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   Hello peoples of the Forums! I am here to present my first Fan Fiction! Sorry if it's not the best but I wanted to share with everybody!




        In Loving Memory of Daisy The Best Dog and Friend Anyone could ask for, My best friend is gone... 2006- 2019


                              Welcome to my Signature!


                                               Made by DrakeTheDragon. I support this prostest! 


                                       Banner by me ~



                                My favorite dragon is Midnight (Night Fury)! I love him very much!


                                                           By Silver Phantom! <3


                                                                                              A Secret Santa Gift Made By Silver Phantom! 8D 

                Hello! Here is a quick way to find some of my latest art! :D Dreadfall Dragon Drawings                                  Snoggletog Fury Art   Lady's Fury/Viking Art- (Art Thread?)



                    My siggy guardian Cyclone doesn't take kindly to anyone messing with my siggy. >:D

                                                               By The amazing Sohki!


                                                      buddies on forums and in SoD

        Ella, Tilly, Hookless, Flitt, Sohki, DreamingSong, Anic, The Bohemian Critic, Janovia, Madoka Miyazono, Stellabertgrimborn, Warmetalgarurumon, Meeeky, twoface765 (Abyss), LissaFish, JediMasterFury, Silver Phantom, Speedyleaf, Marcella-Chan and many more peoples that I am proud to call my friends!

                             WARNING: If I see anyone being rude or intending to hurt my friends, I will not be nice about it. You dare to speak to or of my friends in a bad way, I would watch your back... I will not tolerate that behavior...  Don't mess with me or my friends or I will send Midnight after ya. He's not very friendly when you mess with me or those I care about.


      You can call me Lady fighter, Lady, or fighter. My name is based off the medieval times when female knights were called "Lady". The fighter part of my name comes from all the times I've been knocked down from fighting my demons or things that hold me back... In the end I get back up and I fight back. I'm a fighter. I'm the Lady fighter~                       


                                                    By the ever amazing, Sohki! <3                   


                                            Friend Code: PM me for my friend code.


                          My main dragons right now are Midnight (Night Fury), Helios (Pouncer, Night Light), Hypnos (Ruffrunner, Night Light), Nyx (Dart, Night Light),  Moondust (Light Fury), Deadly Shadow ( Zippleback), Demons (Prickleboggle), Fang Blazer (Monstrous Nightmare), Hurricane (Titan Deadly Nadder), Sphera (Whispering Death), Titan (Gronckle Baby), MadamMuglug (Gronckle), Warrior (Scauldron), Bonekeeper/BoneScream (Boneknapper), Storm (Thunderdrum),  Haru ( Woolly Howl ), Saphira (Deadly Nadder), and Phoenix (Monstrous Nightmare)




                                     I am the proud Leader of The Furious Alpha Furies                                                                                                                                       The Light Fury in this banner was made by NyctToma 




                                            All made by The AMAZING EmeraldHuntress65!                


                                                     My favorite class is: Strike!!!


                                                                           My vikings: 

                                             Lady fighter (First viking on my account)

                                             Lady Fighter l (My second viking on my account/ will become my main viking)

                                             WackoLadyfighter (Gem earning viking)










                                         Art of my amazing Midnight!



                         Midnight and me by Toothless0603! Also my profile pic ~





                                               Midnight by Flitt!




                         Me and Midnight by Calista! <3 My profile picture ~


           By Toothless0603! <3

       Me and Midnight by Silver Phantom! <3

                            Me and Midnight by Equestwestherider!


                                           By Toothless0603! <3   

            Made by Frost Shards                                            



     Made by Slargvarg

  Made by MidnightSXN


   By WoollyHowlEra


     Made by IamTheSenate














                                  Amazing art of Helios (Pouncer)! :D  



                                             Helios banner made by DragonRider's Fury! :D


                                                  Helios and I Made by Tosi Lohi! 






     Helios made by TigerLi1y!


  Helios made my Maz!

  Helios again by Maz! 




                     Amazing Banners of Nyx and Hypnos by DragonRider'sFury!!! :DDD 


                Amazing drawings of Nyx and Hypnos the Night Lights. :3


 This amazing edit of me and Nyx was done by Equestwestherider! 


                                        By Dylieh!!! :D :3 


                     A drawing of Hypnos trying to catch me as I fall was made by Dylieh! Thanks Dylieh!



                                                    By Izzydrawsdragons. :D   


                                                                  By Frugal. :D


                  By Icee Glacier. :P         

                                                                                                                           By Speedyleaf. :D





    By AndreaEaston                                                                                                                                                                  By AndreaEaston



                                                                                                            By Anic101


                                                By Frugal. :D


      By Frugal :P


    By Madoka Miyanzono :3

  By Madoka Miyanzono :D


         By EndlessNight :)


        By Endless Night! :D


         By the ZestyDragonWing


                       By Silver Phantom :D


   By VicZarSky :P


   By ZestyDragonWing                                                              By ZestyDragonWing


                                                  Potato Nyx by Kasane lover


         Potato Hypnos by Kasane lover



                               Cyclone The Windwalker by Sohki the amazing Windwalker Queen. xD   








                                                                                                                                           BackDrop  By the awesome Flitt!!!      


                                                  FireStorm done by the Amazing Andrea!



                              FangBlazer by the talented Peregrinecella




                                              FangBlazer by the awesome Icee Glacier!



                                               FireStorm by the talented Peregrinecella


                                                     MugLug done by the awesome ZestyDragonWing!


                                                              Deadly Shadow done by the AWESOME Icee Glacier!



                                                                                     Phantom by Speedyleaf


                                                            Saphira done by the amazing Izzydrawsdragons









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* BOOM BOOM * DNR Please!





                                                      Book Cover by Flitt!


  Chapter 1: The Mayhem Begins


  Chapter 2: The Trouble Is Brewing


  Chapter 3: The Other Side (Third person Lady's perspective)


  Chapter 4: The Great Escape (Lady's view; Third person Midnight's view; first person) 


  Chapter 5: The Meeting Of A Lifetime (Lady's point of view: Third person Midnight's point of view: first person)


  Chapter 6: The Forbidden Forbidden Friendship 


  Chapter 7: Snoggletog Fun


  Chapter 8: The Tides Turn (Lady and Midnight's perspective)


  Chapter 9: The Freedom Fighters

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Lady fighter
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                                           Chapter 1: The Mayhem Begins



               Where am I? A voice echoed through my mind that seemed to repeat forever… A question I asked more than any other. I had no idea where I was or what had happened… Not a scent or clue was found in my surroundings, I wanted to try tactics to jog my memory… I simply couldn't recall what happened… I had realized I didn't even know who I was… I attempted to stand up but felt a pain shooting up my leg spreading faster than even a wildfire could go. I fell back down and passed out… Ugh… The pain is unbearable… Tears trickled down my face from my  bright green eyes filled with innocence… I stayed there a while the tears seemed to slowly fade away… My pupils turned to slits and I growled. I was scared, didn't feel safe, and I felt that I was being watched. I got up and flew away as fast as my wings could carry me. I looked behind me and saw 3 men with weapons watching me angrily as I flew off. 




                I lost them… I thought with relief. It had been a few hours since he fled from those… Humans… I tried not to focus too much on it but couldn't shake that feeling of fear… I still had so much to figure out. I seemed to lose myself in daydreams, the feeling of the wind through my wings which lured me in a false sense of security… Little did I know that right behind me were those men I thought I had lost back at that island I had flown away from. I had awoken from those daydreams and before I had time to react I was hit by a bola… I had been knocked out and was lulled into a deep sleep… A few hours after my capture my eyes fluttered open a couple times before I saw I was locked in a cage… Outside my cage a man stood smirking evilly, looking sinisterly at me, my vision blurred. The man turned around and walked off.. My eyes fluttered closed and passed out for an hour or 2. 




