Mischief and Magic~ Chapter 9 ~ Rivals

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Chapter 9 ~ Rivals


So far, Hufflepuffs weren’t the type of people he expected to be with. For the most part, they were quiet. Like that one hybrid he shared a room with. He never made eye contact with anyone and as far as he knew, hadn’t said anything at all.


The common room wasn’t bad, though. Besides it had a very low ceiling which made him feel rather squished. It was also very nature like. Everything was pretty much covered in two colors, black and yellow. One major difference between this room and the other common rooms was that it was round. Which meant all the shelves were cut to fit in it. The furniture was made to fit. Everything. There were even some dancing catuai that lined the shelves.


There was a nice fireplace that was on the wall. The honey colored mantle was decorated with dancing badgers, representing Hufflepuff. And above the fireplace stood a painting of Helga Hufflepuff, one of the four founders of Hogwarts. In one of her hands was a golden cup and in the other was her wand.


Magnus walked down the kitchen hallway until he reached a wall full of barrels. He pulled out his wand. He located the middle barrel in the second row and tapped it with his wand to the rhythm of the name Helga Hufflepuff and he was let into his common room.


Magnus remembered the first time he tried to get into the common room by himself. He was tapping on the wrong barrel and got pelted with vinegar. He smelt like it for a few days. Some of the other Hufflepuffs made fun of him. But at least Magnus learned his lesson. Always tap on the right barrel for the right amount of times. If not, you stunk.


Without even acknowledging the bright pink Rainwing that came up to met him, Magnus stormed into the boys dormitories. No one else was in there. Good.


Magnus dropped all of his text books onto his bed and tugged off the pendant on his necklace and threw it up into the air. Once it left his talons, it went into a full golden sword. “Hey Magnus!” the sword spoke, floating off of the ground.


“Hey Jack,” Magnus said to his sword, before throwing himself onto his bed.


“Is something wrong bud? I'm your best pal. Hopefully you know that. You died for me,” Jack said rensurenly as he floated next to Magnus.


“That's the thing, Jack. I'm dead. How long do you think I'll be able to keep hiding that? It's only a matter of time before someone finds out and it hits the whole school! It's not like everyone else is dead!” Magnus ranted to Jack.


“You're dead, Skywing?” spoke a voice from the other side of the room. Magnus practically jumped out of his bed and faced the other dragon. It was the Seawing he shared the room with, Percy. Percy Jackson.


“I'm not dead. What are you talking about?” Magnus asked.


“Of course you're dead, Magnus. We were just talking about it. Oh,” Jack said as he spotted Percy. “What should I do Magnus? I could kill him you know. Then the school wouldn't know about it.”


“No Jack,” Magnus muttered. “I'll take care of this.”


“Hey, you have a magic sword, too?” asked Percy. Then Percy pulled out a pen and pulled off its cap and it transformed into a bronze sword.


“See, Jack. Sword pens do exist!” Magnus muttered to Jack.


“Pff,” Jack pffed.


Percy then recapped the sword, which turned back into a pen, and walked over to his truck. Percy pulled out a rubber stress horse  and confronted Magnus. “So why shouldn't I tell the whole school that you're dead?” he asked.


“Well for one,” began Magnus, “I could tell Ms. Sprout that you brought a weapon to school.”


Percy pointed to Jack. “Bad point my friend.”


“I could kill you.”


Percy showed his pen to Magnus. “Don't think that will work. And I know how to fight.”


“Well! You know what!” Magnus yelled and hit the rubber horse out of Percy’s hand. “Ha!”


“How dare you insult my ancestors!” Percy cried, jumping to the ground and grabbed the horse.


“Well yeah? Maybe you should stop dating my cousin!” Magnus yelled.


The room was filled with silence for a few moments, as the two boys stared each other in the eyes.


“Well! Leave Annabeth out of this!” Percy yelled, pushing Magnus.


“Oh I don't think I'll leave Annabeth out of this! You don't deserve her!” Magnus yelled back, pushing Percy back.


“Yes I do! I've done so much for her! Wait a minute, what are we fighting about?” Percy asked, about to push Magnus over again


“You know what? Never mind. I'm going to be late for Herbology.” Magnus said. He summoned Jack back into his pendent state and grabbed his books and stormed out of the room, leaving Percy behind in the dust looking rather confused.


The pink Rainwing ran over to him again, but Magnus ignored her and stomped out of the common room, heading to the front doors. Now hopefully Percy wouldn't remember what they were arguing about. If he did, the rest of Magnus’s career would to down the drain. It was already luck that he was allowed to leave Valhalla to come here. The last thing thing he wanted was to get sent back so soon.


Magnus pushed the big, heavy doors open and exited outside. The sun’s rays hit his face and filled him with warmth. He opened his wings and flew up into the air. Below him he saw Snowdrift, his clawmate whom he shared his room with, who was also exited the castle but instead walked. What was he doing out here? Shouldn't he be heading to his next class?


Magnus finally was out by the greenhouses when he remembered that Hufflepuffs always had the same classes together. Which meant that Percy would always be right next to him every second of everyday. As if on cue, Percy plopped his books down right besides him and took a seat. This was going to be a very long year.