Mildew's Revenge - Chapter 1

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                    Chapter One : Building the Base



This is Berk. Just a lone rock in the middle of the ocean, containing quite a few new surprises. We have all new sorts of dragons! Like Hobblegrunts, Raincutters and even my long lost mothers dragon, a Stormcutter. And now that Toothless and I are the new Alphas, there are loads of new responsibilities, especially ''listen to your people'' one. Even to those that aren't very fanatic of dragons....


*Mildew's house*


Mildew - Dragons, dragons, dragons! Always Dragons! What would our Ancestors say about this mess? Now that Stoick is gone, our village will be a censored dragon nursery!


While Mildew talks to himself, someone knocks at the door. He walks up to it, opens the door and finds Hiccup along with a two legged dragon.


Hiccup - Oh, hello Mildew, umh... since everyone has a dragon, I present you Timmy!

Mildew- Who is Timmy?

Hiccup - Oh, he's a Hobblegrunt.

Mildew – A Hobblegrunt..?

Hiccup - Yup, well I have work to do, so you two should be together, learn about each other!


*Hiccup walks away*


Mildew - But Hiccup I..! Ugh...Can’t believe this kid!


*Timmy looks at his annoyed new owner*


Mildew – And what are you looking at!?


Weeks go by, new dragons move in, especially the Scuttleclaws…


Mildew – Ok Timmy, you stay here with your best and ONLY friend, my sheep Fungus. Understood?


*Timmy looks at Mildew with a confused look, then looks at Fungus*


Mildew – Ugh… let me do this easier for you… SIT!!


*Timmy then sits rapidly on Fungus*


Mildew – Good boy.


*Mildew then goes outside to check on his cabbage, then finds Scuttleclaws eating them*


Mildew –   O_O …… GET OUT OF MY FARM!!


They’re Babies, they don’t listen to anyone!


Mildew – This is a NIGHTMARE!!


Suddenly a fireball briefly passes Mildew and shoots down a Scuttleclaw, then they all fly away.


Mildew – What..?


*He turns around and finds Timmy, proudly flapping his wings*


Mildew – Can’t believe I’m saying this but… That was some fine shooting back there. I can actually use you for something. Showing that boy how tough it truly is to take care of the village and of those pests. You and I friend, are going for a little field trip tomorrow…


This was kinda a Test Chapter, but also the Introduction. Feel free to comment and tell me if you want moar

    -- TheKymberWolf --

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I think its a cool concept

I think its a cool concept giving Mildew a dragon. 


Let's get right to buisness, with...

My Dragon Cave



"Are you, are you.

Coming to the tree

Where they stung up a man, they say he murdered three

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree.


Are you, are you

Coming to the tree

Where the dead man called out for his love to flee

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree


Are you, are you

coming to the tree

Where I told you to run, so we'd both be free

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree


Are you, are you

coming to the tree

Wear a necklace of rope, side by side with me

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree"

When a math quiz is announced.

And then I get the paper back and I'm all like.

And my friends are all like

And the teacher's all like



Since the first three of these seven dragons have been stolen, I'm leaving Anduril (Drawn by The Ecliptic Eight) to watch them.

Natt Mord the Hypnotic Night Catcher adopted from Golden Scarlet. I wrote my butt of trying to adopt this, so there will be salt if this get's stolen.

Same for Advarsel. Except she's an Ominous Storm Rider, still from Golden Scarlet. Again, if she get's stolen, it will be Saltageddon 2015.

Vindfjaer by Goldenfury360! PS. It's a Windsong ;)

Simon the Screeching Hunchback by Chameishida! He's so adorably deadly, ain't he?

Canopy the Spacial Beauty adopted from KrazyKira. His nickname is the Einstein dragon.

Aang the Legendary Air Jabberjaw adopted from The Ecliptic Eight. Wow that's a mouthful!

 Sirius the Star Fury adopted from goldfish50!

 Electrifier spore-ized, made by BeaReptileLover!

Don't Eat My Back/Yellow Snow/ Sub-Zero adopted from Iron Man 2000! And I bet you can guess where I got all those names from!

 Darude the Paranoid Sandskritter made by NightmareRebuff



You made it to the end! You get a cake!






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Hey everyone! Big John is comin'!

Yes more more more. :)


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