        I then woke up an hour later, still groggy with blurred vision, hearing a voice saying "Sir! The boss is demanding that we get the Night Fury ready for transport! His orders not mine!". "Very well then, Snorri! Get the muzzle and chains! But be careful not to hurt him! The boss will have our heads!" The sinister looking man shouted. "Yes sir, Asbjorn sir!" Snorri replied while approaching me. He roughly chained and muzzled me. I was panicking while Snorri and Asbjorn laughed and were talking about being filthy rich with this "special Fury". Another voice made its way through the noise "What's with all the racket? Are you guys celebrating without me?" snickered the other hunter, "Why of course not, Ari! We're only getting started! You joined just in time!" Snorri sneered. "Wonderful! We will make a lot of money off this guy! He's rare!" Ari smirked, Asbjorn spoke up "Well now! Let's deliver him to the boss! I know he'll be so happy with our "Prized catch!". 




       They grabbed me as rough as possible and rolled me out to the "boss". What are they going to do to me?! They have already hurt me, what else are they gonna do? Torture me?! I was terrified and didn't understand what was happening. "Boss! We have your prize!" Asbjorn shouted with greed and pleasure in his voice. The man turned around and smirked the coldest, evil, most vile smile anyone could ever muster. "Well done, men! I thank you for such a job well done! You're my favorite hunters for a reason!" The man cooed with such evil pleasure in his voice. "It's our pleasure, Gunvald, sir! So happy to help, sir!" Asbjorn, Snorri, and Ari said in unison, almost script-like. "Here's your payment, men! 100,000 gold coins as promised!" Gunvald smirked. "S-sir, I thought we would only get 10,000!" Asbjorn said, dumbfounded by this news. "Well, I changed my mind. This is such a perfect prize. I'll earn so much more money off of him! I could gain 100,000 more gold coins in a matter of days with this one! You can split 30,000 evenly between all 3 of you and have 10,000 left over for other needs." Gunvald shouted with a twisted smile on his face. "Thank you, sir! We will remember this wonderful sacrifice!" All 3 men shouted. 




       I was thrown into my cell and gassed with dragon root. When I woke up my vision was restored and I saw the men who captured me more clearly. Asbjorn was tall, muscular, short black hair, and gray eyes almost silver. Snorri was short, thick, dirt brown hair that was unkept, and had dark brown eyes with a slight blue hue in them. Ari was tall, plump, blonde hair, and green eyes. Gunvald, however, had icy blue eyes, was tall, skinny, pure red hair, and a mean temper. I looked outside my cell and saw horrible things that I wish I never saw such a terrible sight. The cries I heard… Would never leave my mind… I realized what I was going to be forced to do… I couldn't go to sleep that night… The cries got louder and louder and the chains dug into my scales… The muzzle was so tight I couldn't move my mouth. It was a horrible, sleepless night.


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Tracking!! :D


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Some of my favourite books: Eragon, Talon saga, The Last Dragon Chronicles, The Erth Dragons, any Terry Pratchett book (Good Omens!), any Diana Wynne Jones book, Lionboy, Halo, and many more.

Favourite colours: sunset orange and dark green.

Favourite bands/singers: Coldplay, 2CELLOS, Queen, Mumford and Sons, P!nk, random songs...

Favourite Dragons: Flightmares, Deathgrippers, Titan Woolly Howls, Hobgobblers, Stormcutters, Furies, Skrillknappers.

Hobbies: writing, drawing, listening to music, wood carving, daydreaming, procrastinating.

The Grimogrunt, Grapplemora, Grimogrounder, Slicerwing and Changewing by Chame! TY!


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Thank you, everyone, who has made art for me! The darn forums got rid of it here, in my siggy, in one fell swoop. I have it saved and it is BRILLIANT.

Dewi, by belubel! Ty!                              Xenon, by Frugal. Ty!!            

Pearl and Twitch, and Pyxis and Thumper, by Moonfyre! Tysm!

Edit of the General, by Ninja. Ty!                            Solly, by Neo! Tysm!     


Puzzle the Marshrunner, by Speedyleaf! Tysm!           Pedasgell, by VicZarSky! Ty!         

The Goremare, Quamarang, Zippledeath and Woollyder by Chamieshida! Ty!

       Nightreaper, by Derpy. Ty!!                       Ryx in human form by Frugal! Tysm!

      Ortowdoch, by Frugal. Tysm!                      Eleven, adopted from Chamieshida! Ty!

Ryx! By Silver Phantom. Tysm!          My yet to be named Ikran-Fury! By Toothless0602. Tysm!

Grown up Wholight, edit done by Era! Ty!


Wholight, edited by Inky! Tysm!!

Paradox the paradox causing Terrible Terror! Created by Senate! Ty!

Ængel, my hyman OC, drawn brilliantly by Tosi! Tysm!!     Dr. Lupin! My brilliant secret santa gift from Maz. tysm!

Link for Flitt by CrystalGuitars1214

Uhhh, what have you done, Paradox?! Done by Era! Ty!!          Link and Alexandrine, both by Dyl. Tysm!Alexandrine for Flitt by CrystalGuitars1214


                                                                 Windfall, by Chame! Ty!

This Pixel flighty is by, Alpha! Tysm :D                     Aureole, by Slargvarg! Ty!

Flickering, by Era! tysm!


I take art commissions and art trades! 

I can do digital and traditional drawings. Dragons from HTTYD, Dragonvale and Flight Rising are all good, and so are hybrids. Be warned though, I will not draw boulder class, nadders, scuttleclaws, deathgrippes or groncicles. I can't get their heads right. BUT, I can always have a go at them in an art trade if you want to practice something you're not too good at yet (but you will be! You will always be amazing! :D)

I CAN have a go at drawing humans, even though I'm not particularly good.

Examples can be found on my DeviantArt page.

PM me if you would like art, or I can be found on Discord at Flitt Locke#7968

I may be slow due to rl stuff, but I WILL get it done. If you want to know where you are on the list, then you can find a request list here.

"Don't be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others" -Unknown


Nice! You've reached the end! Pm me for your reward (Art, banner or book cover. Your choice!) :D

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  I hope you enjoy! ~

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Oooooh! I love it so far! If you ever run out of ideas, feel free to come to me :)



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My Writing:

Guardian of Fangback Forest [WIP]

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You can call me Drake, and I’ve played SoD from the times of old, when the only dragon newbies got was the hatchling they picked, no free broad-wing. I missed this game when I went on hiatus a while ago, so I'll try to not leave it behind again (well, at least not for a while anyways.)


I love to hang out at the Ice-Fishing-Patch in the school and take down ships. Feel free to chat if you find me!




VIKING(S): ErikaTheWild

NICKNAMES: Drake, Drako

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RPS I'M IN: Guardians of the Multiverse

STORIES I'VE TRACKED: Dragonling: The Gathering Storm, Revenger

FAVOURITE DRAGONS: Deadly Nadder, Flightmare, Deathsong, Deathgripper


ALL DRAGONS: [Blue = Male | Pink = Female | All Other Colours = Classes]


                        * Wisp ~ Broad-Wing ~ Flightmare

                        * Spike ~ Broad-Wing ~ Deadly Nadder

                        * Boulder ~ Broad-Wing ~ Gronkle

                        * Heathunter ~ Broad-Wing ~ Eruptodon

                        * Crew and Impo ~ Broad-Wing ~ Hideous Zippleback [Crew is male, but prefers to be called female]

                        * Tumbler ~ Borad-Wing ~ Whispering Death

                        * Whirlpool ~ Short-Wing ~ Scauldron

                        ^ Nightshade ~ Broad-Wing ~ Night Fury

                        ^ Shimmerwing ~ Broad-Wing ~ Light Fury


Still reading? Well, here's A cringy traditional drawing that I did ages ago :/





This (freaking beautiful) art of Heathunter was made by VicZarSky





Ooh! Ty InkyDigiWing for the two edited-images of Crew + Impo!

:D (GIF made by me)


An AWEOME headshot of Wisp, made by Izzydrawsdragons


Some art of Spike, done by the talented Iamthesenate






Art for Boulder, Tumbler, and Whirlpool

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Tracking, 'cause why not :D

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Welcome to my signature!



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|| About Me ||

Gender: Female.

