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I just realised, we don't have any mini-games!

I'm not talking about trophie related games. I want fun, refreshing mini-games :D


Simillar to sheep dunk(i think) that you can play in the HTTYD video game.

Or anything else, you can do with your dragon!


We could also add another currency: Medals 


Having a good score in mini-games would earn some medals

They can be used for:

Adding to the clan count

Buying special iteams in gobber's shop


I'll add more ideas soon!



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Heck yeah!

I agree! I feel like there should be games that don't require dragon energy.




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Lightheart- Deadly Nadder (male)

Galestorm-  Titan Skrill (male)

Smogtail- Smokebreath (male)

Luminare- Flightmare (male)

Reaper-  Titan Whispering Death (male)

Melody- Death Song (female)

Orion- Prickleboggle (male)

Shiverflight- Groncicle (female)

Arrav- Stormcutter (male)

Marrow- Boneknapper (male)

Thunderfang- Shockjaw (male)

Gaea- Changewing (female)

Echo- Thunderdrum (male)

Brightwake- Tide Glider (female)

Bronze- Titan Razorwhip (male)

Muse- Death Song (male)

Skullscreech- Boneknapper (male)

Nirvana- Scuttleclaw (female)

Lance and Acanthus- Titan Hideous Zippleback (male)

Goliath- Snafflefang (male)

Inferno- Monstrous Nightmare (male)

Mur- Sweet Death (female)

Viragho- Grapple Grounder (male)

Flarewhip- Singetail (male)

Starcrusher- Eruptodon (male)








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this would be cool! XD

this would be cool! XD









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-Insert Subject-

Maybe a mini game where we have to find the character's dragons? Or catch run away babies from tha hatchery :D