Milking Yaks Is A Pain In The Yak

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When trying to milk my yaks nothing happens (or my avatar just starts running), and I wait. So I click on the yak again and up pops the milk the yak icon. Thinking that it is a timing issue and I just need to wait, I decide to try and customize my avatar. Why not? I have time. I click on the journal and go to the customize page. Suddenly my avatar assumes the yak milking position. I close the journal and low and behold my yak has been milked. Yippie, but this is really a strange fashion to milk a yak. I have to go through this odd process each time I want to milk a yak. Would you please help so that milking yaks isn't such an ordeal. Thank you.


I have a PC, windows 7, firefox's latest version.

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Wait wait wait. You're

Wait wait wait. You're actually able to milk your yak?! All my character ever does is run nonstop into the things furry hip.


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Me too!

I didn't know it was possible either!


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Journals Help

I just thought it was a timing issue, sometimes you have to wait for something to load. My avatar would either just run non-stop or stand there doing nothing. So I opened my journal and went to the customization page. You have to wait a wee-bit and then suddenly my character began to milk the yak! Yes, she actually stood there on the customization page, going through the motions of milking. I closed the journal I was blessed with milk and then could feed the yak.

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How long is a wee-bit for

How long is a wee-bit for you?

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A question of seconds?

Are you asking how long is the time from when I click on the yak to get the milk and wait? Forever.

How long is the time is: from clicking to milk the yak, then clicking on the journal, then clicking on the customization page, then waiting for the avatar to begin milking? I start counting the "wee-bit" from when I get to the customization page. Normally it is no more then 5 to 10 seconds and then the avatar will begin the motions of milking the yak. Once the "milking" has proceeded, close the journal and either the milk will come straight to you or you need to go get it. Then all that remains is to feed the yak and wait for the horrible cycle to start over.

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Do you know if it's the same

Do you know if it's the same for those on mobile?

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I'm sorry, I have no clue to that...

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How To Milk Your Yak
How To Milk Your Yak

I've posted a comment on getting around the milking yak issue with the same "customize your Viking" method:


Yeah, so you also know the workaround, sparkyfife. But do you about other ways to get around the glitch?


Fri, 01/29/2016 - 22:04


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Yep, happens in the online version too.

I've found that I can break out of the running glitch by entering the store or, if that doesn't work, the options panel and then 'x'ing out of one or both of them.  If I don't have Yak Feed in my inventory and click 'yes' on the 'you need Yak Feed' pop up, the store opens and then the pop up reappears.  Clicking 'yes' on the second pop up causes the Yak Feed to not have a purchase button.

Thanks Tetch!


So to get around the glitch:

1. Store method - Open the store on the top right, then close it again. Then you'll see another glitch where the "buy more yak feed button" goes missing. I don'tthink you'll get a milking-a-yak animation though.


2. Wardrobe method - Open the journal (the book on the top right) and go to your Viking customizations. You'll see your Viking milking an invisible yak in mid-air. Then close the journal.


3. Farm Construction method - Click on the button on the left (to rearrange things on your farm) then close it. However, this method doesn't give you your yak milk.


It seems method 2 doesn't work on my Android tablet running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, and I'm not sure of method 1 working in the mobile game version. I have tried method 1 on my PC though, and it WORKS!



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What I think is the problem, is that your character needs a pathway to your yak. Be sure you have a clear path leading to the yak and don't stand too far away when clicking the button.

I created an impossible path once, causing my character to be stuck running until I restarted. Fun stuff.



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  Thank you for the


Thank you for the suggestion, but I don't think that's a problem.

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I'm surprised no one else

I'm surprised no one else thought of spamming buttons as a quick fix. I tend to make sure I'm a good distance away from my yaks & then coninue to "harvest". When my character starts his non stop running animation I generally spam WASD & the Space bar, then the running animation stops, I stop spamming movement commands to my character & he (my character) proceeds to enact the milking animation (which has a weird/scary scythe type sound as though you're cutting crop not milking a yak) after which I walk up to my yak & collect the milk that is hovering/sitting above it's back.



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Heeeeeey my names Forest, Forest Gump and I like to run when I milk yaaaaaks! 

 LOL  ok I've discovered a trick to stop that glitch. Click on your yak to milk, then go as far away as you can, then click on the milk icon that popped up. 

Works every time for me. 



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Frozen To Yak

Wish that would work! Either I'm stuck in a continual run that I can't break (unless I open my journal, go to the customization page and wait a few seconds...then suddenly my yak has been milked, odd), or I'm just stuck next to the yak and can't move. Silly glitches. I'm happy that it works for you, but sadly it doesn't work for me. The only trick that I've found that works is the journal trick to milk the yak. I just wish that it didn't take so much effort to milk a yak.

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A Desert Wraith stole my subject...

Well, after reading this I decided (why...) to try and milk one of my yaks. I got stuck running endlessly. But then I discovered that if you click the edit button(I can't remember if you have to click it alot, or just once) it'll take you to edit mode, and then when you get out of edit mode, and you'll be able to move again. Course, while you're in your farm, you'll still be running endlessly, but when you exit your farm it should be normal again.

I think this is the solution. Give it a try, and hopefully it'll work. :)


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I tried this, but sad to say it didn't work for me. I'm so glad that it works for you. Thank you so much for the suggestion! I appreciate it!

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Thanks for the suggestions

I haven't tried that one, so will have to give it a whirl. Thank you.

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Brickticks to the rescue!!!!!

That's right, this is, BRICKTICKS TO THE RESCUE!!!!!  I can honestly tell you the secret to milking yaks in 10 easy steps:

1. Click on your Yaks.

2. Click the Feed Yak icon.

3. Wait 2 hours.

4. Click the sparkling Yak.

5. Click the Milk Yak icon.

6. While your character is running uncontrolably, click the shop icon.

7. Close the shop.

8. Observe that your character is no longer running.

9. After a few second, your character milks the yak.

10. Enjoy your milk.

Hope this helps, glad I was able to provide some relief, just like I did with the STUCK SEED BAG GLITCH!  (P.S. that glitch is still existant and really annoying!)  Rockatoa, Brickticks out!

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Thanks for the suggestions

I will definitely have to try this. Thank you very much.

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Tried your suggestion and it has worked well. Thank you so much for your help. Until they fix the yak snafu, I do believe I will be sticking with this method to milk my yaks. Thanks!