Personality Type (MBTI): INFJ.

Favorite Movie: How To Train Your Dragon.

Favorite Book Series: Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Favorite Colors: Purple, blue, green, yellow, orange.

Me as a baby Woolly Howl :3 Base made by Speedyleaf!



Click on the picture if you want to check out my Quotev account! :3


|| Favorite Dragons ||

Monstrous Nightmare

Terrible Terror

Deadly Nadder







This wonderful gift was made by Lady fighter! <3



|| Digital Art ||




This incredible piece of art of Rudy (Albino turtle) and Chance (Monstrous Nightmare) was made by Snudoo!



Slitherwing OC made by Iamthesenate!


Seeker made by toothless0603!



Lineart of Flare drawn by VicZarSky and colored by me! :3



Dawn made by Snudoo!


Sage drawn by toothless0603!



Shadow drawn by ImDerpySheylaYT!



Fume and Fire drawn by Snudoo!



Seeker drawn by RainbowSkrillStrike!



Melody drawn by Flitt!



Chance drawn by Tigerli1y!



Gob drawn by Iamthesenate!



Pixelized Gob drawn by Speed_Stinger_Alpha!




|| Traditional Art ||




Thorn drawn by Duskfury!




Dawn and Seeker drawn by AMAZIEing!

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Tracking and Snacking!

Ooh I love this! I was always a bit curious if there was ever a story of how Midnight came to be the fury he is today!


 Welcome everyone to my siggy!

I'm your host (and slightly deranged catto from another dimension) Toothless! If you want you can call me Toothy/Tooth or Split!

You can find me ingame by the name of ToothyFright

(Profile pic by AndreaEaston)

I tend to write fast and never lobk (<- intentional) back >:O

I'm a proud Christian and I believe Jesus Christ has died for me!

"All roads lead to God, only one leads to heaven," -Greg Laurie


"Her soul belongs to words and books. Every time she reads, she is home." -Unknown


I'm female

I'm certified Furry Trash UwU

I live in 'Murcia where everything is on literal and metaphorical fire


Pancake says hello! 

(Made by the wonderful Sohki!)


I enjoy:

Writing (mostly AUs)


Creating way too many OCs... (over 100)

Reading:Virals, Warrior cats, Lunar Chronicles, HP, WoF, etc.

Drawing/ doing art stuff (Yes, I do take commissions...PM me for one)

Music/ Singing (Beth Crowley, Sleeping at Last, Evenesance, Within Temptation)(I'm also an alto :P)

Jellyfish (They are the best sea creatures)

Dragons!! (obviously)

Cats!! (Ahem, Warriors fan here)

Hybrids (Ikran and dragon hybrids specifically)

Full-moon monstrosities 

Watching: ATLA/LoK, The Arcadia series, Starwars CW, anything HTTYD, ect.






Also this siggy will always be under construction. Please be aware of your surroundings, we've also been having a slight demon problem and your safety is always in mind.

(Blink By Chameishida)

He's gonna make sure you behave, he's a demon himself you know.


Look! A new art thing! Featuring art! Much wow!


Art by the wonderful DyliehIdol (Halcyon and Cumbulonimbus), ZestyDragonWing (Rusted Skies), AMAZEing (Casualty), Flitt (Reaper), MoonFyre (Wolf and Daffodil), AndreaEaston (Summer and Lavalamp), SpeedyLeaf (SnowGlobe), TosiLohi (Dawn), WoollyHowlEra (Erin and Summer and Lavalamp), Aetherna (Pumpkin and Chills) and more!
















Don't worry :3 have a jellyfish!

Yesssss Jellyfish >:D 


















Huh... Your really into reading this siggy... Did you read my warning then? Perhaps not since you don't look okay... You're not possesed now are you? Are you- OH HECK YOU'RE POSSESSED! *runs away screaming*


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By me

By WoollyHowlEra

Now that that's over, let's get to some art!


This is Icarus, who constantly watches my siggy.  You won't get past him unless you bring a piggy.  Its true because it rhymes XD  Made by the amazing Sohki!  Thanks!


Here's my Clan Banner, made by mareenamuse (Thankies! :) 


Speed Stinger banner

This awesome Speedstinger banner was made by Dragonrider's Fury!



This utterly terrific art of Dune the Sand Wraith was done by none other than Flitt!


This PURRfect picture of my cat Tina was done by the pawsome Tigerli1y!



This amazing art of Scorpion was created by Snudoo!


And this is Shocker my Shockjaw, fabulously done by WoollyHowlEra!



This wonderful art of Scorpion the Speedstinger was done by the amazing AMAZIEing!



These fantabulous edits of Snowfur my Woolly Howl OC were made by WoollyHowlEra



This is Dune again, delightfully done by WoollyHowlEra!


Here's another splendiferous artwork of Icarus, again done by WoollyHowlEra!


This is a tidal class dragon that I created, called the Siren Song.  It has gills for breathing underwater, but can still survive above water for short periods of time.  The only time these dragons are seen out of the water is when it pulls itself out of the sea with its two legs to catch prey.  It lures it's victims in by flashing the bulb at the end of its antenna in a pattern that is mesmerizing to dragons.  Any unfortunate dragon who sees this blinking light will be drawn towards it.  As soon as it's prey is in sight, the Siren Song will then snag the dragon in its long, nimble tail, and drag it down into the sea.  Once in the water, the Siren Song either drowns its victim, squeezes it to death with it's tail, or injects its paralyzing venom and eats the dragon alive.  Overall, it's kinda like the tidal version of a Death Song.



My main character Slargvarg's dragons (at time of writing):

Tidal Class:

Shocker the adult Shockjaw

Scully the adult Scauldron

Seanic the titan Thunderdrum

Coral the teen Thunderdrum

Seafoam the teen Thunderdrum

Depths the baby Thunderdrum

Tsunami the baby Sliquifier

Breeze the adult Tide Glider

Stoker Class:

Yellowfang the adult Monstrous Nightmare

Venny the adult Monstrous Nightmare

Fireworm the adult Monstrous Nightmare

Smog the baby Monstrous Nightmare

Ghost the baby Monstrous Nightmare

Terrie the baby Monstrous Nightmare

Snake Eyes the baby Monstrous Nightmare

Horn the baby Monstrous Nightmare

Glower the baby Monstrous Nightmare

Titan the teen Monstrous Nightmare

Spirit the adult Silver Phantom

Glowworm the adult Fireworm Queen

Albinglow the baby Fireworm Queen

Centipede the baby Fireworm Queen

Gecko the baby Flame Whipper

Freeze Lout the adult Singetail

Threadtail the adult Hobblegrunt

Chameleon the baby Hobblegrunt

Flaminer the adult Fire Terror

Boulder Class: 

Avalanche the adult Groncicle

Spiral the titan Whispering Death

Beaurow the baby Whispering Death

Lavarock the baby Gronckle

Rocky the baby Gronckle

Ironmaw the baby Gronckle

Metamorphic the baby Gronckle

Marble the baby Gronckle

Gronckle the teen Gronckle

Granite the adult Gronckle

ScarCarver the adult RidgeSnipper

Lichen the adult Elder Sentinel

Steam the adult Eruptodon

The Great Protector the adult Eruptodon

Mystery Class:

Cobin the adult Smitten Hobbgobbler

Ambice the adult Deathsong

Knight the adult Armourwing

Skelator the baby Boneknapper

Reek and Stink the baby Hideous Zippleback

Flare and Fall the baby Hideous Zippleback

Ava and Lanch the baby Hideous Zippleback

Splat and Splelch the baby Hideous Zippleback

Sevvy and Snap the baby Hideous Zippleback

Bla and Bleh the baby Hideous Zippleback

Raff and Snaff the adult Hideous Zippleback

Glendeerie the adult Dreadstrider

Raptor the adult Dramillion

Magic the adult Changewing


will finish the rest later.




Congrats!  You made it to the end of my work-in-progress siggy!  If for some odd reason you want some art from me, then just PM me :)





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* BOOM BOOM * DNR Please!

