Mischief and Magic~ Chapter 2~ Diagon Alley

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Clownfish PoV


Clownfish slowly approached a brick wall holding her little brother's hand. So this was where her mother went to get her school supplies too. Clownfish lifted the sheet of paper that was in her other hand, telling her how to get into this secret place for only witches and wizards.


“Can we go in yet?” Squirt asked kindly to his sister.


Clownfish nodded and looked back down at the paper. “Okay, so that's the garbage can,” she said pointing at the can. “And two, no three up and two across.” Her hand followed her instructions and tapped on the brick her hand hovered above.


Then the wall opened up a small hole in the wall and the wall stopped. Then it began to shake and it opened up into into a large entryway for them to enter. “Come on,” Clownfish said, grabbing Squirt hand and the two walked through the wall.


When the two of them got through the wall, a huge street full of shops and pubs opened up before them. Clownfish saw signs everywhere all saying different names to the stores that surrounded them.


Squirt started bouncing and let go of Clownfish’s hand and ran a bit before Clownfish grabbed his hand. “Squirt you can't run off like that. Their are too many other dragons here getting their supplies. I can't lose you.” She grabbed out another sheet of paper of her pocket. “Okay, first we have to go to Gringott’s.”


Squirt shyly nodded and the two of them headed off to the wizarding bank.


The two entered the wizarding bank and Squirt kept eyeing the goblins weirdly. Clownfish had to admit that this was all so strange. She probably wouldn't think that this all existed if she hadn't gotten her letter the day before. Then her not her told her about this wizarding world. But her father was more shocked than herself. It looked like he could not have even handled the news. Which was why he didn't come to Diagon Alley with them. And their mother was blind so she couldn't come either. So she filled out pieces of paper for her instead.


Clownfish quickly walked up to the desk and waited for the Seawing ahead of her to finish getting into his vault. After he left to go to his vault it was her turn.


“Hi, I'm Clownfish daughter of Tidepool. Could I get into my vault?” she asked.


The goblin behind the desk grunted at her. “Daughter of Tidepool, ah. I'm getting old. Come on, your  vault is 6829. Come now.”


The goblin walked out of his desk and Clownfish and Squirt followed. The three of them got into the cart. “Here we go,” the goblin said and he pulled a lever and the cart sped off into the unknown.


The cart was moving at a speed so fast that Squirt almost flew out of the cart. Clownfish had to hold him down because he wouldn't fold in his wings. Then the cart stopped suddenly and they almost fell out again. “Here's your vault. Hurry now, we're busy today.”


Clownfish motioned for Squirt to stay in the cart and Clownfish stepped out of the cart and into her vault. There wasn't much in there but it would have to do for now. She pulled out another piece of paper out and began reading.


So there were three different types of coins in here. Galleons, knuts, and sickles. All different sizes. Okay, so Clownfish began grabbing the coin amounts that her mother put on the list and put them in a sack that she brought.


Clownfish then went back into the cart, and it sped back up the camber. The they back into the main level of the building and they headed back out into the alley.


“Okay Squirt. Mom said that she already has all the books that I need so she's says that we should go to Ollivander’s next. And according to this map, it should should be right there,” she said pointing to a tiny shop that seemed covered in dust to their left.


Clownfish and Squirt entered the very old looking place and walked up to the desk. “Hello? I'm here for a wand,” Clownfish called into the store.


“You're getting a wand!?” Squirt said excitedly.


“Yes,” said Clownfish.


“I see your old in for a wand,” said an old Skywing said. “Well you've come on the right place.” he walked up to Clownfish and started measuring her. “I'm Mr. Ollivander.” He walked off to a shelf and pulled a box off and walked back over to her. “Try this.”


Clownfish hesitantly opened up the box and saw a black sleek wand. Clownfish pulled it out. “What do I'm do with it?” she asked.


“Try flicking it,” Ollivander said.


Clownfish flicked it and nothing happened. “No no no, that's not the right one,” Ollivander grabbed the wand and shoved it back on the shelf. He came back with another box. “This one perhaps.”


Clownfish pulled a smooth bright tan wand that had an inscripted handle. Clownfish flicked this one the same way as last time and it sent out a nice smooth golden spark.


“Oh yes. That one will be the one for you. It has a unicorn hair core and is cedar. 11 and ¾ inches. Unyielding. Yes this is the one for you. Now pay up.” Mr. Ollivander said.


Clownfish pulled out the necessary amount of money and handed it to him. Then Ollivander walked over to Squirt and began measuring him. “Oh no Mr. Ollivander, he won't be needing one. He get his in two years, when he hopefully gets to go to Hogwarts.” Squirt looked sad at this but they didn't have enough money for another wand right now.


Clownfish led Squirt out of the wand shop and Clownfish put her wand in her bag and pulled out the list again. “Okay, now mother said that-” Clownfish looked down at the list and was lost for words. “Mom said that I can get a pet.” she said breathlessly.  “And mother suggests that we go to Magical Menagerie. So let's eat there.”


Clownfish entered the shop and came out with a lighter colored toad. Squirt had already named it Gilbert. Gilbert was sitting up on Clownfish’s shoulder and she pulled out the list. “So now we just need to get a few more random things. Let's finish this up.” Clownfish said grabbing Squirt’s hand and they headed off to the next shop.


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