the wrong place. I might go to the "New Features" section to see if any updates are out, see a bunch of "New Dragons!" threads so I click thinking it's a new leak or new dragon discussion. Then it turns out to be a suggestion in the new features section. I don't expect everyone not to make mistakes, but it gets annoying.

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Personally, I think the New Features section should only have topics posted by admins. It's annoying, New Features basically has ACTUAL news, and then a bunch of other random junk that you'll get mixed in with.





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Please SoD developers, fix your bugs first. While the community may be overwhelming at times, in the end, most of the time they simply want what's best for the game. In terms of population and overall development process, SoD is by far your most successful and most developed creation. I feel that part of the problem is that you are running other games and overwhelming yourselves. These games are basically dead and few people play them anymore, with the exception of Neopets, where some players are still active for the nostalgia.

Also, I am aware of times where the community is desperate for certain updates or dragons. But I beg of you to strive for a clean, bug free game first before pursuing these updates. Doing this will make your company appear more reliable and trustworthy. I agree, new content is needed to help keep players. But so is fixing bugs. Many of your bugs can be game breaking as well, causing potential customers to leave.

This is why I believe your team should consider fixing bugs more than doing updates. I can wait for an update, but game breaking bugs I can't.


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Yeah it's annoying how people don't see what category they're posting in. It's also annoying how they tend to use misleading titles. I wanted to check out that so-called sweet new dragon, not the 5000th plea for a triple stryke.


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