                                             Chapter 2:  The Trouble Is Brewing



                I had finally fallen asleep only to be awoken moments later being unchained, unmuzzled, and forced into the arena. The announcer shouted “Ladies and vikings! We have a new champion in our dragon fighting arena! The mighty Night Fury! Against a Speed Stinger! Make your bets folks!”. Cheers followed that announcement and bets were placed almost immediately. Then the fight began… I really didn’t have the energy or the skill to fight. But I needed to eat, I tried to put on a show and fight the Speed Stinger the best I could but ended up getting stung.. I couldn’t move for 2 days straight as my body was paralyzed. The Speed Stinger stung more than once making sure I couldn’t move. Disapproving boo’s from the crowd were booming through the arena and Gunvald made a disapproving scowl at me, the paralyzed Fury. A couple days after I recovered I was forced to train and win fights or they would starve me for days on end. I was in such pain and misery. 



                  Days later another dragon fight had been scheduled with me being the main topic of the announcement. The announcer said in a loud and deafening voice “Ladies and Vikings! The fights today will be with our new comer, the Night Fury! The mighty Night Fury will be going up against our Deathsong! Place your bets now!” Cheers were filling up the Arena and gold was collected in dozens. All the bets were placed and the fight would now begin. The dragons were released preparing their tactics to claim the title and be given food. The Deathsong shot amber directly at me but I dodged it. I shot 6 plasma blasts in the direction of the Deathsong each shot had hit and knocked him out. I felt bad but listened to the roaring cheers of the crowd and saw an approving smirk on Gunvald’s face meant that I would get fed tonight. I was sent to my cage with chains that didn’t dig in my scales as much and the muzzle was loosened a bit. A couple of fish to eat and left alone in the darkness with only my thoughts as friends to comfort me. 



                 Days turned into weeks. Then weeks turned into months. Hunters would come and go into the arena staring at the “Special Champion”. I was practically starved, forced to hurt other dragons, and I couldn’t fly... My wings were aching to fly around and I wanted to stretch them but they were chained down. Suddenly Asbjorn walked by with a fellow hunter and sneered  “Look at this handsome “Champion”! Caught him with Snorri and Ari! Gunvald paid us a fortune for him, he’s gonna be around for a long time!”. After bragging to fellow hunters Asbjorn left me alone with my thoughts. I needed to leave immediately, this place would be my deathbed if I didn’t. I didn’t sleep at all. I was planning a way to escape this horrid place... I knew how to escape but I needed to make sure they would fall for it…



                 The next day I was training with Gunvald and the others. It was horrible being drugged with dragon root forcing me to harm another dragon that didn’t deserve such pain... I trained for hours and was even threatened with eels. I hated eels with a passion as any sensible dragon would. Gunvald shouted the words that excited me the most “Trainings over! Put them back in their cages! Get the dragon root cures fed to them before putting them away!” Asbjorn responded with “Sure thing boss! Right away!” Finally.. The plan can begin.. Just need that cure and I’ll be good to go.. I thought to myself with confidence. I was given the cure and when put in my cage I acted sick. Asbjorn freaked out then shouted “Boss! The Night Fury isn’t breathing! He’s sick!”. Gunvald immediately shouted back “Provide him with water, fish, loosen his muzzle, and take off his chains! I’m earning a fortune off of him! If he dies you will lose your head! Understand, Asbjorn?! Your other crew mates will suffer the same fate!” “Sir, yes, sir!” responded Asbjorn. He did exactly what Gunvald said and left me there with everything I needed according to plan.



   I waited before trying anything. I knew it would be several hours before they would sleep for the night. Giving me an opportunity to escape. All I could hear was the thunderous cheering over the gold they got from the fights. They were feasting, drinking, and singing but most of the other dragons were trying to sleep but not me. I wasn’t intending on sleeping at all. I was in fact faking everything as a good way to leave but another factor played into my escape. While Asbjorn was fumbling around and fussing over my survival he forgot to lock the cage door. I was intelligent enough to make sure the gate looked locked so I wouldn’t have my chance ruined by these hunters. Everything was going according to plan and now the waiting begins. They’re drinking… That means they will be knocked out and I can slip away scott free... I smiled to myself about how I was already 2 steps ahead of them and they wouldn’t notice my disappearance. 


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Cool!  It kinda reminds me of what Toothless did when he and Hiccup were held captive by the Outcasts.

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Chapter 3 The Other Side (Third Person Lady’s perspective)


Edit: Changed the last paragraph



           Everything was a blank for Lady Fighter. She didn’t remember much but she started waking up. Lady’s eyelids fluttered for a brief moment before they finally started opening all the way. Fear filled Lady’s stomach as she realized she was on a raft in the middle of the ocean with no islands nearby. Lady’s thoughts kept going in circles trying to handle the situation and understand how in the world she got there. How did I get on a raft? A better question is where am I going exactly? Lady Fighter thought with exasperation. Lady saw land in the distance and was in a state of relief and anxiousness. Thoughts swirled around her head as she started spacing off with worry. Yet, a little spark of hope filled her heart. Maybe, just maybe, they can help me… I wonder if they would accept me into their island?… I don’t have anywhere else to go, no food, no water- Well not clean water of course. Lady looked at how far away the island was. She was so close… Yet, it felt like a lifetime until Lady would reach the island. Lady then blacked out from the awful pain in her head. Her head was hurting so bad… She tried opening her eyes to no avail. What could have caused my head such throbbing pain? She thought wincing from the horrible pain that seemed to spread like wildfire. 



 Lady felt a gentle tap on her shoulder. Her eyelids started fluttering before they opened to reveal a boy who looked at her with worry, beside him was a black dragon baring his teeth, growling angrily, and looked ready to pounce. She must’ve looked really frightened because the boy looked at his dragon and said “Easy bud, easy. She isn’t going to hurt us, Toothless” The boy said gesturing towards Lady. He looked toward Lady and gently said “Hi, I am Chief Hiccup son of Stoick The Vast, this my Night Fury, Toothless”. The Night Fury looked more calmly and gently at Lady. Hiccup then gently asked in an inquisitive tone “What’s your name? How did you get here?” Lady looked down slightly with a confused look on her face. What even is my name? How did I get to- wherever this place is? 



Lady answered in a quiet tone “My name is Lady Fighter…. I don’t exactly know how I got here…”  “What even is this place?” she asked gently. “This is Berk. This is where Berkian dragon trainers live!” Hiccup gently stated. Hiccup then suddenly asked with worry “Do you have a place to go, Lady Fighter?”. “N-no, I don’t have a place to go.. I don’t have a family or any supplies… Just this raft…”  Lady whispered with a sorrowful look on her face. Hiccup looked at her with worry…. “You know what, Lady Fighter? Welcome to Berk!” Hiccup held out his hand towards her with a smile. Lady was stunned then smiled shyly and took his hand. Toothless allowed her to climb and took both Lady and Hiccup to Berk’s Great Hall. “You can live here and train a dragon in peace Oh! Before I forget here are some  clothes for you since the ones you’re wearing are soaking yet and a bit torn” Hiccup said, handing her the clothes before waving goodbye.  Well it looks like I have a place to stay. Lady thought with a smile.



         Lady was adjusting to life here on Berk… It was a peaceful place full of magnificent dragons… She loved it here… So beautiful and had such a view, especially from Gothi’s hut! It was stunning! Hiccup allowed her to stay at his hut for the night… And she finally felt happy and comfortable… She had only been here for a day but she knew that this was home.. An amazing home that she would love and enjoy! She dreamed of a dark dragon, black as night, flying amoung the stars and even in front of the moon… She loved that dream… But when she woke up, she had forgotten it… She felt it had importance… What was the point of it..? Oh well, such is the way of things… She helped Gobber, the Blacksmith, with sharpening swords and polishing dragon saddles… Lady couldn’t complain because she was provided with things she needed to survive… Besides, she liked the Berkians… Friendly bunch they were… 


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But what about Midnight?

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   Midnight will be in the next chapter. This is what Lady was dealing with while Midnight was planning his escape. Don't worry he will be coming back since this fan fic is about him!

