Minor Dragon Tactics Bugs

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I've found a few minor bugs in the Dragon Tactics mini game. The first bug mainly occurs when attacking with my Fireworm Queen, but has also happened when atacking using my viking. The attack misses and no animation plays. The opponent doesn't take any damage and isn't shown dodging the attack. This can make playing Dragon Tactics annoying.


The second bug is a version of the first that ends differently. This one mainly affects my Boneknapper. The animation for my Boneknappers attacks doesn't play, but the opponents do get visbly hurt- the camera focuses on them, they visibly and audibly react to being hurt, and their health bars drop.


I've also noticed that every set of event levels so far has a reccurent bug where the game soft locks on an enemy during a level. Perhaps it would be a good idea to play test the levels for that bug and fix it before releasing them. Doing so could save a lot of bug reports from frustrated players who've had to close and re-open the game to get their candy/cookies/medals from Dragon Tactics.



Thor Odinsen

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Can partially confirm

I don't have either of these dragons, but when I've fought enemy Boneknappers I've noticed the same thing about one of their attacks - so it's a consistent problem for that dragon at least.