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Morningdew - Deadly Nadder

Petalmist - Deadly Nadder

Goldclaw - Deadly Nadder

Pinenettle - Deadly Nadder

Clearlight - Deadly Nadder

Sunshimmer - Gronkle

Thunderbolt - Gronkle

Daisylight - Gronkle

Shockcrest - Gronkle

Rumblecrest - Gronkle

Aqualine - Groncicle

Silverspade - Armorwing

Zenaida - Tryple Strike

Nightfrost - Hideous Zippleback

Moonbean - Hideous Zippleback

Raindrop - Hideous Zippleback

Honeyglow - Hideous Zippleback

Blazestrike - Hideous Zippleback

Ghostwing - Monstrous Nightmare

Bramblethorn - Monstrous Nightmare

Glidepearl - Monstrous Nighmare


Mareenabee's Dragons (primary in blue):

Syrik - Flightmare

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Tracking, I'm really enjoying it!


By ShimmerStrike 

By ShimmerStrike

By Drake the dragon5567



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Cloudcrusher - Rumblehorn

Stormfly - Deadly Naddar




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WindRaider - Titan Stormcutter

Fili - Scuttleclaw

Speedo - SpeedStinger

Secret - Razorwhip



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Loki - Thunderdrum

Squirt - Titan Scauldren

Sieanna - Sandwrath



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Bones - ArmourWing

Left and Right - Hideous Zippleback



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Caspian - Ruffrunner - Nightlight

Striker - Skrill

 Shadow - Toothless - NightFury

SkyDancer - Lightfury - Lightfury

Alpha - Woolly Howl



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     Chapter 4 The Great Escape (Lady’s view; third person Midnight’s point of view; first person)



            I heard snores all over from the Arena. I opened one eye and saw that the coast was clear. I  quietly got up and opened the cage door trying to avoid potential creaking that would give away my position. All the doors were left unlocked, I finally flew into the sky and tried to fly far away from this terrible arena. However, someone noticed my escape and the other dragons were sleeping but Asbjorn was requested to check on me, the “sick” Fury every few hours. When he saw I  was missing his stomach dropped, he awoke Ari and Snorri immediately, and they quietly snuck onto a ship to begin their search for me that would cost them their heads. It was a dark night, clouds covered the moon for the few hours they were searching, but then began to clear. They saw me flying frantically towards an island they knew well… The isle of Berk….



         I was desperate to escape, I flew to an island that I wasn’t familiar with… Uncharted territory… I have to fly faster… I have to escape no matter what… I thought rapidly. I was flying closer to the island but so were the hunters who were chasing me, throwing bolas left and right. There were dragons on this island and people too… Better than staying with hunters. The hunters were getting desperate on catching me to the point that arrows were being shot more rapidly than the bolas. All of a sudden arrows were being shot at the hunters as well. Someone’s trying to defend me… But who is defending me..? I thought to myself.



       Lady was on guard duty that night on the peaceful isle of Berk… Not expecting any danger to approach but still willing took the shift. She was enjoying the quiet until she saw a hunter ship shooting at something “What in Thor’s name?!” Lady hissed in a hushed whisper directed at herself. They were desperate over something but she couldn’t quite see. She was near the defense system. A giant ballista and arrows were already loaded. “Let’s see how you like this!” Lady whispered with gritted teeth while shooting the giant arrows from the ballista directed at the hunters’ ship. Lady saw an arrow hit something. It looked like hunter arrows but something fell down from the sky… It crashed and landed hard with a thud she could hear on the mountains behind her…



       Someone is causing a distraction! That’s great! I’m finally going to be free from these hunters! My excitement didn’t last long, however, something happened in my moment of freedom. Wait what’s that?! Ow! What is that pain? Why can’t I fly?! I roared concerned for my safety. I couldn’t fly and a shooting pain was in my tail… I crashed and landed with a thud knocking myself out in the process… The hunters watched as their prize crash landed in Berk territory… They fled quickly before anything bad could happen. They went back empty handed and in that process lost their bragging rights. The fortune they had was taken from them. Gunvald put it upon himself that he would find his prize again and make a fortune.



              Lady felt sorry for the dragon and started a trek up the mountains surrounding Berk from behind. She would do it without a dragon. There was snow everywhere fresh and cold, that could cause whatever wounds to get infected. It was around the middle of the night and Lady knew that she would get there by daybreak if the trek started now. She started her climb. A few hours later Lady could see the tip of the sun coming up. Still dark out with few stars but the sky started to lighten up. Lady rested for a bit before continuing the climb up the mountain to where she heard the thud and saw the dragon fall. She was concerned for the dragon's safety and continued to ascend. “I hope that the dragon is okay… Thor help us all…” She sighed.


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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

Yay! Midnight's free!

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Chapter 5 The Meeting Of a Lifetime  



      I  was knocked out for a few hours but the warm glow of the sun woke me up. Ugh… Everything hurts… I groaned but relief settled in realizing that the hunters weren’t around to harm me… I tried to fly but it  failed… Each attempt caused me to glide back down. My wounds were hurting, I had been laying in the snow for hours since the confrontation with the hunters. What is that noise..? Those are footsteps… I hissed with fear and my pupils turned to slits. I was on high alert with that feeling of dread sinking into my chest where my aching heart almost skipped a beat… I couldn’t tell where that noise was coming from but I couldn’t escape the potential looming doom that awaited me…



      Lady was getting closer to the spot and heard a  thunderous roaring that was meant to be a warning signal to stay away. She quietly got closer, trying not to make too much noise that could potentially have the dragon fire a warning shot. The trees were thick but she was determined to get to that poor dragon, who’s booming roar was filled with intense pain that could make someone fall on their knees in pain themselves. Dragons were beautiful creatures and hearing one roar with pain is such a sad and horrible thing to hear. She gathered the courage and walked into the nest of trees that surrounded her, covered in snow, and blocking her view of the wounded dragon. “Oh my Gods… I thought the Night Furies were practically extinct…” Lady whispered in disbelief. But here she was face to face with a Night Fury... His eyes were filled with pain, terror, and anger. 



      A human?! She could be a hunter for all I know… But she doesn’t have any weapons I don’t think, anyways… I thought growling with a mix of rage and fear. I looked into her eyes and saw myself..  I saw my rage and my terror in her eyes. We were one in the same, it seemed… But I didn’t wish to trust her and lose more than freedom. I glared at her for a few minutes and took off trying to fly but managed to get further away from the girl. Not successful with flying but it was something at least… I rested and went to sleep. I opened one eye to watch Lady quickly jump off the cliff and glide down with her flight suit that Hiccup generously gave her. Good… Maybe that means I’ll get some sleep and not lose anything else… I hissed with a slight curiosity for that human… She was somewhat tall, dark brown hair, dark green eyes, and she wore armor..



    I saw myself in that Fury’s eyes… Lady thought quietly to herself. He looked starved.. I’ll get him some food then. Just gotta avoid people and questions… I’ll get out scott free! Lady decided that would help him gain strength. Suddenly Hiccup came out of nowhere and said “Hey, Lady! What are you doing?” Lady jumped up startled and turned around. “Oh, hey, Hiccup!”  she said gently back. “I’m trying to go fishing! I’m low on food so I thought I should get more! I’m trying to find some saltwater fish, Like Salmon!” She beamed trying not to be suspicious since Astrid was watching her like a hawk. “Ah, okay! I’ll let you be then! You can catch some fish at the dock! Plenty of good spots! Now I need to do some duties so I’ll check on you later!” He walked up to a scowling Astrid who has been very suspicious of Lady since she arrived. 



        That was a little too close for comfort… Now a few things I need are baskets for the fish, Hiccup’s diagram for Toothless’ tail, and some medicine for the Fury's wounds. Lady said to herself. She quickly picked up her supplies one by one. The last on her list was Hiccup’s diagram for the tail wing he made for Toothless. She closely watched Hiccup walk off away from the Black-smith shop where Gobber worked. She quickly grabbed them before Astrid or anyone else noticed and hid. Now to get back to the Night Fury… She casually ran as fast at the wind  up the mountain without stopping. Lady slowed her pace and found the Fury laying down with loud groans from his stomach.



       Who is that? Oh, it’s her again. Well, just when I thought she would leave me alone… I grunted. I had a feeling my starving stomach helped her to find my location. She was holding some things that I was curious about. I was still guarding myself yet I let her stay because I honestly could use the company… It’s lonely up here and I have no food. I watched her carefully open a basket full of… Fish! I was starving! She even got my favorite kind, Salmon! Ooh, and some Halibut! This was exactly what me and my poor stomach needed! I was starting to like her by this kind act! She slid behind me and carefully touched my wounds. It really hurt but I was too hungry to care. I even found some chicken eggs in the basket. This was like a Snoggletog present! I had heard of some humans speaking about the Holiday. I figured it was close too with the snow and decorations everywhere. 



     Within a few minutes she cleansed my wounds and made them good as new! Except for one wound. I realized why I couldn’t fly… My tail wing got torn off from the arrows and my crash landing. She carefully cleaned it but I still couldn’t fly without my tail. I licked my lips from the goodies that I swallowed whole. Chewings overrated when you can do one big swoop! I looked at her inspecting my tail. I watched her get up to leave and she grabbed everything but before she left she smiled at me. Then I was alone again with just my thoughts. But my stomach felt good and my wounds aren't in tremendous pain anymore. I slept like a hatchling that night, feeling much better.


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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

I like it!  A clever way to explain why Midnight has Toothless's tail fin in SoD.  Keep up the good work!

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Chapter 6 The Forbidden Forbidden Friendship 



 She came to visit me everyday, bringing goodies and tons of food. Working on my tail wing trying to heal the wounds inflicted upon it. After a few days she came back and did something interesting, she was making something… It was me! That was so interesting to me that I tried drawing her as a thank you! I think it looked great! A perfect impression of her if I do say so myself!  She looked at it and smiled. Then she accidentally stepped on it. I growled at her and she stepped off of it. She inspected it and she looked directly into my eyes. She reached out her hand towards my head. I growled at her slightly, she looked away from me leaving her hand dangled out towards me. I quickly put my head into her hand. I allowed her to open her eyes and look at me. After a few seconds I sniffed her hand and huffed, I ran off and perched on a spot watching her in disbelief and she left quickly.



    That Night Fury is something else… It kinda hurts making him a tail wing so he can fly off but he deserves freedom… Lady thought softly. She had been working all night on making such a creation. His tail wing was red like Toothless’ but she had put an emblem somewhat like Toothless’ but it was upside down. She made mechanisms to make sure he could fly on his own. She walked up the mountain as soon as she finished the tail wing. It was freezing cold but she didn’t care. She opened the basket and he came running and eating the fish quickly while saving a couple for her. He looked up at her and she quietly stayed up there with him. She was very cold so he started a fire for her. She waited for the sun to come up a bit and then pulled out the tail wing.



She made me a tail wing?! So I can fly again?! I was stunned at this gift. I allowed her to put it on me and I started bouncing around excitedly. I looked at her and she smiled, a sad smile... She gave the nod of approval to test it out and I flew off but looked back at her. And I dived back down to her making sure she knew I wouldn’t leave her side. She was amazed by me coming back. She gave me a name. Midnight? That’s a fitting name. I like it. I amused myself over such a name. It was fitting since we first met at Midnight, when she saved me from the hunters. So now there was one problem. There were other humans down there, she wanted to keep me a secret so it could be a surprise? I think that was why she kept me a secret from the others. But soon she brought me down and I hid behind a Snoggletog tree when another human approached her and  was scolding her. I jumped in front of her and opened my mouth for a warning shot but she stopped me. I was confused at first but settled down and lots of people stared at me. But I knew with all the talking and excitement, I was accepted into their home with Lady.



     I stayed with Lady in her hut and we had some fun together! We hung out, helped with setting up more decorations, and we even tested out the Twins maze. Well she mostly did but I kept my eye on her and experienced the fun! Though Spitelout was being a grump so I put him in his place, needless to say he won’t be doing that much. Snotlout was being… Well Snotlout… He annoyed me and Lady a lot so I may or may not have stolen his food and slapped him in the face with my tail. I smirked at his reaction and Lady was covering her mouth with her hands, then started bursting out laughing. Hiccup was doing chiefly duties, Astrid started trusting Lady and trained her, and Valka calmed down aggressive dragons. Snoggletog was right around the corner so everybody was rushing around.


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They're all happy!  And I'm sure Spitelout deserved it XD

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  Yep! Spitelout and Snotlout deserved it. lol

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                  Chapter 7: Snoggletog Fun 



A few days before Snoggletog I woke up Lady extremely early in the morning to go for a flight. The moon was still up, the stars danced in the sky, and it was freezing. Perfect conditions for a flight to calm my racing mind and my fierce beating heart. Lady smiled and laughed, then she agreed to go with me which made me jump around excitedly. We had been flying around for at least an hour and the sun started rising which was the sign that we needed to go home. On the way home we saw flocks of dragons going at full speed towards us. While trying to avoid a collision, a Monstrous Nightmare had knocked off her favorite sword and necklace into the sea, I tried to dive down to catch them but they plummeted into the icy blue water and Lady told me that we needed to go home and figure what was happening. 



  After a bit I landed and Lady jumped off my back asking what was happening. Hiccup explained that the dragons were leaving to lay their eggs and hatch their young. I stayed with Lady and left during the night while she was sleeping to retrieve her sword and necklace. I knew it would be a while to retrieve them because I had to fly for a few hours and then dive under the water in an attempt to find them. Ugh… I hope they aren’t too far down… Or lost at sea… Those are Lady’s favorite items… Hiccup gave her Stormshatter because he had a sword, making it the second best sword... Lady had gone through a lot to find that sword. That necklace was a gift from someone, I’m sure of it.. I kept flying and found the spot I was sure the necklace and sword fell. 



I went under water and didn’t see them at the first spot. So I continued on looking and feared I wouldn’t find them. I managed to find her sword, thank goodness. Her necklace would be harder to find since it was small… But it was silver so I would hopefully see it shine in the water… Around 50 spots later I asked the luminous sea dragons if they’ve seen it.. A generous Thunderdrum came up to my calls and said “I haven’t seen anything but I’ll send word to other Thunderdrums and Scauldrons too.” She went on her way to send the message around while I was searching. It was a day or two later when a kind Scauldron found me and gave me.. Lady’s necklace! I was ecstatic! I quickly grabbed her necklace and sword with my mouth and happily headed towards home!



   It was night time when I finally arrived, the other dragons were back with their young, I quietly slipped through the Great Hall when I saw a sad and upset looking Lady. I walked sneakily behind her and gently bonked her head playfully with my tail. She turned around and hugged me. She smiled and saw that I had her sword, I then slipped her necklace over her head.. She looked amazed! “So this is where you’ve been! You went to find my things! Thank you, Mid!” she said crying tears of joy. Everyone shouted “Happy Snoggletog!” and we feasted. 


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Happy Snoggletog!  Err... Dreadfall I mean XD

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   Back when I first got Midnight in game it was either November or December. I got him on a Black Friday sale. xD Don't worry! Before October is over I'll make a chapter on Dreadfall to match the occasion. xD

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                                                  Chapter 8: The Tide Takes A Turn


A couple months after I was accepted into their home a few ships attacked Berk. Lady looked exhausted and was low on energy. Ships had been attacking left and right and it rubbed me the wrong way. I haven’t been able to see the emblem on the ship's sails, until recently… That emblem seems so familiar, where had I seen it..? I was eating dinner but that emblem and the familiarness of that emblem threw me through a loop… It was a gnawing feeling in my gut. Something was fishy but it wasn’t the fish I was swallowing whole. Lady seemed so worn out that when her head hit the pillow she was out cold. I looked through the opening that was made for me so I could leave whenever I wanted and noticed 3 ships filled with people… Only 4 of them stood out… A sick feeling settled in my stomach when I recognized who they were. Asbjorn, Snorri, Ari, and… Gunvald… I immediately fired shots and roars as an alarm. I grabbed Lady from her bed and I took off into the night sky,  worried for Lady’s safety.


  After an hour of flying Lady knew something was wrong… I was watching her have anxiety and I knew her fear… All of a sudden a Deadly Nadder swooped Lady up and did something to my prosthetic tail, the mechanism that allowed me to fly on my own was broken… I roared out of rage for my rider being taken to Thor knows where… I heard her scream my name in dismay and fear “MIDNIGHT!”... I fell out of the sky and plummeted into the sea. I kept trying to fly up and fix my prosthetic tail as I watched the looming silhouette of the Nadder holding my rider hostage… That Nadder didn’t seem normal… It must’ve had some sort of venom injected into it… Wait… Didn’t that Nadder have fiery foam covering his mouth?! Grimora venom… That’s why he took my rider… But he seemed under control as well… My thoughts vanished when I saw an incoming ship with that awful emblem… The water was freezing and ice surrounded me, I quickly ducked under the water and went as far down as I could so I wouldn’t get spotted… It felt like a lifetime before they left… I quickly saw a Seashocker and had him lift me up onto the ice, I thanked him and was determined to find my rider before they did anything awful to her… But I had to wait for my prosthetic tail to thaw and dry before I could find the source of the broken mechanism…


      Lady was in the Nadder’s talons for what felt like hours… No one knew where she was and they couldn’t help… Midnight… I hope he is alright… I need to find a way out of the Nadder’s talons… I need to try and communicate somehow…  Dragon calls might work! Lady tried using a Nadder call but it didn’t work… The Nadder didn’t even seem to notice… He seemed out of it… She realized that there was fiery foam coming from his mouth… Then the Nadder dropped Lady in front of Gunvald… “I’m Gunvald! The master of war and dragon fighting! You are the one who stole my prized Fury…” Gunvald said inspecting her up and down… “I didn’t steal your Fury! You let him escape!” Lady shouted enraged at the hunter. “Put her in the cell!” Roared Gunvald. Lady was thrown in the cell having her throwing stars and sword taken away in the process… The one thing they didn’t take was a metal clip that she kept in her boot for situations like this… She would have to wait a while though...


   I was worried about Lady… I had a strong feeling that Gunvald was responsible for holding her hostage… I knew Lady was smart enough to get out… I needed to figure out how to get off this ice and find out where to meet her. I needed to meet her half way so I could get back to Berk with her… My tail prosthetic had finally thawed by me lighting my mouth with a low plasma blast. Even with it not fired it was hot enough to melt the ice and dry my tail. I tried the only thing I could with my broken tail, I smacked it against whatever I could. I kept hitting it harder and harder against whatever I could. Usually my tail would get stuck and I would smack it on stuff, then it would return to normal… Surprisingly it worked… But I knew it would get locked up again so I flew as fast as I could towards the direction of the Arena where Lady was carried off too. 


 Ah, they are leaving… Perfect opportunity… That Gunvald had no idea who he was messing with… Master of war and dragon fighting is about to get a rude awakening… Lady thought, smirking with pleasure. That metal clip would help unlock her cell and the cages holding the dragons. As soon as they left she immediately unlocked her cell and started unleashing the dragons one by one. She grabbed her weapons too. The starving dragons were enraged by being forced to fight and being abused, started blowing up the arena, destroying the ships, and causing a commotion… Which could be seen miles away in any direction, Lady wanted to make sure Gunvald could see the mass destruction of his work and abuse being turned upside down. “The jokes on you, Gunvald!” Lady shouted at the top of her lungs over the commotion and destruction. 


 I kept flying towards the Arena in the darkness when a burst of light was right in front of me… Explosions… That was Lady’s work! I could barely hear the yell of Lady that said “The jokes on you, Gunvald!”. That was my rider alright. I immediately sped up and quickly grabbed my rider. Then I saw ships that were untouched. I blasted them into smithereens. Mass destruction of this horrible prison was such a beautiful sight to behold. I saw dragons reuniting with their families and flying free with brave hearts.

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Ze evil arena 'tis destroyed!

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Chapter 9: The Freedom Fighters



 I finally felt safe with Lady. We had destroyed Gunvald’s base but I knew Asjorn, Snorri, and Ari were still out there. But we defeated Gunvald so I should be safe with Lady… Right? I’m focusing too much on this. I made it back home with Lady and we are flying free. Lady fixed my tail and made adjustments to hopefully keep us from being separated again. But that gnawing feeling is in my chest again… I’m keeping a lookout. Lady seems happy and free so I’m not too worried. I got over my fear of chains and muzzles with Lady’s help, of course. It was a traumatizing experience after all. The Berkians are careful about having that stuff around at least. I feel like I’m back and I feel happy again. Lady and I have been competitive and have started racing. It’s been fun fighting for the title of being number one, the adrenaline in every race feels great. We also practice with our flying and we’ve been fighting dragon hunters a lot too! Things are getting better!



  A few months have passed since our last encounter with Gunvald. But his “allies” are still out there… I’m still being quite cautious with ships and newcomers. So far nothing has  happened other than ships pretending to be Outcast and Berserker scouts. Then I blast them into oblivion with Lady’s help as she’s hyped with teaching them a lesson they won’t soon forget. We’ve been flightsuiting a lot too. But one particular Flight suit keeps breaking. Lady has almost fallen into the sea but I catch her before that happens occasionally not catching her immediately as to tease her a bit. She always says something along the lines of “Are you going to catch me or what’s the deal?” or “So am I going to plummet into the sea like a rock or are you going to intervene?”. She’ll usually smirk and I have fun going over the top flying with her. 



I’ve been enjoying watching Lady draw as she calls it. It’s interesting how she makes me look so life-like. I’ve been drawing with her, for fun and practice of course. It’s been a slow week but at least Lady’s here to make things more fun and less boring.  I’ve been flying so high that it feels like there is no ground. I’m sure Lady feels the same, especially at night. Hiccup says I can’t take Lady out at night because of a new curfew. I personally don’t believe in curfew, why have limits? I take her out to go flying with me anyways, totally not a bad influence. Hiccup catches us occasionally and I just look at the sky, then look at Hiccup, look at the sky again, back at Hiccup with a smirk, and I take off with him yelling behind me and Lady. I smirk and Lady laughs. It’s been so great lately I feel at home! 



 I’m one of the only Night Furies left, next to Toothless, the Alpha. But I think there might be more Night Furies out there. I might be alone in that sense but I have Lady. We are strong apart and stronger together. Astrid has been hanging out with Lady and I lately. Training us both to be better fighters. Lady is improving by swinging perfect shots with her sword and her planning is great! I’ve been bitter towards hunters and I shoot them with everything I got. Astrid and Stormfly have been great too! At the end of the day I get fed tons of fish in our hut. I went to sleep early that night and I opened one eye and saw Lady drawing. I gave a little groan telling her to sleep since she was a night owl like me. “Alright, Mid. I get it. I’ll get some sleep now.” She chuckled slightly. She climbed into bed and went to sleep. It was so quiet and peaceful… 


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I like how you explain battle events.  I wonder, though, who is dressing up their ships?  I mean, who's ships are we destroying here? XD

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Chapter 10: The Feeling Is Neutral



 My suspicions have been starting up again… I know something is up… I keep looking behind my back and keeping Lady close to me… One particular ship has been going around the island just watching by the horizon… Lady started to notice that ship too… It was just one ship going around the entire Isle of Berk… Day by day it starts to get closer as if to let me know that it’s coming and it’s watching my every move… I need to calm down… Might be the Twins playing some prank… No… They’ve been working on their new projects… Who could it be…? It’s been worrying me a lot… But I should just relax because maybe it’ll leave within a day or two…?



Boy, was I wrong… It kept getting closer… This time I could see the sail... My blood froze from pure terror… It was Asbjorn, Snorri, and Ari… I was sure that when I destroyed the ship that Gunvald didn’t make it… But sure enough it was his “allies”... No Gunvald though… They seemed worried, however… They went on the docks and I stopped them in their tracks. I roared angrily and their faces showed true fear and terror. Hiccup stopped me and Lady saw what was going on and quickly hugged me… She looked very worried. I looked over at them again and growled with my pupils turned to slits as a warning to stay away… That seemed to grab their attention..



 Hiccup asked what they were doing on the island… They looked at him and said one word that sent chills down my spine “Gunvald”... Lady froze and immediately asked “What about him?! I had been responsible for destroying that prison and Midnight had blown up his ships that surrounded the place!” She said looking at them and pointing at me. They looked down and Asbjorn said “Well… He’s dead… But that’s not the concerning part of all this… The true mastermind behind this is his brother, Torvald... “ Lady was horrified and I had pure terror in my eyes… I knew that name… But from where…? A memory popped into my mind and it was… MY PARENTS… 



My mother was sweet and kind… My father was brave and bold… Both were so loving… I loved them with everything I had… I loved them and had so much fun with them… It didn’t last, however… Nothing good ever lasts forever… A man came into our nest one dark, misty night… My parents hid me and told me “Don’t leave this spot no matter what happens… Promise us…” A young, naive little Fury told them “I promise!” I then waited thinking I would see them again after the man left and I could play with them… But what I saw traumatized me… They were killed before my eyes… I truly thought they were faking and playing around with me… But I felt their chests and their hearts weren’t beating… I knew they were DEAD… I heard the man come back and I hid quickly… Another man shouted “Torvald! You aren’t going to find any other Furies! Those 2 raided our villages! Be thankful that Andor didn’t get these ones before us!”



After that memory returned I passed out… I could only hear Lady’s screams… “MIDNIGHT! MIDNIGHT WAKE UP BUDDY! PLEASE MID!”... I couldn’t move… A while later I forgot what I had heard and that awful memory… I woke up and Lady hugged me tight… Licked her face and bonked her on the head playfully with my paw… She looked relieved… Asbjorn, Snorri, and Ari stared at us confused but a smile of relief on their faces. Turns out if I didn’t wake up Lady called dibs on their heads… “We don’t understand the relationship you have with that Night Fury… But I can speak for all of us when I say we wish we could understand…” Asbjorn spoke barely above a whisper… “We truly are sorry for what we’ve done” All three spoke with sincerity… 


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Hmmf.  I still don't trust them.  Poor Midnight...

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                 Chapter 11: The War Begins Without Haste



Hiccup and the others were planning on how to defeat Torvald… I hated that name… I did indeed lose that memory but I didn’t know why I hated that name with such a passion… Asbjorn, Snorri, and Ari were given dragons and trained by Astrid to make sure that they truly wouldn’t back-stab us or try anything… They did a great job and they loved their dragons so much… Asbjorn was given a beautiful blue and gold Nightmare, Snorri was given a golden brown Gronckle, and Ari was given a purple Zippleback. They would give their lives for those loyal and brave dragons… It was revealed that when Gunvald was alive, he would stick up for Asbjorn, Snorri, and Ari to his older brother, Torvald… Gunvald was led down a horrible path of pressure and abuse from Torvald to the point he was insane… He wasn’t the true villain and he had been put out of his misery… Me and Lady felt horrible, especially since it wasTorvald who killed him… But they reassured us that we had nothing to do with his death.


I was disturbed to say the least… Lady was too… She took such a long time to fall asleep that night… Eating was hard for us both… I barely slept at all that night… Left with my thoughts… I had the memory come back into my dreams when I finally fell asleep for a few minutes… I woke up startled but forgot what it was… Lady woke up and calmed me down… We went for a flight since we were on edge… It helped a little but not by much… I had Lady with me that helped calm my nerves and aching heart… We then heard the alarm that meant we were under attack… Torvald was attacking… His face was familiar to me but I refused to think about it… I didn’t want that awful nightmare to come into my mind… I started blasting at him in all directions and the other riders helped out… When Torvald saw my face he froze with shock… “Retreat! Retreat!” He shouted but I was going to keep going but Lady tried stopping me but I ignored her… I didn’t know what came over me but I knew I was going to destroy him…


 Lady kept trying to get me to slow down and land but she knew it was no use… I was stubborn and she trusted me all the way… I shot him and held him down… Lady glared at him and shouted “WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY DRAGON..?!” Lady wasn’t one to hold back and I could tell she was livid… He just smiled coldly and pulled out a knife. He was trying to hurt me and Lady… Toothless shot him with a plasma blast in the face… Needless to say he was gone… That monster was gone… Toothless had defended us knowing we were in danger being young and scared, couldn’t defend ourselves… Lady looked sick... She was 11 years old after all… Asbjorn, Snorri, and Ari said goodbyes to everyone. They thanked us for showing them they were wrong… They went on their way and left with their dragons…

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                                               Chapter 12: Heroes Live Forever


We had been through so much together… But I still go on adventures with Lady… We keep getting older and going through so many changes that can be great and changes that hurt… The experiences that have been painful have taught us how to grow… I’ve saved Lady at least twice from actual danger and a few times due to a broken flightsuit… The other two were saving her from angry dragons and she passed out from toxic fog,  I took her back to Berk to recover… We’ve trained and are so much stronger than before. It’s been such a great life. It’s been 4 years since I first met Lady. Time flies by when you’re… Well flying around and having fun.. Hiccup is the Chieftain that protects his own and Astrid is by his side. Valka has revealed to us that we are the same age. I met Lady when she was 11 making me 11 too. 


I recently have been hearing strange calls of a Fury… A female Fury… It’s made me curious but I don’t pay attention to the calls… However I found the source of the calls one morning after a flight… A Light Fury… Just like the Alpha’s mate but different… I’m not interested in her romance related anyways… We’ve gotten to know each other a little bit… Lady calls her Moondust.. She doesn’t have a mate either but also doesn’t seem interested in me romantically.. Though we bicker quite a lot. We either do it playfully or angrily for no reason at all… I’ve noticed Lady’s behavior towards Moondust being around me… She looked sad… But I thought I proved my loyalty towards her in the very beginning… Then again the Alpha moved on and has been spending time with his queen… 


I went into the Hidden World with her and realized what that meant… One day I would have to leave Lady… But I refused that thought in my head… We would make it work… I enjoyed the beauty of it but again wanted to return to Lady… I left after a while with Moondust watching out of me knowing I wouldn’t ever change my mind… I found my rider running towards me and hugging me. To let her know all was fine I bonked her on the head with my tail… Then I learned the news… We would be moving to New Berk due to the dangers that have recently come up… That was hard… But I went with Lady anyway… The Chief finished our brand new hut and we set everything up to get comfortable… New Berk was high in the clouds with beautiful waterfalls and mountains.. Lakes were filled with fish and livestock thrived there… 


One night I heard Moondust beckoning me outside… I groaned with annoyance and went outside… She was waiting for me and flew off… I chased her while getting my wings and tail prosthetic ready for flight… We dove under sea stacks below the island and found an entrance… She flew in and I followed only to be amazed by the giant opening revealing bioluminescence and I started glowing… A secret Hidden World that I could stay in if the time ever came to leave… Lady could still see me and I could still see her… The wild dragons had been leaving slowly one by one… Most wild dragons were in New Berk but I knew that my time with Lady would be taken from me when the Alpha  would order all of us to leave… I went back to my hut after thanking Moondust for her findings… Unlike the Queen, she respected humans and my love for Lady… Still wasn’t romantically interested.. 


 In the misty darkness 3 babies lay in the nest with their mother and father… Only to hear the desperate cries of their parents for them to hide… The parents flew off and lured the monsters away from the nest… They caught a glimpse of the beasts and their parents' howls in the night faded… Leaving them alone with their thoughts… They flew out of the nest calling for their parents… The calls turned into cries and they realized their parents would never return to them with all the love in the world… They would be alone with no one to keep them warm… What a dark, cruel world to live in… Where the good things would be gone in the blink of an eye...

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Hmm...  Who are the three babies?